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Waves ; ClOSED  ; Warrior Cats MAP [20/20] backups open!
Rules: edit: due date - March 15, 2018 -Please be good at animating ;-; -animation, no PMV style, but you can still tween a little between frames -Use characters with a great relationship to eachother. Like, Finpaw and Twigpaw; Fallowtail and Reedfeather; Ashfur and Hollyleaf. Don’t make it happy, make it edgy and sad. I would like to have damaged couples, but you can do siblings, best friends, etc. -code word: it slips through my fingers Intro: Princess Glisten 1. waffle noodler’s : hawkfrost + brambleclaw 2. AntiValentine : hawkfrost + mothwing 3. Selena G. : leafpool + hollyleaf 4. The Tempest : tigerstar + goldenflower 5. AJ Wolfgirl : snowfur + thistleclaw 6. AJ Wolfgirl : snowfur + thistleclaw 7. Red Fox Animations : jake + tallstar 8. DinoRawr : ashfur + hollyleaf 9. Fruity Dragon : lionpaw + heatherpaw 10. Jinxx-in-sight QRS : jayfeather + half moon / https://youtu.be/bECDlgkcwvY 11. AngelEye : crowfeather + leafpool / https://youtu.be/ML5H92Jl294 12. The Tempest : thrushpelt + bluestar 13. Darkflame : dovewing + ivypool 14. MercuryTheLoner : squirrelflight + brambleclaw 15. Rashi : hollyleaf + leafpool 16. Peridop : brightpaw + swiftpaw / https://youtu.be/as_kjuB5vqc 17. Cat That Eats Cheese : twigbranch + violetshine/ https://youtu.be/7QNnR-4xVP4 18. MercuryTheLoner : feathertail + crowpaw 19. Lucy The Tortie : feathertail + stormfur / https://youtu.be/Q5oL2v5cqH0 20. Reverts : oakheart + bluestar
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Youth - Warrior Cat OC Map (OPEN!) (10/36)
(Edit: this is going to be finished sooner before my Chasing The Sun MAP! AAAAAAA) (Edit 2: you guys are such amazing animators! I’m so glad to have you in my map!) No script! Rules: •Have the OCS be warrior Cats! •Watermarks are allowed. •This is not a beginner map, so if you are more experienced, join, and if you are a beginner, message, ([email protected]) an animation, and I’ll decide if you can join. •The script will not include my OCs. For example, it may say you must use 2 OCS in the same roleplay! You must have 2 OCS that have been close in the roleplay if this shows up. Do not steal an OC. And do an(a) OC(s) that you usually use. Don’t create one at the last minute. •You have 1 week to do your part. 5 day extensions. •Backups that receive a part have 2 weeks with a 1 week extension! Before we start, comment down below for your part and tell me the names of your OC(s) and how they(it) will die! For example, “I’d like part 4 please, and I’ll be using my OCS, Dandelion and Maple. Dandelion will save Maple from a dog, but Dandelion will die.” The codeword is “we all die. you either kill yourself or get killed.” Parts: 1- Roseivy Animations - OC: Honeystar 2- Mayonnaise - OCS: Finchwing, Slateheart 3 + 4- Stonepelt 123 - OCS: Oakpelt, Frostheart (Link: https://youtu.be/r3pi9RLN2T8) 5- catsofthenight - OC: Moonpaw (Link: https://youtu.be/2a01ea6JSbY) 6- waffle noodler’s - OCS: Redjaw, Jaggedtail, Flameheart (Link: https://youtu.be/oXWovfcwdZw) 7 + 8- ImaToaster - OCS: Duskstorm and Mapleheart (Link: https://youtu.be/7THnTVvsfEY) 9 + 10 + 11- Blue Shadow - OCS: Blueshadow and Silverfrost 12- Open! 13 + 14 - waffle noodler’s - OCS: Echotail, Whitechest (Link: https://youtu.be/YCGm4BSgfyE) 15- Mine - OCS: Rosemarypaw, Shrewpoppy, Dandelionpaw, Lionpaw 16 + 17- AJ Wolfgirl - OCS: Flamestar, Silverwing (their kits) 18- ThornFang 19- Dappled 20- Open! 21- Open! 22- Open! 23- Open! 24- Open! 25- Open! 26- Open! 27- Open! 28- Raindrop 29- Raindrop 30- Open! 31- Open! 32- Open! 33- Taken 34- Open! 35- Open! 36- Open! (Sorry I can’t take any parts myself! A lot of personal stuff is going on!) Song: Youth- Daughter Who’s the OC that is on the cover of this MAP? Brindle! She’s one of my favorite OCS! Her horns become brittle when she is upset and they start to break when she cries.
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Chasing The Sun : Warrior Cats MAP [25/25] Closed : backups open!
I Rules: You ask for a part out of the beginning to the end (25), only two parts per person. I have no script. This is a warrior Cats map. You should tell me who you’ll be animating. Like for example, “I’d like part 6, and I would like to animate Bluestar and Oakheart climbing the Great Oak.” Code words: (add this in your request) Warrior Cats Chase The Sun. 1. Lovelydonut 2. Silv3rTheBunny// DONE// https://youtu.be/R1nCkWoOsxQ 3. Silv3rTheBunny// DONE// https://youtu.be/R1nCkWoOsxQ 4.Ryeven Raven 5. Luke's Art Life 6. Frailing 7. scuorge 10 //DONE// https://youtu.be/ExKwTG5e7pM 8. scuorge 10 //DONE//https://youtu.be/ExKwTG5e7pM 9. Blue The Cat 10. BreezyBramble 11. winged stranger //DONE// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR0mevUqMD4 12. sombry 13. sombry 14. Jasper cxt 15. Jasper cxt 16. Moon_Dragon 17. Geovenox 18. Toasty Oats 19. Sqicydoq 20. Izzy Nicole 21. ShiniquinCat 22. Blazesasa //DONE// https://youtu.be/GgcPDDvje3w 23. FiddleStixxx Game 24. FiddleStixxx Game 25. Kabber Seifert ~Backups!~ 1. 2. Geovenox (used) (part 17) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Okay guys! This is my first time hosting a Warrior Cat's MAP! Thanks to all of those who participated in this! Song - Chasing the Sun ; By: The Wanted
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Panic Cord ♡ Couples OC MAP ♡ 48 Hour MAP
This is a 48 hour MAP, so once I confirm your part, you have approximately 48 hours (2 days) to finish the part. Rules: -I’m fine with watermarks, and I’ll be scrolling down your account to see if you have good animation skills. If you don’t, I will email you and say that you have lost your parts. -If you take more than 48 hours on your parts, you’ll lose them to a backup, or it’ll be open. -No more than 3 parts per person -no canon, non-canon only -this is an OC map. Your OCS only. If you steal an OC, you’ll be banned from any of my future maps, and you cannot be on my channel. -dont add any lyrics -do not add your username on your finished part. I'll do that when all the parts are finished. Keyword; I need a l0af You should comment; 'I'd like to take part 5, and I'll be animating my OCs, Night and Feather playing out on the moor.' Ty ♡ Intro: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Outro.
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higher . meme (vent)
cry this took me a while haha I’m just (cri) getting things off my chest. It’s honestly nothing to worry about, and it’s not that I want to rant about other people; but myself. It’s just my social life problems. As in; regretting my actions. Hah; and this song fit perfectly ! Well, thank you for all your support ❤️ ilysm
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Red Lips Meme :: Undertale ❤️
So. Uh, I was working on a map part, and I got the idea to do this meme with Chara c: Chara (c) Undertale Undertale (c) Toby Fox
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Epoch Meme :: Undertale 🔆
It’s Sans, my daddy. Sans belongs to Toby Fox! The gameplay in the game is NOT mine, credit the real owner.
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Nightcloud | Medicine Meme
All credit to the original meme *too lazy to link* Nightcloud fits this meme, since she’s struggling to keep the family together, being stressed by an “abusive” and neglecting mate. Also struggling to keep Breezy from being insulted by Crowfeather. The medicine part has to do with the stress coming down with her, and the advice of getting revenge on her mate. I was going to put Leafpool after Crowfeather’s scene, but they never really “met” in the books, not to mention, lazy ol me decided, “I don’t wanna draw another character.” Nightcloud, I made her pelt look lighter than Crowfeather’s, because I outlined her with black, and by adding black, you won’t see the outline. Those who are confused that “Crowfeather” is a kit and then a warrior, that is Breezepelt playing with Nightcloud, and then it flashes to Crowfeather blaming Nightcloud for something. I’m honestly so happy to do my first meme! —— Song: Medicine / Daughter | Remix
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Thunder Meme READ DESC (Original Meme) (epilepsy warning)
Guys! Don’t say, “someone already posted a Thunder Meme! You stole it!” There can be one than 1 meme with the same sound, because they have different ideas of what they do in memes! So, if you comment something like that, I’m deleting and reporting your comment! And don’t act “nice” about it, too. . (Song: Thunder - Imagine Dragons)
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How to make a fan icon using We Heart It, PicsArt and Line Camera💕
With these instructions, you’ll make the best icon ever! Music: Forget - (unknown author) ...and Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit 💕💕
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Perfectly Imperfect (I don’t know my name) Meme - Original
My 3rd Original Meme! 😂 I worked so hard, and if there’s already a meme for this, I’ll be passed.
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50+ Sub Special! (forget meme)
Thanks so much! Thanks to all of my supportive buddies, and to name a few, Waffle Noodlers, KookieKat, Sqicydog, and lots more. Don’t feel upset if you weren’t added on here. I forgot your name probably. (There are a lot of people that I forgot). Ilysm everybody! Edit: shout out to: After Supper Vlogs, KookieKat, Waffle Noodlers, Sqicydog, AJ WolfGirl, CaryCat 4ever, Sky Draws, (pending. . .) OCS: Finch (gray and white she) (Forgets name) her sister (white she cat with broken jaw) mother: (light gray she cat) Storyline : Finch is favored by her mother because her sister has broken her jaw. Finch tries to calm her, and her sister tricks her into thinking she’s over it. Finch witnesses her sister murder her mother, feeling betrayed and afraid of her sister.
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Forget Meme | For Kittydog
This sucks.
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Part 8 For DinoRawr’s BrightxCloud MAP
Map: https://youtu.be/pAAP1k4IxfY Tell me if you’d like anything changed! And thank you for letting me join ;u; _________________ Characters in order of appearance: Brightheart, Cloudtail
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Dreams : animation meme DDLC
I’m busy with so much map parts, so cut me some slack 😂 Well, I did my best on this meme. Hope you enjoy :)
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Lilyheart MAP // . Home . (ALL PARTS OPEN)
Lilyheart is such an underrated character. She’s been through a lot of depressing shit. Her mother died as a kit, her sister drowned, and her mate also DiEd. Also, imagine having your daughter taken away from you. Like, argh—I love her so much ^^ The rules and script are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EzQYkB4F_Rs85okaqOk7C-MTNrve6h-pIYJ5LFfk_iM There are no designs ! Use your own, or anybody’s. Intro. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Doodle Bob (https://youtu.be/ZXardbocajk) 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Outro.
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W H Y L O V E M E ? meme ❤️
Character : Assassin 0.0 She has a mask boi on owo
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Another Love // Part 2
This is for Doodle Bob’s Another Love MAP! I hope you like it! I put all my hard work into this one and I’m pretty proud of it!
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Tidekit ~ Kanye ~ animation meme
Tidekit is my fAV oc (; She’s mute so no body understands her. She feels really aggravated and frustrated when people think she’s asking for one thing but she’s asking for another. It’s complicated 😂
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Tweening Practice
This was a former map part, until I was kICKED, for being “too obnoxious and extra.” Rip lmao. The characters are Cinderpelt and Whitekit.
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Good In Me Meme : Mothwing
My poor mothy😩 Credits to the original memer 😂
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Part 23 For Nessivg EM
Hope you like it! I finished this a while ago, but here! Tysm for letting me join. My tweening sucks 😂
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I struggled to post this \ Thus, A CinderPELT MAP / pt. 10
Okay. Finally. No watermarks. Map: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IO1t0pgEFI8
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5 PM meme - Thorn (for Waffle Noodlers’ contest)
Characters: Thorn (belongs to Waffle Noodlers) This is for Waffle Noodler’s Contest! Hope you like it! I tried my best😂💕💕
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Meme - Silly Letters (read Desc)
- I’m not Russian, don’t comment anything in the language. I can’t understand a thing...
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High Hopes : PART 4
I’ll do 10 soon! -33 I hope you like it owo MAP: https://youtu.be/3QHgXcZGFdc (CLOSED)
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Original: https://youtu.be/lQqaw0t7Yfk Butterscotch loves Marshmellow, but she doesn’t have feelings for him. Butterscotch knows this, and tries to imagine them together. Butterscotch tries his best to convince her into loving him, but she declines. Marshmellow actually has feelings for him, but she was to embarrassed to admit it.
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Wine Red OC Map (part 5) For - Doodle Bob
That was fast😂 hope you like it!
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you asahina’d in the wrong killing game
aoi is best girl change my mind can I use this for an animation/video? sure, but credit me for the audio! can I post this to other sites? dm me on discord, (meat beater sami#0374) and I’ll clarify. if Instagram, no.
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Noticed - Scourge MAP - Part 41
Map Call! https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=70s&v=p06bnTExfk8 This was in a rush sorry!
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Medicine Meme (collab)
Yeet. This is an edited reupload from Crippledsmol’s channel. They edited the actual meme while I did nothing :// so give a huge thanks to them for doing such an amazing job! They’re an amazing person and you should go subscribe!!
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rattlesnake : 4
I had to redo the color palette sksksk hope you accept this ;w; thanks for letting me join! I can’t wait to see the final product.
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Finished friendship base❤️
Awwww, guys, we got this done in under 30minutes😂 Thanks to all of the people who have joined! I love you guys😂💕❤️
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Sayori : Feel like Kanye
Well. Sayori’s a mood.
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Ticking MEME // Cremé
If you saw my Hot Milk Meme, you’ll know this is the same OC, Cremé. Displayed by this world’s racism, as she is “biracial.” She gets bullied and is physically attacked by others, and at one point, she is beat so much that she almost dies :) edge, am I right? get to know me better (: Name: Samantha Age: 11 Sex: Female Sexuality: iM noT tELLINg yOU
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Pick A Flower Meme (WIP) Natsuki
Haha you know how Nat is being abused by her dad? Well here you have it, and the song fits perfectly!
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Solo Meme. (Undertale ScrEEE)
Frisk is best girl. So, I thought.. why don’t I make a meme of her? ;’) Silent applause for how “but I’m broken hearted” fits with Frisk’s soul 👌🏻👌🏻
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Part 6 For The Ugly Map (re-done)
I’m sorry if this sucks😂 but, here! Tysm for letting me have a chance in such a successful map❤️ Map: https://youtu.be/_FL8mqq3atg
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20 sub special // Squirrelflight Speedpaint
Songs: All Time Low / Jon Bellion Dissolve / ?? Unknown / found on insta Thanks for the subs! Hoping to make it up to 1K this year!😘😅
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Unfinished lip sync animation practice ;))
This sucks. (Its Nightcloud btw, and the music is a part from Burn // Hamilton.
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High Hopes :: PART 4 and 10
I FInIshED. Hope you like it -33 (Just search up High Hopes Medicine Cat Map im too lazy to link it) (closed)
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Animation Practice - Lip Sync
Songs: Emotional by Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma
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Part 4 For Mozalien
Map; https://youtu.be/CByc1SFvVco (open) Tell me if you’d like anything changed !! ^^
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Emotional Meme - Lake
Character: Lake (mine) Meme belongs to the creator cuz (idk I’m too lazy xD) Hope you enjoyed!
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Mars :: part 5
I’m so sorry about the delay! I hope you like it.
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Xbox Gameplay : CoD WW2
Hi. I’m addicted to this game. Help me.
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moonflower & her kits | everything stays (UNFINISHED)
I have to draw some sad stuff :(
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Ugly / 6 / uGly WIP
😂 this is really messy. Tell me if you’d like to change anything. (Before I finish it)
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Icarus : Part 12 WIP (only 2 seconds sksk)
Flipaclip hates me. Uhm I need suggestions haha Map: https://youtu.be/J73sEQJ_Tnk (closed: in need of backups most likely rip)
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