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Rant #1 (Interesting vs Intimidating)
I get questions all the time. I'm going to be answering them the best I can when I have time. :) I would answer more, but I'm a normal dude with a normal job just trying to find time to eat. (^_^)
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Vlog Number 1
I'm trying to learn how to Vlog. I'll get better with time. I know one thing is for sure. I need to upload the Vlog the same day that I record it. That means no spending 8 hours editing. Whatever I can edit that same day, is all the editing it gets. I need to get faster with my edits. :) That's the lesson I'm learning.
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Vlog Num 5 Mothers day
Remember, I didn't start taking singing lessons because I'm good at singing. XD I did it because I want to be good someday. :P Love you, Mom.
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Vlog #3 Let's cook some chicken!
I don't go into how I'm cooking too much. :) Honestly, I'm trying to get a video out each day and pushing myself to get better and faster at the edits and filming. In time, I'll be making better videos.
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I'm BACK! :D (Vlog Num 4)
Life became very crazy... too crazy to carry around a camera. Now things are starting to calm down. It's time for me to get back in shape and start living life again.
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Vlog #2 Let's go for a walk... or drive.
I went out and walked to drop something off for work. I wanted to get some sun and see Hawaii some more. It worked. I spent the day just walking down streets that I'd never been down before. Met some awesome people and made some new friends. I like I'm going to like vlogging. :)
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Unboxing! Ultrasaber Mystery Box! #1
I got my first Mystery Box in the mail today. Super happy with what I got. Watch the video to see. The colors are perfect for me. Now I just need to start training again. :D Life is good. Thanks #Ultrasabers
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QnA where am I???
I'm taking a break from Social Media for a few days while I focus on work. We all know the grind! The only way life is hard is if you're not willing to live it. Thanks for understanding! I'll reply when I get back.
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1 of 1,000+ Orbitalis
Ed and I are playing my Steam game collection... No matter how cheap the game is, we are going to give it a shot. We should find some interesting games. But no matter what, we're going to have a good time.
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Just making coffee.
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Ultrasaber's Mario Font by Jace Lansing
Aloha All! I just finished the Mario font that I've been working on for the diamond controller from Ultrasabers. Link to the download will be on the forums. Have fun, and happy wacking.
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Pirate ship, lightsabers, and fireworks!
I had a blast with HawaiiPirateShip! We got to bring our sabers with us and just have a good time. Life is good.
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Ultrasabers White Walker Sound Font
Aloha, this is the White Walker sound font that I made for Ultrasabers blades. You can find the link to the download on the forum at http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?topic=40818.0
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Sunset Sabers
Just having fun with a friend down in Waikiki for the sunset. Don't try this at home. :P
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Ultrasabers Pacman 1980 Walkthrough
Aloha, this is the Pacman 1980 sound font that I made for Ultrasabers blades. You can find the link to the download on the forum at http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?topic=40818.0
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Ultrasabers Waddles the Pig Font
Link to the download will be posted in my Ultrasabers thread. http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?topic=40818.0
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