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Despicable meme vent
Made with: Edge Depression Flipaclip Hatred 20 minutes of my life And More Depression Y a y This is a vent It’s bad The I hate you wasn’t guided towards someone if it was you would know who you are K bye
Burn it down meme (flash warning)
This is lazy shshhshs Original: https://youtu.be/ylls0PwrM2M Time taken: 2 days FPS:20 Made with: Flipaclip IbispaintX for thumbnail Nothin in this is mine only the art
Young and a menace
Shading test UwU
Shading test
UwU it’s a test
I wanna Be like you (ft baked potonion pastarru neon biscuit*)
Can’t find the original Ft Everlywolf Bakedpotonion Blue wolf animation Ellie the chicken nugget TM Qwerts Pastaruu Neon biscuit *insert name*
Her world re-draw
MmmM yes redraws I had to re-upload this cut I forgot my water mark Y a y
Heaven knows map part UWU
Wow that background is horrible Don’t judge me
The nights (open map)
Rules: •you can have 2-3 parts •you have a month if you need more time you get two more weeks •the most watermarks you can have is 1 e.g FlipaClip •don’t put your name on it i will do that when editing •no colour scheme just make the colours calm not blinding •no gacha I want animation Tweening is Ok •I might allow PMV style •don’t put audio on but you can PlEaSe maKe thE timIng rIghT •don’t put the lyrics in your part •password has ‘around’ it UwU •Have fun 1: 2: 3:mine 4:mine 5: 6:toster 7:toster 8: 9:nugget 10: 11: 12:nugget 13: 14: 15: 16:nugget 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24:mine
Cradles meme (w.i.p)
I’m lazy take my lazy animation Skskskksksks It messed up so many times oskxksjjyd TwT I can’t ANIMATE DKSKSJKSKSKS y a y Used: Flipaclip My horrible art skills ThAt LiTrAlLy I t K by e