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(Gacha studio) The dragon princess |ep 1| escaping
Here is a new serie I hope you enjoy watching Music is legends never die I still need to figure out what music suit it best for the videos i will make in the future
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|Gachaverse|Sonic x Shadow |Yaoi story| episode two
I used Gachaverse this time cause like i can use more characters
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Sonic x Shadow Yaoi Story |episode 1|
Cause i just love yaoi i made this And i did my best to make this as good as possible and their looks as well I dont own the music Music: beautiful now
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(GachaVerse) Sisters forever |Season 1 |Episode 1
I hope you enjoyed watching XP Dont own the music
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|Gachaverse|The nice sisters and the spoiled sister |episode 1|
Welp people like the series with a spoiled brat So i made one and i did my best Music: All falls down - Alan walker
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Transgender Sisters |GachaLife| Episode 1
Dont own the music Music: Grrrrls -
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(GachaVerse)Delia's background Story| episode 1| Version 1|
Music: All Falls down - Alan walker
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Dragon princess |GachaLife| episode 2 teaser
Here is a little tease for the episode two
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Alysum boy |Gachalife | Gay story| Episode 1
I dont own the music Undertale & anime credit to their rightfull owner
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Angel of Revenge |Episode 1|GachaLife
I hope the story i made is good Dont own the music
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The dearest sister|Episode 1|GachaLife|
Music: lost boys
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The witch's true love |Gachalife|Mini movie
It costed me longer then i was planned to make this....cause finding/thinking ideas...isnt easy Music: lost boys
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The dragon princess |Episode 2| Gachalife
I hope everyone like it And enjoy episode two as well Ehhhh i did my best
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(Gacha studio) My true thoughts |Episode one| Season 1|
I was kinda to excited to make this my True thoughts mixed with some dark thoughts Serie It even made me nervous I dont own the music
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The soul sisters |Gachalife| episode 1
I didnt know a beter name so i call it Soul sisters I dont own the music
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(Gacha studio)Twin & Gay love |Ep 1| Season 1|
The story is about the twins but also about Yaoi So it is mixed
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