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A cute trick to writing, "I love you"
I found this on the internet and wanted to share it. ( I did not come up with this, someone else did, therefore I cannot take credit for it.)
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Cana tells Gildarts that he is her father
Sorry if its not to your liking (too long or too short) I do not own anything. you can watch the entire episode here: http://www.soul-anime.net/watch/fairy-tail-episode-121/
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How to download Superstar Jyp nation
I dunno if this works for iPhone users so... Androids, y'all are in luck! And some windows phones... who knows?!
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Amazon Fairy Tail 21 pc key set unboxing
This is my unboxing, you can get it at amazon, although i suggest you wait a while and watch its price. I've noticed that the prices change like every once in a while, so you might be able to get it for a cheaper price if you wait. (Just a tip) Sorry that this video is so long... Sorry, this video is so long, and that I ranted so much (please forgive me) :P
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Playing karuta with english playing cards
via YouTube Capture
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