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Vanhan lasikuitu soutuveneen kunnostus, osa 1 - purkua ja pesua
Vuosia seisseen ja ulkoilmassa mustuneen lasikuitu soutuveneen kunnostusta. Pesukokeilu omasta hyllystä löytyneellä fosforihapolla.
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Vanhan lasikuitu soutuveneen kunnostus, osa 2 - korjaus
Veneen reijän paikkaus ja viimeistely. Lasikuidun ja lasikuitukitin valmistusta. Videon alussa puhun epoksihartsista, mutta käytössä on kuitenkin polyesterihartsi, jolla maton saa taipumaan muotoon paremmin. Epoksi on vahvempaa ja tarttuvampaa, mutta myös kalliimpaa. Käytettäessä polyesterihartsia kannattaa korjattava pinta esikäsitellä mahdollisimman karkeaksi, jolloin lopputulos on käytännössä yhtä kestävä kuin epoksilla. Polyesterillä laminointi on helpompaa, koska se imeytyy mattoon paremmin. Jatkuvasti veden kanssa kosketuksissa olevien pintojen tasoitukseen suositellaan talkkijauheen sijaan mikropalloja sekoitettavaksi polyesteriin. Talkkijauheella on taipumus imeä kosteutta. Tässä tapauksessa pintamaalaus tekee pinnasta vesitiiviin. Mikäli vanha gelcoat ei vaadi uudelleen maalausta, vaan on ainoastaan hapettunut, saa sen uuden veroiseksi hiomalla ja kiillottamalla. Kiillotuksesta video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHEnER_Xvwo
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Distress hand flares - old vs new vs LED
I don't think I need to explain much here, you will get the idea after watching the video. The most reliable hand flare here was of course the LED flare. Is it powerful enough to draw any attention in case required... well... at least one key element for that would be missing - the smoke. Is it as bright as the pyro? No it's not. Would somebody take it as a distress signal, or just another night club toy? I don't know... When using a pyrotechnical flare, consider the following: - The burning time is about one minute. - It will become hot, use gloves. Keep a pair ready where you store your pyrotechnics. - Beware of the sparks and burning residues, point away from your boat and people. - Mind also the wind direction so it won't blow the sparks on you. - After burning, the flare will stay hot for some time and will ignite flammable materials.
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Baltic sea winter navigation
Winter 2017, Bay of Bothnia, Baltic sea. Arrival to ice covered area. Meeting icebreakers Oden and Polaris. During mild winters like this one, the south westerly winds tend to pack the ice to the most northern part of Bay of Bothnia. Therefore areas around Kemi 1 lighthouse are very difficult to penetrate even for the strongest ships without icebreaker assistance. Usually Ice class 1A or higher (Finnish/Swedish) or equalent is required for entering the areas. Ice thickness of 70-100cm is common. Packed ice and ridges may result in ice thickness of several meters in some places. Several icebreakers operate in these areas and ships are guided to predefined routes for possible later assistance. Check out Polaris making "summer conditions" for the assisted vessel in the video!
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Avance 40 ulko- ja sisätilat (interior and exterior english subs)
Kierros Avance 40 veneen kannella ja kurkistus sisätiloihin. Veneen esittely. Introduction to the Avance 40 sailing boat interior and exterior. (english subs) Toisin kuin videossa mainitsen on Avance 418 mallia valmistettu mitä ilmeisimmin yksi kappale, joka myytiin Norjaan. Other than I mention in the video, actually one Avance 418 was made and was sold to a Norwegian customer.
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How to install an automotive tachometer into an outboard engine
I will show in this video how to make any cheap 4-stroke automotive tahometer work in a magneto equipped outboard. The magneto pulse will be converted so it is suitable for pretty much any common tachometer available on the market. In the end of the video there is a cirquit diagram how to build the required converter. See also https://youtu.be/pkHMAw7sLxg for the more sophisticated model.
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Vanhan gelcoat pinnan kiillotus
30 vuotta vanhan gelcoat pinnan uudelleen kiillotus. Ensin vesihionta karkeudella 2000, jonka jälkeen 4000. Näiden jälkeen hiomatahna ja vahaukset. Lopuksi pinnan käsittely UV-suojalla, jonka jälkeen gelcoatin pitäisi kestää taas useita vuosia kiiltävänä. Tätä venettä ei aikaisemmin ole kiillotettu tässä mittakaavassa. Aikaisemmin venettä on kiillotettu hiovilla vahoilla, joilla kiillon saa hetkellisesti palautettua. Kesän lopussa pinta on yleensä kuitenkin ollut taas ilman kiiltoa.
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Teak deck replacement on a 40 foot boat.
The passed winter we have had the most extensive overhaul project onboard our sail boat, since it was built. A lot of work has been done both inside and out. Teak deck renewal was the main project. The old teak deck was both screwed and epoxy glued in place, so ripping it off was very time consuming. The new deck was glued only, for easyer maintenance in the future and also to minimize the risk of possible leaks. The deck was sealed before the new teak was installed. All holes were filled with thickened epoxy. Same with all other places that could have a risk of leaking in to the balsa core. Some screws had to be used temporarily during installation because of the curvature of the deck. These were removed afterwards.
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Sailing the Swedish East Coast (Sandhamn, Nynäshamn, Västervik, Dalarö and the archipelago)
The summer sailing continues at the beautiful Swedish east coast (Östkusten). We visit the well known marinas and a couple of natural harbours. Again I won't narrate this, so just enjoy the scenery. Some say Sandhamn is the Swedens finest, maybe it's because of the heritage... I will introduce (to me) Swedens finest very soon, so stay tuned!
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Tavallisen kierroslukumittarin asennus 2-tahtiseen perämoottoriin.
Lyhyt video tavallisen nelitahti koneen kierroslukumittarin asennuksesta kaksitahtiseen perämoottoriin käyttäen itse tehtyä konvertteria. Videon lopussa konvertterin kytkentäkaavio. Konvertterin voi itse valmistaa muutamalla eurolla. Konvertteriin kytketään siis + ja - , sekä pulssi magneetosta. Kierroslukumittariin tulee + ja - , sekä pulssi konvertterista. Huomaa myös että kaksitahtikoneessa sytytyskertoja on nelitahtikoneeseen verrattuna tuplasti. Aseta kierroslukumittari siis nelisylinteriseksi, mikäli perämoottori on 2 sylinterinen. Aseta mittari 6 sylinteriseksi, mikäli perämoottori on 3 sylinterinen jne. Konvertteria voi myös kysellä sähköpostilla: gainclonex ät gmail piste com
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Ship in Baltic sea wind force 9
Northerly wind force 9 on the Baltic Sea. Strongest winds on the Baltic Sea usually are from the south west. Wind forces 10 and up are quite rare. What we see here is a quite typical winter weather. Severe icing can be expected during freezing temperatures. For reference of wave height and speed: Height from the waterline to cargo hatches 5,5 meters, ships speed 15,5 knots, lenght of the visible deck area 75 meters.
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Purjeveneen maston säätö
Toppirikisen veneen rikin trimmaus. Perussäädöt vesillelaskun jälkeen mastonhuippu takilaisessa veneessä. Toivoisin että tuonne kommentteihin tulisi lisää vinkkejä eri rikityypeille, niin videosta tulee kattavampi. Joitakin tämän videon vinkkejä voi toki hyvin soveltaa myös modernimpiin osatakilaisiin veneisiin.
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Automotive tachometer to a small engine? (boat, motorcycle, ATV) v2.0
This video will show how to connect an automotive tachometer to an outboard, or any other small engine. Only requirement is a 12V power source. This is a more sophisticated model of the DIY version of the converter in a video I have published before. You can use this to connect a conventional automotive tachometer to an outboard motor, ATV, motorcycle, lawn mower... It converts the magneto (stator) pulse so it can be used for the signal input in the tachometer. The ignition coil pulse from the CDI can also be used as good. This converter has a divide by 2 function. It might come useful in two stroke engines with more than 4 cylinders. For now ask directly from the builder/designer from gainclonex (at) gmail com if you want to buy one. For the simple DIY version (if you have more understanding of electronics) see https://youtu.be/ybLRyzacfKA
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SAR helicopter operations
Swedish search and rescue helicopter on a ship boarding exercise west of Gotland 30.9.2018. Wind gusting up to force 7. These are talented pilots and rescue swimmers, usually training during not the easiest of weather conditions. Totally 3 boardings, the last of which to the ships bridge door! knock knock... :-) Helicopter: AgustaWestland AW139 This is filmed by cell phones and the picture and sound is authentic & unedited. (except for the ending...)
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Vanhan lasikuitu soutuveneen kunnostus, osa 3 - maalaus ja viimeistely
Tässä viimeisessä osassa veneen viimeistelyä. Lasikuidun maalaus yksikompomentti maalilla. Perälaudan asennus. Törmäys-suojan (köyden) asennus. Heloitus, hankaimet ja viimeistely.
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Sailing to Åland and home. The Archipelago Sea
The weather prognosis was rain and cold, so we decided to head home. In this video I represent the best marina in the north - Mariehamn. A couple stops after Mariehamn while heading home, Kastelholm, Korpoström, Airisto... Welcome to the Archipelago Sea. Summer of -18 will be remembered as one of the hottest and dryest in the history here in the Baltic. This series was filmed in the early summer when the temperatures had not yet risen up to the extreme. The sea water temperature in the in the Baltic Sea was 27 degerees C, which is the same as normally is in the Mediterranean, for reference. Some say no global warming...
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Septitankin (uudelleen) asennus. Osa 1 - säiliön kiinnitys
Septisysteemin letkut olivat alkaneet tuoksua sen verran, että päätin uusia ne - ja samalla rekentaa koko systeemin uudelleen. Osa 1, lasikuitutyöt ja tankin asennus.
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Veneen talvisäilytys ulkona
Tämä video veneen talvisäilytyksestä ulkona. Pakkasnesteen laitto moottoriin. Makean veden tyhjennys. Peiteteline ja peittäminen.
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Avance 40 vesillelasku
Uudelleen äänitetty video keväältä 2016. Veneen vesillelasku nosturilla. Alussa käydään läpi kevään huollot nopeasti ja sitten noston periaate valmisteluineen. Videon lopussa vene lasketaan veteen autonosturilla ja masto pystytetään. Toisin mitä videossa mainitsen, niin mitä ilmeisimmin 24kpl kyseistä venettä on valmistettu.
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Septitankin (uudelleen) asennus. Osa 2 - letkujen veto
Septisysteemin uudelleen rakennus. Osa 2 - letkut, kolmitoimiventtiili ja pumppu.
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Sailing to Sandhamn
Our voyage continues from the Finnish Utö to Sandhamn in Sweden. Sailing the Northern Baltic and arriving to the beautiful Swedish archipelago and Sandhamn, home of KSSS - one of the biggest and oldest yacht clubs in the world.
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Veneen pesu kesän jälkeen
Veneen pesu kesän jälkeen painepesurilla ja shampoolla. Vesilinjan pesu hapolla ja kuomun pesu siihen tarkoitetulla pesuaineella. Kuomu on hyvä käsitellä kuomun kyllästysaineella pesun jälkeen. Veneen pohja kannattaa pestä heti noston jälkeen, niin lika irtoaa helpoiten.
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Sailing the Archipelago Sea to Utö
Sailing our home waters to Utö. A glimpse of the Finnish Archipelago on our way to Swedish waters this summer. Stay tuned for more of the most beautiful waters on the planet...
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Sailing destination: Swedens finest - Gotland
The highlight of this summer was the epic and insanely beautiful Gotland, where we spent five days exploring. One of the best preserved medieval towns in the world - Visby. The still visible Viking monuments and the scenery like no other on this planet! The rauks of Fårö. The high cliffs of Hoburg. The roses of Visby... There is some 500 tourist attractions on this island, so here is just a scratch from the surface. Enjoy! Swedens finest!
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Preparing for the sailing season 2019
Launching the boat and repairing damages from previous season. Preparing the boat in general. Filmed on easter 2019.
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Ship in storm
Ship in SW storm force 10 on North Sea For reference of wave hight: the hight of the container stack on the fore deck is about 5 meters. Ships speed 17 knots.
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Mustangilla autiolle saarelle
Kieli poskella tehty video retkestä "autiolle saarelle". Heinäkuun alku kesällä 2018. Tämä kesähän tullaan muistamaan ainakin siitä, että jos jonakin päivänä oli 25 astetta lämmintä oli "kylmä"!
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Channel introduction
About me and this channel. Song: OMD - Sailing on the Seven Seas
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Random (moving) pictures of sailing in the Finnish and Swedish archipelagoes
Sailing in the Finnish and Swedish archipelagoes. Propably the the most beautiful summer since... EVER? Filmed in the early season of 2018.
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Storm proofing the cockpit speakers
Cockpit speakers reinstallation and weather proofing them behind inspection hatches. Making a mold and laminating a support for the speakers using polyester and gelcoat.
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