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How to tell if a pokemon card is a secret rare
Informative video to hopefully help some of you know what secret rares are and ways to quickly see.
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Huge Pokemon Card sale!
Selling my EXs for 25%-35% off the values of them depending on how many you buy. Cash by mail or Paypal. $10 minimum purchase.
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EPIC Pokemon cards garage sale find! (Part 1)
AMAZING DEAL on these! Just realized the scyther is a misprint!
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EPIC Pokemon cards garage sale find! (Part 2)
SOO happy with this find/deal! Check out part 1 if you missed it, it has a base set charizard and other old school cards!
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How to Get The Level 100 Gamestop Mew!
A walkthrough on how to receive the Mew off the Gamestop card.
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pokemon card collection 2014 ultra rare (OLD)
A new channel since my last channel went to gaming and i got out of trading for a couple years. My rarest cards but not all of them. WANTS: Pikachu 15th anv box, Sunset Mew, Gold stars(minus Mew), Shining pokemon(Minus Gyarados) pretty much any rare cards like vending machine and lottery pokemon cards Base/1st edition Charizard.
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Pokemon Red/Blue Version 3DS Unboxing!
Opening the New Pokemon Red and Blue Version 3DS.
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Venusaur Tin (Secret Rare Pull!)
The losing streak is over! BEST TIN EVER 10/10 Would buy again...
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1st Edition Team Rocket Booster Box Pulls (EPIC!)
REALLY happy with these pulls. hope you guys didnt mind that i just show the pulls since i opened it with my brother. The extra commons/uncommons will prob be for trade, just check my wants on my recent trade binder video or on the "about" section of my channel. Thanks guys!
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1st Edition Gym Heroes Booster Box Pulls
Was pretty happy with these pulls. hope you guys didnt mind that i just show the pulls since i opened it with my brother. The extra commons/uncommons will prob be for trade, just check my wants on my recent trade binder video or on the "about" section of my channel. Thanks guys!
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Opening 2014 Mcdonalds Pokemon Toys/Promo cards!
Long Video, but fun opening, randomly found these and decided to open them!
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HUGE Pokemon PSA Return! (130 Cards!)
So happy with all my 9 and 10s! :) Most cards are for sale, paypal/ CBM, or trade for my wants(Gold stars, Shinings, Japanese VS, Umbreons.
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I Got the Rare Sunset Mew Card!
Shout out to my brother Kyle for giving me the card for Christmas!
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Over 500+ Pokemon Online TCG Codes for Trade!!
528 Codes for trade. You must send cards first. Want to trade as bulk but will adjust depending on offers/trades from you guys. Will not be emailing these as would take a really long time. Some of these probably wont work, so keep that in mind! Wants: Charizards, shining, shiny, umbreon, espeon, dragonite, base set holos, skyridge holos, aquapolis holos, red gyarados, rayquaza, mewtwo secret rares, primes, old school exs and lvl X cards, unique old promos.
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My Charizard Collection! (also fan mail ideas?)
Hope you guys like my collection as much as i do! Anyone have the Plasma Storm Secret Rare Charizard you can trade to me?!?! Also id love to start getting some fan mail and signature cards, maybe i can give shoutouts to help other channels!
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Pokemon TCG Online Booster Packs Opening! (Charizard Pull!)
Just started the TCG Online game and thought, why not do the openings for you guys too! Might do battles on here if you guys want to see me Noob it up! XD Like or Comment if you enjoyed this!
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TCBM/First FCBM: djnae 123
thanks for the free cards and trade! check out djnae 123 channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCicKOu6XcqrLA-SJarodo-w/videos
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Pokemon GO! Leveling Up and Tips/Tricks! (Level 21)
Before you ask why i keep clicking the near box, im refreshing to make sure something like a Charizard appears around me and missing it lol 1. Eeveelutions are random 2. Can confirm pokemon will spawn around the pokestops with similar names, so water will appear around pokestops with "lake, river, water". Grass will appear around "parks". Ghosts will appear at night. 3. Fighting your own team gyms will help strengthen it and allow more slots for pokemon of your team. 4. Legendaries are NOT in the game yet. The rumor that your friend has a friend that "caught a zapdos at VA Beach" is false! 5. Level 12 unlocks great balls and level 20 unlocks Ultra balls. 6. You cant switch teams at the moment 7. You can steal gyms from someone that just beat a gym if they dont put one in fast enough. 8. A razzberry and holding the pokeball til its as small of a circle you can get will improve chances of catching a pokemon, and it not running away if it gets out 9. You can hatch the starters with 2k eggs, its rare though
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pokemon card collection 2015 (ultra rare) (OLD)
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Pokemon Breakthrough VS Breakpoint Blister Pack Openings
Which will have the better pulls?! Watch to see!
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Target/Toysrus/Mythical Promos for Trade!
Got a ton of Promos im looking to trade for Umbreons, Charizards, VS cards, other rare promos, base holos(NM-Mint), make an offer!
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I have 15 Level 100 Mews to giveaway. Rules: 1. You have til Thursday Feb 25th 12pm to like/subscribe/comment. 2. Only 1 entry per account 3. No winners from previous Mew giveaway 4. Code will be sent to email of winners choice
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Pokemon Day at Toysrus! Free Promo cards and Poster!
Pokemon day at Toysrus! You get an awesome poster, an activity book, and 2 promo cards.
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How to Avoid Getting Scammed Trading Pokemon Cards
A guide to hopefully help some new traders and informing you guys on the basics of trading through Youtube. If you guys like the video or learned something, please like the video so I know what you guys got something out of it. Wonder how many scammers will down-vote this video. XD Thanks guys!
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Pokemon PSA Return/grades (EPIC grades!)
Awesome grades! So happy. Mint Charizards for dayyyys!
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Pokemon 20th Anniversary Plushies, Mew Codes, and Toys!!
We went on a quest today and got 20 Mews for the monthly Legendary releases, the 4 plushes, and then Pikachu and Mew toys. Great way to start my videos up again :D
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April 2015 Pokemon Trade Binder
Rules are the same: You send first, i have plenty of trade videos on here for proof im not a scammer. My wants are in my about section, but ill always trade for Gold stars, Shining, Secret Rares, and CHARIZARDS!! You can also send me fanmail/FCBM and ill post your channel name so the community can see you!
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Darkrai Plush and Promo card!
Showing the monthly Legendary Pokemon plush and promo/pin from the mythical boxes.
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Epic 2016 Gameroom!
My gameroom i just finished making. Alot of unique collectibles and very happy with what i have so far. Not sure what happened with the audio in the video messing up.. Might have to redo the vid..
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Chesnaught Tin Opening (FA Pull)
This card is gonna be the death of me :'' )
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Opening Groudon Elite Trainer Box
One of my, if not THE, favorite legendary pokemons trainer box! Couldve had way better pulls but i like all the extras from the box :)
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Pokemon Card Collection Update! (Charizards, gold stars, 1st editions)
LONG video! The channel and card collection has come a long way the past 6 months. VERY proud of my collection so far. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all my loyal subscribers/traders. These cards will probably NOT be for trade.
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Mythical Mew and Toysrus Exclusive Promo Cards Giveaway!
Like, Subscribe, and comment your favorite Pokemon card to enter! Will pick winner on Feb 06, 2016 at 12 pm.
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Pokemon Trade Binder 2016 (Generations/PSA/Gold Star)
Need M Charizard Ex and regular Charizard Ex from Generations badly! Comment or PM if you have one to trade for. I will go into personal collection to trade for it. Rules for trading: 1. Cards must be specified condition (Mint/Near Mint) 2. You must send first 3. Once deal is done, no cancelling deal and card must be received in 2 weeks or will not recommend for trading after that Wants: Any gold star or shining, charizards worth over $20, Full arts from both new Break sets, both blastoises from Generations, any rare/unique cards( Examples: sunset mew, VS cards, Magazine cards, Lottery promos, Shadowless or first edition Holos)
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Trade Binder (Primal Clash, Phantom Forces, Furious Fists) (OLD)
Wants: Primal Clash 19. Trevenant ex 28. Blaziken 37. Ludicolo 44. Milotic 50. Huntail 55. Primal Kyogre 65. Eelektross 85. Groudon ex 91. Sharpedo ex 94. M Aggron ex 106. M Gardevoir ex 147. Wailord ex 148. Kyogre ex 150. Groudon ex 151. Primal Groudon ex 152. Sharpedo ex 153. Aggron ex 154. M Aggron ex 155. Gardevoir ex 157. Archies ace in the hole 158. Maxies Hidden Ball Trick 159. Professors Birchs Observations 163. Switch 164. Weakness Policy Phantom Forces 12. Pyroar 34. Gengar ex 45. Gourgeist 65. Aegislash 67. Florges ex 69. Slurpuff 120. Manectric SR EX Dragon Frontiers 14. Cloyster 87. Boost Energy 90. Altaria ex 92. Flygon ex 93. Gardevoir ex 95. Latias ex 96. Latios ex 97. Rayquaza ex 98. Salamence ex 99. Tyranitar ex Dark Explorers 63. Darkrai ex 103. Entei FA -ALL 3 secret rares Next Destinies 22. Reshiram ex 94. Shaymin ex 96. Kyurem ex 98. Mewtwo ex 101. Chandelure SR 102. Zoroark SR 103. Hydreigon SR Charizards!!! more rare ones like Base or Secret rares
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Pokemon collection (1st Ed booster box, pikachu 15th anv)
A video showing my up to date collection but also asking what you guys wanna see? booster box openings or lets plays on pokemon? or both!
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20th Anniversary  Lvl 100 Celebi available for download!
You can download Celebi on XY/ORAS now! Go to Mystery Gift, download by internet, then go to the girl next to the desk in the pokemon center and talk to her to receive the 100 Celebi!
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Member of PSA now!
I bought a 1 year sub to PSA so now im gonna start sending in cards in bulk to get graded. Its over half price if you send in 100+ cards which is amazing! BEFORE YOU ASK: I CANT SEND IN CARDS FOR YOU, but if you see cards i have in the vid that you want to buy or trade for once i get them back, message me!
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TCBM: Laughing Pikachu
Thanks for the trade! Hope we trade more! Also i apologize for saying HE the whole time, i know its a female, that was my 5th video that day so i got confused opening the trades... check out her channel though! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWgZyfhuqDVhrMXSgDwZP9Q
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Huge Mew/Pokemon Generations Opening!
Opening Pokemon Generations Packs! Can i get my Charizard!? Also the winners for the mew cards will be announced tomorrow! Stay Tuned!
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Level 100 Mew Gamestop Code Giveaway!!
Like, Comment your favorite pokemon, and subscribe to be entered into this monthly giveaway. Rules: 1. Only 1 submission (more than 1 is automatically disqualified), 2. Must be submitted by Feb 17th at 12pm 3. Winners will be chosen at random
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Pokemon card PSA submissions (Charizards, 1st editions, etc!)
My first PSA submission video! Cant wait for all these rare cards to get graded! Hopefully we get some 10s!
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Pokemon TCG Online Booster Packs Opening: Roaring Skies!
I should have a new trade binder up this weekend, but i havent really got any new cards since im moving soon. ALSO let me know what you guys want to see more of on my channel!
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50 Pokemon TCG Online Generations Packs Opening! (Epic Pulls!)
Let me know what packs I should do next!
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Small PSA Pokemon card lot (Charizards!)
Got the 6 free graded pokemon cards from PSA. Surprised at almost all the grades, some good and some bad. Cant wait for the 130 cards that should be back in a week or two!
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Amiibo Collection and a surprise....
A different type of video than usual. Showing my new and old Amiibos.
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Random Pokemon Booster Packs opening(EXs!)
pretty good pulls
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Level 100 Mew Giveaway Results!
Congrats to the winners! I will be doing a giveaway every month for each legendary as they come out. Also i dont know if the codes are region locked, I got them at Gamestops here in America. Sorry if they dont work! Stay Tuned!
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Roaring Skies Booster Box Opening Part 1(Awesome Pulls)
Great Pulls in part one of this box! Check back tomorrow to finish this box out!
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Groudon Tin Opening
Prob my favorite Legendary. Love this tin!
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