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Dads Telling Dad Jokes
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Don't Put People in Boxes
When we label people and put them in different boxes, we don't see PEOPLE for who they truly are. This video proves that we have a lot more in common than we think and we should keep that in mind when we encounter anyone who might seem different than we are. Credit to TV2Danmark for inspiring us to make this.
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Mother's Day - Moms Tell Bad Jokes
Raising kids is not easy especially when you have to discipline them, but they’re just so darn cute sometimes you just want to laugh. So you have to craft the perfect poker face in order to keep it all together. So, we brought in some moms to put their best poker faces to the test with some very cheesy childish jokes. Check it out.
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With You - Short Film
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Vision Day XIV Pastor Benji Full Testimony
From a jail cell strung out on drugs to 25 years in ministry, Pastor Benji shares his powerful testimony!
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Worst Night Ever - Dr. Benji Kelley
Dr. Benji Kelley tells a hilarious story about the night he tried to sleep over at the church and could not sleep, not only because newhope's security system is like that of the Pentagon, but also because of a terrifying encounter with a masked man in his shower (great prank done by Scott Stevenson, Student Ministries Pastor).
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ManUp1-Stand Up And Attack by Dr. Benji Kelley
In this series, Dr. Benji W. Kelley offers a radical course correction to an overly feminized picture of Jesus and His work in the world through the Church! For the longest time, the Church has overly feminized Christianity and often turned Jesus into an Americanized white man with long flowing hair, blue eyes, and a white dress. Maybe you remember that picture of Jesus from the church or Sunday School room of your childhood? At newhope, we highly value women in ministry, leadership, the home, and the workplace. This is not about taking anything away from women, but rather showing a more faithful portrait of Jesus Christ and His Church, while trying to speak into a culture incredibly confused about what it means to be a man. If you are a man, or know one in need of understanding the challenges of manhood, Man Up is for you!
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About newhope church
Changed Lives! newhope church commercial running on many cable channels in the Durham County, Orange County and Southern Wake County areas on Time Warner Cable. This commercial promotes the church and it's mission to change lives. Iit also promotes it's sermons available on Time Warner Cable's Channel 24 on Sundays at 10am in the Durham County, Orange County and Southern Wake County areas and on Faith on Demand channel 1083.
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This is not a snuggy sermon series. Don't get too cozy because this sermon is intended to start a riot in your soul and trip the breakers in your secret hiding places of insecurity. Pastor Benji urges us to stop sleeping through the best years of our lives and challenges us to live audaciously as Christians.
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Life Change | David's Story
Your giving has made an eternal difference! Watch David's story to see just how that happened in his life...
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Jesus & Politics: Determine Your Allegiance by Dr. Benji Kelley
www.newhopenc.org Part of the Jesus & Politics series of 2012 at newhope church.
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Hot Cold Or Lukewarm by Dr. Benji Kelley
Dr. Benji Kelley addresses what it means to be a hot, cold, or lukewarm Christian. In the book of Revelations Jesus said "You are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm - I will spit you out of my mouth!" Learn what it means to be hot, cold or lukewarm and then take your temperature!
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Thrill of Hope Bumper
Thrill of Hope, Our Christmas Sermon Series Starts December 13th, 2015 #ThrillOfHope #FindingHope http://newhopechurch.org/the-thrill-of-hope/
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Pastor Benji Kelley on the Miracle of Child Birth.m4v
Pastor Benji Kelley of newhope church in Durham, NC comically tells the story of his experiences witnessing his childrens' births while explaining the miracle of Mary, a virgin, giving birth to the son of God.
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The Sangster's Story Part 1
Check out this amazing story of a broken marriage brought back to life. They have truly FOUND love again!!!
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