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The Flintstones Wives Come Home and TROUBLE
Wilma and Betty return to see Fred in bed.. Barney does something that leaves them in major Trouble..
The Flintstones The Golden Smog!
Watch as Fred sings his heart out as Barney backs him up on the skins.... One of the great musical moments
The Flintstones Trampoline Trouble
Fred learns that Barney has a new trampoline... He decides to master it to use it to spy on Wilma at the dressmakers leaving him in hot water with her..
Hong Kong Phooey Rescue of Kangaroos and the Hopeless Diamond
Here is the sequence where Hong Hong goes after the thieves... Once inside the chopper.. He confronts the crooks only to end up in a pickle... With a little help... He comes out on top in more ways then one..
Hong Kong Phooey crossing paths With Safe Thieves
Hong Kong Phooey crosses paths with a robot carying safes and then he realizes that the robot and the man are the thieves... He changes his car into a safe to help lead him to their hideout....
The Flintstones Wilma Takes on The Prowler
Thinking that Fred was at it again, Wilma uses her Judo to take him on.. When she realizes that it is not Fred.. She screams and ducks under the bed..
The Flintstones Pool Troubles
Even though Fred and Barney agree to put half of the pool on the connecting properties, this causes problems for them when one of them tries to use the pool... At one point, Fried has a spike fence up and Barney decides to remove his half of the water...
The Flintstones Fred plays Prowler
Fred tries to play prowler when Betty takes Judo lessons.. He gets more then he expected when she beats him up... Wilma wakes up to the real prowler in her home... But she thinks it's Fred..
The Flintstones Pool Party goes Bust
Fred's Birthday party goes bust when he dunks a cop when he thinks it was his buddy Charlie.. He has the charges read and waits to be bailed out...
Speed Buggy Wowing the Crowd
The gang is at an event.. Here is where we see Speedy do his thing... With Tinker and without.. After the show... Speedy gets his favorite treat...
Hong Kong Phooey Tracking and Capturing an Imposter
While on the hunt for an impostor. Phooey and Spot come across 2 farmers and things get out of hand when he and spot get captured.. The perp claims that he is going after all the rewards that Hong Kong would normally never except...
Hong Kong Phooey Takes out Car Thieves
From the first cartoon... Phooey finds out about what the car thieves are up to and then goes into action to stop them....
Rex Smith Sooner or Later Album (1)
You Take My Breath Away Sooner or Later Simply Jessie Better Then it's Ever Been Before
Hong Kong Phooey From Fort Box to The Claw
While Hong Kpng and Spot are staying in shape while guarding Fort Box... They end up kidnapped where they confront the Claw....
Shanice 'It's For You'
Here is the rare music video that was featured on the VHS release of "The Meteor Man"
Dolly Parton   Straight Talk"
Official video of the theme song for the movie
"Rugrats  Rap"
Available on the Decade In Diapers DVD
3rd Bass   "Pop Goes The Weasel "
Official Video
Hong Kong Phooey Opening and closing credits
Here is one of my all time favorites from Hanna Barbara.
Arthur Opening and Closing Titles
Arthur is a cartoon series that has been on PBS for about 19 years. This series teaches kids everything about getting new glasses, or dealing with tough topics like cancer... The books were created by Marc Brown... I think this is the second longest running program on PBS...
Dynomutt Dog Wonder Opening and Closing Titles
This is an animated series that had a short run on TV and was later combined into the Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Hour...
Speed Buggy  Opening and Closing (1973)
Here is the Open and Close of this great show... Long before Kitt there was Speed Buggy... A talking dune buggy that goes on mysteries with Mark, Tinker and Debby... This show only lasted one season... The memories are gold.... Available through Warner Archive...
The Flintstones Fred and Barney Bowling
While the wives are out at the Opera... The boys make a trip to the lanes... The way they bowl is funny as hell...
Rex Smith Sooner or Later Album (2)
Love Street Never Gonna Give You Up Sway Oh What A Night For Romance
Rex Smith Sooner or Later Album (3)
Ain't That Peculiar If you think you know How To Love Me
Technotronic "Get Up" (Ex Ver)
From The VHS "Trip On This"
The Wrestling Album (1) HD
Land of A Thousand Dances?!! ? Grab Them Cakes Real American (Windham & Rotundo's Theme)
Bsckstreet Boys The Hits Track 1I Want It That way
Here is Track 1 from The Hits Chapter 1
The Wrestling Album (3) HD
For Everybody Tutti Frutti Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy Cara Mia
Al Stewart Time Passages (1)
Info here after Memorial day... Night all 2 AM here...
Al Stewart Famous Last Words (3)
Trains Necromancer
Size Isn't Everything Part 4
Anything For You Blue Island Above and Beyond
Al Stewart Famous Last Words (4)
Charlotte Corday Hipposong Night Rolls In
Paul McCartney  " Press"
Official video
Size Isn't Everything Part 2
How to Fall in Love Part 1 Omega Man
Size Isn't Everything Part 5
For Whom The Bell Tolls Fallen Angel Decadance
Size Isn't Everything Part 3
Haunted House Heart like Mine
Chicago "Feeling Stronger Every Day"
Here is a video that may have been part of a special... Looks like a recording session for the song mentioned above.... Here is a nice look back as to how music should be done....
Dolly Parton  " Light Of A Brand New Morning "
Here is an official video that was on the VHS release of her movie "Straight Talk."
The Wrestling Album (2) HD
Eat Your Heart out Rick Springfield Captain Lou's History Of Music Hulk Hogan's Theme
Size Isn't Everything Part 1
Paying The Price of Love Kiss of Life
Al Stewart Famous Last Words (1)
Feel like Angel Of Mercy Don't Forget Me
Al Stewart Famous Last Words (2)
Peter on the White Sea Genie on A Tabletop Trespasser