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Creating a simple Model in ArcMap
A video of how to create a simple model using the model builder in Arcmap 10.1
Views: 62759 Matt Pitts
Summary Calculations in ArcMap
A video showing how to calculate summary statistics in ArcMap
Views: 14316 Matt Pitts
Importing Excel data into ArcMap
This video shows how to import and plot tabular data from an excel spreadsheet in ArcMap using display x/y data feature
Views: 83095 Matt Pitts
Creating Buffers in ArcMap 10.1
A video walk through of creating buffers in ArcMap 10.1
Views: 39639 Matt Pitts
Cooking with a Stovetec Rocket Stove
Outdoor cooking on a stovetec Rocket stove, at UK yurt Holidays at Yalding
Views: 33018 Matt Pitts
Creating a Geodatabase & Raster Catalogues
This video is a walk through of creating a file geodatabase in ArcMap 10.1 and creating Raster Catalogues
Views: 8158 Matt Pitts
Best Practice for Setting Up and Managing Data in ArcMap
A walk through of my tips for data management in ArcMap 10.1
Views: 5423 Matt Pitts
Adding Tables to ArcMap Layouts
This video shows how to create a layout in ArcMap and add the contents of a table to your layout
Views: 19010 Matt Pitts
Paul Hollywood - Soda Bread (Quick Bread) Recipe
In this video Ruth shows how she made made Paul Hollywood's Soda bread recipe, which is taken from the BBC website. Ruth substituted some of buttermilk for 120ml of normal semi-skimmed milk, as Sainburys buttermilk is in 300ml containers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/soda_bread_24837 Ingredients 250g/9oz plain wholemeal flour 250g/9oz plain white flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp salt 300ml/15fl oz buttermilk (1 container) 120ml semi-skimmed milk extra flour for dusting Music: "The Fresh Monday" by Dexter Britain (http://www.dexterbritain.co.uk)
Views: 13118 Matt Pitts
Create a Spatialite database and Layer
Create a Spatialite database and Layer
Views: 7538 Matt Pitts
Symbolising data and creating layer files in ArcMap
A video walk though of using a predefined style file to symbolise master map data and saving as layer files
Views: 4953 Matt Pitts
Creating Raster Catalogs with Arc toolbox
Views: 1574 Matt Pitts
Editing Tables and Attributes in ArcMap
This video shows you how to edit and create fields in attribute tables and create Domains in ArcMap
Views: 105362 Matt Pitts
Using InterpOse to Convert Mastermap to Shapefile
This video shows how to convert master map data downloaded from Edina into Shapefiles for use in ArcMap.
Views: 784 Matt Pitts
Using Arcscene
A walk though of modelling elevation data in 3D
Views: 5694 Matt Pitts
Peak Design Capture Pro v2 - Long Term review
These are my thoughts on using the Peak Designs Capture Pro Version 2 for well over a year for events and sports photography events work. https://www.peakdesign.com/product/clips/capture/
Views: 445 Matt Pitts
Creating and editing feature Classes in ArcMap 10
A walk though of creating a feature class in a geodatabase and creating and editing data within that feature class.
Views: 21362 Matt Pitts
Clipping Data in ArcMap
A video walk through of clipping data in Arcmap
Views: 3152 Matt Pitts
Sutherland Trail Walk
This video is about Sutherland Trail Walk
Views: 269 Matt Pitts
qDslrDashboard - Time-laspe user experience
My experience setting up and using qDslrDashboard with my Canon 5D3 to record a day to night time lapse. https://dslrdashboard.info/ https://mattpittsphotography.co.uk
Views: 2804 Matt Pitts
Switching on the Buffer Wizard in ArcMap 10.1
Buffer Wizard
Views: 906 Matt Pitts
Digitsing and Editing Vector Data In QGIS
Digitsing and editing Vector data In QGIS
Views: 805 Matt Pitts
Creating and editing feature class in ArcMap
Creating and editing feature class in ArcMap
Views: 3342 Matt Pitts
Creating Layouts in ArcMap 10
This video shows how to create simple layouts in Arcmap 10.1
Views: 24010 Matt Pitts
Lotus Grill Mini Review
This video is about lotus grill
Views: 11948 Matt Pitts
Downloading maps from Digimap
This video shows how to login to digimap and download OS base maps
Views: 1091 Matt Pitts
arcmap housekeeping
This video is about arcmap
Views: 1888 Matt Pitts
Londinium 1 Espresso
Views: 7178 Matt Pitts
Organising GIS Data
Structuring GIS Data and connecting a folder in ArcCatalog
Views: 489 Matt Pitts
How to Unzip Data downloaded from Digimap
Unzipping GIS data
Views: 406 Matt Pitts
How to Reconnect Data in ArcMap 10
This video shows how to reconnect broken data links within Arcmap 10.1 GIS
Views: 230 Matt Pitts
Editing Polygons
This video shows you how to edit polygon feature classes in Arcmap
Views: 1111 Matt Pitts
Sufrace Modeling GIS Data
A walk through of using spatial analyst tools to model surface data in Arcmap
Views: 703 Matt Pitts
Lumix G85 Test -  Making Buttermilk Pancakes
Testing the Lumix G85/80 with a Lumix 25mm 1.4 Lens
Views: 276 Matt Pitts
Importing and Displaying Tabular Data in ArcMap 10
This video shows how to import excel tables into a geodatabase and join then to an existing feature class and symbolise the joined data.
Views: 2381 Matt Pitts
Selecting and Exporting features from MasterMap
This video walks you through selecting and exporting features from master map to create your own maps.
Views: 243 Matt Pitts
QGIS Buffering
Buffering features in QGIS
Views: 183 Matt Pitts
How to Cook Banana loaf -  Lumix G85 test
Cooking a Banana loaf from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's family cookbook
Views: 53 Matt Pitts
ArcMap Introduction
A walk through of adding data to acrmap and using some of the basic tools to navigate around data
Views: 414 Matt Pitts
This video is about coffee "A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears" by The Vévé Seashore (http://theveveseashore.com/)
Views: 45 Matt Pitts
Sponden Farmhouse 2014
This video is about Sponden Farmhouse in Sandhurst, Kent
Views: 98 Matt Pitts
Making Selections in Arcmap
A video walkthrough of selecting by location and attribute in Acrmap
Views: 288 Matt Pitts
Lumix G85/G80 Face tracking test
Lumix G85 face tracking test using 14-42mm lens
Views: 1298 Matt Pitts
Snow Kent 2018
Heavy snow in Horsmonden, Kent Feb 27th 2018
Views: 799 Matt Pitts
Lumix G85 Test  - The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells
Testing the Lumix G85 with a Canon FD 24mm 2.8 lens on a very over cast day in Tunbridge Wells
Views: 213 Matt Pitts
Fuji XT-2 real world focus speed with 16-55mm lens
This is a test of the Fujifilm XT-2 using the 16-55mm lens at F2.8 focusing in a a normally lit indoor room.
Views: 937 Matt Pitts
Lumix G80/G85 Test video
This video was shoot on the Lumix G80 G85 and is ungraded straight from the camera, using a 24mm Canon FD lens using only available light, with Cine D picture profile
Views: 352 Matt Pitts
gill stream
This video is about gills
Views: 49 Matt Pitts
On & Around Suilven - Sutherland
Walk into and up Suilven in Scotland June 2016
Views: 62 Matt Pitts

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