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Don't Put People in Boxes
When we label people and put them in different boxes, we don't see PEOPLE for who they truly are. This video proves that we have a lot more in common than we think and we should keep that in mind when we encounter anyone who might seem different than we are. Credit to TV2Danmark for inspiring us to make this.
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Dads Telling Dad Jokes
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Mother's Day - Moms Tell Bad Jokes
Raising kids is not easy especially when you have to discipline them, but they’re just so darn cute sometimes you just want to laugh. So you have to craft the perfect poker face in order to keep it all together. So, we brought in some moms to put their best poker faces to the test with some very cheesy childish jokes. Check it out.
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Vision Day XIV Pastor Benji Full Testimony
From a jail cell strung out on drugs to 25 years in ministry, Pastor Benji shares his powerful testimony!
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Worst Night Ever - Dr. Benji Kelley
Dr. Benji Kelley tells a hilarious story about the night he tried to sleep over at the church and could not sleep, not only because newhope's security system is like that of the Pentagon, but also because of a terrifying encounter with a masked man in his shower (great prank done by Scott Stevenson, Student Ministries Pastor).
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snuggy, newhope church, durham nc, Pastor Benji Kelley, audacious, faith
This is not a snuggy sermon series. Don't get too cozy because this sermon is intended to start a riot in your soul and trip the breakers in your secret hiding places of insecurity. Pastor Benji urges us to stop sleeping through the best years of our lives and challenges us to live audaciously as Christians.
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Pastor Benji Kelley Studies Snake Handlers
Pastor Benji Kelley of newhope church in Durham, NC gives a very comical example of how some Christians are not applying the idea of "love God with all your mind".
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Vision Day X- Make Your Mark! with Dr. Benji Kelley
Highlights from newhope church's 10th anniversary celebration at the Durham Performing Arts Center on January 22, 2012.
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About newhope church
Changed Lives! newhope church commercial running on many cable channels in the Durham County, Orange County and Southern Wake County areas on Time Warner Cable. This commercial promotes the church and it's mission to change lives. Iit also promotes it's sermons available on Time Warner Cable's Channel 24 on Sundays at 10am in the Durham County, Orange County and Southern Wake County areas and on Faith on Demand channel 1083.
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Jesus & Politics: Determine Your Allegiance by Dr. Benji Kelley
www.newhopenc.org Part of the Jesus & Politics series of 2012 at newhope church.
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Newhope Christmas Medley (Jimmy Fallon Cover)
Rock out with Newhope's Toy Band! #ThrillofHope http://newhopechurch.org/the-thrill-of-hope/
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Pastor Benji Kelley on Women As Multipliers
Pastor Benji Kelley of newhope church in Durham, NC explains how women are amazing, but that no matter how wonderful they are, they will never be able to meet the needs of men, because the only one who can is God.
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InCite16 Opener
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Pastor Benji Kelley Interviews Tyler Zeller.mov
Pastor Benji Kelley of newhope church in Durham, NC interviews UNC basketball player, Tyler Zeller.
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Parenting by the Book Series, Part 1 : Parental Priorities by Dr. Benji Kelley
Exerpt from Part 1 of the 3 Part Series by Dr. Benji Kelley in April 2012. Highlights from this exerpt on raising godly, Christ-following children include Pastor Benji sharing some of the priorites and guidelines on parenting practiced by he and his wife in raising their five kids. To see the entire message, visit http://www.newhopenc.org/Resources/Videos/Sermons/Parenting-by-the-Book/Parenting-by-the-Book,-Part-1.aspx Series Description: Many voices in our culture are trying to steer our children in the wrong direction. In this series, Dr. Benji Kelley not only tells us that we are to raise our children, but he practically shows us how to do exactly that by trusting God's Word and then having the courage to apply His principles to the parenting process. Parenting by the Book is a series about raising Godly children and grounding that parenting in the guidance and teachings of Scipture. Proverbs says it best, "Raise a child in the way he/she should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it!" (Proverbs 22:6) Our children deserve our best! This series will help you be a Godly parent and thus raise Godly children!
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