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Room Tour
Tour of my bedroom.
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Beauty Overdose
My 2nd video where I talk about some people who waste lots of time on beauty and looking good.
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Silent Cat Film
Silent short film giggle fest with my cat. #FutureCatLady
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Dear Future Me
A time capsule video in which I address the future Alanna of 13 years from now and my hopes and thoughts of where I'm at. I will not watch this video until March 1st 2028. I also challenge / request AngryRanter, Savviiee Bouchey, CoolPrix, and Brandon Todd to do a similar time capsule video.
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Pet Peeves Part One
Slow walkers, over reliance on technology, needy texters, stupid questions.
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Christmas 2014
My presents of Christmas 2014. I look different in this video.
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First Attempt @ Live Q&A
Still discovering the basics of having an active & uploading Youtube channel so I decided to try a Live Stream.
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Soda Healing
One of my cats died of mouth cancer yesterday and I have an unusual way of dealing with it.
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Naked Spooning With My Cat
I'm not always EXTREMELY weird but when I am, it's with a cat and naked on a Saturday.
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Bathmat Excitement
I've been sick the past few days and I'm feeling better already, thanks in part to a much-needed mood-booster, a new bathmat.
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Revealing Clothes
I discuss celebrities, stereotypes, and revealing clothes.
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