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3 Doors Down  Shine Single
NEW SONG from 3 Doors Down. From AT&T Team USA Soundtrack. Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, BC. NOTE: I am not claiming rights to this music. Purchase link: http://soundtrack.att.net/
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Gangnam Style Dance Practice Video
Practice hard guys!! Very proud of each and every one of you for putting so much time and energy into making this event happen. I'll see you all @ 3pm for practice at the MAC Room in the gym, or @ 5pm for the mob! The music heard in this video does not belong to me. All music is property of the original great god of Gangnam, PSY. This video is intended for private use only, for practice, and for personal enjoyment.
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CSA Eboard Guys Sing Pokemon Theme Song
CSA cover of a childhood classic...Oh god..
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Linkin Park The Catalyst Single
NEW SONG from Linkin Park. Released August 2, 2010. Linkin Park's LATEST HIT. Purchase along with new album, A Thousand Suns (TBR: Sept 14, 2010), at www.linkinpark.com Also featured in newest Medal of Honor trailer, watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTtOVa1DZJ8 And visit the official site @ www.medalofhonor.com
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Bonnie's Piano Recital at Eastman
Dec 11 2010
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RICE CREW at UR DU Dance Competition
RICE CREW performs for DU's "Dance for Charity" competition on Dec 10, 2010
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RICE Crew 2011 UR Senior Show Performance
RICE Crew performs for the UR 2011 Senior Show. Congrats to the seniors. We're going to miss you! Come back and see us soon~
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Tiberius T9 .68 Paintball Quick Shoot
Fixed the bad o-rings, loose screws and now it shoots good as new. Just went out in the backyard and popped off some rounds at my simple target. Enjoy!
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CSA Eboard Guys - 冰雨
CSA Cover of Andy Lau's 冰雨
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Flight of Apollo
NEW SONG Angels and Airwaves
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Mid Autumn Festival RICE Dance 1
Great job guys!
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RICE Crew @ Senior Show 2012
Fantastic performance once again! We wish farewell to 11 graduating seniors - You will all be missed! Video taken by Harris Lau. © May 2012. All rights reserved. Music in performance property of original artists. Custom mix by RICE Crew. We do not own any of this music.
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RICE Crew Dance Vice & Virtue 2010
CSA/KASA/TASA/FASA Vice & Virtue 2010
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Mid Autumn Festival RICE Dance 2
Great job guys!!
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Lightning Strike in Rochester
Severe thunderstorm off in the distance, left a camera sitting by my window and captured some pretty cool lightning strikes. This one is by far the biggest..
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Finch Dodgeball Tournament Game C
June 22 2009 Rematch on Sunday Jun 28, 2009 - come and watch!
Views: 98 BountyHunter106
Night Market 2011 RICE CREW Dance 1
MJ/Elva Dance
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Camera Thieves 1
I thought this video was a little embarrassing to those in it with the combination of awkward dancing and music. And I considered not putting it up. But then I realized that it was because of these great people that I ended up spending about $250 for a new camera because I thought I lost this one. It was then that I decided I really didn't need to be so considerate! Yayyyyyy!! So...The first part of the video is pretty much just a bunch of shitty dancing. You don't have to watch all of it. I felt my IQ drop significantly even as I skimmed through. Just skip forward and watch the last 20 seconds or so. I know it's hard, but try to ignore the extremely irritating cackling of the girl holding the camera. And laugh at the face the girl dressed up as a poor representation of some sort of cross between a cat and a hooker makes when she realizes that the owner of the camera is at the door. Priceless guys. Priceless.
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Finch Dodgeball Tournament Game B
June 22 2009 Rematch on Sunday Jun 28, 2009 - come and watch!
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Finch Dodgeball Tournament Game A
June 22 2009 Rematch on Sunday, Jun 28, 2009 - come and watch!
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RICE Crew @ Instant Noodle Crew Show
All songs copyright original artists. I do not own any of the tracks heard.
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A Left 4 Dead Movie
Pattom, Demon Larkham, Emp the Squirrel and friends do some damage in Left 4 Dead.
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Rockets w/ Alex and Tom
Very cold and windy day..
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Frances and Victor Capoeira
UR April 20 2011
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Finch Dodgeball Game 1 Practice Rounds
Guys warming up for the games to follow. June 22 2009. Rematch on Sunday Jun 28, 2009 - come and watch!
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The snow is just not stopping...
It's been snowing for almost 5 days here..
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Views: 13 BountyHunter106
Views: 8 BountyHunter106
Halo Reach Legendary Edition Unboxing
Our friend got the legendary, and we coerced him into unboxing on camera.
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Car Dock Test
Taken with droid x
Views: 38 BountyHunter106
A Chex Mix Story
Adobe AfterFX CS4 Stop-Action Animation Project I do not own any of this music. All songs copyright original artists. BIG BANG - What is Right Command & Conquer - Theme
Views: 70 BountyHunter106
Gilbert 1 Ok Go This too shall pass Cover
Amazing song guys..Thanks so much for performing at the U of R. Come back again! Singers are Eric, Albert, Mark & Jess. Video by Anthony.
Views: 64 BountyHunter106

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