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Fat-n-Happy Pug
A funny pug makes strange sounds
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the two fat funny dogs
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1 funny fat dogs exercise video for rainy day weight loss Guaranteed, Staring Super Britney
1 funny fat dogs exercise video for rainy day weight loss Guaranteed, Staring Super Britney. Its Super Britney giving us the low down on getting your fat dog off the couch . So Get on those Stationary Bikes and Ride. Super Britney is a 7 year old Weimaraner thats fat but working on losing weight just like your fat dog . Its the Super Britney funny dog work out get ready to laugh as Our funny talking super powered weimaraner Britney does what she has always done best make us laugh-thanks Britney
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Super britney i are fat funny Dog that Cant swim
Super britney i are fat funny Dog that Cant swim. Funny footage of Super Britney the funny super dog and Lucky the Smiling Locksmith dog- They are my funny Weimaraners - They love to go boating and fishing with me. They both have lots of funny videos on youtube. Lucky is the dog fart king- see her funny video called -weimaraner dog farts smells it and makes a funny face - its a featured video on youtube and funny as heck-Super Britney Stars as the funny talking Super Dog that is allways saving the world from Aliens or monsters.
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Fat Guy Falls Off Small Dirt Bike
skip to about 1:19
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Funny Cats And Dogs! :D
Random cats & dogs and weird music :P Check out MSK_Graphics: http://www.youtube.com/user/MitchDoesMC1/videos
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Indonesian baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day
Is this the world's fattest baby? http://bit.ly/1iG8XIx Subscribe to ITN News: http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h A toddler in Sumatra is hooked on nicotine after being introduced to cigarettes by his father. Ardi, who is rarely seen without a cigarette, insists on the same brand, costing £3.78 a day. Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1aENuyJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1fta2Qp Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd Ten more great videos from ITN: The Harlem Shake, ITN-style: http://bit.ly/ZB1HX2 Slam-dunking sea otter: http://bit.ly/YMdpId Real jetpack demonstration: http://bit.ly/X2RsYR Chewing gum art from Ukraine: http://bit.ly/XrY3M8 The amazing moment a baby killer whale is born: http://bit.ly/XKwMU5 Foam fills Australian town: http://bit.ly/YsR95m Meet the man with the world's stretchiest skin: http://bit.ly/YNZbGK Dogs learn to drive in New Zealand: http://youtu.be/chrzpnL1OEM See the world's biggest biceps: http://bit.ly/121JALt Full size Angry Birds: http://bit.ly/VYgLgj See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/14iM9r5 See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/11GI36D See 2012's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/18R1boW
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Fat dog gets stuck in 6ft hole!
Follow Me on Twitter http://twitter.com/NickyBoy94 My Main Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/theendoftoast
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Super Britney save me -Run funny Fat Dog Run
Super Britney taunts a Bully Fishing on the bank -Lucky the smiling locksmith and super Britney go boating and decide to trade taunts with the dim witted Dogs on the bank fishing. Then learn a scary lesson -never make fun of the local hillbilly Bully-Run funny Fat Dog Run
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funny dogs pictures
i show 30 funny dogs and this was made by the same creator of funny cat pics subscribe now.
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Fat cats and dogs
very funny
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Funny pup and little fat girl
A little girl and her little excited pup haha!!!!;)
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Doghouse funny scene
a funny scene from the movie doghouse...just enjoy it
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Very Funny!! The Long Dog
Go to http://www.cleandogsteeth.com for dog care information. a funny dog big funny dogs crazy funny dog cute and funny dog pictures cute funny dog cute funny dog pictures doug funnies dog fat funny dogs free funny dog pictures funnies dog funnies dogs funny animated dog funny baby dog funny cats dog funny crazy dog funny dog funny dog and cats funny dog animations funny dog art funny dog backgrounds funny dog blog funny dog books funny dog calendar funny dog calendars funny dog captions funny dog cartoon funny dog cartoon pictures funny dog cartoons funny dog cat funny dog cat pictures funny dog christmas pictures funny dog clipart funny dog clips funny dog comics funny dog comments funny dog dance funny dog drawings funny dog dreaming funny dog face funny dog faces funny dog gif funny dog graphics funny dog hair funny dog icons funny dog images funny dog in snow funny dog joke funny dog jokes funny dog movie funny dog name funny dog news funny dog paintings funny dog photo funny dog photos funny dog pic funny dog pichers funny dog picks funny dog pics funny dog pics with captions funny dog pics with words funny dog picters funny dog picts funny dog pictuers funny dog pictues funny dog picture funny dog pictures funny dog pictures in costumes funny dog pictures with captions funny dog pictures with words funny dog picturs funny dog picures funny dog pitchers funny dog pitures funny dog poster funny dog posters funny dog running funny dog s funny dog screensavers funny dog sign funny dog singing funny dog site funny dog sites funny dog sleeping funny dog smile funny dog snow funny dog songs funny dog story funny dog stuff funny dog talk funny dog talking funny dog trick funny dog tricks funny dog video funny dog videos funny dog vs cat funny dog wallpaper funny dog wallpapers funny dog warning signs funny dog websites funny dogs funny dogs 1 funny dogs 2 funny dogs 3 funny dogs 4 funny dogs 6 funny dogs 8 funny dogs dressed up funny dogs images funny dogs name funny dogs on youtube funny dogs photo funny dogs photos funny dogs pic funny dogs pics funny dogs picture funny dogs pictures funny dogs wallpaper funny dogs with captions funny dogs with guns funny face dog funny funny dog funny funny dogs funny little dog funny looking dog funny old dog funny pictures of dogs funny puppy dog funny sounding dog images of funny dogs lol funny dog my funny dog photos of funny dogs pic of funny dogs pics of funny dogs picture of funny dog picture of funny dogs pictures of funny dog real funny dogs search funny dogs super funny dog super funny dogs the funny dog the funny dogs u tube funny dogs utube funny dogs very funny dog you tube funny dog you tube funny dogs youtube funny dog youtube funny dogs
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Big fat Dog
Please like my videos, subscribe and hit the bell, on my channel to help me grow, thanks!!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/mrj24811 🤣😂😎 I was working n North Dakota, when i went to rent a lift i seen this dogg n ther shop omg.....I had to catch him on video for the world to see....
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Funny Fat Cat Dancing
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Day One of our lifestream of videos. We will be posting one every time we are together. So i hope you guys enjoy and if you do subscribe!
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Funny Dog
this is my dog that died. he's fat n funny
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Funny dog and cat pics
funny cat and dog pics.i do not own pictuers
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Cute Fat Pug
pictures of my fat dog
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Funny Dog Bark
Fat fluffy white dog has a funny bark. The last bark is the best! Enjoy.
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Deer Beats Up Fat Guy
and down he goes...laughing --------------------------------- Outrageous T shirts @ T Shirt Hell: http://tshirthell.com/store/clicks.php?partner=Zetanian
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Talking Fat Dog
we brought the famous fat dog picture to life, as he tells you a story about overcoming anorexia, and wanting to go on a date. just dont mess with his voice box! question of the day: what is your favorite picture? would oyu want to make it come to life, and if so, what would it say? made using: Crazy Talk Pro 6
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Funny Fat Fish
Funny Fat Fish lol watch now and also watch my other awesome videos
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Lazy fat fluffy dog
Plain lazy
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funny dogs.MOV
my dog on terets
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Fat dog trying to roll over
This diesel my sisters bulldog, put him on his back and hes like a turtle he just cant roll over.
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funny dog crying
a dog crying butt fat crying
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Fat Dog Steals My Sandwich
My Main Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEndOfToast My Twitter http://twitter.com/NickyBoy94
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{.:My Dog:.}
Yea, shes so funny this morning. I say her name and then You're Fat. She doesn't respond to anything but You're Fat. XD
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The fattest pug ever! Zack is a CHUBBY FAT PIG DOG! disgrace to all fit pugs ;)
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Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
The scourge sweeping America is at it again. Our innocent young son is savagely attacked by this bloodthirsty beast. The authorities are helpless against this menace. By the time the local PD showed up the miniature terror was on to it's next victim. People I beg of you, don't let this savagery continue. The Yorkie threat must be eliminated.
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Funny dog  2010
watch all she does a big jump near middle
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Fat person falls on dog
BanditRaps Exclusive Shaggy Dick featuring GW - BNDT
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Funny Fat Animals
Hi, Just some halarious Fat and Funny animals. Please Like, Comment & SUBSCRIBE :) Thanks
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Fat dog snoring
Title Says all. (Jk We love our dog)
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My dog is a fat kid
R.I.P, Daisy :( Me pissing off my dog by repeatedly asking her if she wants to eat. She gets SO mad lol. Its funny cuz shes fat! The death glare at 1:04 cracks me up hahaha.
How dogs get fat!
Thomas shares his rice cakes with Guiness
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fat dog dancing
hahaha wow my dog is so fat
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yorkie puppy's fat belly
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Fat Max's super happy time morning belly sliding adventure...
Fat Max the black labrador retriever does this every morning after he gets fed.
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Funny Dog: Romo Watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Romo loves to watch TV; here he is watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. As you can see he watches the movie from the opening credits, he gets excited when he sees the dogs on TV. Romo is a 100 pound clown who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Romo may not have gotten off to the best possible start in life, he was picked-up by a caring person who found him wondering the streets as a puppy. Remember that dogs are pack animals, and they take their treatment by the pack-their owners and families-very much to heart. A dog that has been neglected or abandoned once is usually eager to become part of a loving pack, where they feel safe and secure, and is likely to act accordingly. We are guessing that the general public is not aware of how doomed black dogs are when they are brought to a pound because black dogs, particularly black labs or lab mixes, are euthanized at a horrifying rate at many pounds & shelters because people pass them up for lighter colored dogs. If you are thinking about adopting a dog please don't overlook black dogs because they are just as loving & wonderful as lighter colored dogs! Black dogs are often the last to adopt out, for whatever the reason, whether it's because people believe that they don't photograph as well, or people think they look meaner, etc. But they are just as sweet on the inside and are also strikingly beautiful on the outside with their shiny black coats. Please take a moment to look at these dogs - they need loving homes too! Enjoy Romo's videos!
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funny cats and dogs 1.wmv
pictures i found on lol cats and google subscribe and write comments
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Funny Dogs 2010
Funny Dogs 2010
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Fat Cat Being Silly With Dog
Here is Sassy again. She is being herself. Lol
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Funniest boating dogs
We recently requested and received the best boating pet photos in America for the Soundings Salty Paws photo contest. The winners were announced in the January 2011 issue. That got us wondering: What are some of the best videos of pets aboard? Turning to that endless font of funny pet videos, we scoured YouTube for the best clips of dogs on boats, dogs jumping off boats and ... well, we're not quite sure what Shiner the chihuahua/pomeranian mix is doing here. Let us know if you figure it out. Thank you to the following for sharing their videos. Visit their YouTube channels to watch these and other videos. In order of appearance: The Pups Watch video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg00ejdKk9M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KporWzPIqzU The Pups courtesy: www.youtube.com/user/drejustice1 Onyx Watch video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0CUGjtZtEs Onyx courtesy: www.youtube.com/user/jds111669570 Stinky Watch video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e41uEXPNpqE Stinky courtesy: www.youtube.com/user/crowerks Duke Watch video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWDR0qxpkkk Duke courtesy: www.youtube.com/user/slyman2469 Shiner Watch video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EavyXuhkpO4 Shiner courtesy: www.youtube.com/user/ShinerChiPom
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Ricky Gervais (animal facts)
Very Funny
Views: 1358650 Darren Hibbert
Funny dog and cat pics
Funny pictures i found
Views: 5465 4everdanyboy
Funny dog humping cat
I have never seen a cat make such a readable expression. In this video a lonely dog finds a nearby cat for some entertainment. The cat is taken by complete surprise. Poor Bosley puts up with a lot.
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