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Create a Photoshop Cloud Brush
How to create a custom cloud brush with Photoshop CC.
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The Difference Between Lightroom Folders and Collections
In Lightroom you can view and edit images that you find in a folder, or in a collection but folders and collections are very different. Lightroom folders are a view to your computer. What you see in folders is exactly the same thing on your computer if you view it with Explorer or Finder. Collections are virtual folders that only exist inside of Lightroom. You can't find the contents of a Collection outside of your Lightroom Catalog.
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Photoshop CC Artboards
What are Photoshop artboards? How do you create an artboard? how do you edit, move, add or delete and artboard? Why use artboards? How do you export artboards? All of these questions are answered in this video.
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Photoshop Select and Mask
Select and Mask replaced Refine Edge in the June 2016, 2015.5 release of Photoshop CC. Select and Mask is a significant update, with pros and cons in the way it changes the masking workflow. In this tutorial / tour I explain in depth how I use Select and Mask, and what I like about it. I also provide suggestions for improvements that I hope to see added soon.
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Photoshop Shapes Path Operations
Photoshop tutorial explaining the Photoshop shape layer path operations, combine shapes, subtract front shape, intersect shape areas and exclude overlapping shapes. Table of Contents: 01:50 - New Layer 02:02 - Combine Shapes 03:12 - Subtract Front ShapeMM 03:59 - Intersect Shape Overlaps 04:17 - Exclude Overlapping Shapes 04:29 - Additional Tips
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How to deal with Lightroom Metadata Conflict Warnings
Metadata conflict warnings in Lightroom are a common occurrence. It's important to understand why they happen, so that you can address with them without fear. This tutorial explains what Lightroom Metadata Conflict Warnings are, how they happen and how to deal with them. Metadata conflicts are demonstrated with a Photoshop file, and two raw files. Conflict warnings are explained with develop settings and copyright metadata. Mac Finder, and Adobe Bridge are used to explain how conflicts are created when images are edited outside of the Lightroom database.
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Typekit with Photoshop CC
This video show how to find and install typefit fonts from directly inside of Photoshop. It also explains how to use the Creative Cloud desktop app, and typekit.com to manage, and unsync typekit fonts. Table of Contents: 00:44 - Chose or change a font 01:56 - Find a similar font 02:17 - Install Typekit font from Photoshop 02:49 - Instal fonts from Typekit.com 04:22 - Creative Cloud Desktop Application 05:27 - Manage Typekit Fonts - Unsync 06:08 - Important Typekit Font Information 07:15 - Missing Fonts Warning 07:39 - Typekit at school
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How To Use Photoshop's Quick Mask Mode
The Quick Mask Mode creates a temporary alpha channel of an active selection. Switching to the Quick Mask mode gives you much better control when editing selections. The Quick Mask is also much easier to view. This tutorial explains exactly what a Quick Mask is, why it is a quick and effective way to edit a selection, and how to use it.
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The Relationship Between Photoshop Selections, Channels and Masks
Photoshop selections allow us to isolate specific areas of an image for edits. They are also a good first step in creating a layer mask for adjustments or compositing. Selections can be very detailed with feathered edges and values ranging from 0 -255, but it is impossible to view this detail in the active selection state. Saved selections, and selections made into layer masks become pixel based alpha channels. These are easier to view, and can be edited with filters or the paint brush.
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Photoshop Layers Explained
This is a beginner level tutorial that explains the concepts and functionality behind Photoshop Layers.
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Photoshop Image Size and Resolution
Easy to follow, detailed explanation of image size, pixels, and document resolution.
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Lightroom Classic Mobile Sync Tutorial
With an Adobe Creative Cloud membership it is easy to share Lightroom collections online. This tutorial explains how to share images directly from your Lightroom Classic desktop application. The video was recorded with the original Lightroom CC before it was rebranded to Lightroom Classic. The functionality is still the same. ou don't need publishing services, a web hosting service, or even jpeg images. Comments can be added to images online with a browser, and the comments show up directly inside of your Lightroom catalog.
Views: 3763 Theresa Jackson
Adobe Draw Tutorial - Rose Illustration
This is a complete start to finish tutorial using the Adobe Draw mobile app to create a coloring book style illustration of a rose bud.
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Photoshop CC Glyphs
Use the Glyphs panel or on canvas glyph alternates to stylize text in Photoshop CC.
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How To Convert Adobe Illustrator Colors to Pantone Swatches
This tutorial shows you how to quickly find matching pantone colors for existing art in Adobe Illustrator.
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8 Ways to Combine Images in Single Photoshop Document
If you want to combine images, or create a composite in Photoshop you need to combine the images into a single Photoshop document as layers. In this video I will show you 8 different ways to combine four images as separate layers in a single Photoshop document. Table of Contents: 00:56 - 1. Tabbed Drag & Drop 01:59 - 2 Floating Windows Drag & Drop 02:54 - 4. Arrange 4-up 03:32 - 4. Copy & Paste 05:03 - 5. Duplicate Layer 06:42 - 6. File Place 08:05 - 7. Open as Layers from Adobe Bridge 08:39 - 8. Open as Layers from Lightroom
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Photoshop CC 2015 Export As vs Save for Web for Jpegs
In this tutorial I explain why you should use an export method to create image jpegs instead of using the Save As method. I also explore the two export methods currently offered in Photoshop, Save for Web (Legacy) and Export As. Both methods work fine for my image jpeg needs, but eventually I expect the Save for Web function to disappear in favor of the newer Export As option.
Views: 2418 Theresa Jackson
How to determine which Lightroom Catalog you have open
You can create multiple Lightroom catalogs, but you can only have one catalog open at a time. It's important to know what catalog you are working in, and where that catalog is located on your computer. If you have ever opened Lightroom and discovered missing work, then you have opened the wrong or different catalog. Lightroom does not require you to save while you work, and it does not lose images or edits from previous sessions. In this short tutorial I explain how to determine what catalog you have open, how to find that catalog on your computer, and how to make sure you always open the same catalog.
Views: 1104 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop CC Zoom and Pan Keyboard Shortcuts
Beginner level tutorial that shows keyboard shortcuts for zoom and pan in Photoshop CC. Table of Contents: 00:49 - TIP #1 - Zoom Tolol Keyboard Shortcut 01:34 - Scrubby Zoom 01:59 - TIP #2 - Keyboard shortcut for Hand Tool 03:12 - TIP #3 - Fit in Window Keyboard Shortcut 03:27 - Scrubby Zoom Preference Setting
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Light Painting with Photoshop Curves Adjustment Layers
Paint in light and shadows to sculpt an image with Curves adjustment layers. Working with adjustment layers, and painted layer masks is similar to, but superior than using the dodge and burn tools. This tutorial shows the complete workflow from start to finish.
Views: 415 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop CC User Interface Tour
This is a beginner level overview of the Photoshop UI. It includes workspaces, custom workspaces, panel, tools and selecting colors. Table of Contents: 00:11 - Start 00:52 - Workspace Introduction 01:19 - Essentials WorkspaceMM 02:28 - Panels 03:23 - Custom Workspace 06:01 - Tool Bar 06:59 - Options Bar 07:18 - Tabbed Documents 07:54 - Color Picker
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Photoshop Brush Panel vs Brush Preset Panel
There are mulitple ways to chose a brush, and/or adjust any brush in Photoshop. These different options aren't all equal, and It can be very confusing. The brush panel and the brush preset panel have very different functions. This tutorial explains each panel, how they relate, and what they should be used for. Table of Contents: 00:41 - Brush Panel and Brush Preset Panel 03:17 - Create Custom Brush 04:11 - Custom Brush Settings
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Product Colorize with Photoshop Shape Layers
How to create multiple color versions of a product using Photoshop shape layers.
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How to check and fix image metadata with Adobe Bridge
Use Bridge to view exported jpeg copyright metadata before sharing images online or with others. Adobe Bridge is a quick and easy way to view and edit metadata inside of image files.
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Photoshop Smart Filters
Exactly what is a smart filter, and how smart are they? Smart filters are any filter applied to a smart object in Photoshop. Smart filters apply filtered looks non-destructively which is pretty smart. In this video I show you how to create smart filters as well as mask, alter blend modes and stack them.
Views: 242 Theresa Jackson
How to make sure Lightroom images include copyright metadata
Images exported from Lightroom should include copyright metadata including (at a minimum) your creator name, email address and copyright status. This tutorial assumes you already know how to create a metadata template. I demonstrate how to double check images for correct metadata. When metadata is missing, I show how to fix it in the Lightroom Library Module, and finish by showing how to confirm the correct metadata is included during the image export.
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My 7 year journey - MAX ACP Summit 5 minute story
I shared this story at the 2017 Adobe Community Professional's MAX Summit meeting for the 5 Minutes of Fame presentations. This is a pre recording of the presentation.
Views: 131 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop's Gradient Tool
Photoshop CC's Gradient Tool and Gradient Adjustment Layer tutorial.
Views: 503 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop Layer Groups
Organize your Photoshop documents with layer groups. Everything you need to know including, how and why to create groups. The tutorial finishes with tips on how to easily find and move content after it has been grouped. Table of Contents: 03:13 - Group Selected Layer Content 04:42 - Nested Layer Groups 05:53 - Auto Select layers or groups
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Typekit with Adobe Illustrator
How to find, sync and manage Typekit fonts with Adobe Illustrator. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Introduction 00:11 - Introduction 00:35 - Illustrator Font menu 01:01 - Character Panel 01:54 - Filter for Typekit fonts 02:07 - Add Typekit fonts from Illustrator 02:19 - typekit.com 02:34 - Font Classifications 03:19 - Instal Typekit font 04:15 - Creative Cloud Desktop app 06:19 - Sync missing fonts
Views: 713 Theresa Jackson
Bridge Introduction
This is a quick overview of how to use Bridge to navigate the contents of your computer. Table of Contents: 01:25 - Navigate Folders and Hard Drives 01:57 - Bridge Workspaces 02:48 - Workspace Panels 03:13 - Create Custom Workspace
Views: 143 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop Crop Tool
In depth look at Photoshop's crop tool including, how to crop non-destructively, crop ratios, image size and image resolution. Table of Contents: 01:24 - Non Destructive Crop 02:26 - Width to Height Ratio Settings 03:45 - Document Size Relative to Resoltution 05:11 - W x H x Resolution 07:10 - Add to document canvas
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New Year's Lightroom Copyright Metadata Update
Very quick tutorial that shows you how to update an existing copyright metadata preset in Lightroom for the new year.
Views: 96 Theresa Jackson
iOrnament Spiral Mandala timelapse animation
Just for fun I recorded the animation of an iOrnament spiral mandala that I spent about 2.5 hours drawing.
Views: 1278 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop Text - Point vs Area Type, Character and Paragraph Formatting
This is a beginning level tutorial that explains point versus area type, and the difference between character and paragraph style options.
Views: 534 Theresa Jackson
Lightroom Missing Photos - Why it Happens, and How to Fix It.
Photos go missing from Lightroom because they have been moved or renamed. This tutorial explains how this happens, and shows how to fix the broken links.
Views: 191 Theresa Jackson
Vector vs Bitmap in Photoshop
What is vector? How does it work in Photoshop? How is it different than bitmap, or pixel content? I answer these questions in this video
Views: 166 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop Layer Blend Modes
This is an introductory level tutorial for Photoshop's Layer Blend Modes.
Views: 274 Theresa Jackson
How to remove an object in Photoshop using the Patch Tool.
Views: 101 Theresa Jackson
Photoshop Clipping Mask
In this video I explain how to create a clipping mask as well as how and why it works.
Views: 176 Theresa Jackson
Lightroom Edit Photo with Photoshop - What to Edit Menu
This tutorial explains the Edit What menu when sending Phtoshop files from Lightroom to Photoshop for further editing.
Views: 164 Theresa Jackson

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