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James Vincent McMorrow-If I had a Boat (Lyrics on the Screen)
What would you do,If you had a boat? I just love that guy,he is a total addiction! DISCLAIMER: SONG by James Vincent McMorrow I do NOT Own a thing!
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Semisonic-Secret Smile (Lyrics on the Screen)
visit my music-lyric site for more tunes like this www.lyricsonmywall.com for the distant dreamers Enjoy! by Statha2008
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Broken Records-Lies (Lyrics on the Screen)
Dare you to Listen to this one! Statha2008 Don't Forget to share the music,like it,favorite it and most of all Subscribe to my Channel babiezzz! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!
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Angus & Julia Stone-Take You Away (Lyrics on the screen)
by statha2008 ---I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO. ALL THE COPYRIGHTS GOES TO ANGUS & JULIA STONE AND THEIR LABEL.--- Angus & Julia are a duet from Australia. Brother and Sister,who never fail to touch my heavy heart. This song is included in their album "Memories of an old friend". Underrated artists are all over but don't forget that music is about sharing! In this video you can see some of my favorite photos all taken by me.. Landscapes able to hunt you for a second or two... Thank you for listening to good music Statha2008 DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO.
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Grant Lee Philips-Under The Milky Way (Lyrics on the Screen)
this song can easily break your heart and put it back together again! Enjoy The song! Try to release yourself! by Statha2008
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Ben Howard-I Will Be Blessed (THE STORY TELLER EDITION)
Too bad quality camera, but so many feelings are coming out of it.... This is a story of me going back to a place I lived and loved and I really miss right now... I left behind my good friends and some amazing moments! About the song now.. "I Will Be Blessed" by Ben Howard is what I was listening to, while I begun my way back to that place, so here it is... DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CREDITS OF THE SONG. If you loved it as I did feel free to comment about it and maybe like it and subscribe to my channel. You will be loved by me if you do ^_^ Find Ben Howard on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/benhowardmusic on Twitter: https://twitter.com/benhowardmusic on his website: http://benhowardmusic.co.uk/ on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/ben-howard/id432957499 *for the vintage style I used the "8mm" app **all the footage is taken with an Iphone 3Gs.
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William Fitzsimmons - Please Don't Go (Lyrics on the Screen)
One of my favorite songs! i usually call these songs like treasures,or a piece of gold! this might be a diamond! enjoy a live acoustic version of Please Don't Go by excellent William Fitzsimmons! Statha2008
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Sóley-I'll Drown (Lyrics on the Screen)
by Statha2008 Subscribe to my channel and get glued with some of the most wonderful indie/folk/rock songs. Sóley is an artist from Iceland. Her last album "We Sink" is now available. I find her music haunting and the lyrics are full of beautiful pictures. Thank you for watching and remember to share the good music with your friends. They need music like this in their lives. :) DISCLAIMER: This video is created for entertaining reasons ONLY.
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Joshua Radin-Friend Like You (Lyrics on the Screen)
Right Here-Right Now you are listening a song about friends or not having friends it depends on you how you see it -optimistic or pesimistic! Since I am a dreamer I offer to you a chance to be optimistic!! Enjoy! (Share-Rate-Comment-Subscribe only if you want!)
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Lucy Rose-Shiver (Let The Fire Burn-Edition)
My wonderful subscribers, this is my new attempt. Listen to Lucy Rose, watch the fire and feel the sand between your toes... This song is like a small fairytale! Lucy knows how to speak to your heart and make you shiver! Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more indie songs. Find more awesome tunes at http://lyricsonmywall.blogspot.gr/ GOOD MUSIC IS ABOUT SHARING. Lucy Rose-Shiver (Let The Fire Burn-Edition) Video by Efstathia Batsaki Music by Lucy Rose ALL MUSIC CREDITS GO TO LUCY ROSE.
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Foniko Aisthima Ft. Tragikos Eirwnas-Milas Gia Agapi (Lyrics on the Screen)
epiko kommati...! stixoi,mousiki kai fwnes.. enjoy ;o)
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The Testaments-The Snake @The Zanzibar
While in Liverpool, I was lucky enough to watch a great band playing at the Zanzibar. The Testaments are what you need to listen when you want to groove!
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Dance Academy Halkidiki-All Ladies Debut TDF 2017- 3rd place
coach: Christina Iordanidou
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egw den se katigorw kotsiras live
to palio kommati tou gianni kotsira "egw den se katigorw" me nea,pio rok enorxistrwsi!! apolafste ton live! p.s. stin arxi fainetai skoteino alla meta mia xara!
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mazi mou ela-giannis kotsiras-eleni tsaligopoulou live in halkidiki 08
mazi mou ela... panw ap'ta sunnefa nuxta kai mera panw ap'ta sunnefa panw ap'ta sunnefa....MAZI MOU ELA!! AKOUSTE TO KAI TRAGOUDISTE TO du-na-ta!!!!!!
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Mumford and Sons-White Blank Page (Lyrics on the Screen)
Such a great music Another piece of Gold is right here! by Statha2008 Enjoy!
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Giorgos Conor-Μια κιθάρα αγκαλιά (Friends Session)
Είναι νέος και ταλαντούχος...αλλά αυτό που πραγματικά ξεπερνά κάθε προσδοκία είναι το γεγονός πως είναι αυτοδίδακτος! Γράφει στίχους,γράφει και μουσική...όλους τους νταλκάδες του τους βγάζει με μια κιθάρα αγκαλιά! Αν σου αρέσει κάνε like και αν θες να τον βοηθήσεις να γίνει πιο γνωστός κάνε και share! Ο Giorgos Conor με αυτήν την εμφάνιση υπόσχεται πολλά! Βρες τον Giorgo Conor εδώ: http://www.facebook.com/melachrinos.angelos.9
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Wake Owl-Gold (It Smells Like Spring-Edition) HD
It just felt right to cover this video with this music! Wake Owl is a band that I've discovered recently and their melodies got me hooked! The videos are all taken by me in fields that I've also recenlty discovered in my village. I really struggled to finish this project since my softwares didnt want to respond... after all I am happy they have their own personalities :) Find more about "Wake Owl" here: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wakeowl YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WakeOwlVideos Website: http://wakeowl.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/wakeowl Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wake-owl Find more great songs like this one here: My Blog: http://lyricsonmywall.blogspot.gr/ Subscribe and tell me what song should I do next here: http://www.youtube.com/user/statha2008 Love you all! Bye bye! :)
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to tsigaro kotsiras live in parapotamos thesprotias-1o by the river party
Ο καταπληκτικός Γιάννης Κοτσιρας με την άκρως αισθαντική φωνή του,μάς ταξίδεψε στις 2 Αυγούστου 2009 στην συναυλία που έδωσε μαζί με την Ραλία Χρηστίδου και τον Μύρωνα Στρατή,στον Παραπόταμο Θεσπρωτίας στο 1ο by the river party!! Μπράβο παιδιά καταπληκτική η προσπάθεια!! keep rockin'!!!!
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Zak Stefanou-Sto Diastima Drapetes
Zak Stefanou is one of my favorite artists in Greece. He used to be my number one as a teenager and the kind of music he writes is playing all the time in my mind. I had the chance to meet him 3 times and I have to say that his performance is from outter space. You can follow him by liking his facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/mpandakoala If you loved this live performance give it a thumb up and rememvber that good music is about sharing! :)
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ws to ximerwma- giannis kotsiras-eleni tsaligopoulou live in halkidiki august 08!
Η έναρξη της συναυλίας με το απίστευτο δύδιμο ΓΙΑΝΝΗ ΚΟΤΣΙΡΑ & ΕΛΕΝΗ ΤΣΑΛΙΓΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ... Χαλκιδική Αύγουστος 2008
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LOWmountain-Near Her Heart (Trip Edit)
So this is what it is... I travelled to Brno,Czech Republic and I've met those great artists! Alan,Dee and Niall! Trust me,People, you have no idea how precious that moment was for me. Alan,Dee,Niall thank you for giving me the permission to edit this video with your music. You gave me an experience for life. The photos that are covering that video are taken and edited by me! I hope you like it! If you do,then Favorite it,Like it,Comment it. and please remember Good music is about sharing. Statha2008 Find LOWmountain on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOWmountain/240061978441 Subscribe on LOWmountain's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lowmountainmusic
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Alister Said-Mellow Meltdown live @Jacaranda
One of the best performer is based in Liverpool. He goes by the name Alister Said and he played for us at the Jacaranda some of his great tunes. Here you can watch him playing "Mellow Meltdown". Find more about Alister Said here: https://soundcloud.com/alister-said
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Γιατί είσαι η μαμά μας...
by Statha2008 COPYRIGHTS Artist-Tori Kelly Song-Always Love You Find Tori Kelly here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToriKelly
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Naki  R.I.P  ston paradeiso
efuge aprosmena... o xamos tous gia kapoious einai anapantexos!! as ton skeftoume ston paradeiso.. afto tha mas apalunei ton pono!! nakis26/09/10
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Giorgos Conor-Θα χαθώ (New Year's Resolution cover)
Μαζευτήκαμε φιλαράκια και κουμπαράκια να φάμε και να περάσουμε καλά... το αποτέλεσμα ήταν αυτή η ευχάριστη εκτέλεση από τον Γιώργο Κόνορ! ps. συναχομένος μουσικός!! Τον Giorgo Conor θα βρείτε εδώ http://www.facebook.com/melachrinos.angelos.9
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Florence and The Machine-You Got The Love
The most spiritual song I've ever heard! I hope you all get my thoughts via this video! and leave comments! Statha!
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pige treis-mixalis xatzigiannis live in halkidiki september 08
pws?? pws ximerwnei i nuxta pws?? leipeis kai leipei o ouranos..... afierwmeno.. se kapoion!!
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Lomax: Alister Said
Alister Said at the Lomax-Liverpool Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/LomaxLiverpool https://www.facebook.com/Alistersaid?fref=ts
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Ben Williams-Foolish Live @Jacaranda
Having honed his trade busking on the streets of Manchester, Ben Williams has become an in demand performer for both studio and live work. As a songwriter, Ben has co-written tracks on albums by Kristyna Myles, Jon Kenzie and Beggar Joe amongst others. Recently Ben has decided to move to the front of the stage. Climbing over his amplifier, tripping over a few cables and sending some stands flying, he finally finds himself at the microphone for the recording of his debut album due for release in 2015. Ben’s most recent single ‘Too Cold For Snow’ received airplay across the UK on stations such as BBC Manchester, BBC Southampton, BBC Reading and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. It also received international airplay on stations such as BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Services). Ben’s album will contain eleven self-penned songs in his quirky and inimitable style, performed by a selection of Manchester’s finest musicians. Find more about Ben here: http://benpwilliams.com/ https://soundcloud.com/benpwilliams
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Billy C.-Don't Matter No More (Road Trip with 12 Gods Edition)
One of my best friends, George and me have been invited by an amazing couple in their traditional retreat on mount Olympus, named "Pantheon". This word comes from ancient years and it means "the view of everything", giving an honest description of what we viewed this whole weekend up there. This video was captured in the way back from Mount Olympus... Now let's talk about the song... nothing happened by accident! This song was on while we were capturing the video... so we decided to make it a lyric cover. Billy C. is a great talent and a friend of George, he had no problem to use his song for our video! Find Billy C. here http://www.billycmusic.com Download his music here http://www.billycmusic.com/chaos-of-emotions.html If you liked our experience give this video a thumb up and why not? Share it too! :) If you wanna listen to some great acoustic,indie,rock,alternative music subscribe to my channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/statha2008
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Lomax: Will Stockley
Will Stockley at the Lomax. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/LomaxLiverpool https://www.facebook.com/will.stockley?fref=ts
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A Night with "The Real Greek Myth"
A Night with "The Real Greek Myth"
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Lyrics On My Wall: Angus & Julia Stone-A Heartbrake
Angus & Julia Stone live at The Albert Hall in Manchester! Enjoy!
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Lomax: Mick Flaherty
Mick Flaherty live at the Lomax. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/LomaxLiverpool https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mick-Flaherty-Music/160357820655819?sk=timeline
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In War with the Souls
As you may know, I live in Greece. Since last summer more than 80.000 people have come to Greece looking for a way in Europe. In March 2016, our neighbour-countries have closed their borders for good. The situation at the Greek borders -Idomeni- has become really serious. The government is not able to handle the refugees. The volunteers are those who keep the refugees alive. If you pay a visit, you will see kids, fighting for one shoe... not a pair of shoes, just the one! The rain has made their living a true hell, and most of them are sick. The image of a newborn baby right out of the tent, being washed with cold water, made it to the breaking news, but even this scene wasn't cruel enough to move the system. I wonder... what else has to be done in order to find a solution? We are not talking about feeding them or find a shelter for them... We are talking about the root of the problem. The war at their homeland must come to an end. Nobody is leaving his home, unless this home is not safe anymore. Stop the War with the Souls. Artist: Paolo Nutini Track: Iron Sky
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kotsiras tipota live in halkidiki august 2008
ena apo ta pio agapimena mou tragoudia... toses lexeis me toso megalo kai dunato noima... enjoy! me agapi...
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