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BizBasics: "The Rule of 72" with Peter Rodriguez
The Rule of 72 - quick calculations for doubling your money, your Twitter followers and other applications. Peter Rodriguez is an associate professor of business administration, senior associate dean for degree programs and chief diversity officer at the Darden School. He teaches classes on economic growth and development, international business and international macroeconomics. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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BizBasics: "Entrepreneurship: (Not) Risky Business" with Saras Sarasvathy
How do entrepreneurs function? Understanding Frank Knight's three types of uncertainty will help you understand the mind of an entrepreneur. Saras Sarasvathy is an Associate Professor of business administration at the Darden School of Business. Her areas of expertise include Entrepreneurship, Cognitive Science and Behavioral Economics. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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Three Things: What Is Impact Investing?
Impact Investing emerged from a failure of philanthropy to address social problems. Learn more from professor Elena Loutskina as she breaks down the term "Impact Investing." Loutskina, associate professor of business administration, teaches Finance. Her research focuses on the impact of the securitization markets on the financial management of financial and non-financial corporations. She also does research in the area of venture capital and innovation. Three Things is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain tips to help you and your business succeed.
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BizBasics: "Eat Well or Sleep Well" (Should I Buy Stocks or Bonds?) with Ken Eades
What is the difference between purchasing stocks or bonds? Professor, Ken Eades makes learning easy with this illustrated video. Learn about long term investing strategies and start your path to financial well-being. Professor of Business Administration Kenneth M. Eades teaches First Year and Second Year finance courses for the fulltime program at the Darden School of Business. He also teaches MBAE and GEMBA programs as well as several Executive Education programs. His research focuses on corporate finance issues including dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, investments, defined benefit pensions and pricing of convertible securities. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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BizBasics: "What is Diversification" with Rich Evans
What does the financial term "diversification" mean and why should you practice it when it comes to investing? Learn from Darden School of Business Associate Professor Rich Evans. Professor Evans teaches Finance in Darden's MBA program at the University of Virginia. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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BizBasics: "Weber-Fechner Law of Pricing" with Ron Wilcox
Understand how the perception of a dollar changes within the context of a purchase by learning the Weber-Fechner Law of Pricing. Ronald T. Wilcox, Professor of Business Administration and Associate Dean of the MBA for Executives Program, teaches the required Marketing course in the MBA and Executive MBA programs as well as the elective "Pricing." BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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The #1 MBA Experience: Darden's Dean Interviewed by Poets & Quants
Why does the Darden MBA earn such high satisfaction ratings from students? In an interview with Poets & Quants, Dean Scott Beardsley shares thoughts on why Darden is ranked the #1 MBA Education Experience, the exceptional commitment of faculty to students, and the incredible opportunities and community found at Darden, UVA and Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Learn Better Than The Competition - a "Learn or Die" Lesson by Ed Hess
What can humans do better than machines? Answer: Critical, complex and innovative thinking and high emotional engagement with other human beings. Learn more: https://cup.columbia.edu/book/978-0-231-17024-6/learn-or-die
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R. Edward Freeman: A New Story for Business
Elis and Signe Olsson Professor R. Edward Freeman speaks to an executive audience about the role of business in society. He explains the flaws of traditional thinking and encourages the audience to think differently about business. Freeman's speech includes several humorous anecdotes which illustrate his points.
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How UVA Darden is Creating a New Story of Business
The world needs to ask more of its governments, its institutions, its companies and — most importantly — we need to ask more of ourselves. What we need is a revolution; a revolution of ideas. And the Darden School of Business is helping inspire the next generation of leaders to unleash that revolution of ideas through its mission. Through the eyes of Patricia Martin (MBA ’16) and the words of Darden Professor Ed Freeman, learn the story of Darden. And see how the story of Darden is helping drive a new story of business. “How UVA Darden is Creating a New Story of Business” video was created for the Darden School by Still Life Projects – http://www.stilllifeprojects.com
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Three Things: What is Disruptive Innovation?
Kodak, Blackberry and Blockbuster all suffered from disruptive innovation. Learn three patterns of disruption from Professor Mike Lenox to increase your chances of being the disrupt-or rather than the disrupted. Professor Lenox teaches the core MBA strategy course at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. He also serves as the Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer. Three Things is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain tips to help you and your business succeed.
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The Four Trends Impacting McKinsey Clients: C-Suite Insights With McKinsey's Dominic Barton
McKinsey & Co. Global Managing Partner Dominic Barton sat down with University of Virginia Darden School of Business Dean Scott Beardsley during a recent visit to the School for a Darden Ideas to Action C-Suite Insights interview where the two discussed the four key trends impacting McKinsey’s clients around the world. Barton explained how business model redesign, organizational change, the introduction of advanced technology and business resilience were burning issues for many companies, regardless of where they operate. Beardsley and Barton also discussed new models of leadership given vast global change for employees, MBA students and McKinsey clients.
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How to Choose an Executive MBA Program
http://www.darden.virginia.edu/emba - In this video, Diana Jeffery, EMBA Class of 2014, discusses important qualities to look for in an Executive MBA program. She further outlines how Darden's transformative MBA experience, strong alumni network, proximity to Washington, D.C. and convenient class schedule fit her criteria for the right MBA. Learn more about EMBA, the Executive MBA program at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business: http://www.darden.virginia.edu/emba
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Three Things: How to Inspire Others
How do you get people at work or in your personal life to get on board with your ideas and aspirations? Learn three behaviors you need to develop to meet your goals. Learn from Darden School of Business Associate Professor Morela Hernandez. Professor Hernandez teaches Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Darden's MBA programs at the University of Virginia. Three Things is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain tips to help you and your business succeed.
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Do You Understand Why the National Debt Defines the Future for Millennials?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatlDebt_WeCare Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nationaldebtproject We issue a friendly challenge to our generation to get educated about the National Debt and the impact it can have on our future. Decisions are being made today that will affect us for years to come. We can't rely on others to take care of the future for us. We need to take responsibility for our future now by getting educated, participating in the discussion, and contributing to the solution. Ignoring the predicted growth in the National Debt is no longer an option for us. The National Debt is Our Future Please join us in the first step -- to get educated -- by watching our new video. We hope to see you along the path to a solution. Together we can manage the National Debt. Fellow Millennials from UVA
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BizBasics: "Wisdom of Crowds" with Yael Grushka-Cockayne
Find out why crowd sourcing is more accurate than relying on one expert when it comes to predictions. Learn from Darden School of Business Assistant Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne. Professor Grushka-Cockayne teaches Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Behavioral Decision Making courses in Darden's MBA program at the University of Virginia. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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Professor Ed Freeman: The Ethical Leader
Ed Freeman, U.Va. University Professor and Academic Director of the Institute for Business in Society at the Darden School of Business gives his three key characteristics of ethical leaders.
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BizBasics: "Taxes: Keeping More Money" with Mary Margaret Frank
Learn three tips to keep more money in your pocket when investing. Professor Mary Margaret Frank explains tax planning for better returns in this edition of BizBasics. Professor Frank teaches in the Accounting area at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. She practiced as a CPA and worked for Arthur Andersen in Washington, D.C. as a senior tax consultant. She is currently on the board of directors and chairperson of the Audit Committee of the Female Health Company (FHC). BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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Ideas to Action: Design Thinking
Listen to the entire conversation audio podcast here http://goo.gl/aHcqNS Read the Ideas to Action web article here http://goo.gl/NoYVyX Professor Jeanne Liedtka discusses a way of problem solving that can spur inspiration and innovation. Called "Design Thinking," her approach brings tools and processes to help practitioners tap into their creativity. Liedtka co-authored "The Designing for Growth Field Book: A Step-by-Step Project Guide" to show managers how design can boost innovation and growth.
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John Mackey of Whole Foods Market on Creating High Trust Organizations
John Mackey, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market outlines his views on the essential elements for creating high trust organizations. Recorded April 5, 2010.
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Three Things: Preparing for Financial Crisis
What have we learned in the 10 years since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and how can we use that knowledge to forecast future crises? Professor Bob Bruner outlines three reflections to help delay or mitigate future crises. Bob Bruner is a Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Dean Emeritus of the Darden School of Business. He is the author, co-author or editor of more than 20 books on finance, management and teaching. A faculty member since 1982 and winner of leading teaching awards at the University of Virginia and within the Commonwealth of Virginia, he teaches and conducts research in finance and management. Three Things is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain tips to help you and your business succeed.
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Darden Faculty Profile: Yael Grushka-Cockayne
Yael Grushka-Cockayne's research and teaching activities focus on project and project portfolio management, strategic and behavioral decision making and new product development. Her research is published in numerous academic and professional journals, and she is a regular speaker at international conferences in the area of decision analysis, project management and management science. She is also an award-winning teacher and has taught courses at various universities and organizations. More: http://goo.gl/fdmXm
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The Darden MBA: A Day in the Life, in Less Than 90 Seconds
http://www.darden.virginia.edu/MBA Join a University of Virginia Darden MBA student for a day in the MBA Program ranked #1 Educational Experience by The Economist. Experience the Darden case method, faculty, network and learning teams, plus I-the lab innovation lab, the Section B bird and more, in less than 90 seconds. Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/DardenMBA Website: http://www.darden.virginia.edu Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DardenMBA Twitter: https://Twitter.com/DardenMBA Google+: https://plus.google.com/+dardenmba
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UVIC 2013: Energy Panel moderated by Kyle Bass
Kyle Bass discusses energy, natural gas, supply, infrastructure, energy policy, demand and growth opportunities with Wil VanLoh, Jody LaNasa and Michael Watzky.
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Stakeholder Theory
R. Edward Freeman of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia gives insights into "Stakeholder Theory". This video is part of the Masters Seminars in Business Ethics video series. The series features thought leaders in business ethics addressing topics in their particular fields of expertise, including their approach to teaching business ethics. The purpose of the series is to make the best thinking in business ethics globally available free-of-charge for educators, students, and managers interested in embedding ethics into business practice. This series is a partnership between the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics.
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A Day in the Life: Learning Accounting Through Darden's Case Study Method
http://www.darden.virginia.edu/MBA - Ranked the #1 Education Experience by The Economist, Darden's learning environment is intensive, inspiring and life-changing. We combine the case-study method with experiential learning to immerse you in real-life business situations, preparing you to be an agile decision-maker who is ready to face any challenge. Watch this video to learn more about the case study method. You'll follow a day in the life of a student, see a learning team meeting and watch the dynamic learning process unfold in the classroom, led by Accounting professor Luann Lynch, a member of Darden's top-ranked faculty.
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BizBasics: "Workplace Venting" with Kristin Behfar
There is no getting around workplace venting! Learn how to receive help when you have a problem at work and how to give help when someone comes to vent to you. Darden School of Business Associate Professor Kristin Behfar teaches Leadership and Organizations as well as Leadership Strategies. Her research focuses on sustaining high performance teamwork and leading in global organizations. BizBasics is a Darden School of Business series designed to explain basic business concepts and business buzz words.
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Value Investing Conference 2008 #5
Keynote: Alice Schroeder, author of "The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life". Introductory remarks by John Macfarlane.
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Darden School of Business Overview & Tour
A visual tour of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and the surrounding community.
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BBSF 2011: Dr. Steve Perry, Educator, Speaker and Author
Dr. Steve Perry, Ed.D., M.S.W. speaks at the lunchtime keyonote presentation at the 2011 Black Business Student Forum (BBSF) Conference at the Darden School. The topic of this year's conference was "Education in the New Economy." Recorded February 25, 2011. Featured in CNN's Black in America series, Dr. Perry is the founder and principal of what U.S. News and World Reports has cited as one of the top high schools in the country, Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. The school has sent 100% of its low-income, minority, first generation high school graduates to four-year colleges every year since its inception in 2004. Dr. Perry has authored four books, his latest, Raggedy Schools: The Untold Truth, focuses on the state of urban education in America. Perry offers the why's, what's and finally the how solutions for closing the achievement gap; his theories are exemplified in his own school. Dr. Perry is currently an Education Contributor for CNN.
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"So You Want to Start a Business"
Ed Hess, Professor of Business Administration and Batten Institute Executive-in-Residence,gives a seminar based on the book he co-authored called "So You Want to Start a Business". Ed presents an overview if the book, citing some key elements of starting a business. The seminar was recorded on December 2, 2008 and was co-sponsored by the Batten Institute at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville Virginia Chamber of Commerce.
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Debt Sustainability: Which Countries Are Beyond the Point of Return and Why?
The 2011 University of Virginia Investing Conference was held November 10th & 11th at the Darden School of Business. This year's theme was "The Political Cycle, Political Change and Investing. In this video, Kyle Bass, Managing Partner of Hayman Capital Management LP, is interviewed by Darden Professor Ken Eades. Kyle spoke at the conference on "Debt Sustainability: Which Countries Are Beyond the Point of Return and Why".
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Essay Question Overview - Admissions Blog 2015-2016 Season
In the latest video blog entry from MBA Admissions Dean Sara Neher, Sara introduces the essay question for the 2015-2016 application. Sara also gives advice on how to answer the essay question, even giving an example from her past work experience. MBA Programs - http://www.darden.virginia.edu/mba-programs/ Essay Question - http://www.darden.virginia.edu/mba/admissions/application-process/essay/
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A Format That Fits Your Schedule: Darden's EMBA and GEMBA
http://www.darden.virginia.edu - The executive formats of the Darden MBA program are designed for professionals with demanding schedules. With the Darden EMBA and GEMBA, you'll find there are significantly fewer trips away from the home and office than you might expect. Approximately one-third of the course work is delivered via distance learning. To provide a highly engaging learning experience between residencies, you will participate in live online classes, work on individual assignments, participate in small group projects and learning team meetings, and meet one-on-one with faculty. You have the flexibility to study on your own schedule, yet have sufficient time at in-person residencies to establish a strong learning community and network. Learn more: http://www.darden.virginia.edu
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Darden Leadership Ride Elective Course: Fall Session 2013, Class 2
Fall Session 2013 - Darden Leadership Ride - Chancellorsville and Gettysburg: Leadership Lessons From the Battlefields of the Civil War. University of Virginia Civil War historian Gary Gallagher leads a classroom session that offers lessons on strategy, communication and leadership inspired by two key battles of the Civil War.
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Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management with Yael Grushka-Cockayne
The course Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management by Yael Grushka-Cockayne from the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business will be offered free of charge on the Coursera platform. Sign up at https://www.coursera.org/course/projects101
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Pankaj Ghemawat, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Pankaj Ghemawat from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain visited the Darden School on October 9, 2009. Pankaj spoke to the Darden faculty on his book Redefining Global Strategy" and visited the Darden studio for an interview.
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Misconceptions of the Case Method
Ian Thomas (Darden MBA Class of 2011) talks about common misconceptions of the case method.
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Humility Is The New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence In The Smart Machine Age
Ed Hess speaks on the important points in his new book "Humility Is The New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence In The Smart Machine Age", co-authored by Katherine Ludwig. Drawing on extensive multidisciplinary research, Hess and Ludwig emphasize that the key to success in this new era is not to be more like the robots but to build on the best of what makes us human and to excel at doing what technology can't do well.
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The 4 Ways to Grow a Business:Scaling
"Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Entrepreneurial Businesses" focuses on the common growth challenges entrepreneurs face after a successful start-up. This series of videos is culled from Professor Ed Hess' Grow to Greatness (Part 1) Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) previously offered by the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in partnership with Coursera http://www.coursera.org.
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MBA Admissions Insights: Darden’s Exec. Dir. of Admissions and Financial Aid
How does Darden stand out among other business schools? In an interview with Poets & Quants, Dawna Clarke shares her thoughts on Darden’s commitment to making business education affordable and how Darden’s No. 1 ranked educational experience provides unique opportunities for women and advances all students’ careers.
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"The Last Lecture" with Peter Rodriguez - The Darden School of Business
Peter Rodriguez gives his perspective on life's questions; "What Should I do with Myself?" and "How Should I Conduct Myself?" Learn how the phrase; "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds" lead to the answers to these questions. The Last Lecture Series is a 22 year old annual tradition at the University of Virginia that provides forum for a distinguished faculty member to give a lecture as if it were their last time to do so, on a topic of their choosing. The content of the lectures varies, ranging from emotional to entertaining, but they are always moving and inspiring. The 2014 lecture was presented on Monday April 28th, 2014 in Abbott Auditorium. The lecturer was Peter Rodriguez, Senior Associate Dean for Degree Programs and Associate Professor of Business Administration.
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Darden Leadership Ride Elective Course: Spring 2013, Class 4
Darden Leadership Ride - Chancellorsville and Gettysburg: Leadership Lessons From the Battlefields of the Civil War. University of Virginia Civil War historian Gary Gallagher leads a classroom session that offers lessons on strategy, communication and leadership inspired by two key battles of the Civil War.
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“Dream, People, Culture”: Carlos Brito, CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev
Carlos Brito, Chief Executive Officer of Anheuser-Busch InBev, speaks about “Dream, People, Culture”. In 2008, he engineered the surprise buyout of Anheuser-Busch and its iconic American brands, through which they were brought under Brazil’s InBev umbrella. According to Brito, “Regardless of the industry, the success of a corporation hinges in large part on hiring high-performing individuals, bringing passion and commitment to the job, and on building a company culture that keeps them.” Carlos is participant in the 2014-15 Darden Leadership Speaker Series: “Leaders that inspire innovation, collaboration and growth." Born in 1960, Brito is a Brazilian citizen and received a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and an MBA from Stanford University. He held positions at Shell Oil and Daimler Benz prior to joining Ambev in 1989. At Ambev he had roles in Finance, Operations, and Sales, before being appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2004. He was appointed Zone President North America at InBev in January 2005 and Chief Executive Officer in December 2005. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Ambev and Grupo Modelo. Recorded 17 November 2014.
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UVIC 2013: A Value-Investor's Guide to Finding Quality Business Models-Insights from Richard Chilton
Darden Professor Richard Evans discusses finding good business models, using market volatility, capital allocation management and "fishing in the right waters" with Richard Chilton.
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Darden Executive Education - Power and Leadership
Darden faculty Jim Clawson and Erika James engage in a discussion of the Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface" program offered by Darden Executive Education. This program will stretch your view of leadership, your techniques of influence, and your role in your organization. In the end, leadership enables results—results based on engaged teamwork rather than coercive mercenary models. For additional information, visit the program website at http://www.darden.virginia.edu/exed/PAL
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Finding Your Voice at Darden
http://www.darden.virginia.edu/mba/ More and more women are being drawn to the field of business each year. In this video, five Darden women share the story of finding their voices – and the challenges and triumphs that came with that journey – during their business school experience. Additional footage provided by University of Virginia Department of Athletics and VSU’s Department of Mass Communications.
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Bidhan Parmar on the Importance of Organizational Context
Assistant Professor and Olsson Center Fellow Bidhan Parmar gives business leaders useful tips for implementing change. He explains the importance of organizational context and the "ecosystem" in which these changes might take place.
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Michael Raynor, Deloitte
Can committing to success actually lead to failure? Best selling author Michael Raynor explains that concept in The Strategy Paradox: Why committing to success leads corporations to failure. Raynor visited the Darden School and addressed the Darden community, explaining how the prerequisites of success are almost always the ingredients for failures too. Raynor says the strategy paradox is based on managers feeling compelled to make choices with far-reaching effects now while basing these choices on assumptions about the future that cannot be predicted. Raynor, coauthor of the best-selling The Innovator's Solution, is a distinguished fellow with Deloitte Research.
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Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright
Part 4 of the E*Bootcamp targeted to the interests of Darden students. This is a free event open to students, alumni, UVA, and the greater Charlottesville community. The E*Bootcamp consists of a full day of workshops and a reception/networking session. This program focuses on issues of tactical concern to entrepreneurs, for example: incorporating, building a team, sharing equity with founding partners, confidentiality agreements, business plans, start-up accounting, creative bootstrapping, and other funding concerns. Sessions are led by leading entrepreneurship professors and practitioners. The goal of Darden's E*Bootcamp is to provide entrepreneurs with the basic tools to execute the first steps of creating a start-up venture. Unlike other programs, the E*Bootcamp is about basic blocking & tackling to get a start-up going. This session is led by Peter Davis, Attorney, Morrison & Foerster.
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