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New clothes glitch! (Updated IMVU)
Shout out to Breanna Johnson or Jackson sub to her!
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|IMVU| painful Season 1 Episode 1 ~read desc~
This is my first episode series really bad I want to barf just uploading it but I won't plz no hate comments! All hate comments will be reported and removed by me so lemme know in the comments if I did bad or good on a scale from 1-10 rate this and lemme know if it's good if not tell me what's bad about it and I will try to fix it next time I upload a new one! Love to all of my subs and imvu friends! :)
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|IMVU| Painful season 1 Episode 2 ~read desc~
I might end this series show and create a new one so lemme know in the comments if I should end this one and create a new one or keep this one and create a new one. Give me your opinion please so I can make things better! Plus I really really hate this episode but show lots of love to my vids plz and support me! Supporting me would be alot of help and giving me details of what I need to fix in these series. So plz comment your opinions don't be afraid cause it will help me make great vids! Like comment and sub! ❤️
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Imvu paint ~read desc~
The app I used is Ibispaint x and the brushes I used will be in my next video showing you a tutorial of how to make the hair and the other stuff... I also wanted to thank all of you people who are subbed to me cause I see I'm now at 929 I'm almost at 1k subs (well not almost) love you all❤️
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Spin wheel picks my IMVU outfit...
I have to say this came out really unexpected I mean the look was cute or average and I have no problem with it but this is the first and last time I do something like this like comment and you know what else to do!❤️
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Ibispaint x
House tour
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