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MiCAT Planner: The automatic measurement-program generation software
MiCAT Planner is the automatic measurement-program generation software. One-click programing changes the relationship between people and precise measurement.
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Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S
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Mitutoyo QV Active Vision Measuring System
Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active CNC Vision measuring system available with vision/touch probe combination measurement
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Line Laser Probe - Surface Measure
This is a product demonstration video on the non-contact line laser probe CMM by Mitutoyo.
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Surface Measure CMM
This is a demo of the Surface Measure CMM
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The new generation of Mitutoyo lever type dial test indicators
The Mitutoyo lever-type dial test indicators are favoured throughout branches for their precision and their outstanding quality. The new generation boast a multitude of enhancements over its predecessor. The indicators come in four different scale orientations to choose from. This video shows some of the best indicators throughout the world applied for alignment as well as for measuring purposes.
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High-Accuracy Digmiatic Micrometer
High-Accuracy Digmiatic Micrometer Product Video
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Mitutoyo QuantuMIKE Micrometer Challenge @ CMTS 2011
This is a challenge where they measure a part with a regular Micrometer, and then try to beat their time with the QuantuMIKE Micrometer.
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i Checker Canada
Mitutoyo I Checker is specially designed to quickly calibrate dial indicators and other electronic comparison gauge heads.
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Mitutoyo QuantuMike Speed Demo
How fast is the IP65 Coolant Proof QuantuMike from Mitutoyo? In a word, FAST!
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Changing Segments and Measuring Diameters - Mitutoyo LSM
Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 01 Most customers are using Laser Scan Micrometers to measure diameters. In this episode we will explain the basic principle of the Mitutoyo Laser Scam Micrometer, how to measure a diameter by changing segments, and the most accurate position for measuring diameters.
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PH 3515F Horizontal Profile Projector
A benchtop profile projector based on a vertical beam, telecentric optical system for distortion-free viewing on a 14" diameter protractor screen. • Bench-top model that uses horizontal optical system. • Suitable for thread pitch measurements—blurred or distorted images will not be produced when workpiece is angled. • Erect image on the day-bright screen. • 14”(353mm) diameter protractor screen with cross-hairs and staggered lines for easy alignment. • Digital angle measurement to 1' or 0.01º. • Heavy-duty workpiece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement. • Built-in linear scales for use with optional display counters.
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Mitutoyo CV 4500
The Contracer® CV-4500 features continuous measurement of both upper and lower surfaces via a double-sided, conical stylus. This continuous measurement data can be used to facilitate analysis of features that otherwise would be difficult to measure, such as the effective diameter of an internal screw-thread.
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Mitutoyo Tracking Auto Focus
Mitutoyo’s TAF equipped Quick Vision Systems include the following benefits: • Increases the throughput by eliminating the need to stop the stage motion to perform an autofocus • Continuous tracking of warped surfaces and stepped workpieces • Combine Mitutoyo’s Stroboscopic Illumination (QV Stream Systems) and TAF to enable non-stop dimensional measurement with industries highest measurement throughput • High performance, high resolution Tracking and Repeatability TAF design allows point measurement • No need to add focus tools in the part programs as TAF is embedded in the measurement routine • Reduces the need to modify part programs for part to part variation Z axis inconsistencies as TAF adjusts to the target surface automatically • Available on all Mitutoyo QV Apex vision systems and the full range of our exclusive objective lenses
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Mitutoyo LSM   Setting Resolution
See how to set the resolution of a Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer. Using a Mitutoyo LSM-6900, Tyler Duncanson walks through the steps of setting resolution.
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QM Height 1D Measurement   100% boosted quality control
New QM-Height Series Very high accuracy ±(2.4+2.1L/600) µm Built-in air levitation mechanism using an internal pump enables smooth movement along the surface plate. Easy-to-view, simple control panel allows performance of main measurements with a single key. A full range of options are provided to enhance operability, including a variety of probe contact points and USB Input Tool Direct, which allows output to a PC.
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Mitutoyo LSM Calibration
How to calibrate a Mitutoyo LSM (Laser Scan Micrometer).
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Changing The Resolution - Mitutoyo LSM
Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 03 The resolution for the Laser Scan Micrometer can be changed in the Basic Setup Menu. The 1st option is resolution setting. The manual will show a chart of setting vs resolution for your Laser.
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Mitutoyo Canada's Main Entrance & M3 Showroom
This is a slideshow of our main entrance and M3 Showroom
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QM Height
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ABS AT1100 Series Linear Scale
Latest generation of assembly-type Linear Scales that incorporates Mitutoyo's electromagnetic induction technology to provide resistance against contaminants such as cutting fluids, oil and water. The sensor-to-scale air gap is approximately 0.4mm, about 4x as wide as that of a conventional optical or electromagnetic induction systems, thereby providing additional protection against dust or oil contamination.
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Gold Care Canada
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QuantuMIKE Challenger 1
This is a challenger on the QuantuMIKE Challenge @ CMTS 2011
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QuantuMIKE Challenger 3
This is a challenger on the QuantuMIKE Challenge @ CMTS 2011
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Roundtest RA 120
The Roundtest RA-120 is a compact, affordable, and simple-to-use device for measuring part geometry on the shop floor. It also provides such superb data analysis capabilities as required with laboratory roundness measuring instruments and has a ±1000μm wide range detector and precision turn table with excellent rotation accuracy. The RA-120 is a dedicated processor based model which controls all operations via the control panel incorporated in the main unit.
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Breakfast Television - CMTS Show 2011
This is a highlight on Breakfast Television of Mitutoyo.
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KA 200 Counter Linear Scale Demo
Learn the basic setting of the Mitutoyo Display Unit for Linear Scale. The KA-200 Counter features absolute and incremental modes (10 presets each), non-linear and linear error compensation, adjustable high-brightness, high-refresh rate LED displays, calculator function and outputs data into spreadsheets (optional USB card).
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Holiday Greetings from Mitutoyo Canada 2014
Holiday Greetings from Mitutoyo Canada 2014
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Taking multiple, single measurements with the optional workstage   Mitutoyo LSM
Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 04 It's easy to measure multiple diameters on a single or multiple parts using Mitutoyo's Laser Scan Micrometers. This episode shows how it can be done extremely quickly by simply sliding the part through the Laser using one of our optional workstages.
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Christmasvideo 2017french
Mitutoyo Canada saying Happy Holiday from us to you!
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QuantuMIKE Challenger 2
This is a challenger on the QuantuMIKE Challenge @ CMTS 2011
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Mitutoyo Litematic and Litematic Head - Series 318
The Litematic's measuring force is not provided by a spring but comes from a structure resembling a balance scale. We call this a "parallel linkage." A motorized slider carrying the linked spindle moves down its guideway while the linkage is supported on a stop, as shown in Fig 1. When the spindle contacts the workpiece (Fig. 2) it moves the linkage up off the stop and the motor is halted. At this point the linkage is now supported by the workpiece, and thus a constant measuring force is applied.
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JIMTOF2010 Scroll
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Test Indicators 513 series
Dial Test Indicator series, the benefits of purchasing the 513 series
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MACH Ko-ga-me – Unique Shop Floor CMM by Mitutoyo
The Mitutoyo MACH Ko-ga-me is a unique solution for 3D measurements in a production line. It is designed for rough shop floor conditions and boasts an extremely small footprint. This compact coordinate measuring machine is delivered without a stand. Thus, it can perfectly be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. Its outstanding speed and acceleration cuts down measurement times by 50 per cent or more, vastly boosting productivity. The Mitutoyo MACH Ko-ga-me can easily be integrated into machine tools and loading systems, or used as a stand-alone solution for selective inspections.
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New IP65 Coolant Proof Micrometer
This new metric micrometer offers outstanding accuracy, with and without data input, and is highly robust. Benefits: - Outstanding accuracy with just ±1 µm instrumental error (75mm or less measuring range models). - TÜV Rheinland certified: Dust - and Waterproof IP65 - Function lock - Battery Life up to 8700 hours
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QV With Touch Probe
This is a demonstration of a QV Machine with a touch probe.
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