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Blinkety Blink - Philips SL Prismatic 25W & 18W - Original Switchstart CFLs
"The original and best". Here I have in my collection four (2 have a fair amount of use on them) Philips SL* Prismatic CFL lamps, with magnetic ballast and glowbottle starter. Featured are a later "white base" 25W made in Poland, a 25W earlier "white base" made in Holland, an 18W white base made in Holland and a reasonably early (1985) "black base" pretty much NOS 18W, which has only had a few hours use by me.
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Manchester & North England Motorway Lighting including SOX 27-28th June 2014 - M6, M60, A666, A500
A road trip to see some of the network's dying SOX lamps turned into an epic drive, a stay in Manchester and a further drive to pick up a Hyperion 135 SOX lamp which is in another video.
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Inverkip Power Station Urban Exploration 2009
Urban Exploration to Inverkip Power Station, pictures taken on two different visits, music thanks to Bill Brown, Mark Knight and Tears for Fears.
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Glasgow's hidden gems - SOX lamps on concrete columns and more! May 2014
My second video in what will eventually become a series on SOX lamps in Glasgow/Scotland. This video features a variety of streets with concrete columns and some large installations of twin bracketed SOX up to 135W.
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Final DooM - Plutonia - Map32 'Go 2 it' - Simpsons mod
Surely the hardest level ever, made a bit more humorous with the Simpsons mod for DooM. Rather unsurprisingly, I didn't make it to the end of the level.
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589nm, 594nm & 532nm lasers - beamshot and mode shifts
A brief comparison video for my friends on LPF. The first clip is the DL 589 and an old Laserglow Rigel-6 594nm laser pointer. The beam on the DL589 is very stable and instant on, probably helped by its very low hours so far. It metered between 80-90mW peak when new, almost 200% overspec. The Rigel is a very old model (rebranded CNI GLP-589) and as you can see has more variable output and has no paint left either! The last clip shows the modes on the DL589 and a Laserbtb Skylaser HL532-100 - this is ok for handheld DPSS where most of the mode shifting occurs immediately after startup and when the cavity has warmed up.
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The LOUDEST class 318 I have ever heard... at Gourock
I'm back in the rail scene with my new camera!
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Lighting up 135W SOX, incandescent and clear Mercury
Messing around with lamp stuff. Two 135W SOX lanterns (one run off a very noisy leak transformer) get some volts, as well as the Mercury conversion and a bare 500W incandescent.
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Inverkip Chimney Demolition July 28th 2013 (6 minutes including both warning sirens)
**Fast forward to 5:24 to go straight to the boom!** At 10PM (2200hrs) on July the 28th 2013, the chimney from the former Inverkip Power Station was taken down by controlled explosion, leaving little else remaining on the site but the water pumping station and office blocks. This video includes the full event from just before the 5 minute warning, includes the final warning, the bang - and of course the witty banter of those around us - and is completely unedited. Enjoy the experience as if you were there!
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EYE 50W MB-U lamp ignition and arc tube closeup
Here is a short video showing the start up and run of a beautiful little 50W MB-U (clear mercury) lamp made by Iwasaki (Japan) and sold under the EYE brand. The 70W SON-E (I) lamp is on the same circuit and is also a nice lamp (Osram) so I left it in. The SON-E brightens up first but doesn't settle to its final colour until long after the merc has brightened, which only takes about 1 and a half minutes. Notice how mercury vapour arc thins as the mercury vapourises into the arc stream and stabilises. It then jitters and dances about, which is beautiful to watch through safety glasses and causes shadows cast by it to dance! I think the resistance of all the cables is what causes the lamp ignition (particularly of the SON-E) to be slightly prolonged on this circuit, although this video was an unusually long example! Normally the SON-E just needs one or two "pings" and it's off. Each ballasted circuit is separate and entirely self contained with its own PF cap - although it may not look that way. It then simply routes to one power cable so I didn't need to trail two separate plugs from the circuit. Parts of the warmup sequences have been shortened.
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class 314 (209) refurb leaves PGS for Bishopton - Express evening service 31-05-2014
A refurbished - but as yet unpainted - class 314 (209) leaves Paisley Gil this fine Saturday evening on the express 1655 to Gourock, heading in the direction of Bishopton, and taking a glacial 2+ minutes to accelerate to line speed. I rarely indulge in the railway hobby these days, but as this is a rare treat since the class 380s displaced a lot of 314s from running this high speed line, I felt obliged to record. The footage is a little shaky as my hands aren't the steadiest and these trains are pretty bumpy at high speeds. For the perfectionists, the interior photo isn't actually of this specific train, not that it matters.
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Decorative "Retro" lamp filament resonance on triac dimmer
I've been wanting to get this on video ever since I discovered these pretend "carbon filament" lamps don't like being run on my triac dimmer. I hacked together a quick circuit and got it on film here. A triac dimmer "dims" a resistive load by simply cutting bits of the waveform out, which can cause the filaments on some lamps to resonate and flicker like they do on this one, especially pronounced here due to the length of the filament. These are 40W lamps and the dimmer is rated for 60-300W lamps so I had to remove it from the circuit I used it on, as even at full output the dimmer made a very unpleasant sound.
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Lamp collection update Aug 2016 new fluorescents, MA/V, SLI/H etc 50fps
Got some new stuff in, donated generously from fellow collectors, and some stuff I've not shown before, rare ebay buys etc. Collection now comprises a small amount of fluorescents, various mercury lamps, old incandescents, sodium, etc. Space is limited now, so I've had to rationalise and pass on some less valuable or plain stock items to make room for the oldie-but-goodies. I won't add much more to the collection now. Thankfully lamp collecting is one of my only guilty pleasures, and now forms the majority of my material possessions so keeping the tat at bay has been relatively successful so far! *when I said "capacitive resisted" at 1:04, I really meant capacitive ballasted!
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Inverkip Power Station October 2009 - Telecommunications room pristine wiring
never in my life have I seen so much wiring laid out as neatly as this. This room was the centre of the entire station's PAX telephone system.
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CRYSELCO Carbon Filament Lamp 100V - 1927?
A special lamp arrived for the collection - a British made 100V (oddly) Carbon Filament lamp possibly from 1927, I'm not too sure. I lit it up gently in series with two other lamps, as putting it on our mains here would be sure to fry the poor thing. The glow from the carbon filament at this low voltage is a sight to behold, truly remarkable invention that spawned the multitude of lamps we have today. The history of the company CRYSELCO is also quite an interesting one and this lamp if the date is right, was from fairly early on in their history.
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LPS SOX street lamps in Glasgow - May 2014
Re-upload. Fixed the letterboxing, trimmed some of the jerky footage.
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unrefurbished class314 high speed on the Inverclyde Line 30-09-2009
the express train from Gourock to Glasgow travels at line speed here from Paisley Gil to Glasgow Central, as can be heard by the quick succession of AWS bell sounds (green proceed signal). This is of somewhat important historic relevance now as the class 314s have not only been resprayed and refurbished but also don't often travel this line anymore as they were displaced by the new class 380s.
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Philips TL8W/08 BLB lamp swirling on first run
An oldie but goodie sent by a friend. Pukka quality woods glass BLB lamps in T5 tubes, I got a 6 and an 8W, here is the 8W running and swirling for presumably the first time in decades.
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GEC-Osram 400W MA/v warmup
A trimmed and clipped video showing a GEC-Osram MA/v lamp warming up, cut down to 5 minutes. The "arc" of a medium pressure lamp becomes very apparent after only a few minutes, but it takes at least 10 for the lamp to reach full brightness. Meanwhile, the colour output shifts from a pleasant purplish-blue at initial strike, through blue-green finally settling at a dazzling greenish white once the mercury is fully vaporised into the arc stream. Clear high pressure lamps share much of the same startup and run characteristics, though they have a fraction more red in the colour output as the higher arc pressure pushes the spectrum slightly. In practice it's a negligible difference, though high pressure lamps are slightly more efficient.
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156 433 in New Saltire Livery departs Glasgow Central
New train livery for Scotrail. Also the stations Carmine and Cream colours are being replaced with... purple, and the green, white and red signs being replaced with white and purple.
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Pure Power! Inverkip Power Station revisited - 2008+2009 footage montage
Are you ready for some ear-busting switchgear and '70s fluorescents galore? Look no further! This video is a recap of some older footage from Inverkip PS, some of which I had removed from my channel and some of which was never uploaded. Now that the station is gone I figured it was only right to upload a recap video, and name it Pure Power as a homage to Inverkip's still partly live running right up until its demise. I never visited after 2010, and it was fully demolished about four years later. The video shows some of the less commonly seen switchgear rooms, a bit of the telephone room, the still active large switchgear corridor that many explorers will remember, and the awesome vintage fluorescents that lit the station. I still miss the station and consider myself blessed that it was virtually on my doorstep. I visited a total of nine times over 2 years.
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EOL F15T8 "synergetic" lamp murder on 400W HPS gear
This lamp was cooked by failed capacitive ballast in a desk lamp. With the gear replaced by a small electronic box, the lamp needed dealing with as it would no longer run on normal gear. Both filaments were dead, but by using a HPS igniter an arc was struck through the tube and it was sent to total death on a 400W ballast. The igniter was firing the entire time and maintained the arc until the tube lost all ability to conduct a current. These tubes are normally intended for bug zappers but don't emit harmful levels of UV and give a great atmospheric mint-green light.
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532nm laser beam split on CDs
**safety eyewear is ESSENTIAL when reflecting or splitting laser beams** video is self explanatory.
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Rigel yellow laser warmup with 532nm teaser
The 593.5nm handheld DPSS laser, due to the process of creating the yellow light, green is also produced and is visible briefly during startup when the laser is cold.
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Rigel 593.5nm beamshot
The 593.5nm handheld DPSS laser, beamshot in a dark, slightly smoke filled room.
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405,445,532,650nm lasers with binocular and crystal
beam fun with some lasers, a pair of binoculars and a crystal to make lots of pretty beams. **Safety eyewear is EXTREMELY important when setting up crystals as the beams can be directed towards your face**
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"Osram"  (patent G.E.C.) 40W early tungsten lamp with drawn filament
A very rare and lucky survivor from the early 1900s (or possibly before) is seen here lit, for the first time. Being so old it's before standardisation of voltage and our mains 240V would have been too much for it, so a larger incandescent lamp was placed in series to ballast it. The real (and original) "squirrel cage" lamp.
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Laser rainbow - 532, 445, 650, 593.5, 405nm
Angled the super bright 532 and 445 perpendicular to the camera so as to not spoil the beams of the weaker lasers too much. better result this time, though the iPhone still hates picking up the 593.5nm beam.
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Carbon ballasted GE Kolorite tube
A 20W GE Kolorite tube ballasted by a 130W carbon heater lamp!
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Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition - Gates.MAP (The quick method)
This is a custom Map designed to closely resemble the third level 'Gates Motel' of the final episode 'Plug and Pray' in Duke Nukem for the Playstation. Also featuring the new intro and outro.
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unrefurbished class 314 leaves Paisley Gil 30-09-2009
Certain class 314 units make a lovely 'clunk' at the cab ends whenever traction power is applied from a stand. The electrical buzzy sound is also quite audible on all 314 units at the cab ends particularly when under high load ie acceleration. This is possible to hear in the video however due to the deeper frequencies it is much better heard/felt with subwoofers.
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G.E.C. 60W SLI-H (linear sodium) lamp first ever light
I decided to light my SLI-H lamp this weekend, for the first time. Now that is a sight to behold. The lamp was run off a 50W HPS ballast.
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Inverkip Power Station October 2009 - Boiler switchroom with buzzing AC transformer
this room appears to have been mostly powered off except for one small part which was still buzzing away.
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