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Marietta Leis on Cyanotypes
Marietta Leis, artist, sculptor, print maker - exhibiting at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science - produces a video to entertain and educate children attending the event. While not a step by step guide, it illustrates selection of materials, inspiration and the overall process of exposing the media and developing. Learn more at Marietta's website: http://mariettaleis.com
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Adventure of the Bloody Seas, I Say Part 1
An Irish/American woman imitates the posh class accent of the Brits aboard the Royal Carribbean Adventure of the Seas ... silliness ensues.
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New Mexico Photography featuring Robert Christensen
Interview with Robert Christensen, fine art photographer interviewed on KOB TV. The interview is about his wonderful exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum. Visit the website for a closer look at the exquisite talent of Mr. Christensen. http://www.rcphotonm.com
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Balthazar on Bill O'Reilly
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Colores - PBS Broadcast of New Mexico Photographer, Robert Christensen
Interview with Robert on PBS Broadcast - Colores. Insight into capturing the portrait of a place and time. More information at: http://www.rcphotonm.com
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