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Product Review for Surya Brasil Henna Cream Hair Color
Last week I finally decided to take a chance and try Surya Brasil Henna Cream to cover my gray root and edges, which were completely out of control. I have to admit I prayed first and waited WEEKS before being brave enough to just try it on my edges. This video shares my results and thoughts. Check it out in case you were wondering about the product.
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3 Natural Acid Reflux Remedies That Really Work!
In June 2016, it will have been two full years of no acid reflux symptoms while not taking ANY acid blockers even though I am eating all the chocolate, red sauce, spicy foods, etc. that I want at 50! What is my secret? Three natural remedies (one before meals, one during meals and one at the end of the day). Tune in to find out what they are. I hope they are as life-changing for you as they have been for me! Good luck! www.Facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Finding Mr. Right -- 3 Tips for Starting Your Search
Carolyn Gray is getting ready to celebrate her 19th wedding anniversary, and she shares some advice she has been giving to one of her single friends. This video is only for women who are looking for a husband or Mr. Right. If you are not, check out the other videos or I will have something else for you real soon! Otherwise, enjoy!
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Living Life Without Prilosec and Other Acid Blockers!
If you are having an ongoing battle with heartburn, acid reflux or GERD (not totally sure of the difference) like I was over the last few years, and wound up taking more Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, etc. (acid blockers) than you care to, tune in! Acid blockers are NOT A CURE, they are just a short-term solution (contrary to what doctors may have led you to believe). Tune in to hear what I am hoping is a long-term solution that allows me to eat what I want without the problems of excess stomach acid. Who knows, it just might help you as well. Check with your doctor first though. :-) One last thing... I forgot to mention that a doctor I saw on the Dr. Oz show said that she recommends 2 mg of melatonin one hour before bedtime for her patients that suffer from acid reflux symptoms. Supposedly, this helps wean them from acid blocking drugs. According to Dr. Oz it will also help you sleep more soundly, as well as help with GERD symptoms WITHOUT stopping stomach acid production. Check out his website for more details, and TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before trying it. Hope it helps! www,eformationqueen.com https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Product Review for "No Gray Drops"
For all of those beauties out there battling gray like me who have been wondering if they should try No Gray Drops, I am sharing my experience with it in this video. Tune in to find out if the latest gimmick can give us more lasting relief and coverage. Enjoy!
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Teach Mr. Right How to Treat You
Hi All, Here is another video in the Finding Mr. Right series. Most women don't realize that we teach men how to treat us. This video talks about the ins-and-outs of teaching your potential Mr. Right how to treat you. Remember, you deserve the very best! Enjoy!
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Relief for GERD, Acid Reflux and/or Chronic Heartburn?
Do you have chronic GERD or heartburn symptoms? Well you are not by yourself! There are millions of us, me included, turning to over-the-counter drugs that treat the symptoms, but they may cause long-term and dangerous consequences. As a result, I have been reading a book that claims to provide natural alternatives, and I started taking a natural product that claims to provide relief for six months and does not stop the production of stomach acid. Do you want to know more? Tune in to find out the name of the book and the product, as well as a product review based on my experience with it. In the meantime, I hope it helps, and good luck!
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2 More Tips on Surviving and Excelling in Corporate America
This is a follow-up video to the two or three I've done on this subject, and it contains two valuable lessons I took away from my latest stint in corporate America. I am thinking it will be of help to some of you out there who are trying to survive/excel in this arena. Hope it helps. :-)
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Healing for Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationships
Do you have mother issues? Have you ever thought that you hate/hated your mother. I must admit that I thought that for many years (I know I am not alone), but today, on her 74th birthday, I am reflecting about where we were vs. where we are today. It is a major miracle, and I am hoping that my long, rambly story can help someone else out there to experience a miracle in their relationship with their mothers as well. Would love to hear your comments/story. www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Tips for Making Marriage Work (From Newlyweds to Old Married Couples)
I shared some lessons I learned from 23 years of marriage a few weeks ago, and a soon-to-be-married lady asked for a few tips that she could use. This video answers that question, and I think these are some of the best tips that work for me and my husband, and I hope they will for you as well. :-) Good luck, and hang in there! www.eformationqueen.com https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Tips for Surviving in Corporate America (Knowing When to Say When)
I have been in the IT field since 1989, and most of that has been a good experience. However, there are some times (at least three where I felt my patience would fail me) when people got on my last nerve! What did I do? How did I handle it, and what might you do to handle similar situations? While there's not a one-size-fits-all answer, I hope my story inspires you to think before acting or to move on, if necessary. :-)
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24 Years of Marriage & Beyond (Lessons Learned Over the Years)
I just celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary this month, and I am so thankful to have made it this far, and I look forward to celebrating many, many more. As I say in the video, marriage is work, but it is SO worth the effort! Tune in to hear my musings, experience and lessons-learned. Would love to know your thoughts, and I hope it helps. Be sure to visit me at www.facebook.com/eformationqueen to continue the conversation.
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Finding Mr. Right (Get Ready!)
As you prepare to meet your Mr. Right, I think it is very important you "get ready" first. If you are wondering what I mean by that, this video is for you! In it I tell you some of the steps I think you should take to prepare yourself for meeting your Mr. Right, and I give you a little pep talk to help anyone who is discouraged to hang in there and keep going. I hope it helps! Be sure to comment if it does. https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen www.ipickedwrong.com
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Making Marriage Work (Being a Better Spouse)
Hi All, Uh oh, I am being long-winded again... However, a visitor to my channel asked me to give some tips on being a better wife. I was not sure on my credibility in this area, so I shared three, long-winded tips on being a better wife/spouse that I learned during almost 20 years of marriage. The third one is hilarious, and I know most husbands will love it! Enjoy!
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My Pre-Birthday Celebration Outfit
Just sharing the outfit I decided to wear on my last day of being 50, in preparation for my 51st birthday. The goal was to find something comfortable (relatively anyway) and cool enough to wear to brunch, shopping, sight-seeing, etc. It was all of those things and more, and it was pretty reasonably priced. Tune in to find out the "what", "where" and "how much" of it all. :-) www.Facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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How I Spent My 23rd Wedding Anniversary & Lessons Learned
My husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary last weekend, and nothing went like I planned! Tune in to hear (the rambly version) what happened (note: I was delirious when I said I made pancakes for my son on Saturday - it was really an omelet, and my husband and I didn't have a couples massage like I keep accidentally saying, it was a couples pedicure) as well as the lessons I learned from it all. Hopefully, they are lessons some of you can use as well. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! www.eformationqueen.com www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Finding Mr. Right (Look for Integrity)
Hi All, I am back with yet another long-winded video on Finding Mr. Right. However, I think this one contains great information for any woman looking for their Mr. Right. It is all based on personal experiences, and it is very practical. Enjoy!
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How I Avoid Acid Reflux Naturally ~ Without Acid Blockers
Someone asked me to do a video to share my personal remedies and solutions for acid reflux. So this video shares how my issues with acid reflux escalated over the years to the point where I was abusing Prilosec to now where I have not had Prilosec for over 1.5 years while eating whatever the heck I want. :-) How am I doing it? It can be done! Tune in to find out! www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Henna & Indigo Review
Hi All, If you have watched my Relaxer-Free for Life videos, you may recall me complaining about my outta control gray hair around the edges and in the crown of my head. Well, a lovely viewer e-mailed to share information on a henna/indigo product that could be the answer to my prayers on fighting the gray, as well as to possibly helping to relax my curl pattern as well. Too good to be true? Well, this lengthy video shares the good, the bad, and the ugly details of my experience with Ancient Sunrise's Henna for Gray Hair Black kit. Hope it helps! Enjoy!
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Making Marriage Work (Better to Be Honest About Your Feelings)
Hi All, Back to one of my favorite topics - Making Marriage Work. In this video, I am sharing a "few" details of an uneasy moment with my hubby of 21 years this week. I re-learned the benefit of being honest with your spouse about your feelings and thoughts, and I think you will too. So check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Thanks, and be sure to stop by and visit me at www.eformationqueen.com,
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Making Marriage Work (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff)
Hi All, Just sharing another page from my everyday life as it relates to making marriage work, but this time it is about putting things in perspective. This one quality will go a long way towards helping you make your marriage work. I hope you are blessed by it because I am -- even though I have been married a while, it is a day-by-day learning experience and commitment to love and honor your spouse. Enjoy!
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Qhemet Biologics Review (Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm and Burdock Root Butter Cream)
I tried a few more products from the Qhemet Biologics line as I work to keep my chronically dry/tangly hair moisturized and manageable. It is a tough job, but it is my hair, so I gotta keep trying until I find something that works. Have I found the magic elixir? Tune in to find out. www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Finding Mr. Right (Don't Settle)
Hi All, In this video of course I am rambling a bit as usual; however, when I finally get to the point, I think this video offers some good advice for those of you looking to find "your Mr. Right". I think it is a hard job, but this will hopefully help you get a few steps closer to reaching your goal. Enjoy!
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Five Great Ways to Get Ready for & Meet "Your" Mr. Right
I met my Mr. over 25 years ago, and some of the things I did back then are still surprisingly relevant as it relates to helping you find your Mr. Right. Common sense tips? Yes, but definitely thought-provoking, and who knows, it might make all the difference in your search. Good luck, and I would love to hear how the advice works for you! Until then, enjoy! www.eformationqueen.com https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Natural Hair Care Update (I HAVE AN AFRO!!!!!!!!!!)
Warning: No makeup is worn in this video! :-) Not a whole lot to be said for this video other than I HAVE AN AFRO!!!!!! Someone asked me to show what it looks like down, so here you go! I haven't really done a good job picking it out. This is basically how it looks when I take it down from a bun and manipulate it with my fingers and product. A little combing is done with a wide tooth comb, but it won't stay out. I actually kinda like it. :-) The question I have is can afros ever be brought back???? Would love to know your thoughts!
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Outfit of the Day (Looking Slimmer & Making a Short Waist Look Longer)
Hi All, Just a quick video to share my outfit of the day. The purpose of this outfit is two-fold: 1) It hides the fact that I have about five pounds I am trying to lose, and 2) It makes my short, stubby waist look a lot longer. These are all good things, so I decided to share the outfit just in case any one else with a few pounds to hide or a waist to lengthen wanted to try it. :-) Anyway, have an awesome day!
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Weight Loss Tips from The Skinny Jean Queen (4)
Another installment of Secrets of a Skinny Jean Queen where Carolyn Gray shares secrets that have helped her get back into and stay in her skinny jeans year after year. Today's show talks about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, "detoxing" yourself from fast food and sodas, as well as a surprising way to help end/reduce emotional eating. Good stuff!
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Does The Man in Your Life Feel Needed?  A Conversation on Why He Should...
Is this a loaded question or what? So many independent women of today spend a lot of time talking about how strong they are and how they do not need a man. Well, after watching "The Best Man Holiday", namely the exchange between Eddie Cibrian (he is so cute!) and Nia Long, I decided to talk about the whole concept of women needing men, and the rarely shared fact that men "need" to be needed. A very interesting conversation for any woman looking to find their Mr. Right, as well as for women looking to make marriage work. Tune in to decide your perspective on the matter. Trust me, if you are in a committed relationship or looking to get into one, this is a must-see! Enjoy! www.eformationqueen.com www.twitter.com/eformationQueen www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry Song (Is She Jealous of Beyonce?)
Hi All, I got a chance to listen to Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry song after hearing so many news outlets say that she says she is jealous of Beyonce in it. Does she actually say this? In this video, I share a few thoughts on what I think I heard. I like the song though, and would love to hear your thoughts.
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My Experience w/ Moisturizing & Maintaining An Afro
Have you ever wondered how an afro is moisturized and maintained? Well someone on my Facebook fan page asked me to share how I do it because she is thinking about going natural and growing an afro, and she has dry hair like I do. *Disclaimer: My hair is slightly texturized although you'd never know if you see it in person.* So here you go... I talked longer than I wanted to, so feel free to fast forward through as necessary. I hope it helps for anyone with an afro or thinking of growing one. For the record, I have enjoyed the ups and downs of rocking a fro for almost a year, so it is my pleasure to help anyone who wants one to get/keep one! www.eformationqueen.com www.twitter.com/eformationQueen www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Finding Mr. Right (Be Intentional & Clear)
Finding "your" Mr. Right can be a REALLY tough job, which requires you to have clear thought and intentional actions as you navigate the twists and turns of the early days of your relationship. Tune in to hear some of my rambly thoughts, experiences from before and during my marriage, as well as advice that you should hear as you decide the future of your relationship(s). Good luck! www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Making Marriage Work (Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome)
As I get prepared to enter full empty nest mode in the next few weeks, I am realizing the toll it can take on a marriage IF a couple is not careful. Tune in to hear some of my observations and plans to make it through this stressful time and how you hopefully can too. Good luck! www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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5 Diet Changes that Can Help Your Joints, Heart, Blood Pressure, Energy & Weight!
I found more tips in Woman's World Magazine that shared dietary changes that we can make to help our joints be more flexible and less tender, lower our total cholesterol/heart attack risk, give us more energy/stamina, reduce blood pressure, and control weight. No drugs needed! Hopefully, over time, these changes can lead to results your doctor can confirm at your next check-up. In the meantime, they can lead to an overall improvement in our health. Here's to our health! Visit me, or comment at www.eformationqueen.com (under the e-Formation Du Jour tab), follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eFormationQueen, or like me on https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Making Marriage Work (Avoiding Unnecessary Arguments)
I mentioned in my Happy Friday & Happy 4th vlog that I didn't feel like making a making marriage work video because I was PMSing, and I felt like my hubby and I were dodging the mine fields of a potential argument. Well, by the grace of God, we avoided them and wound up having a wonderful evening. So in this video I am sharing details and lessons-learned. Hope it helps! www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Encouragement For Anyone Feeling Discouraged
Carolyn Gray shares an encouraging message for those going through hard times or feeling a little discouraged. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and this is a reminder for anyone who needs it. :-)
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Morning Workouts and Caring For Relaxed Hair (Pt. 4)
Carolyn shares part 4 in a series describing her experience trying to workout in the mornings while caring for relaxed hair.
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My Natural Hair Journey: Keeping Gray Hair Away
I just celebrated my 49th birthday yesterday, and my fight to keep my gray hair at bay is a daily battle. So in this video, I am sharing my weapons of warfare for anyone waging the same battle. :-) I think I found some pretty good, and relatively cheap, products that are good for this purpose -- tune in to find out. https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen https://ipickedwrong.com/
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3 Outfits in 1-- More Fashion Faves from Carolyn's Closet
In this video, I am sharing three different looks you can create from a basic black turtleneck and a pair of corduroys. A new perspective can definitely expand and spice up your wardrobe. Tune in to find out how I do that with a few more discount, fashion faves from Carolyn's Closet. The accessories (i.e., gloves, sunglasses, etc.) I wore with this outfit can be found @ www.Facebook.com/eformationqueen
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My Afro Struggles/Coconut Milk & Lime Relaxer Experience
Don't get me wrong, I love my afro. However, it does come with its own set of challenges, especially since my hair is naturally dry, coarse, tangly and random! Tune in to hear, see and find out what effect coconut milk and lime juice had on it. www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Pursue Your Passion and Purpose, Not Money
After choosing the wrong major in college, and then the wrong career path, many years ago, I am now at the point where I am advising my sons as they make decisions in college and before college. In this video I am sharing the advice I am giving them, which I think can help some of you who are deciding on college majors, who have kids that are, or may be considering a job/career change regardless of what stage of the game you are in. I know the process can be so confusing, so I hope the video helps! www.eformationqueen.com https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Finding Mr. Right (Signs)
Hi All, Surprise, surprise! I am back on a Monday, can you believe it? I had a few minutes while I was making dinner, and my mind started flowing with ideas that those who are looking for Mr. Right may want to consider. I am calling them "signs" because, depending on your responses, they may tell you to stop the madness, proceed with caution, or give you the green light -- only you know for sure. I am just giving you more "food" for thought. I hope it helps. In the meantime, enjoy!
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Brazilian Keratin Treatment Bad Experience
Marcia Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review -- The potential dangers of the BKT for relaxed hair. There is a happy ending: Here's my hair on 2/27/15: http://youtu.be/Iy-xjXx9Ooo
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Get Ready With Me (Step 1 - Pre-Prep Afro Routine)
Don't be afraid even though I am coming at you looking the way I do early in the morning after working out. Usually my youngest son is the only who sees me like this before as he heads out to school, and at 18, you know he has major jokes. Anyway, the purpose of this video is to show anyone who is interested what I do to make my afro more easy to tame as I get ready for the work day. This is step one in my get-ready routine. Tune in later to see step two, which shows me doing my makeup and finishing my afro. When I get a free moment today, I will put the links in for the products I mention. https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen www.ipickedwrong.com
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Finding Mr. Right (When Should Your Kids Meet Him?)
In the quest to find Mr. Right I have heard some ask, "When should I introduce the guy I am dating to my kids, or when should I start letting him spend time with them?" That may be a loaded question because some of you may not like my answer. However, after watching the video and hearing my reasoning, I am wondering if you might agree. Regardless, I would l love to hear your thoughts. www.eformationqueen.com https://twitter.com/eformationQueen https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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Finding Mr. Right (Make a Project Plan)
Hi All, I had an epiphany tonight that finding Mr. Right has something in common with a software release -- they both need a project plan. In this video, I share some food for thought on things you might want to consider as you "plan" your quest for Mr. Right. I think it could prove to be very interesting. What do you think? In the meantime, enjoy!
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Making Marriage Work (I'm Sorry But...)
Too many times in marriage, and in other relationships, when we are wrong, we often say, "I'm sorry but..." In this video I am sharing an example from my marriage of 22 years where I learned a very powerful lesson in this area, and I think my husband was very shocked in a good way. I think It was a really lesson for our marriage, and I think it can be for yours as well. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. www.eformationqueen.com www.twitter.com/eformationQueen www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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My Weekend Getaway in Old Town Alexandria, VA
Hi All, Just got back from my weekend getaway at The Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria, VA. It was my husband's birthday/Father's Day weekend, and he loves Old Town Alexandria. It is a nice area for friends, couples, and families -- there are boutiques, restaurants, street acts, and a riverfront where you can walk/take boat rides/picnic. My husband and I had a great time. Maybe you can check it out if you are ever in the DC area. Enjoy!
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Vlog:  Happy Saturday & A Review of the Genie Hour Glass Waist Training Belt
This video has two purposes: 1) One for me to say happy Saturday and to share a little bit about my lovely morning (feel free to fast forward through it if you couldn't care less - I won't be offended), and 2) To show and tell about my personal experiences with the Genie Hour Glass Waist Training Belt. An interesting mix of topics, but hopefully it will help anyone who's ever been tempted to buy a waist-training belt. :-) www.facebook.com/eformationqueen
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Lessons I Learned From 23 Years of Marriage
My husband and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday, and as I reflect over the years (the joys and trials of trying to remain happily married), I came up with five lessons that have helped us endure, and I believe will help us to continue on our journey. Hopefully it will help some of you as well. :-) www.eformationqueen.com https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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An Update on My Natural/Slightly-Texturized Hair Journey
For anyone who has ever asked about my hair struggles, namely my journey from a BKT & overprocessed/breaking hair to being lost in the transitioning process for two+ years, then to contemplating rocking a fro, and then finally to getting a texturizer almost seven months ago, and rocking a fro ever since. Here's an update. It has been quite a journey, and I wasn't sure if I would stay on this route or change course. However, after watching this video, I think I know where I am headed... :-) Tune in to find out more. Life is so funny ~ you never know where it will take you. When I wrote The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful, Healthier Hair in 6 Weeks (back in 1999 & 2003), who knew I would wind up on this incredible journey? www.eformationqueen.com https://twitter.com/eformationQueen https://www.facebook.com/eFormationQueen
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