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The Cutest Baby Sea Turtles On Their Way HOME To The Ocean, Best video ever! 1
Baby turtles at the San Pancho beach, MX on their way to the sea. We were lucky enough to witness a nature miracle. Amazing to watch their first steps of the big journey they had ahead. Our friend Darian was the "turtle whisperer" who was encouraging them to make. They did.
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Cutest Baby Sea Turtles On Their Way HOME To The Ocean 2
Baby turtles at the San Pancho beach, MX on their way to the sea. We were lucky enough to witness a nature miracle. Amazing to watch their first steps of the big journey they had ahead of them.
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Look at them , aren't they cute. Only two days old. The following day they were released on the beach near the ocean. Only 10% are estimated to survive to adulthood.
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Top 5 Rarest Turtles
TheTurtlelover09's Top 5 Rarest Turtles *This is an old video - I will do my best to make an updated version*
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baby sea turtle
baby sea turtle in mexico
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Baby Sea Turtles Released Into Water
Solar-powered transmitters are strapped onto baby sea turtles and then released into the ocean for researchers to track their movements.
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Army of Baby Sea Turtles Marching to Sea
July 31, 2010 - Indn Hrbr Bch, FL - A nest of sea turtles hatched and emerged from the dunes today! In this video a group of these cute little fellows marches out to sea. Its amazing how these babies instinctively make their way directly into the ocean without wasting much time at all -- absolutely fascinating!!!
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Cutest turtle ever
this is a turtle eating salad. she clearly loves salad. oh, and captain crunch, too. I like turtles! they are beautiful animals... they are truly amazing! Gopherus polyphemus is a gopher tortoise species native to the southeast United States. G. polyphemus is seen as a keystone species because it digs burrows that provide shelter for hundreds of other species. They are threatened by predation and habitat destruction. G. polyphemus is a representative of the genus Gopherus, which contains the only tortoises native to North America. This species of gopher tortoise is the state reptile of Georgia. Anatomy and physiology G. polyphemus can have a shell up to 37 centimeters or 14.6 inches in length.[1] On average, individuals are a bit less than one foot long. The gopher tortoise's carapace is a solid dark-brown to grayish color. Hatchlings are more yellowish in color. They have hind legs reminiscent of those of an elephant, shovel-like forelimbs, and a gular projection on a yellowish, hingeless plastron.[1] Male gopher tortoises have two subdentary scent glands under the chin.[2] Males are distinguished from females by their concave plastron and longer tail, but the sexes can be difficult to tell apart.[1] [edit] Ecology G. polyphemus is most common in the state of Florida, but its range also extends to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, southeast Louisiana,[1] and the southernmost corner of South Carolina.[3]
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cute baby turtle bites big worm!
Ornate box turtle fighting a worm
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Turtle Cuteness
Watch this adorible film about the amazing creatures of turtles. Aren't they cute. Please subscribe.
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tiny baby turtle scrambles for the water isn't it cute
Tiny turtle named Oklahoma
Baby Sea Turtles in Monterrico
Cutest things ever.
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Baby sea turtle finds sea
Baby sea turtle crawls to sea after hatching from the egg on the last day of 2009. Praia do Forte/Bahia/Brazil
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Small Sea Turtle
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Cutest Turtle Ever!!
This is a video of my Red-Eared Slider water turtle. He is very hyper and wants some food now!
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Cute Turtle
We went to the turtle farm in the Cayman Islands and there was a touch tank with a whole bunch of cute turtles like this one!
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My Baby Turtle Basking - Very Cute
My baby turtle Stokley basking in some UVB light. Skip to 1:05 to see him Roar, Skip to 3:05 to see his superman impression.
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Cute Turtle Walking!
He is so cute!
Before you buy a turtle watch this video!
Some information about turtles! What you should know before you get a pet turtle! Topics include turtle size, cage size, and other aspects of turtle care. Learn how to care for your pet turtle before you bring him home.
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Olive Redley Sea Turtle,Mating Pictures
Olive Ridley, SEA TURTLE, MATING PICTURE, Photo taken by Partha Mukherjee,HSBC,Kolkata,India
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Sea Turtles in El Salvador
Releasing baby sea turtles at Los Cobanos, in El Salvador - January 2010.
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Baby Green Turtles Racing to the Ocean
Seen on Beyin Beach, Ghana
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baby sea turtle journey into the blue
Three days after hatching, the nests are uncovered to count the hatched and unhatched eggs, we kept these two on our porch for the day to release at dusk. What hard work!!!
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Letting the sea turtles go at night in cancun
Just hatched baby sea turtles going into the ocean at night
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sea turtle babies running to the ocean
turtles hatching out at 6:30 am 8/7/10 and running to the water. I didn't see them hatching. I just watched as they ran to the beach and video'd it with my blackberry. They ran so fast it was amazing to watch.This is at Pine Knoll Shores NC Two more nests are being watched and will hatch in the next two days.
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Cute Turtle Noms at Petco
A little tortoise tries to nom my wife's finger at petco
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Milo & Otis - Otis rides a turtle to shore
Pug (Otis) rides a turtle from the movie - Milo & Otis For anyone who has concerns about the making of the movie: The closing credits state that "the animals used were filmed under strict supervision with the utmost care for their safety and well-being." Director Masanori Hata, a trained zoologist and author who writes under the pen name Mutsugoro, cast the movie from a private menagerie of almost 300 animals that he keeps on Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. It took Hata, who wrote the story on which the screenplay is based, four years, more than 400,000 feet of film, and dozens of animals (30 different cats played Milo, for example), to complete "The Adventures of Milo and Otis."
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Baby Sea Turtle goes out to sea
At Hammock's Beach State Park (Bear Island), a loggerhead sea turtle nest was excavated after hatching to count the eggs and this little one was stuck in the sand and hadn't made it to the surface in the boiling up of the nest. State Park rangers released it near the water's edge to swim out to sea.
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Cute Little Turtle Trying To Escape
My Naughty Turtle Trying to Get out from his tray but failed, BUT trying, his name is Jupiter.
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Newborn sea turtle reaching the turtle sea
Newborn sea turtle reaching the turtle sea Atlit beach, Israel, 2010-07-19
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Costa rican Baby sea turtles racing to the ocean
Conservacion de la vida silvestre y la tortuga marina en COSTA RICA
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Rescued Kemps sea turtles
Rescued Kemp's ridley and green sea turtles are currently in treatment at the New England Aquarium's Animal Care Center in Quincy, Mass. Learn more about herculean rescue efforts underway on the Rescue Blog at http://rescue.neaq.org!
Cutest Killer turtle EVER
I thought it would be super cute to put little fishy stickers on the turtle tank... and I realized right away that I put them up right before feeding them so they were trying so hard to chomp on the stickers hehe so cute :)
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Funny Turtle Pics
Look funny turtle pictures
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Cute Turtle Eating a Tomato
Disclaimer: Just so you know. We don't fed him this often. Actually this is the first time. We know that this isn't great for the little guy but we had no food left. Enjoy the video!
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Baby Sea Turtle Marches Seaward
While helping protect baby sea turtles from overhead predators, I followed one with my camera. This was one of the ones that had a difficult hatching, so we weren't sure if he would even have the strength to get to the ocean. After putting him on the beach, he quickly found the energy and off he went!
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Huge Sea Turtle Lays Eggs in Mazatlan Mexico
she came up laid her eggs and left back into ocean. The rangers rescued the eggs.
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South Carolina Aquarium - Sea Turtle Exhibit
Sea Turtle Exhibit of the SC Aquarium, including Crazy YouTube Fish!
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys Kempii)
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys Kempii) * Family: Cheloniidae, * Genus: Lepidochelys, * Species: L. kempii, * Class: Reptilia, * Type: Reptile, * Diet: Omnivore, * Average life span in the wild: About 50 years, * Size: 2 ft (65 cm), * Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg), * Protection status: Endangered, ** Did you know? A 1947 amateur film showed some 40,000 female Kemp's ridley turtles nesting in Mexico in a single day. Today, it is estimated that only about 1,000 breeding females exist worldwide. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemp%27s_Ridley or http://marinebio.org/species.asp?id=317
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Have you ever seen such a cute baby turtle?
Angie was cleaning leaves out of our pool skimmer and found this little guy almost frozen to death. He somehow got away from the turtle pond. He would have died had she not found him. I wanted to keep him but we decided to release him to the wild with the rest of the wild turtles in the turtle pond across our yard.
Really Funny Dancing Turtle
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Cute Baltimore Aquarium Turtles
Two adorable turtles in the Amazon River tank at the Baltimore Aquarium put on a little show for us :-)
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Allison the Sea Turtle
An Atlantic Green Sea Turtle rescued by Turtles, Inc in S Padre. Due to a predator attack, she was left with only 1 flipper. They've designed a novel prosthetic flipper for her too, but she's not wearing it here.
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Small Cute Turtle Eats a Hibiscus Flower
This is our tortoise and his name is Tiberius.
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Snapping Turtle Bath
This is my 30lb snapping turtle chillin in a kiddie pool for the day. Just showing some friends how big she is getting. She is 3yrs old.
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Baby Sea Turtles, Grand Caymen Island
Precious little sea turles about five months of age swim around in a salt water pool. They can swim very quickly when they wish to, and sometimes they will lift their front flippers up and rest them on their shell in a relaxed position. 5-12-10
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