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Younger Guys Older Woman
Younger men dating older woman, what the big deal?? Older men have always had the fun so now its time for the older woman too.. Enjoy..
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Skinny Tan V Le Tan
Product testing skinny tan has been described as the new you tan, hiding or concealing cellulite while making you ultra bronze.. While i was making this video I came across Le tan ultra bronze which i found was amazing with a great colour & longevity..
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Players & Loving Yourself
Leaning to love yourself will make your life a whole lot easier..
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Needling Peel
Needing is a form of manipulation to the skin with tiny little needs.. It is extremely painful but in most cases does not work on certain skin types.. This treatment left my skin painful for weeks, swelling, red & still with pin marks for around 6 weeks.. It was really a traumatic experience that i will never do again.. Make up application was extremely hard to as i had to fill the pin holes & it looked ridiculous.. The day i filmed this i had done a acid peel a few days before
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Hilton Hotel For My Birthday - Amazing Night - Best Night Out In Sydney
I celebrated my birthday the day after the actual day. I live an hour away from Sydney CBD so I met up with my bestie for a night out and she booked a hotel on the fly, it was so amazing and we bumped into someone that I know from the Melbourne club scene.
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9 January 2017
Intro to my channel
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I was cat-fished for 6 months by some dude off facebook.
I was cat-fished by a dude that was a friend off facebook when I reached my 5000 people because was just adding anyone. I have you been cat-fished or have you cat-fished someone?
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Single On Valentines Day - Hard Or Not? Treat Yourself - Spend It With Your Friends, Pet or Parent
Are you going to be "Single On Valentines Day"? It's ok not to have a partner. Go out with your single friends, spend time with your Pet or a Single Parent. Go for a massage and treat yourself to dinner and a movie. Time alone is also good to cleanse your mind and who knows this weekend you could find the "One"
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