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Learn How To Speed Read - Best Speed Reading Techniques
https://www.sprintreading.com/signup How to speed read at above link Anyone can learn how to read faster. Speed reading is a learn skill and learning how to speed read is a skill that will help you for the rest of your life. The average person reads about 200-250 words per minute. When you learn how to speed read you should be able to double or triple this reading speed just by following the steps in this video. Speed Reading Tips: 1. Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph and zoom through the rest. 2. Read the table of contents and back of the book. This will tell you what the author wants you to look for and it will improve your reading speed. 3. Do not say the words as you read. This slows you down and is called sub-vocalization. 4. One of the biggest points for speed reading and learning how to speed read is to use your finger whenever you read and force your eye to follow your finger. This will keep your eye from bouncing around the page because this does slow you down. 5. Listen to classical music when you read. This has been shown to improve your reading speed. Maybe this is because it relaxes your brain or keeps it focused. Regardless it is a good speed reading tip. Be sure to check out Ron's Instagram page for more speed reading tips: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bri1RcaHCZi/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet I have been amazed at how much my reading speed improved when I followed these speed reading tips. Recently I read a 200 page book on a flight and I was amazed at how much I remembered and understood reading at really fast speeds. These speed reading tips work! Try them.
How to Focus - Learn How You Can Focus Without Getting Distracted
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Focus Get memory training tips at link above now Being focused is a skill. In this day and age, we have all kinds of distraction, from cell phones to video games and easy access to anything and everything, as well as a million and one options, it's easy to lose focus when we are distracted by so many options. Here, 2-time USA Memory Champ, Ron White offers some tips on how to focus better. Get more training over at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Focus Did you remember what you just read? Hey, look over there....a squirrel!! How to focus! What is it so hard to focus? Why is it so hard to learn how to focus. Well it is hard to focus because we have so many different things coming at us every day. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram...blah...blah...blah. Then you get to reading online and an ad pops up and the next thing you know you are buying shoes! Learning how to focus is really hard but focusing is even harder. You can get better at focusing and not getting distracted by starting to say 'NO' to people. 'Hey, Ron. Let's start a Periscope for the business!' 'NO.' 'Hey Ron, let's meet for dinner.' 'NO.' Also, if you are wanting to get better at focusing and not getting distracted so often it might help to set a goal for what you are doing online or reading. - I want to learn about Abraham Lincoln today. So when you are online if something pops up that is not about Abraham Lincoln then you don't click it! These are some of the strategies for learning how to focus that I cover in this video. I know it isn't easy. Right now as I type this I am seeing my Facebook notifications! It is driving me insane not to go check them! But my goal right now is to write this description on how to focus without distractions. So I am staying focused and on target. I won't go check the notifications until I finish this.. Focus. I hope this helps you just a little bit on how to focus. Wouldn't the irony be if you are on Youtube to watch another video and ended up watching this one because you got distracted and now you are watching a video on how to focus without getting distracted. If so, I am glad you are here! Now go focus!! And I'm going to check Facebook as my reward for staying focused!!!
How to Memorize Fast and Easily // Mind Palace: Build a Memory Palace
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Mind-Palace-How-To-Memorize-Fast Get memory training tips at link above now Get your free training to build your own mind palace at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Mind-Palace-How-To-Memorize-Fast and start memorizing everything you want and need! I have been teaching memory training seminars for years and this Mind Palace technique is without question my best memory training tip! Sherlock Holmes used the Mind Palace in his stories. It is also referred to as the Memory Palace. Whether you call it the Mind Palace or the Memory Palace it is one of the most trusted memory techniques of top memory experts around the world. Although it was referenced in Sherlock Holmes books it actually dates back as far as 2500 years ago. The core of the Mind Palace technique is that you use rooms in your head to store whatever it is that you want to memorize. It is an amazing memory training tool. For example look around your room right now and number 5 pieces of furniture. Then you have 5 words to memorize: water, dog, sand, paper and cloud. On the first piece of furniture you may imagine water pouring down, a dog barking at the number two piece of furniture, a sand castle on the next, stacks of paper on the next and a cloud covering the 5th one. Then to recall the words you simply go back in your mind an look at each piece of furniture. This method is known as the Mind Palace or Memory Palace and some have called it the Roman Room (because the Romans were the first to use it). You can use the Mind Palace to give speeches without notes, memorize lines, memorize schoolwork, memorize chapters of books and just about anything. I used it to set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA. Of all my how to memorize techniques the Mind Palace is without question my favorite. I have about 1300 items in my Mind Palace (no not all in my home. I used 30-40 different locations) So if you are looking for my best memory training tip this is definitely it. You can always learn more about the method of Loci and the mind palace here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci Be sure to check out our channel for more memory training videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn5bzpRYOKVJoRoYvn8mPQ
How To Study Better - Best Study Techniques
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=how-to-study-better Get memory training tips at link above now Remember To Get Your Free Training To Become a Memory Pro: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=how-to-study-better Any student can improve their study habits and study skills to improve their grades and do it with less study time and less stress. My 10 best study skills tips are: 1. Study in chunks. Research tells us that there will be a diminishing return on study time if we don't take breaks. Studying in 25-50 minute segments with 15 minute breaks is ideal. Then go for a walk or do something to get your blood pumping 2. Get 6-8 hours sleep the night after you learn something and the next day when you wake up you will know it better 3. Take notes in class! This is big. It is better for you to take the notes instead of just copying someone elses 4. Clear your mind of all distractions before you study 5. If you find when you study you mind begins to drift focus in on a keyword in the text you are reading and repeat that word over and over until you are again focused 6. Learn the most important ideas first. Read the learning objectives or table of contents first. These are often the details you should be looking for while reading 7. Learn the list of terms or glossary in the back of the book 8. Chew gum while you study. Then when you take the test chew that same flavor of gum and studies show this will help you remember what you were studying (weird I know, just try it) 9. Trick your brain into what you are studying is a plot to a movie or tv show. Imagine it is an exciting script 10. My favorite study skill tip is to use the Mind Palace technique. I think this will have a HUGE benefit to your studying. For more details about the Mind Palace go here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=how-to-study-better So those are my best Study Skills tips. I encourage you to use them in your studies.
Long Term Memory - How To Improve it and What It Is!
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Long-Term-Memory Get memory training tips at link above now Get your free training to build your own mind palace at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Long-Term-Memory and start memorizing everything you want and need! You can always learn more about the method of Loci and the mind palace here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci Be sure to check out our channel for more memory training videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn5bzpRYOKVJoRoYvn8mPQ
What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?
Get Bitcoin Here (and $10 of free Bitcoin!): https://www.coinbase.com/join/58c8d740d0190f01af2284b7 What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It originated in 2008 from a paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. This may be a real person or not but it is seen at the origins of Bitcoin. Bitcoin runs on a technology known as the blockchain. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins and this is what makes them valuable and scarce. Bitcoin are created by a process known as mining. Since there are no banks transactions are verified by miners and when miners verify a certain number of transactions they can actually earn Bitcoin. There are many more cryptocurrencies now but Bitcoin is seen as the first. Other popular ones are Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and many others. Bitcoin are stored in locations known as wallets. These Bitcoin wallets can be online, on a hardware device, on a piece of paper or even memorized in your brain. Bitcoin wallets look like a string of numbers and letters. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can change the way we do everything in the future. Be sure to check out our channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn5bzpRYOKVJoRoYvn8mPQ
How To Master Spaced Repetition and Improve Your Memory
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Master-Spaced-Repitition-Improve-Memory Get my best memory training tips at the link above. It is my best memory training skills.
Remember What You Read - How To Memorize What You Read!
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read Get memory training tips at link above now Get your free training training to remember what you read: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read Do you have trouble remember what you studied? This video is about how to remember what you studied We have all read a page and then 5 minutes later don't remember what we just read. There is a simple process that you can follow to remember what you read. To remember what you read: 1. Don't try to memorize as you read but instead highlight or underline the key words 2. Use the Mind Palace technique 3. Create pictures for all the words you have highlighted or underlines 4. See these pictures in your mind palace 5. Segment chapters by using rooms 6. Create pictures for dates if it is a history book The main thing in remembering what you read is not to try to memorize as you read but take notes and then later go back and use the mind palace technique to remember what you have read. This works for students wanting to improve their memory for what they have read or business professionals wanting to remember what they have read Follow these steps and this is how you remember what you studied Get my full course here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Remember-What-You-Read
How To Improve Memory With Good Habits! - Memory Training
Get your FREE training on creating a mind palace and remembering anything you want: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-improve-memory-with-good-habits In my 24 years teaching memory improvement and memory training workshops I have compiled a list of ways to improve memory. Believe it or not there are very simple things that you can do to improve memory. I implement all of these to different degrees as I work to improve my memory. Ways to improve memory with good habits 1. First way to improve memory with good habit is to get a good nights sleep. 8 hours of sleep per night will make your memory so much better. 2. Drinking plenty of water is an important part of having a focused brain and a good way to improve memory. It is often overlooked but it is so easy to do. 3. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve memory. It helps in direct and indirect ways. Directly because exercise reduces inflammation and stimulates growth of new blood cells. Indirectly it helps you sleep better and reduces stress. 4. Too much salt is harmful to your memory but too little salt is also harmful. A way to improve memory is to watch your salt intake. 5. Reducing your stress level is one of the best things that you can do to improve memory. For this ways to improve memory technique I will meditate and even get massages to relax. This helps my body and my brain. 6. The next way to improve memory is to avoid excessive sugar. 7. Excessive alcohol is terrible for memory in both the short term and the long term. 8. Alcohol in moderation has actually been shown to be helpful to the memory. 9. Another easy way to improve memory is to train your mind to think in pictures. Start seeing numbers for pictures (21 = deck of cards, 10 = fingers, etc). You also do the same with names. Create images for common names. Steve = stove, Lisa = Mona Lisa, etc. These are greats ways to improve memory. 10. The last tips for ways to improve memory is to use the Mind Palace. It is without question my favorite way to improve memory. Click the link here for more free training on this https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-improve-memory-with-good-habits
How Navy SEAL Mental Training Helped Me Win The USA Memory Championships
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Navy-SEAL-Mental-Training Get memory training tips at link above now Secrets of thinking like a US Navy SEAL. I became a national champ using Navy SEAL techniques. My top 5 lessons I learned from my Navy SEAL coach, TC Cummings. He taught me so many things and propelled me to 2 national memory championships. What if you could have Navy SEAL mental toughness training? What would be the result of Navy SEAL mental training? I tell you what it meant for me.... A LOT!! Navy SEAL mental toughness training was what TC Cummings gave me when I was training for the USA Memory Championship. The USA Memory Championship is a great event and a lot of fun but I didn't go for fun I went to become the USA Memory Champion. With TC Cummings Navy SEAL mental toughness training I became a two time USA Memory Champion. These are the Navy SEAL mental toughness lessons I learned: 1. Build confidence by setting small goals and accomplishing them 2. Face a consequence when you don't hit a goal or do what you say you are going to do to mentally wipe the slate clean so you aren't beating yourself up over it 3. Make your training harder than the actual event so the actual event will be easy on you 4. Remind yourself of your past successes so you have a history of winning mindset 5. Train when you don't feel like it. These powerful Navy SEAL mental toughness training lessons really made an impact on me. If you watch the video above you can see me memorizing a deck of cards under water and swimming across a pool in freezing cold weather. The harder you are on yourself when no one else is watching the easier life will be on you. The easier you are on yourself when no one else is watching the harder life will be on you. The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you bleed in times of war. Navy SEAL mental toughness training is how I became a 2 Time USA Memory Champion. I hope this video helps and inspires you.
Brain Exercises - Weird Memory Games To Improve Your Memory
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Exercises-Weird-Memory-Games Get memory training tips at link above now Keep Your Brain Alive Book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0761110526/ If you want to keep your brain strong and young these are some brain exercises that I learned from the book Keep Your Brain Alive. Nuerobics means using your brain in new and different ways involving all of your senses. This will wake up your brain. Here are neurobic brain exercises. Here are a few of them: 1. Search for coins in your pocket and use your sense of touch trying to figure out what the coin is 2. Close your eyes and walk around your house trying to remember where the furniture is. You are testing your memory and making your memory work in a way it isn't used to working 3. Invent conversations when watching the tv and the volume is on mute. This is a great brain exercises 4. Do things that get you out of your normal thinking patterns. If you normally read magazines about motorcycles then read a magazine about gardening. Get out of your normal thinking patters. 5. A brain exercise for me is to watch political commentators that I don't think they way they do. This is a brain exercise 6. Take a new way home. This wakes up your brain 7. Write with your non dominant hand as a brain exercise 8. Close your eyes and try to identify spices by their smell. You are engaging your sense of smell in a new way I think this is a great book full of brain exercises. This is not my book nor do I get anything if you buy it but I really enjoyed the book on nuerobics and brain exercises and I think you should check it out https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Exercises-Weird-Memory-Games Link above has great memory training tips
How To Remember Names - Memorize Names and Faces With Ease!
Get your names and face images for FREE here: http://ronwhitetraining.com/how-to-remember-names-and-faces?wickedsource=facebook&wickedid=memorize-names-faces-ease- Remembering names and faces is a skill that can lead anyone to success. Dale Carnegie in his book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' wrote that everyone's favorite subject is themselves and the sweetest sound to their ear is their own name. When you can remember names and face it will make a big difference in building relationships and connecting with people. This system shows you how to remember names. The key to learning how to remember names is to follow my 5 step process 1. Focus your brain. When walking towards the person ask yourself, 'What is their name?' This will focus your brain 2. Select an outstanding feature on their face (big eyes, beard, scar, etc) 3. Create a picture for their name (Brian = brain, Lisa = Mona Lisa, etc). Get my pictures for names at link above. This is a big step in learning how to remember names 4. Imagine the picture for their name on the outstanding feature of their face with action and emotion 5. Review, review, review. Ask yourself, 'Who did I meet today?' This is the same process to remember names as in wiki: http://www.wikihow.com/Memorize-Names-and-Faces If you follow these 5 steps in learning how to remember names you will be amazed at how many names you can remember. I have memorized as many as 301 names at a conference and at the USA Memory Championship I memorized 128 names in 15 minutes using this system. Get my pictures for names and start learning how to remember names
Short Term Memory Loss - What It Is, What Causes It, and How To Prevent It
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Short-term-Memory-Loss Get memory training tips at link above now. If you would like to learn memory training and get my tips to remember names, numbers, facts, details and everything else go here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Short-term-Memory-Loss
The Best Brain Foods That Helps Increase Your Memory!
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Best-Brain-Foods Get memory training tips at link above now Brain foods are good for your memory and brain. However, if your really want to start remembering more you are going to need a system. My memory training system is at the link below https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Best-Brain-Foods More brain foods: http://www.memorise.org/brain-foods/top-brain-foods What are the top brain foods to improve your memory? I do have a list of my best brain foods and this would be it 1. Eat whole grains for a steady supply of energy to your brain. This is a a great brain and memory food. 2. Eat oil fish (Salmon, trout, mackerel, herring). Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through a diet. You can get this from Omega 3 pills as well. Flax seed, pumpkin seeds are also a source 3. Eat more blueberries. They have antioxidants that are helpful for the brain. 4. Tomatoes. They protect against free radical damage 5. B6, B12 and folic acid prevent against brain shrinkage 6. Walnuts are the top nuts for brain health. Just a quarter cup of walnuts provide the daily intake for DHA 7. Avocados are healthy brain foods. It is a healthy fat and promotes good blood flow and is one of my favorite brain foods. 8. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties that protect brain and is a natural stimulant and is a top brain food. 9. Broccoli has significant amounts of vitamin K and that is going to be good for your memory and brain 10. Curry. Curry has turmeric in it and this spice is helpful to your brain and memory. If I could eat curry every day I would (and I guess I can!) and the reason I love it as one of my best brain foods is the taste. But the benefits for my memory and brain are real. There are many things that you can do to help your memory and your brain and diet is one of the first things you can start with easily. It is not on this list but drinking plenty of water is also great for your brain. I hope you benefit from my list of healthy brain foods let me know in comments your favorite or if you have any I should had to my next list of top brain foods for memory http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/10-foods-boost-your-brainpower
How To Memorize Lines - Best Memorization Techniques
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Lines Get memory training tips at link above now Get more training on how to memorize your lines here: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Lines The Mind Palace also known as the Memory Palace or Method of Loci has been around for at least 2500 years and it is no surprise that famous people throughout history have used it. Shakespeare actually used this memory training technique in the Globe theatre to teach his actors how to memorize lines. It is a simple yet extremely effective technique to memorize lines. The concept of this memory training technique is that you select places in your room to be locations where you mental store data. The first step is to turn the lines that you want to memorize into pictures and then visualize these images around the rooms in your mind. You could use rooms in your home or use the actual theatre where you will be reciting the lines as Shakespeare’s actors did. Either way is extremely effective. The more vivid, unusual and creative the images are the more likely that you will recall them. This method is more effective than rote memorization of simply saying the lines over and over until they stick in your brain. You can get more info on how to memorize lines here: http://www.wikihow.com/Memorize-Lines Read through your script once to get a feel for the text and then go back and turn the key words into pictures and visualize them in your Mind Palace. Remember it is not necessary to turn every word into pictures just the main ideas of each line or thought.
How to remember names
My images for 1600 common names for free http://ronwhitetraining.com/how-to-remember-names-and-faces?wickedsource=facebook&wickedid=paris-names USA Memory Champion Ron White teaches how to remember names using a 4 step process
How to Memorize Numbers - Nat Geo Brain Games Memory
Learn how to remember names and get your free cards here: https://ronniewhite.com/numbers-signup?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Numbers-Nat-Geo I was on the National Geographic Show brain Games and on this show I memorized the serial numbers on dollar bills. Basically a serial number is a series of numbers and letters. So in order I to memorize the numbers I had to create picture for numbers and letter. My easy system for How to Memorize Numbers is: 5 is a star because there are 5 points on a star 10 is a fork and plate because the 1 looks like a fork and the 0 a plate 13 is mountains because the 3 if on the side it would look like twin peaks 18 is handcuffs because the 1 looks like the key and the 8 the handcuff This is the very simple way to approach how to memorize numbers. There is a more advanced way to memorize numbers and that would be something referred to as the Major System. In this you have sounds assigned to numerals. 2 = N and 5 = L so 25 = Nail. The point is that to memorize numbers you have to have pictures for the numbers memorized. If you enter your email at the link above you will get my pictures for numbers 1-1000 and this will make your goal of learning to memorize numbers much easier. For this serial number test I also had to have pictures for letters memorized and here are some examples. A = apple B = Bee C = Cat D= dog E = Elephant F = Frog Why would you want to learn to memorize numbers? Ideas for uses are: Phone number memory Give speeches or presentations from memory and remember key numbers Remember dates or science facts with numbers in them Remember product knowledge if it has numbers in it Learning to memorize numbers isn't so tough. Get my pictures for numbers and learn the Major System at link below https://ronniewhite.com/numbers-signup?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Numbers-Nat-Geo
How to learn anything fast - Feynman technique
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=feynman-technique Get my memory training tips at link above Check out this video on how to learn anything fast using the Feynman technique
How to Memorize a Deck of Cards (Fastest Way taught by Memory Champion)
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-deck-cards-aug-2018 The link above has a free memory gift. Click the link and get your free gift This video is the most comprehensive guide ever to memorizing a deck of shuffled cards. The basic way to memorize a deck of cards is to create an image for all 52 cards. Here is a way that you might create these images Hearts = people that you love Diamonds = rich people Clubs = sports stars or athletes Spades = cartoon characters or superheros If you need help creating the images or people for cards to memorize then get some ideas from the Major System for memorizing numbers. In this Major System for Numbers 1 = t 2 = n 3 = m 4 = R 5 = L 6 = J 7 = K or C 8 = F or PH 9 = P or B 0 = S So for the 8 of Diamonds think of someone rich that their name starts with F For 3 of hearts think of someone that you love and their names starts with M. For the 9 of Clubs think of a sports star or singer who has a P in their name. For the 2 of Diamonds think of a rich person whose name starts with an N If you do this you could memorize a deck of cards using 52 images and the Mind Palace or Memory Palace technique. If you want to speed up the process and advance to the next level of how to memorize a deck of cards you will want to use the method known as Person Action Object or also known as Character Action Object. In this method for each card you have a person, and action and an object. You memorize cards in groups of 3 and this really speeds up the process. If you are looking for memory training tips or memory tricks I do believe that this is the absolute best method for memory training. Learn how to do this memory trick and impress your friends. Ron White is a memory expert and 2 time USA Memory Champion For tips on how to create your own Mind Palace or Memory Palace watch this video https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do
How To Remember Your Dreams
Memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-remember-dreams What did you dream last night? Can you remember? Is there a way to remember your dreams? Learning how to remember your dreams is a fun thing to do but it can also be your subconscious telling you something. You can do simply things like writing down on paper what you want to think about or dream about and then your subconscious will work on that information. A lot of good ways to remember your dreams are: Getting a good nights sleep will help you remember your dream. Dreams occur in the REM stage of sleep. This is the later deeper stages of sleep and when you sleep well you will get here. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time Keep a note pad or recorder by your bed so when you wake up you can write down your dreams. Keep your alarm clock close to your bed. If your alarm clock is near your bed you will not have to get up because getting out of bed changes your thought process and there is a less chance that you will remember your dreams. If you can wake up without an alarm clock or have someone gently wake you up. When you alarm clock starts with radio talking or songs that shifts your mindset to what is on the radio and it is less likely you will remember your dreams. Have a note on your alarm clock that says, 'What did you dream today?' That will focus your mind right away when you wake up Carry a recorder (maybe just your cell phone) with you throughout the day because often something during the day will trigger what you dreamed of. Taking alcohol or sleep medication before you sleep will impact your ability to sleep well and dream. Stay in the same position as when you wake up and focus on a spot in the room. This will keep your brain focused and on the same idea as when you were asleep and dreaming. If you shift your position or focus you start thinking about other things Wake up more frequently during the night because you often only remember your last dream. This is only recommended for those that find it easy to fall asleep and get adequate sleep If you are now remembering your dreams but you want to know what they mean here you go https://memorise.org/top-10-brain-foods/4235
How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Think-Like-Sherlock-Holmes Get memory training tips at link above now Whether or not you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, I am sure you can appreciate his talent. In this video, 2-time USA memory champ, Ron White gives you some tips on how to think like Sherlock Holmes. You can grab your copy of the book right here: https://amzn.com/1522865209 and you can get your FREE memory training here: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Think-Like-Sherlock-Holmes Wouldn't it be great to think like Sherlock Holmes? What would it mean if you could think like Sherlock Holmes? Of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character but the idea of being able to deduce and memorize like this man would be an incredible feat for anyone. I do think it is possible to learn some life lessons from Sherlock Holmes and yes, even get to the point where you can say that you think like Sherlock Holmes. Here are some of the lessons I learned by studying this fictional character. The lessons range from bouncing ideas off a trusted advisor (like he did with Watson), to traveling the world. Because when you travel the world you experience different cultures and customs and later when you are trying to interpret something you are not just drawing on your geographic location but the world from your travels. These are some of the first steps to learning to think like Sherlock Holmes. You might even force yourself to notice the details in life. The details of clothing or personal items. Noticing these details is another step in learning to think like Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock would read gossip columns to get an insight on how people think. Popular entertainment although it may seem like brain dead junk is actually a step in thinking like Sherlock Holmes. Become a better listener is another step you can do. Oh, remember use logic not emotion to solve problems. Emotions will cloud your data and mind. But logic gives you a rational explanation. Sherlock Holmes used logic not emotion to solve problems. And finally, you know I am going to talk about the Mind Palace memory technique if I am talking about Sherlock Holmes. The Mind Palace (also known as the memory palace memory technique) is my favotire memory training method. If you watch my channel you know this. So there you have it. That is my advice to think like Sherlock Holmes! Get my book at the link above on How to Memorize and Surmise Like Sherlock Holmes
Why You Are Always Tired // Ways to Boost Energy
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedId=fall-asleep Sleep is an important part of the memory process. There are many reasons that you can't sleep and think during the day. One of the things that you can do to not feel tired all the time is get on a regular sleep cycle. What is your natural sleep cycle? If you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle you will feel tired all day long. It is important to wake up when you naturally wake up but you can use an alarm clock as a back up. Lack of sunlight can tire you out. I also take a vitamin D supplement. Exercise is a great way to give you energy and keep your body healthy. You will also get better sleep. Drinking plenty of water is important to having energy. Here is the bottle I use http://a.co/fmPWxE6
Memory Training - How to Memorize Fast and Easily
Get your free training to build your own mind palace at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Training-Memorize-Fast-Easily and start memorizing everything you want and need! Would you like to learn how to memorize fast and easily? The truth is that anyone can learn how to memorize fast and easily with simple memory training techniques The standard way to memorize anything is to just say it over and over again. This is known as rote memorization and in my opinion it will drive you crazy. For example, if I give you this list of words: Mountain, ice, tree, bicycle, German Shepard, shoe, glass of water, tv set, pillow, trampoline. You could memorize that list by just saying it over and over again. This method is the old and hard way. Or you could use memory training and memorize it fast and easily by using proven memory training techniques. One of those memory training techniques is known as the story method where you create a story to memorize the items. Taking the same list of words you would create a story: A mountain has ice on the top and trees on the side. Coming down the mountain is a bicycle riden by a German Shepard. He has a glass of water in one hand and a shoe in the other. At the bottom of the mountain he crashes into a tv set and bounces off the tv set landing on a pillow and then landing on a trampoline. These same words then become a lot easier with this memory training story method and it is how you memorize fast and easily. If you would like more advanced techniques try our Mind Palace videos https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Training-Memorize-Fast-Easily
Brain and Mind Games To Use On Your Friends!
Get memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Mind-Games-To-Use-On-Friends Brain games are fun. As a matter of fact you may have seen me on the National Geographic show Brain Games. For that show I memorized the numbers on a dollar bill in Times Square and the names of people going in and out of a movie theater. In this video I share some mind and brain games that you can play with your friends to have some fun. Try this brain game: Have your friend select a number 1-10 multiply it by 9 add the digits together in the answer subtract 5 Assign this letter to the alphabet A =1 B =2 , C =3, 4 = D, 5 = E, 6 = F, 7 = G, 8 = H, 9 = I Think of a country that starts with that letter. Go to the 2nd letter in the name of the country and think of an animal that starts with that letter Think of a normal color for that animal. Did you get: Gray elephant Denmark? Most people do. Watch the video to find out with this brain game works. There are also other mind games in this video I share. One is trying to memorize objects on a table. One of my favorite brain games is the thumb trick I start out this video with. It really can confuse your brain a little the first few times. So if you are wanting a mind game to play on your friends that is really easy and certain to get some laughs try this one right away. It was fun being on the National Geographic show Brain Games. I hope to be back on that show one day. Until then I hope you subscribe for more brain and mind games Thanks Ron White Memory training tips below https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Mind-Games-To-Use-On-Friends
How to Memorize Medical Terms - Memory Training
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-memorize-medical-terms Get memory training tips at link above now Are you stressed trying to memorize medical terms? Medical terminology can be one of the hardest things to memorize in medical school and it can be frustrating making people want to give up. But it is easy if you have a memory training strategy. So here are a few memory training strategies to memorize medical terms. 1. The system described in this video is one where you take the medical term that you want to memorize and you turn it into a picture and then you take the definition and you turn that info a picture and put them together in one big giant picture. For example the medical term of macula we imagined Dracula eating a Big Mac hamburger. Then had the nerves coming out of it. We turn the medical term and the definition into a picture and in a sense create a story to memorize the medical term. 2. Another technique for medical term memory would be creating a story. I have a great example of that here at this link http://memorise.org/memory-training/how-to-memorize-medical-terms 3. Finally a great strategy to memorize medical terms would be the Mind Palace method. Actually this may not be the best technique for terms (I would use the technique in this video for memorizing terms and definitions.) With that said there are some great uses for the Mind Palace that you could use in medical school. Here is the Mind Palace technique https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do Get my free memory training ebook here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-memorize-medical-terms
How To Boost Testosterone Naturally
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=boost-testosterone Get my memory training tips at the link above. I used these tips to remember everything and become a 2 time USA Memory Champiion. Now, how to naturally boost testosterone. These are my tips on how I naturally boosted my testosterone. I was feeling slow, sluggish, tired, depressed, weak, old. cloudy headed and a lack of energy. So I went and had my testosterone tested. It was LOW!! I had low T or low testosterone. With the steps below I boosted my testosterone by 24% (naturally). It made sense so I looked in to naturally boosting my testosterone. The first thing I did was lose weight. I was 222lbs and I lost 30 lbs to get down to 192lbs. Men with extra belly fat will have lower testosterone levels. So I first focused on losing weight. Good exerices for boosting testosterone are high intensity short burst workouts. Studies show that really long workouts of hours will actually hurt your testosterone. The next thing I did was manage my stress levels. High stress is a testosterone killer. If you are wanting to boost your testosterone you need to manage your stress. Sugar is also a testosterone killer. When looking in to how to naturally boost testosterone I cut back on sugar. This is hard for me because I love sugar and sweets but I also want to boost my testosterone so I made the sacrifice. Vitamin D is also a great supplement to boost testosterone. I take a Vitamin D pill daily to boost my testosterone but I also make a point to get out in the soon. The sun is a great natural soource of Vitamin D. Beans, milk and cheese are also good sources of natural foods to boost testosterone. Finally, I take a zinc supplement this is proven to help boost testosterone.
How to Not Be Lazy and Give Up
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=not-be-lazy Get memory training tips at link above now Do you always give up? Do you quit? Are you tired of being lazy? This is now to not be lazy and not give up like a quitter Jim Rohn said: Everyone suffers from 1 of 2 pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons. The pain of regret is much greater than the pain of discipline. You will experience pain either way. But if you are lazy and give up you are not eliminating the pain you are just changing and delaying it. Your pain will be much greater later. So really the lazy thing to do is be disciplined and suffer less later. When you are lazy you are thinking that if you stop now you won't suffer. You will it will just be greater later. If you want to know how to not be lazy and not give up like a quitter it is simple. Understand the concept of delayed gratification. Muhammad Ali said, '"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'" He lived as a champion because he delayed his gratification. If you find yourself being lazy it is because you want your gratification NOW. Then you will suffer the pain of regret instead of the pain of discipline. For more reading on how to not be lazy go here http://www.wikihow.com/Not-Be-Lazy
How to Learn Any Skill Faster
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=learn-any-skill-faster Get memory training tips at link above now If you want to learn a skill faster one of the best things that you can do is break the steps down and master each step. Master a step before you move to the next step. right now I am wanting to learn the skill of Jiu Jitsu faster. So I am using my strategy to learn any skill faster. I am using my strategies to learn anything 10x faster. One of these strategies to learn faster is to break the goal down in to steps and master each stage of the skill. I am working on master the steps of Jiu Jitsu right now. Don't try to tackle everything at once Instead master each stage of the skill before you move on to the next level. If you do this you will learn any skill 10x faster
Memory Training Books | Best Memory Improvement Books
Ron White's - Memory Improvement book https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Training-Books-Best Memory expert and USA Memory Champion, Ron White lists the memory training books that have impacted him. Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory Harry Lorrayne's The Memory Book Scott Flansburg's Math Magic Dominic Obrien's Quantum Memory Are some of the ones mentioned in this video. I have taken all the memory courses mentioned in this video except Ramon's but I know he is very successful in speed memory. Memory training has really changed me life and I hope you enjoy the memory books I recommended Get my memory tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Training-Books-Best
Memory training tips for a Mind Palace
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=memory-training-tips-from-bangkok Get memory training tips at link above now https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do memory training tips https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=memory-training-tips-from-bangkok Link above is link to the Mind Palace explanation. The mind palace is in my opinion the strongest memory training technique. Using this I think you can memorize more than you ever imagined. I've used the mind palace to memorize 7,000 words in sequence (it took me 10 months). I've also used it to become a 2 time USA memory champion and set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA . In my memory training courses the mind palace is the number one memory training strategy I teach. Watch the video above if you are interested in memory training and create your own mind palace. Oh you may here some refer to the mind palace as a memory palace, journey method, roman room or method of loci. But it's all the same thing. Memory training tipshttps://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=memory-training-tips-from-bangkok
How To Memorize Your Notes - Remember What You Learn In Class
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-Your-Notes Get memory training tips at link above now Get Your Mind Palace Training Here: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-Your-Notes So you go to class and then a few days later or even worse when the test comes you can't remember what you learned in class! It's terrible. You feel like you aren't smart or you wasted all the time learning because you can't memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class. This video I give my tips on exactly how to memorize your notes: 1. In order to memorize your notes it only makes sense that you have to take notes. I am a memory expert and 2 time USA Memory Champion yet I always take notes in class. I don't try to memorize as the instructor is teaching. Instead I take notes in class and then late I will work to memorize my notes. 2. When taking notes use different color highlighters to remember group the concepts in your notes. For example if it is a history test you may want to highlight all the world leaders names in blue and the cities in red. Just something so when you look at your notes it jumps out at you and makes it more of a picture. Your mind remembers pictures. So if you want to memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class by highlighting this groups them in your memory. 3. Ask questions in class and be engaged. It only makes sense if you are talking at asking questions this forces your brain to think and engage and there is a much better chance you will recall what you are learning in class 4. Talk to people and ask questions after class. When you start having conversations about what you learned in class this conversation will not only allow you to hear other people's perspectives it may clear some things up for you and you might clear some things from class up for them. But also this will help you to remember what you learned in class because you were reviewing it by talking about it. 5. Use a memory technique. My favorite memory technique to memorize anything (not just notes) is known as the Mind Palace. I did an entire video on the Mind Palace technique and it is really good if I do say so myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vlpQHJ09do These are some of my best tips to memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class. I hope you find this helpful and you like my videos Thank you Ron White memory expert and memory champion
How To Memorize SAT Vocabulary and Definitions
Get Your FREE Memory Training Right Here: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-SAT-Vocab Remembering vocabulary is very important to getting a good score on the SAT test and good grades in school. It is also important in life and even reading comprehension and reading speed. To remember vocabulary it is the principle of seeing images for the pictures. For example to memorize the SAT vocabulary here Neophyte = beginner You would imagine a 'knee fight' and in audience bees drinking gin. So to memorize vocabulary you take the word you want to memorize and the definition and see them together in a combined image. Spurious = possible but probably false So here I turn the word spurious into a picture being a cowboy's spur and probably false for me is Lochness Monster. I combine the two by seeing the Lochness Monster wearing cowboy spurs. So now I remember spurious = possible but probably false. If you want More Information and memory training from Ron then check out his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RonWhiteMemory/ Remembering vocabulary is an important part of school work and getting good grades. This is how you memorize vocabulary whether it is for the SAT test or just remembering vocabulary words in general. Get free memory training here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-SAT-Vocab
How to Break Bad Habits
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=break-bad-habits Go to the link above to start a GOOD habit of improving your memory. The link above is for good habits. Now below is how to break bad habits. Do you have bad habits that you would like to break? This video is how to break bad habits. Before you understand how to break bad habits it is important to understand where bad habits come from. First it is a trigger. You are triggered by something. For example hunger. This trigger leads you to having a cupcake. Eating a cookie is the behavior. Your brain gets the reward of sugar. Then the next time you are sad the sadness is the trigger. Your brain reminds you that you felt good after a cupcake last time you needed something. So you eat the cupcake to get that reward. And this cycle of trigger, behavior, reward leads to the creation of a bad habit. Bad habits can be created and they can be broken as well. Here are my steps on how to break bad habits: 1. Mindfullness. This is a technique to break bad habits where you are simply just more aware of what is going on. And you rationalize and think about the consequences before you do something. My bad habits are vodka and sugar. Before I have a drink I will ask myself, 'Do I like how I feel afterwards?' or before I have too make cake, 'Do I like how I feel after I eat cake?' Mindfulness can help you break bad habits. Step #2 on how to break bad habits is substitution. Replace a bad habit with a good habit. So if your bad habit is spending too much time on Facebook then tell yourself every time you get the urge to write on Facebook you will write in your journal or replace it with another good habit. Or maybe your bad habit is eating sugar, so you promise yourself when you get the urge you will eat apples and have apples ready to eat. This substitution will help you in breaking bad habits. The next step in how to break bad habits is to eliminate the triggers. For example, if your bad habit is drinking vodka then take away the trigger of going to the bar. If your bad habit is eating candy don't keep candy at your house. Taking these triggers away will help you to break bad habits. The next step to break bad habits is to be optimistic. It is easy to think, 'Why even try?' Don't think this way. In order to break bad habits you are going to have to be optimistic. My final suggestion in how to break bad habits is to be surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you. This will keep you away from the bad habits. Get my memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=break-bad-habits If you liked my suggestions on how to break bad habits here are other ways too http://lifehacker.com/top-10-ways-to-break-bad-habits-1694247761
How to Meditate the Right Way
http://brainathlete.com/how-to-meditate?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Meditate-right-way The link above has tips on how to meditate but also strategies on how to improve your memory. To meditate the right way you need to find yourself a quiet place. Sit upright if you can or if you have a bad back like me maybe you can sit in a half upright position. The danger of laying down when you meditate is that you may fall asleep. As you meditate take deep breaths and breath the air in and bring it up throughout your body. You want to try to think of as little as possible when you meditate. If a thought enters your mind you want to try to just push it away. The idea is to observe but not entertain the thought. Meditation has many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, clarity of mind and even memory improvement. As a memory expert I was very interested in meditation for memory improvement. You can meditate on an airplane if you have noise canceling headphones. Ideally the right way to meditate would be in the morning, afternoon and bedtime. But maybe you don't have time for that. So maybe you just want to meditate in the morning or at night. Or whatever works for you. Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your mind. It can help you can perspective. Please give this video a thumbs up if you learned something. Click the link for how to meditate the right way http://brainathlete.com/how-to-meditate?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Meditate-right-way Meditation is great for you. Try it!
How to Forget Painful Memories | Erase Your Memory
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=forget-painful-memories Get memory training tips at link above now How to forget Do you have a hard to forgetting? Do you have a painful memory that you would like to forget? How to forget someone you love. How to erase memories. These are all things we wish we could do if it is painful. In this video I talk about how to forget the past I think we all have something in our memory that we wish we could push to the side. In this video I talk about how to forget something that is bothering you. I share 2 strategies to forget something. 1. Change the channel. In other words replace the memory with something else. Like changing the channel on television. 2. You can change the way you see memories. If the memory is really bothering you then change the way you see it. Make it smaller in your mind. Or speed it up or make it funny. Or even push the memory to the back of your mind literally as you visualize it small in the distance If you do these things over time not only can you change the way you see a memory but you can actually forget the memory. Follow these steps to forget a memory. Here is a great article on how to forget http://www.wikihow.com/Purposefully-Forget-Things
Brain Capacity: Is There a Limit and How To Increase It?!
Get your free training to build your own mind palace at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Capacity and start memorizing everything you want and need! How much information can the human brain hold? Do you have to forget something to learn something new? Is here a limit to human memory? These are all interesting questions we tackle in this video. How much can you remember and can you fill up your brain? How much info can your brain hold. 1. You do not have to forget something to remember new information. This is not even remotely true despite what Homer Simpson says :) 2. The human brain can hold a lot of information. The human memory can store massive amounts of information. To put it into perspective if your mind was a recorder and recorded tv shows. You could record and store over 300 years worth of television shows 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The human memory is not like a thumb drive it is much more massive and really there is nothing to compare it to 3. Is there a limit to human memory? Maybe. But the human life span would have to increase by hundreds of years before we find that out and then at that point perhaps the human brain will have evolved to hold more information! Learn more about brain capacity: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/jan/04/can-i-increase-my-brain-power Be sure to check out our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrn5bzpRYOKVJoRoYvn8mPQ My suggestion to you is to learn a memory training system to see how much your human memory can hold! A great memory training system is the Mind Palace. Here is the link for that https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Brain-Capacity
Memorizing a Speech - How To Memorize Your Speech with Memory Training
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-Speech Get memory training tips at link above now Use memory training to memorize any speech says memory expert Ron White With memory training you can memorize your speech. Step 1 to memorize a speech = write out your speech bullet points. never write out a speech word for word or attempt to memorize word for word. Instead use bullet points. Step 2 to memorize a speech = Use a memory training technique known as the Mind Palace. This is where you memorize spots in a room and later use those spots to store the data. This memory training technique seems simple but the Mind Palace is used by memory experts around the world for many different things Step 3 to memorize a speech = Use the memory training technique known as the Mind Palace. You do this by turning each bullet point in your speech into a mental image and then seeing these mental images around the room. For example if your bullet points are: Increase profits = then you imagine money Setting goals = you imagine a goal post You then imagine these images on furniture in your Mind Palace. This memory training technique can be used for many things including memorizing a speech. Memory experts use this method to give speeches, memorize numbers, dates, facts, details and all other kinds of information. Here is a memory training video on how memory experts use the mind palace https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do Get more memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memorize-Speech
how to remember names and faces | memorize names and faces
Get my personal images for names here. 1600 images for free! http://ronwhitetraining.com/how-to-remember-names-and-faces?wickedsource=facebook&wickedid=names-montel Remembering names and faces is very important in life and in business. It's not something that some people can do and others just have to accept that they can't. It is 100% true that anyone can get better at remembering names in faces. I demonstrate here but I also did this same demonstration on the National Geographic Show Brain Games when I memorized the names inside a theater. Brain Games is a fun show and I enjoyed demonstrating name memory and retention there. When I was training for the USA Memory Championship I had a memory system to remember names and faces and I could memorize 120 names in 15 minutes. When I speak for groups I have memorized 301 names in one single audience before. The most names I have remembered or memorized is 2,300 and these are the fallen heroes from the war in Afghanistan. With rank, first name and last name it is over 7,000 words. In this video I explain 3 of the steps in recalling names and faces: 1. Focus on the person. I suggest that you do this by asking yourself the question, 'What is their name?' as you are walking towards them 2. Select a distinct facial feature on the person 3. Create a picture for their name I have hundreds of pictures for names already created and if you go to the link above you can get that. So this is how I memorize names and faces and yes it really does work.
Memory Palace Question | How to Memorize With Memory Palace
Memory training tips https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Palace-Question https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do If you don't know what the Memory Palace or Mind Palace method is click the video above. It is a great video describing this method. One of the most common questions I get about the memory palace is, 'What if I run out of space in my home?' When building your Memory Palace here is something important to understand. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO STAY IN THAT HOME! In other words you can go outside of the home in your mind and use items on the street to expand the memory palace. I have over 1300 files (locations in the Mind Palace or Memory Palace). To do this I used locations like: My house My house 3 years ago My house 5 years ago Restaurants Stores Coffee shops Friend's homes Family members homes Sports stadiums Hotels Streets Schools Office buildings So when building this memory palace it doesn't mean that in your mind you have to stay in your current home. Get CREATIVE!! I do sometimes map these out on paper or even walk around and take pictures and then load them into my Memory Palace power point and memorize them that way. I hope this helps Get my free ebook here with more memory training tips https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Palace-Question
Memory Training with Waitress
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=bangkok-hooters-waitress Get my memory training tips at link above I've been teaching memory training seminars for 25+ years. Recently my waitress asked me what I do for a living. When I told her memory training she asked for a quick memory training exercise. I quickly explained to her the Mind Palace (also known as the memory palace) method of memorizing. If you want to see a full explanation on the Mind Palace go here https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do Basically you use locations in rooms to memorize what you are wanting to recall. It is more involved than this but this is the right idea. I have used this memory training strategy to memorize as many as 7,000 words for 1 project. I used it to become the USA Memory Champion and set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA. Memory training is fun and effective and as you can see it can be learned very quickly. https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=bangkok-hooters-waitress Get my memory training tips at link above
How to Memorize | How to Remember Names | Memory Speaker
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-memorize-up-exeperience-2013 get my memory tips at link above Enter your email address at link above to get my free training on how to remember names and faces. It is really good stuff! :) Memory speaker and memory expert, Ron White, gives a quick 20 minute speech with tips on: - How to remember names - The value of remembering names - How to memorize using the roman room or method of loci - Eat foods good for the memory - Study tips for students The 1st part of the 20 minute speech is a memory demonstration where he recalls names of people he previously met followed by an explanation on how to do this. Ron White is a 2 Time USA Memory Champion This video was filmed Nov 2011 and the same day as Game 6 of the 2011 World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals and you will see a reference to that at the end of the video :) https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-memorize-up-exeperience-2013 get my memory tips at link above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2GI0huaV5s
The History of Memory Training and The Memory Palace
Get more training over at: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=History-of-memory-training-memory-palace
Memorize the Bill of Rights
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Bill-of-rights Get my memory tips at link above Memory expert and founder of America's Memory, Ron White teaches you to memorize the Bill of Rights. Ron is a 2 time USA Memory Champ and veteran of the US Navy. For educational videos on how to memorize facts of US History https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Bill-of-rights
How to do Speed Math // Speed Math Tricks
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedId=speed-math The link above has my free memory training gift. Have you ever seen someone who can do speed math? In this video I give you tips and tricks on how to multiply and add really fast in your head. I have seen people multiple numbers very quickly and it always impresses me. Speed math is a great skill to have and understand
6 year old memorizing presidents of usa
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Kailey Get my memory training tips at link above Notice this 6 year old didn't memorizing the presidents with some song or rhythm. She REALLY knew who was each number. That is a POWERFUL skill and so different from the way most students learn. She could say them forwards, backwards or by number. Kailey used USA Memory Champion Ron White's method
How to Memorize Bible Verses - Remember What You Read From The Bible
Get your free bible and pictures training cards: http://ronwhitetraining.com/how-to-memorize-bible-verses-scripture?WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID=Bible-Memory-remember-read-bible-2015 There is an easy way to memorize bible verses and there is a hard way. You could post up sticky notes all over your home with bible verses and try to memorize one verse a week. Sure that is possible but is that really a good way to memorize bible verses? I don't think it is. What about making flash cards or just repeating the verses over and over to yourself to memorize bible verses? Again I think this will make you crazy. I believe the best, easiest and quickest way to memorize bible verses is to use the Mind Palace. If you have followed my videos for any length of time you know that the Mind Palace is my favorite memory training tool and it is the one I use to memorize bible verses. In this video I explain to you what the Mind Palace is and how you can use it to memorize bible verses such as the Ten Commandments or Romans Chapter 8. In my program 'How to Memorize the Sermon on the Mount' in 3 days I will walk you through how to memorize bible verses the easy way with the Mind Palace method If you want a full description of what a Mind Palace is you can watch this video https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do At the link above I offer more training on how to memorize bible verses as well as a place to go to to get my pictures for the 66 books of the bible which may come in handy when you set out to memorize bible verses I hope you use the Mind Palace to memorize bible verses and everything else that you want to memorize whether it is school work or business information.
How to say, 'You are very beautiful' in russian
Memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=beautiful-russian Get my memory training tips at link above So, you meet a beautiful woman who speaks Russian and you want to compliment her in her native language. This will go a long way! I learned how to say, 'You are very beautiful' in Russian years ago and I always enjoy surprising women by telling them this in their native language. I memorized the phrase phonetically Te-ochen-crazy-for-ya Now that isn't the EXACT pronunciation but that is why I have Olga on this video to correct me and give you the exact pronunciation If you want to say, 'You are very beautiful' in Russian watch this video but also check out my other Russian videos on this channel on how to say other common phrases in Russian http://youtu.be/7NQNzZw-lbI
How To Set Goals With Success
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=set-goals-with-success Get my memory training tips at link above How to set goals the right way. There is a wrong way and a right way to set goals. If you want to accomplish your goals then you need to follow a proven formula on how to set goals the right way. 1. Don't tell people your goals! I know this is controversial tip. But I believe it to be true. Here is why, you see people saying I am going to do this big thing and the next thing you know they are getting a lot of likes and support. This is why they are less likely to accomplish this goal. They are already getting the reward without accomplishing the goal and this makes them less likely to hit that goal. If you want to hit your goals then the first step in how to set accomplish or set goals is to not talk about it. If you do you will get the reward prematurely and then you will be less likely to accomplish it. Of course you want to tell those who can help you with your goals (coach, close friends, etc) 2. Write your goals down is the next step in how to set goals. In setting your goals write them down. This is so you can crystalize them and you are able to look at them and review them on a daily basis. This keeps your goals at the front of your mind. 3. Get a coach! When I was training for the USA Memory Championships I hired a former Navy SEAL (TC Cummings) to be my coach. When I was training for my first Jiu Jitsu tournament and I hired Juan Tatum to coach me. To set your goals the right way set goals! 4. When you set your goals set up a reward system. Tell yourself you will reward yourself something when you hit your goal. 5. Break you goal down in to easy manageable steps. Don't try to accomplish your entire big goal all at once. Instead break your goal down in to easy manageable steps. Give yourself smaller goals every single day or every week. When you accomplish small goals they will add up to large goals. 6. How to set goals point #6 is to be optimistic. You have to have a positive mindset! If you miss one of your small goals along the way don't beat yourself. 7. How to set goals the right way point #7 is most people over estimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade. Set long term goals. There is a right way and a wrong way to set goals. Follow these steps on how to set goals the right way.
How to Remember Names with Memory Training
Get my images for 1600 names here http://ronwhitetraining.com/how-to-remember-names-and-faces?wickedsource=facebook&wickedid=how-to-remember-names-with-memory-training Here is a full video on how to memorize and remember names https://youtu.be/8weFiPGFObk
Memory Palace tip | Memory training technique
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Palace-Tip-Memory-Training-Technique Get memory training tips at link above now Memory training tips https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=Memory-Palace-Tip-Memory-Training-Technique Memory Palace video: https://youtu.be/3vlpQHJ09do The above link is a video describing what a Mind Palace is. Memory expert Ron White gives memory training tips