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yesung *speedpaint*
hey hey ^^ i thought elf will love to see smt like this i have more fan arts here http://instadoor.online/user/f_.y_.h
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Using the LASSO TOLL to?
this is for beginners and yeah ^_^ for asking me any thing go to my instagram @f_.y_.h i will post the finished piece there.
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dead apple & banana fish AMV
my 2nd Amv, wish u like it... will upload a video edit for bongou stray dogs, in a few days, subscribe to check it..
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تلوين رسمة قديمه رقميا/my first time colouring a greyscale with an old portrait
finally finishing this wip my first greyscale colouring ever ^^ it was so easy but i will not use it again unless u ask.
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sj fanbook for one more chance
just wanted to try the best telegram channels to teach art https://t.me/mortedha1 https://t.me/hibbbe124 follow me to see more on instagram http://instadoor.online/user/f_.y_.h
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one sick layer art challenge
soooo wanted to this since for ever and last night i was sick and had no think to do so late at night thus i drew this weird ugly fish man
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MEGAPACK new photo shop brushes!!!
first think in this video is how to download and load them and the i work with them a little ^^ this is not sponsored . get the brushes https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/brushes.html?promoid=XKMMHH6G&mv=other
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مشاركتي لمسابقه جرعه فن عن الفضاء
sorry for the bad editing , so tired اسفه لاني ما سويت ايديتن للفديو بس الرسم تعبني
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realistic lips drawing by anther artist tutorial ?
so here is ,y thought that i have to point out : first thanks to the artist how made this and i do not know if u allow me to use it or not , but if not please tell me so i delete the vid. 2nd these tutorials are not really good unless if u know the exacte same brush or what layer mode was used so if u r just starting search for something else or i wish the artist add more decription . . this vid is requsted by the members of https://t.me/mortedha1 and https://t.me/hibbbe124
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