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2012 Spring Fashion Trends Pt. 2
Hi guys I felt like a lot of you actually liked the first 2012 spring fashion video so here is part 2 i hope you like it and if you have any requests please post them as video comments that is going to help me do more videos that you guys like better. If you want me to make videos about how to wear any clothing item just tell me what it is and i'll be more than ready to do the video. Thank you so much for watching Sara x :)
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2012 Spring / Summer Color Trends
This video is a video just to show you guys the latest spring fun colors. On my blog i have a post on how to wear bright colors, if you want to see it you are so welcome to check it out at http://www.sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ Thank you so much for you're nice comments that give me a lot of support :)
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2012 Summer Fashion Trends Pt. 2
This is pt. 2 of summer 2012 fashion videos series i hope you enjoy it :) if you have any requests, suggestions, questions, or comments on improving the videos please post them as video comments and i will reply to all of you'r comments. Check out my blog for more fashion ideas : http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ Follow me on twitter to know any news about the fashion district : https://twitter.com/#!/MissFashionHunt
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2012 Summer Fashion Trends Pt. 3
For the best display of this video watch in HD.Hello I'm really thankful to everyone who supports me. You guys make me excited doing more videos just so that i can read you'r sweet comments. This is obviously part 3 of this summer's fashion trends I'm not sure if the music is the best to pick, but you tell me if you liked it or not :) Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/MissFashionHunt Also check out my blog : http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/
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2011 Fall Fashion Trends Pt 3
Wait for 3 other parts don't forget to subscribe to know everything the first :) My blog : http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/
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2011 Fall / Winter Fashion Trends Pt. 4
This video includes a lot of fashion hits for fall and winter 2011 I hope you enjoy it. subscribe for latest fashion videos. Don't forget to visit my blog for a lot of fashion tips and ideas at : http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ Sara xoxo
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2012 Summer Fashion Trends
Hey guys Summer is knocking on the door !! This video collects part of summer 2012 latest fashion trends. This summer is really bright and light with great new materials, prints, and patterns. This is part one, wait for the rest ;) I hope you guys enjoy the video and I hope you all have the best summer ever :) Sara XOXO If you want to : Check out my blog at : http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ There you will find some useful tips about styling tricky items :D
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Summer 2011 Latest Fashion Trends Pt. 2
This part contains a lot of new stuff. I hope you guys like it and i hope it's helpful. Music In the video : 1- " Those Sweet Words " - Norah Jones - Feels Like Home 2- " Lovesong " - Adele
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2011 Fall / Winter Fashion Trends Pt. 5
Wait for 2 other videos , enjoy this video , and have fun dressing up. i hope you guys like the video and if you have any requests please post them as comments or as an inbox message or visit my blog you might find what you need . At http://sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ you'll find some tips and tricks on how to wear very trendy items that are tricky to be paired with anything.
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Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Trends
Hi guys I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long, but I promise I'm gonna make it up to you !! this video is the first part of 2013 spring and summer fashion trends. I hope you enjoy watching the video, and stay tuned for more ;) You can also check out my blog : sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/MissFashionHunt Or Follow me on instagram : http://instagram.com/missfashionhunter
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2012 Spring Fashion Trends
Hey guys this is the first spring fashions video. I hope you find it useful. I'm ready to hear any suggestions, requests and advice on improving my videos. I hope you guys like the video and tell me if that's the time you want me to be uploading spring / summer videos or is it early ??Also tell me what do you think about the music this season the music theme is going to be Balkan ;) Thank you so much for watching :)
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2011 Fall Fashion Trends Pt.1
Since 2011 fall fashions cannot be rapped up all in one video so i decided to make several videos so i can cover them all. Don't forget to comment telling me your opinion and if you have any concerns about anything feel free to ask me. Subscribe to get the latest news about fashion trends ;) Visit my blog at : http://www.sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/
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Back To School Outfit Ideas 2012 / 2013
This is the back to school video. The styles in this video are suitable for warmer weathers, and colder weather. I hope it helped you out but remember that going to school you always have to be comfortable. I wish you the best school year , with all my love, Sara :)
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2012 Spring / Summer Hair Trends
These are the hair styles, haircuts, and hair colors for this season. They are really nice and different and fun to wear in warm weather. The music might be strange but I'm sorry to all those who didn't like the music. I hope you like the video and have fun being stylish.
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2011 Fall Fashion Trends Pt  2
This is part 2 of "Fall 2011 Trends" series enjoy :) Check out my blog at : http://www.sarathefashionhunter.blogspot.com/ Subscribe for the latest fashion news : http://www.youtube.com/user/Missfashionhunter?feature=mhee
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Summer 2011Latest Hair Trends
Hair trends are here !!! This video is about latest hair colors, styles and cuts.The video contains only photos but to know how to make the hairstyles you can check Kaley out at http://www.youtube.com/user/LetsMakeitUp1 she does all the hairstyles in the video. Subscribe for getting the latest news ;) Next video : Latest Beauty Trends Pt.1 Music in the video : 1- " Little Lou Ugly Jack Prophet John " - Norah Jones - Featuring Norah Jones 2- " Little Toy Gun " - Honey Honey - First Radio
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Back To School Video ?
You guys, thank you so much for you'r reply and encouragement. You guys are really supporting me in an amazing way, and you help me keep going on. I love you all :) Sara :)
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