Videos uploaded by user “DigiBoizBrendan”
Digi luke's tricks
Luke doing some tricks in a session at digi roller skating!
Views: 2812 DigiBoizBrendan
Telly's 18th LMFAO party!
Happy birthday Telly!
Views: 252 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi Boiz @ GCC 20:2:11.mov
My mates and I went to the Gold Coast Compound for a bit of a skate! raw footage
Views: 649 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi joel's redrover run
floorguard joel does some quick moves to get past people in redrover!
Views: 1899 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi Ethan's awesome redrover run
31 July Redrover, floorguard ethan has a freak run.
Views: 980 DigiBoizBrendan
Boyd's redrover run
Views: 1028 DigiBoizBrendan
Maddens Beerpong Invitational
Song by The New Roses "She's Gone".
Views: 315 DigiBoizBrendan
GCC 20:2:11 luke's front flip helmet thingo.mov
Just for you Andy! Showing you how the digi boiz rep it haha thought i should upload this by itself lol
Views: 272 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi street skate 15/8/10
Brendan, Chris, Brodie & madden street skating in Southbank!
Views: 476 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi sam's redrover run
floorguard sam dodges everybody through a round of redrover!
Views: 1039 DigiBoizBrendan
Luke's drunken rant
Luke wasted and having a rant about me while i'm recording him haha
Views: 139 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi Boiz @ GCC 27/2/11
me and my mates mucking around at GCC.
Views: 526 DigiBoizBrendan
Sneak Out
Wendy arrives home from work late at night and decides to check on her daughter Melissa, to make sure she is in bed. But Melissa has other plans for the night, which don't include sleeping.
Views: 115 DigiBoizBrendan
Digi raw video street skate 12/9/10
raw footage of me and my mates doing some street skating couple of days back, enjoy
Views: 505 DigiBoizBrendan

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