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Montréal sous-terrain
Going from métro McGill to Bonaventure, by foot, without going outside, using Montreal's underground pathways. This is a test for pitivi's clips speed feature.
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"How the hell do I make GTK linked buttons?"
A quickie tutorial on how to temporarily turn GTK3 RadioButtons into "linked buttons" style (for testing/design/debugging), without touching any code, using https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GTK+/Inspector Details on how to do this permanently using code (instead of the Inspector) are at the bottom of https://wiki.gnome.org/HowDoI/Buttons
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SFLPhone and PulseAudio: modern VoIP on the Linux desktop
I found out that SFLPhone improved a lot in recent times and decided to give the daily builds a shot yesterday. I was amazed at how well it worked. While there are some details to polish here and there, receiving calls with callcentric now works.
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Concert station FMR 2018 06 07
À la station F-MR de Montréal ce soir
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PiTiVi 0.15
The official release demo for PiTiVi 0.15, providing an overview of changes since the 0.13.1 screencast.
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PiTiVi multihead
Testing the ability to undock the (pre)viewer widget, which allows you to put it on a different monitor.
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Rebasing a Pitivi Git branch like a pro
A quick tutorial on solving merge/rebase conflicts to help a contributor for Pitivi, the Free video editor based on GStreamer...
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GNOME Shell, 2010-02-20 build
It's actually quite smooth/fast. Don't use this video to judge GNOME Shell though, this video is OLD. They completely redesigned it since then.
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Dragons Dream
A mashup of Sintel and Elephants Dream... I just couldn't resist comparing the similar endings. Edited with PiTiVi.
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Ace Combat 5, mission 3 : Narrow Margin - targetlock mode
Getting an S rank on Hard difficulty (well, that's really not hard to do in that mission) using the "targetlock" mode (camera follows the targets when I hold the triangle button). I'm no expert, just having fun practicing it. I played with the controller in front of the screen so that those who are interested can see what I'm doing.
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Urban Terror gameplay (PiTiVi test)
Recorded myself playing a few games of UrT on a saturday afternoon to test editing with PiTiVi 0.13.2. The music is Hangarmageddon (E1M1) by Evil Horde from the OC Remix project. I don't consider myself particularly good at this game, just having fun once in a while. As you can see, a bite of editing can make you look better than you are ;)
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Launching (almost) everything in /usr/share/applications with an SSD on Linux
Testing a Kingston 64 GB solid state drive (the cheapest we could find as of december 2010) by launching every desktop application at the same time. It's so ridiculously fast that it even manages to make Compiz (the window manager) lag!
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It's a Beefy Miracle!
When I found out I could actually "yum install -y plymouth-theme-hot-dog", I could not resist.
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LGM 2011 - Pitivi
This talk was given at LGM 2011 in Montréal, Canada. The presentation covers the challenges of open source video editing, the current state of open source video editors in Linux, what has happened since I first presented Pitivi at LGM in 2009, why Pitivi shall prevail, near Future plans for Pitivi, etc. The video was shot with multiple cameras (a Canon S95, a Sony HDR-XR520V and a Sony HDR-XR200) and multiple sound recording sources, and was edited entirely with PiTiVi. This edit is unique and different from the official LGM talk recording, as it provides multiple camera angles with transitions, a high quality screencast of the presentation slides, and a more dynamic editing style.
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Power Rangers dancing on Tecktonik music (Mondotek's "Alive"). This is basically the rendered version of the demo I did at the end of the LGM 2009 PiTiVi talk. Before you ask: because I could :) I mean, the power rangers just begged to be abused for tecktonik.
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Testing the transformation feature
Trying out Lubosz's implementation of panning/cropping/resizing in PiTiVi during the hackfest at the Desktop Summit 2011
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Ace Combat Zero - mission 10, hard mode, "S" rank, targetlock mode, on a projector
Having fun trying out the good old AC0 with a Playstation2 plugged on a projector, playing mission 10 ("Mayhem") with the camera in targetlock mode. Fighting the Silber squadron in knight mode.
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Ace Combat 3 - the missing plot
I just discovered that AC3 has a story and beautifully animated characters and cutscenes... but only in the japanese version. This is an example for those who only played the US and PAL versions. Boy how I wish they'd do an international remake of this game.
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NavIt in a bus
A very short demo of NavIt tracking the position while on a bus with a USB GPS receiver. No notifications are used in this video.
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Vindictus - Evie singing trololo
We were waiting for Everwhite to appear and we had time to kill. Someone said "trololo", so I started singing through the game's voice chat system.
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Pitivi GES async clip importing
When I said that Pitivi 0.16 is not only fluid but blazing fast at importing clips (and loading projects), I was not kidding.
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Brickfields et la préservation du patrimoine: Epic Fail
Alors qu'ils voulaient préserver et intégrer les immeubles historiques à côté, c'est loupé. Une erreur de chantier menant à l'affaissement des sols a forcé l'évacuation et démolition de toute urgence de la coop d'habitation, située à proximité du chantier du projet "Brickfields". Au Brickfields, Maître Carré ne maîtrise visiblement pas l'excavation. Il y a peine deux semaines, sur ce même chantier, les câbles de fibre optique de Vidéotron avaient été sectionnés, coupant les télécommunications d'une grosse portion des habitants du quartier. Détails: http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/montreal/2016/04/10/003-cooperative-habitation-ste-anne-griffintown-affaissement-terrain-triplex.shtml
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Mini 9 pulsating sleep LED
Just needed to show this to someone.
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Hidden ownage - Hard Macha, no UI, no gear, no trans
This is what happens when you reach level 60+.
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Loudness wars — Why I'm picky when it comes to electronic music
Comparing random Deadmau5 tracks (with nice dynamic range, sounds great in a living room) and Porter Robinson's music (just as an example, not picking on him in particular). You can see why listener's fatigue will kick in very quickly with Robinson's "music". Also threw some classic rock tunes at the end for fun.
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Le chat fait «A Geisha's Dream»
Une chanson, ma foi, foutrement amusante à faire au niveau de difficulté «standard».
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Montréal's first 2016 snowstorm — Katamari Damacy style
This is how we roll~! (on the corner of Viger St. & Beaver Hall St.) Re-edited/mashed up from Willem Shepherd's video published on https://www.facebook.com/willem.james/videos/10103478803097990/ Music by Namco.
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Informations sur l'immigration au Canada
Visitez http://tabib.ca Vidéo par http://ideemarque.ca
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Virée classique OSM 2018 - extrait 8 - Gilles Vigneault + Ravel's Boléro + Star Wars medley
Extrait du concert de Gregory Charles et des Jeunes Virtuoses à la Virée classique de l'orchestre symphonique de Montréal, au complexe Desjardins
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Canada Immigration Information
Visit http://tabib.ca Video by http://idmark.ca
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