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Hawksbill Sea Turtle
the Hawksbill Sea turtle. a short video showing the hawksbill sea turtle. this video is used as addition to the blog entry on divesnippy.weebly.com
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Blacktip Reef Sharks @ Phi Phi Thailand
blacktip reef shark sightings by Snippy around Phi Phi Thailand.
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A day of diving @ Koh Sak - 27-sept-2012
just a vid from 1 day of diving in pattaya thailand at koh sak east / west
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Long-snouted Spinner Dolphins greeting the divers
on the way to the divesite we were greeted by long-snouted spinner dolphins at Phi Phi Ley.
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Batfish swimming around the Mataphon Wreck, Koh Larn, Pattaya, Thailand
first sighting of the batfish on the Mataphon wreck at Koh Larn, Pattaya, Thailand
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Whaleshark sighting Surin Islands - January 08, 2014
a +/- 3m whaleshark sighted at hin pae , Surin Islands Thailand
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2013/08/16 / sad day of diving on koh phi phi
a sad day today of diving.. although vizibility was awesome and special sightings were made. the thing stuck with me was the amount of plastic floating by that day i think the needle fish in this movie was a victim of eating plastic. then nature takes it course and starts to take up the injured/dying animal into its environment - in other words it gets eaten
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an overview of sightings in the 1st weeks of Diving at koh phi phi thailand by snippy - Snippy's Snaps Diving - the video features turtles, leopard sharks, moray eels, trevellies, boxfish, pufferfish, porcupine fish, octupusses, and many more
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Diving Phi Phi 1stWeeks (low quality)
an overview of the first sightings by Snippy since he started working on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand... the overview shows turtles, moray eels, sea snakes, leopard sharks, puffer and porcupine fish and many more.... this is just a small summary of what you can see when diving Phi Phi
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Snippy Snaps Diving Productions - Diving Sniplets Part 1 a movie created out of sniplets of 3 days of diving in Pattaya, Thailand by Jack and his wife under the training and supervision of DiveSnippy. the movie is almost 50min long - being reduced from almost 6hrs of tape!!! so feel free to scroll all is filmed using the GoPro HERO 3 - so you will see the auto white balance working in some views... the movie shows parts of the Advanced Open Water Course and diving around the Pattaya area in Koh Larn - Hat Nuan and Koh Sak East and West, as well diving on the wrecks the HTMS Mataphon and HTMS Kood.
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Conservation Through Education
Conservation Through Education - the motto of a lot of Conservation organisations and so also for DiveTribe Thailand. they have created several different courses that are backed by the University in Bangkok and a few of their professors. Snippy's Snaps Diving actively supports DiveTribe and in the future will be teaching these courses from his location
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Sightings overview Jan 2013
just a video with the sightings of 1 month
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2013-02-14 Batfish population  swimming around Mataphon looks to grow
Batfish swimming around on the Mataphon wreck near Koh Larn, Pattaya, Thailand
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Anenome beds at Koh Croc - Pattaya Thailand
a short movie taken at Koh Croc, Pattaya thailand from the anenome beds that are there. shot with my Canon G12
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2012-12-23 Hawksbill Turtle @ Saxophone Bay
a hawksbill turtle swimming around in Saxophone bay, koh Larn, Pattaya, Thailand
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blacktip at phi phi don
just a minute swimming of longbeach you will find Phi Phi Don - Sharkpoint. if you want to see them, you can book a sharkwatch or snorkel tour anywhere on the island.. but most success on seeing sharks is early morning
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Introducing Snippy's Snaps Diving - DiveSnippy
Welcome 2 Snippy's Snaps Diving! This video is an introduction of what Snippy's Snaps Diving, and especially Snippy is about and what he/they do in and for the underwater world. Enjoy the introduction movie and look at the other things that has been done by Snippy's Snaps Diving video: Daniel (Snippy) van Dongen music: 18 by Moby
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Gracefull Jellyfish
a jellyfish swimming gracefully through the water
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Diving Safari with Blue Guru - an overview of the sightings
an overview of the sightings done by Snippy during a 2 day Dive Safari weekend with BlueGuru.org
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2013-02-21 Yellow Tail Barracuda on HTMS Kood Wreck, Pattaya, Thailand
a big school of Yellow Tail barracuda - adults swimming around
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blacktip @ bida nai - Thailand
Blacktip sightings at Bida islands are back... this video was made by one of my customers during his PADI Deep diver specialty when we sighted a blacktip cruising by on bida nai
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