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JW Change: Creating a Sequence
How to create a sequence in JW Change.
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JW Meter and Rhythm
Feature set demo of the "JW Meter and Rhythm" plug-in for Finale. The plug-in is a free download from www.finaletips.nu
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JW Change Preview - Feathered Beams Demo
A preview of the future plug-in "JW Change" for Finale.
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JW Lua: Group Scripts
Demo of how to automate work with Group Scripts in JW Lua. The demo uses the new Finale 2014 hairpin feature.
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Mozart: "Der Spiegel" Duet - part 1
Part 1 (of 2) of the playback of the table/mirror duet by Mozart, from Finale 2011. This is part of the Challenge #4 on the Finale tips site: http://www.finaletips.nu
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Chordal passages with JW Staff Pitches
A demo of a 4-note chordal passage that is distributed to 3 staves, where the middle staff is a 2-layer staff. It uses 3 different plug-ins: JW Staff Pitches JW Keep Line JW Explode Layers All plug-ins can be downloaded from the Finale tips site: http://www.finaletips.nu/
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JW Change - Articulation Snap
(Feature in development.) A demo of how to snap specific articulations to a guide in JW Change.
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JW Pattern Copy demo
A demo of the "JW Pattern Copy" plug-in for Finale, by Jari Williamsson. The plug-in is available free for download at http://www.finaletips.nu
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JW Sequence Demo
A demo of the JW Sequence plug-in, by Jari Williamsson. The plug-in can repeat a pattern sequence in any diatonic pitch combination based on the first note and the duration of the whole sequence.
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JW Change - Tempo Smart Shapes in Score/Parts
How to set the visibility of all tempo smart shapes for both the score and parts, using one of the document's score lists.
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Finale 2014 Dynamics
Quick demo of dynamics and hairpins in Finale 2014.
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JW AlphaNotes Demo
Demo of the "JW AlphaNotes" plug-in for Finale, by Jari Williamsson. It puts the note pitches in the notehead, including the state of the accidentals. Works with Finale 2011 and later. Demo shows a demo of both the English and Northern European note spelling. Plug-in is available for download at: www.finaletips.nu
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Mozart: "Der Spiegel" Duet - part 2
Part 2 (of 2) of the playback of the table/mirror duet by Mozart, from Finale 2011. This is part of the Challenge #4 on the Finale tips site: http://www.finaletips.nu
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JW Lua 0.12 beta Demo - Script Parameters
Demo of "Script Parameter" concept in 0.12, resulting in switching between 2 "house styles".
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JW Rotate Chord Demo
A demo how to quickly revoice parts of a short chordal passage in Brahms' 4th symphony (measures 190-191 in the first movement, in the parts for flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons) by using the JW Rotate Chord plug-in, by Jari Williamsson. The plug-in is available for free download at www.finaletips.nu
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JW Lua: Halloween 2013 - How to scare a document
With Halloween soon coming up, here's a JW Lua script that tries to scare the Finale document...
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JW Lua beta 0.04 preview: Rapid Script Development
A preview demo of JW Lua's functionality added to beta 0.04: the "Class Browser" window can now provide code skeletons that can be inserted into the document.
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JW Change Dynamics Demo
A short demonstration of the Finale plug-in "JW Change Dynamics" by Jari Williamsson. A plug-in for composers, arrangers, editors that quickly need to balance the dynamics in a score. Download the from www.finaletips.nu
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JW Change (Preview)
New version of the preview demo of the JW Change plug-in. It demos the Filters feature.
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JW Space Empty Rests Demo
A demo of the "JW Space Empty Rests" plug-in for Finale. It goes through all the different options and gives some tips on how to use it. For Finale 2010 or later. Available for download at www.finaletips.nu
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Chiptune to Music Notation
A chiptune to music notation convertion in Finale (by using some "JW Lua" scripts). The music used in this demo is from the game "Shovel Knight", composed by Jake Kaufman.
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JW Conceal Rests Demo
Demo of the JW Conceal Rests plug-in, using measures 17-28 of J. S. Bach's E major Partita for Solo Violin as an example. The plug-in is a free download from the Finale tips site (Downloads section): http://www.finaletips.nu/
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Le Sacre du Printemps 100 Years - JW Pattern
Today, exactly 100 years ago (on 29 May 1913), the first performance of The Rite of Spring was taking place in Paris. This is my tribute to that occasion, as well as a demo on how to re-create a sequence from The Rite of Spring with the JW Pattern plug-in.
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JW Rhythm Copy + JW Tie Demo
Demo of a different kind of use in Finale for the "JW Rhythm Copy" plug-in together with the "JW Tie" plug-in. Both Plug-ins created by Jari Williamsson, available for free downloads at www.finaletips.nu
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JW Change Preview - Consistency
Another preview movie of the future plug-in "JW Change" for Finale. This time, the "consistency" feature is explained.
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JW Lua beta 0.03 Preview: Easy User Input
A preview of the upcoming 0.03 beta of JW Lua. It shows how to add user dialog input to the script.
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JW Change 1.00: Feature Set
JW Change 1.00 contains 201 tasks in 17 containers. Here's a description of the feature set.
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