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Not Kung Fu but Guam Fu!!!!!
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Funniest Beatbox Ever!
I do not own rights to this video. I saw this and wanted to share! Too Funny. Original and Full length video can be found here by Ashleigh Strange herself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMmYHCwGP5s
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Belau Dance
Cultural Dance With Some Modern Palauan Music!
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Belau/Palau Dance Part 2 (Rudimch)
Date: June 2014 Why: For reunion at KB bridge the next day Purpose: To represent the Rudimch clan Song: Soul Johanes - Bapasan These are the 6th Generation cousins doing a dress rehearsal for the family reunion event the next day.
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Hip Hop Gospel
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Sarah March 2014
Sarah's birthday coming up in June. Here's a look into the past til the present. In the future, she can laugh about it. lol
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The Funniest Golf Shot Ever X2!!!!!!
Sunday golf with some friends! They make me look pro!
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Perfect Face Plant!!!
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Floating Magic Globe
We couldn't float this globe. Went back to return and get a refund on this defective product. Store owner opened box to make sure everything was there. Tested it too.
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Somewhere out there, Chuck Norris is smiling.
someone's home vid of a perfect (almost...he fell) round house kick. And don't kill me if its the wrong description of the kick...jeez! I'm no kung fu artist.
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PSY - Oppa Gangnam Practice Style.avi
Christmas party around the corner. Secretly recorded my department practicing the popular dance. Hahaha *I don't own any rights to this music. Please support the artist and buy their music.
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Amazing Football Trick Play
This is almost like cheating!!! But its a good play...lol
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The Best Way To Paint!
I don't own rights to this video, it was so amazing I just had to share it all. Peace!
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HARLEM SHAKE - Straight From Harlem, The Real Harlem Shake!
Harlem represent! This is how it should be done, Son! ***I do not own this video nor do I have the rights to it as well. Credit goes to the original uploader!
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The Best Elevator Prank Ever!
I don't own the rights to this video. This is something that was just funny as heck for me and decided to share it with you all.
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