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This has no point but see it( read the description for an announcement)
Ok So thanks for watching! :) Hope your day is going well! If you want to make me happy probably like and subscribe! :) This is my old kitten. But she has gone missing :( and I haven't seen her since :( But they are still MORE kittens! So stay tuned for their vids. :) So thanks for watching and hope you have an amazing rest of your day and see ya'!
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My cat is a weirdo
Hi. I hope you have a amazing day or week or month or maybe year. This is my cat,Tuna. Well her Malay name is Manja. She is pregnant while I record this but she just gave birth 3 days ago to 3 cute kitten. Two is brown like her and the other one is grey. If you want to be kind and make me happy, probably like the video or probably subscribe if you are not yet. Also hit the bell. If you came just to hate. I will respect it. But at least tell me in the comments why? Hate comments will get report. This tells me that you read the description so you respect what I need to say. I will respect your opinion but i won't if it's negative. If you are lucky I would probably subscribe to you. Hope you had an amazing rest of your day, thanks for watching.
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