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How to create a Lightroom Catalog File
Learn about Adobe Lightroom catalog files (.lrcat) and how to create new catalogs. For more information please visit our website: http://www.photoslikethepros.com Visit us on social media: twitter: http://www.twitter.com/photoslikepros Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photoslikethepros Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/photoslikethepros Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/photoslikepros
How To Set Something On Fire
Learn how to set Wild Wing on fire in Photoshop! GO KINGS GO!
Views: 1112 Photos Like The Pros
Sketch Effect for Photograph
Learn how to make a photo appear as though it was sketched and colored in using Photoshop.
Views: 1184 Photos Like The Pros
How to Face Swap in Photoshop
Learn how to swap people's faces in Photoshop.
Grungy Effect
Learn how to make an abstract paint splatter effect on any image. Brushes used: http://www.bittbox.com/freebies/free-hi-res-splatter-photoshop-brushes
Views: 2097 Photos Like The Pros
Pumpkin Face
How to Make A Composite Image
Learn how to make a composite image out of three different images. If you have ever wondered how to play around in Photoshop and make interesting or funny pictures then this is the complete beginner's video for how to merge 3 different images together.
Pen Tool Assignment
Instructions for how to complete the Pen Tool Assignment in my class.
Learn how to make an animation in Photoshop
Learn how to make an animation using several images and different layers.
Editing a .gif image
Learn how to make a GIF image editable in Photoshop in a couple of keyboard shortcuts.
How to turn in projects on Canvas
Learn how to turn in projects if you are enrolled in any of my Digital Photography classes
Difference Between Raster and Vector Images
Learn about the differences between raster and vector images. Vector images do not look like a normal photo and raster images have certain limitations when it comes to resizing.
Motion Blur
Learn how to use the Blur Gallery in Adobe Photoshop to make a picture of a parked car look like it is driving fast.
Removing Items from Photos
Learn how to remove items from photos in Photoshop using the Clone Stamp Tool, Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool, and the Patch Tool.
Composition Slideshow
Various composition techniques including: Rule of Thirds, Simplicity, The Triangle, Frame within a Frame, Leading Lines, Rhythm, and Negative Space.
Learn how to make a picture part black and white and part color in Adobe Photoshop.
How to use the Pen Tool
Learn how to use the Pen tool to trace an object quickly and efficiently using the least amount of anchor points possible.
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Adjustment Layer Black and White
Learn how to add an Adjustment Layer to change an image from color to black and white.
How to Save an Image in Photoshop
Learn how to save images in Photoshop. Learn how JPEGs and PSD images are different and what the files look like after they are saved.
How to Open an Image in Photoshop
Learn how to open an image or multiple images in Photoshop and manipulate your workspace.
How to Import Files in to your Lightroom Catalog
Learn how you can import files in to your Lightroom Catalog. It is quick and easy. There are three ways to do it and you can see them all here!

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