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cara mendapat beasiswa dan S2 1
Beasiswa dari Pemerintah Indonesia http://www.lpdp.depkeu.go.id http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id http://balitbang.kominfo.go.id/beasiswa Korean Government Scholarship program (KGSP) http://www.niied.go.kr/eng Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea dari POSCO TJ Park Foundation http://www.postf.org/en/page/asia/scholar.do Art Major Asian (AMA) + Scholarship http://karts.ac.kr http://training.koica.go.kr http://admission.postech.ac.kr http://ago.kgpa.or.kr http://afocosec.org https://gsen.dongguk.edu http://kiice.uos.ac.kr http://kdischool.ac.kr http://gsis.yonsei.ac.kr
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perbedaan hidup korea & indonesia 1
Perbedaan hidup di Korea dan Indonesia serta tips-tips untuk bertahan dan enjoy di Korea
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Pengalaman memalukan mengajar bahasa Indonesia/budaya Indonesia di Korea
Nama saya Aulia Djunaedi. Saya sudah 14 tahun tinggal di Korea. Saya guru dan penulis. Lewat video ini saya ingin bercerita pengalaman memalukan saya mengajar di Korea. Mohon maaf dahulu ^^)
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Tips Belajar Bahasa Korea Cerdas
Belajar bahasa lebih cepat dan efektif bioa disesuaikan dengan hobi, gaya belajar dan tujuan. Jangan buang-buang waktu,kenali tujuan dan diri Anda terlebih dahulu!!!! (Aulia Djunaedi & Imej)
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cara KOrean Language course
Cara Mencari Korean Language Course !!Semua di atas 1,3 juta won *Sogang University http://klec.sogang.ac.kr *Ewha Language Center http://elc.ewha.ac.kr *Seoul National University http://lei.snu.ac.kr *Yonsei University www.yskli.com 1. Korean University Language and Culture Center http://klcc.korea.ac.kr 2. Konkuk University Foreign Language Institute http://kfli.konkuk.ac.kr 3. Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education www.iie.ac.kr 4. Sookmyung Women’s University Lingua Express www.lingua-express.com 5. HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center http://www.hufs.ac.kr/hufskorean 6. Hanyang University International Language Institute http://www.hyili.hanyang.ac.kr
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Harga di Seoul 1/ Prices in Seoul 1
Hi My name is Aulia Djunaedi. I am an Indonesian who have lived in Korea more than 10 years. I am single and live with my 3 lovely dogs. I want to share my knowledge about Korea and tips to survive. Enjoy, learn and practice it in your way ^^ my instagram Aulia Djunaedi/ OliaMolia Fb: Aulia Lee- coz Aulia Djunaedi FB is full email: [email protected] ^^
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Perjalanan di kampung daerah Jaecheon- Korea 올리아
Kampung 제천역 Gangwondo,Korea
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인도네시아어 빨리 잘하는 방법/플렉스 시험 필요한 준비들
인도네시아어 공책/플렉스 시험 필요한 준비들 등
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Tips belajar bahasa Korea melalui youtube dan blog
Youtube channel: KING, sweetandtastyTV & YoHoney Blog:epshrd, gplus happiness in simplicity, fb page Olia Molia Indonesia Korea Inggris, Seoulina.
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Tutorial Naik Subway di Seoul, Korea 1 (올리아)
Tutorial ini untuk naik subway di Seoul, Korea (1) Dari Seoul National Univ Station ke Gangnam ^^ Tempat2 terkenal di jalur 2(hijau): Gangnam, Jamsil (ada Lotte World), Konkuk Univ (daerah Apt Super Junior), City Hall, Hongdae (tempat hangin out)
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Harga di Seoul/ Prices in Seoul ( Rumah Sakit & Pengobatan 1/ Hospital & Treatment 1)
Here are some information about hospital & treatment fee in Korea. This time is about accupuntur and MRI test. My left ankle was twisted twice. Once in 2015 and January 2016. I was wearing a helper for like 2 weeks but it gets swollen every now and then. Check out my video and if you have any questions let me know.
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The Award of Youth Short Movie Asean Korean Centre 2017
We are Indonesian workers and entrepreneurs who collaborate together in a short movie named E9 Labor in youth short movie Asean Korean Centre competition 2017. Happy that we got a 2nd place in this competition...not bad for beginners ^^
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cara mendapat beasiswa dan S2 2
Cara Mendapatkan Beasiswa dan S2 (part 2)
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Hana Simple & Thokkiso Story Open Tour at Gangnam Global Business Fair, Seoul September 21, 2017
Hana Simple has a program named Edu Around the World, which is an exchange education program. The target here is middle school students and technical schools around the world, at the moment our focus first starts from Indonesia, Malaysia & South Korea. Our other businesses are providing interpretation and translation, as well as provide information related to trading between South Korea & Indonesia. Thokkiso Story is an open tour. I have been taking care of clients to travel in South Korea since 2008. We handle groups, whether family, friends, company or organization.
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Tutorial naik subway di Seoul, Korea (3)-transfer subway(올리아)
Tutorial naik subway di Seoul, Korea (3)-line 2(hijau) ke line 3 (oranye). Tempat line 2 yang terkenal:gangnam, samsoeng station (coex exhibition), jamsil, konkuk univ, hongdae dan city hall. Tempat terkenal line 3: apgujeong (plastic surgery)
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Gyejok Mountain in Daejeon & Daejeon Paws, South Korea
Gyejok Mountain. About 300m above sea level. Located in Daejeon. Daejeon Paws is a private sog shelter located in Daejeon city, South Korea. There are 70 dogs in this shelter and only a lady around 60 manages this shelter. We always need your help whether in financial or energy.
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2016년11월인도네시아에 방문, 남동생 결혼식 Nov trip to Surabaya, my brother's wedding
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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교동평화자전거의길 Ganghwa Island, near North Korea and South Korea
We were cycling in a bike routebwith the name Road of Peaceful in an area named Gyodong, which is only 2km aways from North Korea by swimming. Check it out to see more this trip
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한국에서 인도네시아어 수업
#teachingindonesianculture#문화#인도네시이아문화#mengajarbudayaIndonesia 이름은 아울리이 쥬내디라고 합니다. 한국에 사시고 저는 인도네시아어 선생님입니다. 2010년부터 인도네시아어를 가르치기 시작되었습니디. 이 동영상으로 저의 하는 수업을 보여주고싶습니다. 한국이나 인도네시아에서 계시면 한번 만나고싶습니다. 강의 기회를 주시면 감사하겠습니다. 열심히 하겠습니다.
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Kost/Indekos UBAYA/수라바야에 하숙집-올리아
This video is a present for my Dad as well as to learn Indonesian/ Korean language. There are some miss typing in this video due my process learning Adobe premiere. I will be better next time. The mistakes are 하숙집=indekos; 넓다=luas
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