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Raffy Buenavides on ENHS Ground for 5th Congressional District Summit
Mister Inday rocks Estancia National High School...
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Fertility Dance
Fourth Year Students of Estancia National High School during the 2014 United Nations celebration, October 20, 2014.
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Tarantella le ENHS Etudiant
These are third year students from Estancia National High School, in Estancia, Iloilo dancing an Italian Folk Dance, TARANTELLA. Enjoy watching! :)
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Mr. & Ms. Mexico of 9 - 10 ENHS
Representing MEXICO for UN 2014, won 3rd place for Best in Costume for Grade 9 Curriculum
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Secret Love Song: ENHS Teachers' Cover
Talented teachers-singers and performers during our first Acquaintance party with the theme Magdalapitanay 2k16
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Students at ASHS - Batad, Iloilo
High School Students batch 2010 - 2011 at NIPSC Batad, Iloilo...
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The Elements Song 1
The Grade 9 - Star Batch 2014 - 2015 of Estancia National High School, having fun doing their music video as a Science project! Great work guys! :)
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The Elements Song 2
Part 2 of The Grade 9 - Star of Estancia National High School, performing a song about elements as a Science project! Such a raw and excellent talent! :)
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Batch 99 - Hijas de Jesus School (Estancia, Iloilo)
For my batchmates and friends... To wherever you are, hope that the memories in your heart remains and be waiting for that day where we can sit and talk... making memories again! :)
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10 Bagay na Natutunan ko Mula sa mga Umiibig
bersyon ni John Vincent Negro, ang boy romantiko ng Nasyo! :)
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Teacher's Swag Dance  :)
Dancing "swag" for the family day... :)
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DSC 0795
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Komposo by Jose Telesforo Limbaga
For Discover Panay Island by Hawili Hurom and Panaynon in the Whole World Grand Dagsa Day in Sol Y Mar Family Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo - Feb. 3, 2013
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Back to the 80's
What teachers should be... a dance, back to the 80's! :)
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My Birthday Surprise
Thank you my dear students! I love you all!
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Ina, the Dancer
My niece dancing during their Recognition Program.
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7107 islands...
a trip to an islet...
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Adelle's Rolling in the Deep - Ina's version
She just rock the stage alright!!!! Congrats Ina!!!
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Althea's Speech
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mALAYO pa ang uMAGA by Ina
my niece singing the song Malayo pa ang Umaga... and yes she is Bendita! lol
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A Proposal: For Batch '99 of HJS
Been a year or so that I have come to talk to our very own classmate and friend, Tophe. Surprised as to his proposal, it made me smile knowing how serious this can be for all of us. Shy much, he asked me to make or call out to everyone of us if it is possible to make a program, maybe a feeding program, a give a bag program or school supplies. The hardest thing for me to do is not in making this video, but taking the courage in helping this very awesome idea of Tophe. We are not sure yet as to what or where we are going to give this program... so maybe you may suggest! Well, knowing that you guys are all kind, I hope it would be easy for us to talk this over. I'm waiting and be willing to hear you all. Thank you! Song used: Price Tag by Jesse J Pictures: I don't own the pictures used so I'm giving it credit to the owners of these. Salamat po! :)
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My Colleagues...
Crazy, fun, lovable people at work! Love you guys!!!
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Rude, my students version
Thank you for singing!
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Honesty Swayin'  :)
Grade 9 Honesty in their performance in MAPEH 9 at ENHS
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ninety nine
For you guys and gals. :)
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My everyday Valentine! :)
An angel... You are my always and forever be... I love you very much! Halo by Lotte Kestner
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for jn
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my birthday gift to this very special couple...
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Your Love - Gha and Dolly Version
Teachers' Night filled with fun and just pure love.... :)
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Dancing Teachers - Back To The 80's
The Grade 9 - Curriculum in our presentation during our Christmas Party... minus the outfit! :)
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