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magic words by coco lee with lyrics
this is for my idol,,, the ever beautiful hong kong star SHU QI..
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pintuan (bintana pt 2) by repablikan syndicate
my 2nd edition of sex is zero featuring pintuan (bintana part 2) by siobal d of repablikan syndicate.. don't forget to leave a comment... thank you :)
Views: 36145 Ariel Celestre
pinangarap na tagpo by lil sisa ft. rozen
a song from lil sisa and rozen...with some clips from the movie "my little bride"...
Views: 6678 Ariel Celestre
can't you see by tiffany ... with my all time favorite romance anime "PLEASE TEACHER"
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to those who are inlove with their friend.. "will you have the courage to tell a friend that you love him/her and let love takes place? or go on with your everyday life full of pretendings?"
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accidentally in love  (100 days with mr. arrogant)
accidentally in love by counting crows.. with the pretty korea girl HA JI WON.. from the movie 100 days with mr. arrogant.. hope you like it... :)
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luha by repablikan
trip lng po tong video na to...sana magustuhan nyo...
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Raggamuffin girl -Apache Indian "by AYIE"
Ruggamuffin Girl -Apache Indian feat. korean girl Kim Sa Rang.. this video is just for fun.. a tribute to one of my IDOLS kim sarang of korea. created by ayie :)
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nang dahil sa facebook (with lyrics)
Nang dahil sayo O-N-L-I-N-E lang ako At dahil sa Facebook ay na-in-L-O-V-E sayo Di ko hahayaang maghang o magconnection error Dahil sa puso ko ikaw ang lagi kong shoutout Yeah! kaya ayokong maglogout
Views: 14202 Ariel Celestre
blah...blah...blah... hahahaha
Views: 646 Ariel Celestre
bintana by repablikan
i made this video just for fun...
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kavana- will you wait for me            by: ayie
I need to talk with you again Why did you go away? All our time together still feels like yesterday... I never thought I'd see A single day without you The things we take for granted We can sometimes lose... And if I promise not to feel this pain Will I see you again? Will I see you again? CHORUS : Coz time will pass me by Maybe I'll never learn to smile But I know I'll make it through, If you wait for me... And all the tears I cry, No matter how I try, They'll never bring you home to me Won't you wait for me in heaven? Do you remember how it was? When we never seemed to care, The days went by so quickly, Coz I thought you'd always be there... And it's hard to let you go, Though I know that I must try, I feel like I've been cheated, Coz we never said goodbye... And if I promise not to feel this pain, Will I see you again? Will I see you again? (repeat chorus) Coz I miss you so, and I need to know... Will you wait for me? (repeat chorus) And time will pass me by, Maybe I'll never learn to smile, But I know I'll make it through if you wait for me...
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a song by brenda starr one of my favorite classic song... LOVE ME LIKE THE FIRST TIME..
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tropa by siakol...sa lahat ng mga kaibigan ko...kahit hiwa-hiwalay man tayo ng mga landas ngayon tuloy pa rin ang tropa...para sa inyo to...
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1000 WORDS made by ARIEL "ayie" CELESTRE
1000 WORDS with FF's YUNA & LENNE ft korean drama series MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO.. this is just a fanmade video..
Views: 61 Ariel Celestre
best in me-blue
i got nothing to do when this cute korean girl (moon geun young) pop in my mind so i made/edited her cute scene in her movie innocent steps.. hope you like it... :)
Views: 232 Ariel Celestre
hearts never lie
i edited this video just for fun... i just love the movie and the song by tiffany... and the pretty HA JI WON.. :)
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when the last teardrop falls -with lyrics
"When The Last Teardrop Falls" It's so hard to lose the one you love To finally have to say goodbye You try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin' on And all that you can do is cry Deep within your heart you know it's time to move on When the fairy tale that you once knew is gone [Chorus:] When the last tear drop falls I'll still be holdin' on to all of our memories And all of what used to be When the last tear drop falls I will stand tall And know that you're here with me in my heart When the last tear drop falls So now I'm alone and life keeps movin' on But my destination still unknown, oh yeah Will there be a time when I'll fall in love again? When I was meant to walk these streets alone If there was just one wish I could be granted here tonight It would be to have you right back by my side [Chorus] Now it's time for me to find my happiness again And the emptiness from missin' you Will never ever end, baby [Chorus]
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new year's eve 2012...
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the art of letting go by mikaila (with lyrics)
my 2nd video...the art of letting go by mikaila...with tidus and yuna...hope you like it...
Views: 1130 Ariel Celestre
sa likod ng paglayo...by lil sisa with the characters of kingdom hearts... hope you'll like this one...please leave a comment.. :)
Views: 2539 Ariel Celestre

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