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HairCubed  hair loss product - Building Fiber Spray, USA Patent  Organic + Waterproof
GO: http://haircubed.com/ Phone: 1-800-719-1008 , hair cubed hair loss product - Hair Cubed Building Fiber Spray, USA Patent made all Organic (No Aluminum)+ Waterproof, "Hair Loss Product - HairCubed New Hair Building Fiber made with Organic & Waterproof is guaranteed not to harm your hair, or slow or impede normal hair growth. It is equally effective for both men and women, and stays put until you shampoo it away! Water or moisture alone will not harm it, remove it, or wash it off even while showering, getting caught in the rain, sweating at the gym, or swimming in the pool or at the beach!" DR. Alan W. H 1-800-719-1008 Call Now!!!!!
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Lambert & Lambert - New Patented Squeegee Invention
This amazing squeegee picks up the cleaner off the glass surface - no dripping, no mess! New product available for license from Lambert & Lambert, Inc. See http://www.lambertinvent.com for more information or contact: Dan Fulford Director of Sales Lambert & Lambert, Inc. 612-759-3807 [email protected] http://www.lambertinvent.com
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Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright
Part 4 of the E*Bootcamp targeted to the interests of Darden students. This is a free event open to students, alumni, UVA, and the greater Charlottesville community. The E*Bootcamp consists of a full day of workshops and a reception/networking session. This program focuses on issues of tactical concern to entrepreneurs, for example: incorporating, building a team, sharing equity with founding partners, confidentiality agreements, business plans, start-up accounting, creative bootstrapping, and other funding concerns. Sessions are led by leading entrepreneurship professors and practitioners. The goal of Darden's E*Bootcamp is to provide entrepreneurs with the basic tools to execute the first steps of creating a start-up venture. Unlike other programs, the E*Bootcamp is about basic blocking & tackling to get a start-up going. This session is led by Peter Davis, Attorney, Morrison & Foerster.
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BoldBrandZ - Patented Product - Nose Stud Eye Glasses - Bad Patent
BoldBrandZ - Nose Stud Eye Glasses patent review. Our mission is to facilitate the process of bringing new innovations from ideation to the global marketplace
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Made in Germany | 80 Years of Tempo
In January 1929, Nuremberg paper manufacturer Oskar Rosenfelder registered a patent for a handkerchief in Berlin. Its special feature was that it was made from paper, to be thrown away after use.Although the great depression began just afterwards, the new product was a success. But Rosenfelder didnt profit from it. He was Jewish and had to flee Germany in 1933. His factory and brand name were acquired by Gustav Schickedanz of the Quelle mail order company in 1935. The firm continued to flourish and Tempo became the epitome of Germany's post-war economic miracle. In 1994 it was bought by US concern Procter&Gamble and a Swedish cosmetic multinational, owns the rights. 460 employees are employed at the factory in North Rhine Westphalia, which delivers 9 million packets of tissues daily to more than 40 countries. Holger Trzeczak presents this international brand.
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DP&L Patent No. 5,723,765
The United States Government has been financing research on a genetic engineering technology which, when commercialized, will give its owners the power to control the food seed of entire nations or regions. The Government has been working quietly on this technology since 1983. Now, the little-known company that has been working in this genetic research with the Governments US Department of Agriculture-- Delta & Pine Land-- is about to become part of the worlds largest supplier of patented genetically-modified seeds (GMO), Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri. Relations between Monsanto, Delta & Pine Land and the USDA, on closer scrutiny, show the deep and dark side of the much-heralded genetic revolution in agriculture. It proves deep-held suspicions that the Gene Revolution is not about solving the world hunger problem as its advocates claim. Its about handing over control of the seeds for mankinds basic food supply—rice, corn, soybeans, wheat, even fruit, vegetables and cotton—to privately owned corporations. Once the seeds and their use are patented and controlled by one or several private agribusiness multinationals, it will be they who can decide whether or not a particular customer—lets say for argument, China or Brazil or India or Japan—whether they will or wont get the patented seeds from Monsanto, or from one of its licensee GMO partners like Bayer Crop Sciences, Syngenta or DuPonts Pioneer Hi-Bred International. While most of us dont bother to reflect on where the corn in the box of Kelloggs Corn Flakes or the rice in a box of Uncle Bens Converted Rice come from, when we grab it from the supermarket shelf, they all must originate with seeds. Seeds can either be taken by a farmer from the previous season seeds, and planted to produce the next harvest. Or, seeds can be bought new each harvest season, from the companies which sell their seeds. The advent of commercial GMO seeds in the early 1990s allowed companies like Monsanto, DuPont or Dow Chemicals to go from supplying agriculture chemical herbicides like Roundup, to patenting genetically altered seeds for basic farm crops like corn, rice, soybeans or wheat. For almost a quarter century, since 1983, the US Government has quietly been working to perfect a genetically engineered technique whereby farmers would be forced to turn to their seed supplier each harvest to get new seeds. The seeds would only produce one harvest. After that the seeds from that harvest would commit suicide and be unusable. There has been much hue and cry, correctly so, that this process, patented suicide seeds, officially termed GURTs (Genetic Use Restriction Technologies), is a threat to poor farmers in developing countries like India or Brazil, who traditionally save their own seeds for the next planting. In fact, GURTs, more popularly referred to as Terminator seeds for the brutal manner in which they kill off plant reproduction possibilities, is a threat to the food security as well of North America, Western Europe, Japan and anywhere Monsanto and its elite cartel of GMO agribusiness partners enters a market. The Curious History of Delta & Pine Land Delta & Pine Land is a company that, despite the pine in its name, has deep roots. Founded in 1888, it has its headquarters at One Cotton Row in Scott, Mississippi, nestled between Goat Island and Choktaw Bar Island on the Mississippi River, near the Arkansas border. However, the people running things at Delta Pine are anything but your typical Mississippi black-dirt cotton farmers. In 1983, Delta & Pine Land (D&PL) joined with the US Department of Agriculture in a project to develop Terminator seeds. It was one of the earliest experiments with GMO. It was a long-term project. The US Government has been serious about Terminator beginning more than two decades ago. In March 1998 the US Patent Office granted Patent No. 5,723,765 to Delta & Pine Land for a patent titled, Control of Plant Gene _Expression. The patent is owned jointly, according to Delta & Pines Security & Exchange Commission 10K filing, by D&PL and the United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture. Read more: F. William Engdahl is Contributing Editor of Global Research and author of the soon-to-be-released book, Seeds of Destruction: theDark Side of Genetically-engineeredFood. He also authored A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics, Pluto Press, He may be contacted at his website: http://www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net
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Prototyping in Product Design and Development
Industrial Design Consultancy Managing Director Stephen Knowles talks about how prototyping can be used to accelerate the product design and development process. Includes information on how rapid prototyping can be used, and a demo of our SLA Viper machine in action.
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Project PUMA: From Prototype to Product
General Motors and Segway, Inc. illustrate how their emission-free, electric prototypical vehicle may be adapted for future consumer adoption and urban infrastructure.
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Custom ATV Trailer (**PATENT PENDING**)
http://www.custom-atv-trailer.com Here, we specialize in custom metal fabrication, and have our own product line-up as well. Our custom ATV trailers utilize our patent pending rubber torsion suspension system that makes it easy and practical for deer hunters to tote their hunting gear and/or dog box to their favorite hunting spot no matter what terrain stands in the way. All of this wrapped up in a very durable, non rattling design that will last a life-time. Let us welcome you to visit us on the web using the link above to see our latest line-up of products and services..
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ProDen PlaqueOff OnTest
ProDen PlaqueOff Reviewed By Chloe If you struggle keeping your dog and cats oral hygiene in check then ProDen PlaqueOff might be the product for you!! ProDen PlaqueOff™ Animal is a patent protected innovation for the reduction and control of plaque, calculus and bad breath in cats and dogs. It is produced from specially selected Norwegian seaweed (D1070). Added to wet or dry food once a day, this completely natural powder product usually shows visible results within 3-8 weeks, proving a cost effective way to keep your cats and dogs oral hygiene in check at just £10.99 (RSP) for a 60g pot. ProDen PlaqueOff Animal is available to purchase from pet shops, veterinary surgeries and via mail order. Visit www.molarltd.co.uk or telephone 0845 226 0660 for further details!
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eStop Robotics - Battery Base Demonstration
This is a a demonstration video for Battery Base. Battery Base is a patent pending product from eStop Robotics LLC and is intended for use with the MK 12V battery supplied to teams in the FIRST Robotics Competition as part of their kit-of-parts (KOP).
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How To Get Your Invention Made
Your new invention could make a lot of people's lives easier and make you rich. But first, you'll have to get it out there. Here's how to get your invention made. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-get-your-invention-made
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Product Design Process (Part 1 of 2)
Peek into the the Design Process at Montie Design. Montie Design (www.montie.com) is a product design / development firm in Morrisville, NC. Montie Design is also a founding member of the RTP Product Design & Product Design and Prototyping Co-Op(www.rtpproductguild.com). The video is produced and directed by Chris Chapin (Intern at Montie Design).
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Gord's Polish removing brake dust/oxidation from old Chrome rims
Here Gord's uses his patented formula and #0000 Steel Wool to remove heavy brake dusting from some old chrome wheels fast restoring them to the bling they used to have. Order at gordspolish.com Patent # 7,427,587
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RealUnderwear debuts its Patented Butterfly Low-Rise Panty
I'm often asked, "What's the most exciting product you saw at the Lingerie Show?" Maybe at Vegas, the Fashion Show really blew me away or a great booth caught my eye at CURVENY, but exciting? Innovation on the product level hasn't blown me away lately. Luckily, at this last edition of CURVENY, RealUndewear debuted their first branded product, the Butterfly panty - and it is truly exciting. Firstly, visitors walking past their booth were immediately struck by the uniqueness of the panty's silhouette. Nina Musumeci, account executive for RealUnderwear explained that the double takes were caused by the fact that the Butterfly is a truly unique silhouette that no one has seen before. The company was recently awarded a Patent for the Butterfly based on it's design. Years of work and design went into creating the Butterfly's unique silhouette, but the origin of the design stems from a change in women's fashion. "My boss, Morris Rishty, noticed that with the edgier trends in fashion that there was a lack in low rise options for all the women that wear all the very, very low jeans and edgier trends in fashion. We said, 'Well, we need a panty for these girls.' So my boss and our designers and I sat down and created this new silhouette." "That's what makes it so different. It's patented. It's because it's not a thong, not a boy short, not a bikini - it's actually a new silhouette," she added. "It's caused a stir and buzz and that's what we wanted. We're very happy." Morris Rishty, CEO of RealUnderwear concurred that response at CURVENY was overwhelmingly positive. "It's a great product that we're excited about and our customers are excited about," he said. Rishty also noted that pursuing the patent on the Butterfly was worth the effort. "It's a very long and expensive process but worth pursuing especially for a product as unique as ours." To learn more about how patents can help product your products, please see our earlier story (here: http://www.intimates.sevenhillshome.com/News/features/Dec2008/patentLaw_DEC08.html). The Butterfly comes in sizes S, M, L, XL and comes in black, white, teal tide, pink pucker, blueberry delight and purple garnet and is made from a mix of nylon, spandex and nylon. On the horizon, a new g-string version of the Butterfly is in the works and the company will add nude to the color mix. More information at: www.butterflypanty.com
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Innovation and Patent Issues
Attorney John Miles from the Lincoln, NE office of Cline, Williams, Wright, Johnson & Oldfather L.L.P. discusses the different patent issues inventors may have when dealing with idea and product protections. http://www.clinewilliams.com/
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Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE® Neck and Shoulder Relaxer
What Is It? The REAL-EaSE is the most advanced and comfortable neck support available today. The product is so unique that we have a U.S. patent. Feel neck pain and stress melt away in as little as 30 seconds of use. This patented cervical neck support device is designed to help alleviate shoulder and neck pain and stress. The Real-EaSe Cervical Neck Support is orthopedically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull, letting you relax with ease. http://www.painreliever.com/Cervical-Traction_KTC10500.html
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Power Puc Demonstration
New product coming from RAW Design / metricfats.com that will allow mounting of lights on a stock motorcycle wheel while powered off the bikes battery. First units available will be for GSXR with other bikes to follow. Patent pending.
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OR-Fab  |   2007-2010 JEEP WRANGLER JK SPORT CAGE [patent pending]  (#82300)
OR-Fab's new Sport Cage for the 2007-'09 Jeep JK offers unique features in a true bolt-on application. But don't be decieved by the cage's great-looking appearance. The cage's patent pending design not only looks good, but it's also strong, rigid, and incorporates the rugged capabilities that Jeep enthusiasts require on the trail. The new JK Sport Cage interlocks with the OR-Fab JK Floor Mount Kit (#82301) that attaches to the vehicle's factory floor channel reinforcement. This provides a sturdy mounting point to attach the Sport Cage's 1/2-inch thick steel mounting brackets that bolt along the vehicle's door pinch-weld seams. This unique design allows the cage's 1-3/4-inch diameter, .120-wall tubing to tightly hug the contours of the frame providing maximum interior clearance and eliminating any interference with air conditioning vents or window cranks. In addition, driver and passenger grab handles are built into the cage, making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. Two front streamer bars are included to provide additional strength and rigidity without taking up lots of head room. The OR-Fab Jeep JK Sport Cage breaks new ground in Jeep Sport Cage design and is available in a wrinkle black (#82300), and bicycle black (#82300BB) finishes. The JK Floor Mount Kit and Rear Streamer Bars for 4dr models (#82320), are sold separately. DS Media •Modular Design, Constructed Using 1 3/4 .120 Wall Steel Tubing. •Does not block Air Vents or Air Bags. •Mounts to door seam with ¼ and ½ plate. •Full bolt in assembly. •Provides extra protection for passengers when windshield is down. •E-Z Access Grab Handles •Optional Floor Mount Kit (#82301) •Optional Rear Streamer Bar for 4door Unlimited (#82320) •Part #82300 www.p-a-g.net www.orfab.com www.trailmastersuspension.com www.performanceaccessories.com
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Petrol Skateboard
Ebay User ID : INNOVATION-MAN2 Product Brand : INNOVATIONMAN Type : Electric Skateboard http://myworld.ebay.com/innovation-man2/ Sale Patent http://www.freepatentauction.com/patent.php?nb=2488 (Patent Number 23257) http://patentsearch.moc.go.th/DIPSearch/SearchPN.aspx http://INNOVATION-MAN.hi5.com MOTO RIZED SKATEBOARD The New X-Game Sport Just do nothing only smart standing and use your Foot to control and you will get a better feeling from it. GAS Skateboard , MOTO RIZED SKATEBOARD was originally developed from skate board which has to use foot power to get it moving forward. Nowadays with new concept of balancing, new GAS Skateboard's body can resist the forces that come from all directions when moving into sharp curve, which cause torsion from centrifugal force. All these new developments have been put into "GAS Skateboard" which is the highest innovation of the Extreme-Game in either shape, curving, or balancing. Especially when moving into curve, you can shift the balance from your left foot to right foot to control the board throughout the curve way. This advantage makes GAS Skateboard its capability of use in small lane or crowded area. We have installed free moving controlled boxes at both left and right wheels. When moving into sharp curve, one wheel will be freely moving which results in good control. This installation will not reduce inertia force which will also save energy. The GAS Skateboard's accelerating, and turning systems can be controlled using only your left foot. All you have to do is to put your left foot on the foot pedal and the right foot on the back of the GAS Skateboard. You then lower yourself and stretch your arms for better balancing. When you want to move forward, use your left foot to turn the pedal counterclockwise and turn the pedal to the opposite direction if you want to brake. To make a turn, apply the force on the tip or heel of your left foot to turn right or left respectively. When making a turn at high speed, bend yourself toward the curve for better poise (this should not be a problem for ones who have a skill of ordinary skate board, snow board, or even surfboard). For the new player practicing, you can learn to enjoy the GAS Skateboard easily and quickly. Firstly, you have to practice controlling the pedal using your foot by doing dry-run. This must be done only when the power switch is off. You then pose yourself as if you were about to play the GAS Skateboard- your left foot on the pedal and your right foot on the back of the board. While turning the pedal counterclockwise notify your mind that board is moving. Turning the other way and tell your mind that the board is slowing. You can do it like this dry run for right-left turn practicing. New and Special Body Structure GAS Skateboard Body Structure has been designed in order to balance torsion that comes From all directions. The body has a shape of box which contains tension absorption iron box inside. The internal iron box has an X shape in 3 directions and step shape in the forth direction which can balance the force due to torsion, providing the best poise. GAS Skateboard design still has an influence from ordinary skate board. The back side of the skate board has an oblique wing for immediate turn in the limited turning area. Restriction It is illegal to use the GAS Skateboard on the public street. The company is not responsible for your misuse. Award GAS Skateboard , MOTO RIZED SKATEBOARD has registered for patent in 1999 under the name "Motor Driven Skate Board". The patent number is 23257.GAS Skateboard wins the first place in Engineering discipline from the 1st Thailand Innovation Award 2001 organized by Science Association of Thailand. The award provides 100,000 baht including excursion tour in Germany for one week.GAS Skateboard also got the Thai Innovator Award from National Science and Technology week in 2003. email [email protected] Seller: Motorized Skateboard and Electric Skateboard http://www.exkate.com http://xboardonline.com/Default.aspx http://www.motorized-skateboard.com http://www.motorizedskateboard.net/ http://www.greenspeed.us/ http://www.scootercrew.com http://www.rcsk8.com/ http://www.gateskate.com/home.asp http://www.extremetoysforboys.com/ http://www.skateelectric.com/ http://www.rokitscience.co.uk
Why Buy More Patents (Clip 20)
Extra patents can add more value and credibility to your product. Also sales contracts and license agreements may benefit from your additional intellectual properties. You could consider them an investment - well worth having.
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Bestop Product Showcase Video
For more information on Bestop products, click here: http://www.quadratec.com/showcases/bestop_jeep_tops/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=bestop_showcase_video Info on Bestop Products for multiple applications.
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Getting your invention made in China and protecting your IP
Many people want to ge their invention made in China, but worry that their idea will be stolen. This video covers a three step strategy that you can use if you want to get your product made in China. Step1, find a trustworthy supplier Step 2, Encourage them to remain trustworthy Step3, Remove the temptation to be untrustworthy
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motorized skateboard patent number 23257 Thailand
Ebay User ID : INNOVATION-MAN2 Product Brand : INNOVATIONMAN Type : Electric Skateboard http://myworld.ebay.com/innovation-man2/ http://INNOVATION-MAN.hi5.com My name is ACTING SECOND LT. KRAIRERK SEWANA I would like to provide General Public License skateboard machine and electrical skateboard, both of them use machine-patent right. Co-invention in the patent right number 23257 Thailand's Implementation on Intellectual Property Rights http://patentsearch.moc.go.th/DIPSearch/SearchPN.aspx (Patent Number 23257) The offer for sale in this time is sell outright or to be change the possession to the customer and the buyer can be extend the machine skateboard patent right can be more longer and more profit on your invest (Can use the patent right more in Thailand and another country) The Rule of increase patents right for register a patent. 1. The devise patents right Stabilizer Bars Mechanical 2. The devise patents Universal Joint. 3. The devise patents Hub Assay Front Center Bending. 4. The devise patents Rear Brake Lock up Mechanical. The patent right include the profit for customer : 1. Body and Mechanical Design 2. Jig fixture FCR Body Repair. 3. The low cost production process. 4. Electric Motor Drive control skateboard and Electric Motor Drive control skateboard. The skateboard machine got the reward from Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana. And you will get the guarantee from the reward and the height point form well-known universities teacher , it's the perfect innovation The price for sell outright to change the ownership. I will provide X Baht or the price can change follow the information technology market situation. I'll desire sell the patent right because now we're going to the new production and we've to find the cost for the new products. I appreciate to offer for sale because it's worthwhileness for your business. Be grateful email:[email protected] Sell patent http://www.freepatentauction.com/patent.php?nb=2488
elaundry How to Clean Patent Leather Bags & Purses
Patent leather is gorgeous and shiny however fingerprints and spills soon mar its shine! Learn how to clean these marks off from home including removing coffee stains! The elaundry ladies know how to keep you looking good! Follow these simple steps for perfect shine. Kate Spade handbags and purses lovers rejoice.
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LED flessibili Tenda-installazione, test, software di set up (MSN:. Huasuntech@live.cn
Soft LED Display which is our patent product with CE and FCC is suitable for your need. They have the Unique characteristic as following: 1) Soft or flexible which can be folded into various shape like as film drape; 2) Lightweight and small volume, 20 square meters just need one flightcase; 3) Tricolor RGB SMD LEDs for high-brightness, colourful and vivid video; 4) Easy and fast installation, just hung it via belts; 5) Water-resistant, fire-retardant, dustproof and durable quality; 6) Compatible to international media software, such as arkaos,resolume.. 7) CE,FCC and SGS(BS5852) certificate; 8) Application: stage background,TV show,advertising,disco club,concert.. Contact/ vason Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co., Ltd Mobile/+0086-13522125351 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Soft.LED.Curtain E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] Skype: xiaoshunzi911
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How to Invent New Products
How do you invent new products? Here is one way to get those ideas flowing. http://www.999ideas.com
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The Best Roofing Product For Your Home
www.bestroofingsystems.com/thebestroofing is the place to go to get your lifetime warranty designer roof for your home along with a $2000.00 discount too.
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Digi-Tails 1967-68 Pontiac Firebird Sequential LED Tail Lights
Please visit WWW.DIGI-TAILS.COM for more information. Spaghetti Engineering is proud to introduce DIGI-TAILS, a new line of sequential LED taillights for Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Tri-Fives as well as Firebirds. Unlike any other product on the market, DIGI-TAILS employs a patent pending sequential technology which uses advanced electronics to individually turn on and off arrays of LEDs. These lights give you a unique, cascading effect that will set you apart from the crowd. Since 2006, DIGI-TAILS has been awarded "best new product" at two of America's leading car shows. Visit www.digi-tails.com for more information.
Pneumatic CSC HF Drawer
Cleans On-The-Fly with no disruption of product flow. Patent Pending. In the standard configuration, ferrous tramp is removed from the cartridges by sliding the trays out of the housing and wiping them off by hand. Self-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnets are designed to fully extend the magnetic cartridges outside the housing. As these tube assemblies travel outside the housing, grommets wipe the tubes clean all the way to their nonmagnetic tapered ends. This ensures that each cartridge is fully wiped and prevents captured tramp iron from reentering the housings. Self-cleaning models are available in both manual and fully automatic pneumatic versions.
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GreenBox: Pizza Box Turns into Plates & Storage Unit
www.greenboxny.com; twitter.com/greenboxny Ecovention, LLC is a design, licensing firm and manufacturing firm dedicated to improving outmoded, outdated and wasteful food packaging. Ecovention, LLC is marketing its first product, the GreenBox (US Patent 7,051,919), a pizza box manufactured from 100% recycled material. The top of the GreenBox breaks down into convenient serving plates, eliminating the need for disposable plates. The bottom of the 'GreenBox' converts easily into a handy storage container, eliminating the need for plastic wrap, tin foil or plastic bags. The perforations and scores that create this functionality allow for easy disposal into a standard-sized recycling bin. Made from a standard pizza blank, the GreenBox requires no additional material or major redesign and can therefore be produced at no additional manufacturing cost. Ecovention, LLC owns the utility patent on the GreenBox. Check out our website at www.greenboxny.com.
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Product Design Process (Part 2 of 2)
Peek into the the Design Process at Montie Design. Montie Design (www.montie.com) is a product design / development firm in Morrisville, NC. Montie Design is also a founding member of the RTP Product Design & Product Design and Prototyping Co-Op(www.rtpproductguild.com). The video is produced and directed by Chris Chapin (Intern at Montie Design).
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Idea Buyers Before You Patent
A representative from Idea Buyer discusses 5 questions that every person should ask themselves before proceeding with their idea. By asking these questions it is possible to save yourself time and money.
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Winning IDEAs: Selected Product Designs
http://CameronArtMuseum.com The Cameron Art Museum's exhibition features a selection of the award-winning designs drawn from the 2008 IDEA competition, including Gold-, Silver- and Bronze-winning designs from the competition's 17 product categories: Commercial & Industrial Products, Communication Tools, Computer Equipment, Design Strategy, Ecodesign, Entertainment, Environments, Home Living, Interactive Product Experiences, Leisure & Recreation, Medical & Scientific Products, Office & Productivity, Packaging & Graphics, Personal Accessories, Research, Student Designs and Transportation.
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Supra Tk Grey Patent Leather [ Fitted Jeans W. 1 Strap] Terry Kennedy
Me Rocking My Grey Patent Tk Society VVVYou Can Buy Them HereVVV http://www.karmaloop.com/products.aspx?ProductID=64451&VendorCode=SUP Use My Rep Code:WG35519 At The Check Out, You Get 20% off Your First Order! Or Enter Promo Code: HOTDEALS with my rep code 2 get 21% off with Free shipping And it Works For all Items on The Site. Not Jus Supra
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Digi-Tails 1986-92 Camaro IROC Sequential LED Tail Lights
Please visit WWW.DIGI-TAILS.COM for more information. Spaghetti Engineering is proud to introduce DIGI-TAILS, a new line of sequential LED taillights for Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Tri-Fives as well as Firebirds. Unlike any other product on the market, DIGI-TAILS employs a patent pending sequential technology which uses advanced electronics to individually turn on and off arrays of LEDs. These lights give you a unique, cascading effect that will set you apart from the crowd. Since 2006, DIGI-TAILS has been awarded "best new product" at two of America's leading car shows. Visit www.digi-tails.com for more information.
Digi-Tails 1967 Camaro RS Sequential LED Tail Lights
Please visit WWW.DIGI-TAILS.COM for more information. Spaghetti Engineering is proud to introduce DIGI-TAILS, a new line of sequential LED taillights for Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Tri-Fives as well as Firebirds. Unlike any other product on the market, DIGI-TAILS employs a patent pending sequential technology which uses advanced electronics to individually turn on and off arrays of LEDs. These lights give you a unique, cascading effect that will set you apart from the crowd. Since 2006, DIGI-TAILS has been awarded "best new product" at two of America's leading car shows. Visit www.digi-tails.com for more information.
Genae Girard-Off The Rack-HD
A promo for the new book "Off The Rack" - a personal account of Genae Girard's battle with breast cancer. High Definition Version (Note - click WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY)
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Head Office of Elide Fire Ball Pro Co.,Ltd
Elide Fire Ball Pro. (Siam Safety Premier Co., Ltd.) is administered by Mr.Phanawatnan (Woradech) Kaimart who owns patents and copyrights of Fire Extinguishing Ball or Fire Extinguishing Device which manufacturing under the trademark of "Elide Fire". Now, Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart has been in CEO position of the company, there are 50 employees of all departments to serve of all applicants and distributors in each country and coordinate with patent attorney, copyright, and trademark which have in every country for collecting evidences to prosecute damages from counterfeit products manufacturers and sellers. The management has controlled by using ISO9001:2008 system which is quality standard in the whole process, using the genuine materials for maintaining quality of products because Elide Fire Ball has been produced to help human in extinguishing and preventing fire. Thank you foryour interested in Elide Fire Ball Elide Fire Team.
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We are being poisoned - Our Food (Part 1 of 2)
Our entire food chain has been corrupted, and is now poisonous! Many foods are genetically modified, and our laws state you cannot label food that has been genetically modified (GMO). Wait, what?! Corn and Soy are the two most predominant GMO crops. 90% of Soy around the world has been Genetically manipulated, 60% of corn is Genitically modified. Go check how many items in your kitchen contain Soy and Corn or Corn Syrup, ALMOST ALL OF THEM that are prepared off-the-shelf foods! Many have heard that artificial sweeteners are bad for you, but do you know how bad? Many food items marked "sugar free" contain artificial sweeteners. What is worse for you? Natural sugar, Genetically modified high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners, which are just chemicals mixed together in a lab! A Google search for FDA corruption returns 600,000+ results. On top of that you have pesticides; farmers have some of the highest rates of cancer in the world. Even if you avoid pesticides by buying organic, you get food that has been irradiated if it has come from a foreign land. A clip from: Standby for Annihilation Free DVD download and youtube-style clips @ http://dvd.aswedie.com
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Demonstrating the Dream Cutter
OCT 28 2011: THIS IS Outdated. See NEW demo of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter product demo HERE http://youtu.be/E-vBznUtrUg JUNE 2011 UPDATE: This tool IS Patented, has been for years! However this is NOT the final Dream Cutter, much innovation has been applied since this prototype. The new Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter cuts a ball (and parts it off) in a single operation. The new Dream Cutter can be seen at dreamcutter.com and is completely innovative and also under PAT PEND. Email me at [email protected] for info. Production units are FINALLY emerging from manufacturing, ready to ship this July 2011. UPDATE: Please visit dreamcutter.com to see the re-engineered Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter. Its a radical departure from traditional lathe accessories that is certain to raise the bar as to what can be done with a mini-lathe. Why Limit Your Dreams? Introducing the Dream Cutter, a versatile turning accessory for import 8x12 and 8x14 metal lathes. Replacing the compound as a direct bolt on accessory, the Dream Cutter is low profile so precious space is conserved on the saddle. The Dream Cutter features a rapid setting adjustable pivot that enables precise radius grooves and ball turning. It also can be used for facing and traditional turning operations saving time by not having to install the compound head to complete a project. The rugged 3/8 steel tool holder even holds knurling tools securely. No other accessory short of full CNC conversion offers more speed, flexibility and capability to your mini-lathe. For pricing and availability email peterbmartin(at)msn.com Specific product design, feature set and "Dream Cutter" name are the copyright works of Peter B. Martin.
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Israel Clinical Trials Services, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Product Approvals
www.Synergy-CRO.com CALL 800.552.1680 The news today leads off with the announcement by New Jersey based firm Synergy Research of its Israel Clinical Trials services. Its goal: to help the pharmaceutical and medical device industry avoid costly delays in early clinical trial development programs, in highly regulated environments such as the US and European Union member countries. The dramatic shifts in the last decade, from US to Europe, then back to US, alongside with shifts to less western style countries, is evidence of the increasingly regulated environment for early and first in man clinical trials. These conditions drastically extend timelines, increase costs, reduce patent life, prolong development life cycles, all spelling out to lost revenues on R&D efforts. Synergy Research has taken extensive strides towards tapping in to a western style healthcare environment, with a diverse population, well suited towards early and first in man clinical trials. Israel is a no-nonsense appropriately regulated environment, perfectly structured for the early R&D life of drugs and devices. Synergy Research conducts clinical trials in Israel, under GCP & ICH conditions, under INDs & IDEs. American clinical & regulatory staff execute and manage all programs conducted in Israel. All leading to the best possible data, under the most demanding standards, well under the time and costs for comparable studies conducted in the US or Europe.
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Yusef Miller writes and Bart Capuano directs this sad little tale about a mother (Lizan Mitchell) who kills herself to speak with her dead son. 12 minutes (2009) PATENT LEATHER SCARS.
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Introducing the Guitam... (Patent Pending) by Sir Michael McKay
Michael Patrick McKay developed this revolutionary guitar many years ago and hopes to create a worldwide demand for this product. The first client he wants is Andy McKee ;) [email protected] for any Guitam inquiries or facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1211013531&ref=ts
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Supra Tk Grey Patent Leather [ Fitted Jeans W. 2 Strapps] Terry Kennedy
Me Rocking My Grey Patent Tk Society VVVYou Can Buy Them HereVVV http://www.karmaloop.com/products.aspx?ProductID=64451&VendorCode=SUP Use My Rep Code:WG35519 At The Check Out, You Get 20% off Your First Order! And it Works For all Items on The Site. Not Jus Supra
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Heninger Door Torsion Unit
Heninger Door Torsion Unit (Patent Pending) This driver side door torsion unit is Heninger and Associates' lastest product for the Delorean following an 18 month development. This new product is available for a special introductory price of $550 in exchange for user participation in a performance evaluation. We are interested in having your comments on the use of this new product. More details for participation are provided with the product's shipping. Warranty: One year, limited warranty. $550 Visit www.DeloreanUpgradeParts.com for more information on this and other products.
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Off the Rack - A Journey Through Breast Cancer
A promo for the new book "Off The Rack" - a personal account of Genae Girard's battle with breast cancer. Genae is currently a voice of opposition against Myriad Genetics and the controversy over patenting BRCA genes. (Note - click WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY)
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MITO CHARCOAL STOVE-for inquiries kindly call Jun Mordeno (+639228585130) PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!
the BEST CHARCOAL STOVE you can ever find!!!!up to 70% SAVINGS on COOKING FUEL CONSUMPTION; user & environment-friendly; durable cast-iron ring & bowl; heatless designed stainless steel body; concentrated heat distribution system; Philippine designed & made...PROUD to be PINOY!!! Patent No.: 2-2008-000451 SUPPORT ONLY ORIGINAL PRODUCTS. STOP PIRACY. For more details, please contact Jun Mordeno at +639228585130 or email us at [email protected]
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TCX Competizione RS Boots Review at RevZilla.com
http://www.revzilla.com/product/tcx-competizione-rs-boots The Competizione RS Boots from TCX are able to guarantee users maximum protection and the highest levels of performance. TCX has a history of innovations: the Torsion Control System™ patent, used in racing and off road biking and the Metatarsal Control System®, which has for years been an important reference point in the motorcycle sector.
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Rancho's Jeep JK Products
Rancho talks about their products for the Jeep JK
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