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Save the Hawksbill Sea Turtles
Help end poaching and save the Hawksbill Sea Turtle! Adopt a Sea Turtle: http://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions/Sea-Turtle.aspx This video is a school project and is present for educational purposes only. We do not own the majority of these clips. Use of other people's content is in no way meant to harm their channels and is purely done out of lack of resources. Links to the original videos are listed below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwWqNi8UURQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0RIrVVkc40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBjIQ5szcmI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbiCgBWkf_I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzwC6XLeUYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1bsSCbxOfg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXUF7CNZYFw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjiA-QuKjgc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=554mSRRXuI8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZWuWqaLiIA References/Sources: http://thetruthaboutpoaching.wordpress.com/ http://worldwildlife.org/species/hawksbill-turtle http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/reptiles/hawksbill-turtle/ http://www.conserveturtles.org/seaturtleinformation.php?page=hawksbill http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/species/turtles/hawksbill.htm http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/pdfs/education/kids_times_turtle_hawksbill.pdf http://world-turtle-trust.org/turtleinfo.html http://www.nestonline.org/HawksbillSeaTurtle.htm http://www.seeturtles.org/files/107.pdf http://oceana.org/en/explore/marine-wildlife/hawksbill-sea-turtle http://marinebio.org/species.asp?id=164 http://oceana.org/sites/default/files/reports/Why_Healthy_Oceans_Need_Sea_Turtles.pdf http://www.bonaireturtles.org/explore/are-sea-turtles-worth-saving/ Music: Wow Thomas Newman Finding Nemo (An Original Soundtrack)
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hawksbill turtle
wild chronicles
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Sea Turtles Documentary HD - Home for the Hawksbill
We always have to keep in mind that a Documentary, after all, can tell lies and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesn't. Some of the documentaries are made just to discredit some particular person, party, organization, system etc, but most of them here on TDF are non biased, without prejudice and worth watching.
Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtles: One of the World's Most Endangered Sea Turtle Populations
Scientists are focusing their research on the Hawaiian hawksbill sea turtle in an effort to bring back the endangered population and are making some interesting new discoveries.
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Hawksbill Sea Turtles Hatching
Hawksbill Sea Turtles Hatching Maui, Hawaii August 15, 2016 - 10:55am (mass emergence - 185 turtles) Hawaii Wildlife Fund Hawksbill Turtle Recovery Team www.wildhawaii.org Filmed by Aimee Lemieux
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Friendly Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Friendly Hawksbill Sea Turtle
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𝗛𝗮𝘄𝗸𝘀𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗦𝗲𝗮 𝗧𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗥𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘅 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗰 - 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗥𝗲𝗲𝗳 𝗔𝗾𝘂𝗮𝗿𝗶𝘂𝗺 - 𝟮 𝗛𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀 - 𝗦𝗹𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗛
𝗛𝗮𝘄𝗸𝘀𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗦𝗲𝗮 𝗧𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗥𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘅 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗰 - 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗥𝗲𝗲𝗳 𝗔𝗾𝘂𝗮𝗿𝗶𝘂𝗺 - 𝟮 𝗛𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀 - 𝗦𝗹𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗛𝗗 ASMR Sound Beautiful Hawksbill Sea Turtles and Coral Reef with Background song. Helps Relax & Fall Asleep FAST! 2 hour long. Music for relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, examine. sit lower back, relax and experience :) ▼ See More! ▼ Check our new Printable Antistress Coloring eBook for children and adults. Drawings consist of fishes, coral reefs, turtles and extra! Hours of coloring a laugh! Enter "20OFF" and shop 20% these days: Thanks for watching this video, in case you enjoyed it like and subscribe! ▷ The Best Relax Music & Stunning Nature in HD New Videos each Monday, Start your Week Relaxed! Great as a TV Screensaver for the workplace, front room, waiting room, Spa, Restaurant, and so forth. Play it for your Roky, Apple tv, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and so on. ▼Check our Video Playlists▼ Relaxing Music and Beautiful Nature - Non-Stop Playlist ➔ Aquarium & Relaxing Music ➔ Cute Animals and Relaxing Music ➔ The Most Beautiful Landscapes & Relaxing Music ➔ Relaxing Nature Sounds ➔ ▼Follow us on Facebook▼ ▼Please Subscribe!▼ BabyLullabyChannel "Almost in F" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed below Creative Commons: By Attribution three.0 License Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/mbWDrK Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #asmrsound, #relaxsong
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A Sea Turtle's Journey to a Nesting Ground | Nat Geo Wild
Hawksbill Sea Turtles rarely survive infancy, but when they do - they can live to an old age! ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoWILDSubscribe About National Geographic Wild: National Geographic Wild is a place for all things animals and for animal-lovers alike. Take a journey through the animal kingdom with us and discover things you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals! Get More National Geographic Wild: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoWILD Facebook: http://bit.ly/NGWFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/NGWTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NGWInstagram A Sea Turtle's Journey to a Nesting Ground | Nat Geo Wild https://youtu.be/ac0m5fJDnwA Nat Geo Wild https://www.youtube.com/user/NatGeoWild
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The Survival of the Sea Turtle
Watch the miraculous journey of infant sea turtles as these tiny animals run the gauntlet of predators and harsh conditions. Then, in numbers, see how human behavior has made their tough lives even more challenging. Lesson by Scott Gass, animation by Veronica Wallenberg and Johan Sonestedt. View the full lesson at: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-survival-of-the-sea-turtle
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Sea Turtle Rescue - Female Hawksbill in Barbados
Barbados Blue crew rescues a large female Hawksbill Turtle from certain death. Please sign our petition to expand our Marine Protected Areas and help save our turtles! https://goo.gl/j4Rpa6
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Hawksbill Turtle seeks protection from predator Tiger Shark
Turtle Behavior A Hawksbill turtle seeks protection from Tiger shark stalking. The Hawksbill Turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle. Please protect the sea turtles, the sharks and the ocean...... HD Footage Filmed by Ramon F. Llaneza in Palm Beach, Florida
Sea Turtles Are Too Rare To Wear
http://www.tooraretowear.org/pledge/ Hawksbill sea turtles are critically endangered but face the threat of their shells being carved into trinkets for souvenirs. Learn about this threat to hawksbills and how you can help. Video by Travel For Wildlife.
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EXCLUSIVE: "Glowing" Sea Turtle Discovered | National Geographic
While filming coral off the Solomon Islands, David Gruber, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, encountered a "bright red-and-green spaceship." This underwater UFO turned out to be a hawksbill sea turtle, which is significant because it's the first time that biofluorescence has ever been seen in reptiles, according to Gruber. Gruber is now excited to learn more about this critically endangered species and how it is using biofluorescence. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #SeaTurtles #Biofluorescence About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta David Gruber: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/bios/david-gruber/ Click here to read more: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/09/150929-glowing-animals-sea-turtle-oceans-pictures-science/ BIOFLUORESCENCE VIDEOGRAPHER: David Gruber SENIOR PRODUCER: Jeff Hertrick EDITOR: Jennifer Murphy EXPEDITION FUNDED BY: TBA21 TBA21 CINEMAPHOTOGRAPHER: Barry Broomfield TBA21 PRODUCERS: Francesca Von Habsburg and Markus Reymann TBA21 LINE PRODUCER: Lauren Matic ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE: National Geographic Creative and Pawel Achtel EXCLUSIVE: "Glowing" Sea Turtle Discovered | National Geographic https://youtu.be/9kmE7D5ulSA National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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loggerhead hawksbill and green sea turtle
We warmly welcome you to the paradise Sri Lanka and to the Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project & Sea Turtle Information Center Our project is situated in Induruwa, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of our project is to incubate turtle eggs and release the baby turtles to the sea. Apart from that, we show foreign volunteers about the turtle hatchery. There are seven species of sea turtles. They are the leatherback sea turtle, green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, Kemp's ridley sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, flatback sea turtle and olive ridley sea turtle. Four of the species have been identified as "endangered" or "critically endangered" with another two being classed as "vulnerable". Sea turtles constitute a single radiation that became distinct from all other turtles at least 110 million years ago. Most species of Sea Turtles will hatch during the night hours. Turtle nests that hatch during the day, are more prone to predators like birds, crab, sea birds, raccoon, ants and other animals on the beach. They also encounter more human activity on beaches after hatching and can run into human obstacles such as beach chairs, umbrellas, sand castles, as well as dogs and people on the beaches themselves. The hatchlings then proceed into the ocean, where a variety of marine predators await them. Although sea turtles usually lay around one hundred eggs at a time, on average only one of the eggs from the nest will survive to adulthood. While many of the things that endanger these hatchlings are natural, such as predators including sharks, raccoons, foxes, and seagulls, many new threats to the sea turtle species have recently arrived and increased with the ever-growing presence of humans. One of the most significant threats now comes from bycatch due to imprecise fishing methods. Long-lining has been identified as a major cause of accidental sea turtle death. There is also black-market demand for tortoiseshell for both decoration and supposed health benefits. Sea turtles must surface to breathe. Caught in a fisherman's net, they are unable to surface and thus drown. Another danger comes from marine debris, especially from abandoned fishing nets in which they can become entangled. General activities of our project: • Collecting of Turtle eggs from the beach. • Collected and rescued eggs are hatched safely away from predators before being released into the sea at night-time. Some are kept back for a short period for 'head starting' until they are stronger. • Providing treatments for disabled turtles caught by fishing nets. When we get information on a disabled turtle we take our full effort to visit the turtle and start doing necessary treatments to recover it. We go anywhere in between Hambantota and Kaluthara for this service. • Raise the awareness of marine turtle conservation needs at regional levels. (Conducting of seminars, awareness workshops, show videos, distributing leaflets, etc.) • Conducting continuous studies on post-nesting migrations and biology of marine turtles. • Share tracking data and findings to relevant authorities and contribute to the development of a regional marine turtle conservation plan. Integrate these conservation initiatives with national programs. Support us with your donation by bank transfer to: Beneficiary N.P. Kannangara Address No 558b Sri Sumathipala Mawatha, 80510 Athuruwalla Induruwa, Sri Lanka Bank Bank of Ceylon Address Tourist Village, 80500 Bentota Bank Code 7010 Branch Code 102 Acc No 8961852 BIC SWIFT BCEY LK LX Our website: www.marineturtles.webs.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/induruwasea.turtles Contact us at: [email protected] Our address: Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project Galle Road 80510 Induruwa, Sri Lanka tags turtle turtles marine turtle marine turtles sea sea turtle sea turtles paradise welcome Sri Lanka Induruwa beach coast coastal water turtle eggs eggs egg mother baby birth born Sea Turtle Conservation Project conservation project cute incubate incubation turtle hatchery hatchery hatch hatching hatchling hatchlings Ceylon volunteer volunteers volunteering ocean species endangered endangered species critically endangered vulnerable protect protected protection rescue rescued rescuing seminar awareness workshop workshops study studies nest nests nesting biology ichtyoilogy science scientific track tracking develop development treat treatment treatments olive olive ridley leatherback loggerhead Kemp's ridley hawksbill flatback green Chelonioidea Testudines reptile reptiles tortoise tortoises shell Bentota Kosgoda Yala flipper flippers shore sand sandy season seasons mate mating caruncle night predator predators arribada arrival breed breeding eco system ecosystem ecology threat threats threaten threatening temperature sex gender female females
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Hawksbill Turtle Conservation
Critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) are part of the cheloniidae family and can be found in tropical and subtropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. In contrast to all other sea turtle species, Hawksbills nest in low densities on small, scattered beaches. This small to medium-sized marine turtle has a thin elongated oval shell with overlapping scutes on the carapace, a relatively small head with a distinctive hawk-like beak, and flippers with two claws. Hawksbill turtles are mainly carnivorous and appear to be opportunistic predators. They use their narrow beaks to extract invertebrate prey from crevices on the reef. MAJOR THREATS: Hawksbills face multiple, severe threats including the Tortoiseshell Trade, egg collection, slaughter for meat, destruction of nesting and foraging habitat, oil pollution, entanglement and ingestion of marine debris and fishing gear, and hybridisation of Hawksbills with other species. In 2001 a IUCN Red List subcommittee upheld the Critically Endangered listing of the Hawksbill based on ongoing and long-term declines in excess of 80% within three generations. Hawksbill Turtles can take 20 to 40 years to mature. Data on reproductive longevity in Hawksbills are limited, but becoming available with increasing numbers of intensively monitored, long-term projects on protected beaches. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SUPPORT REAL CONSERVATION North Island was recognized for its conservation work by being awarded as the National Geographic World Legacy Awards winner for Conserving the Natural World 2017. Wildlife ACT provides an opportunity to spend time in the Seychelles assisting the environmental team with restoring this piece of paradise to its former glory. Conservation activities include turtle nest marking, egg relocation, turtle tagging, indigenous tree planting, tropical fish identification, Aldabra Giant Tortoise monitoring and more. Find out more: https://wildlifeact.com/volunteer/seychelles/conserving-paradise/
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Saving Sea Turtles in the Solomon Islands | Short Film Showcase
The Arnavon Islands are an important nesting site for the endangered hawksbill and green sea turtle species. Thanks to the efforts of The Nature Conservancy and local communities, the number of nesting sea turtles has doubled in the past 20 years. To aid in the process, conservation monitors protect the turtles' nests from predation. Watch newly hatched turtles make their way to the sea in this inspiring video from Seedlight Pictures. The Nature Conservancy: http://www.nature.org/ Seedlight Pictures: http://www.seedlightpictures.com/ ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Get More Short Film Showcase: http://bit.ly/ShortFilmShowcase About Short Film Showcase: A curated collection of the most captivating documentary shorts from filmmakers around the world. Know of a great short film that should be part of our Showcase? Email [email protected] to submit a video for consideration. See more from National Geographic's Short Film Showcase at http://documentary.com Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Saving Sea Turtles in the Solomon Islands | Short Film Showcase https://youtu.be/UkNLszfsHYY National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Hawksbill sea turtle - Video Learning - WizScience.com
The "hawksbill sea turtle" is a critically endangered sea turtle belonging to the family Cheloniidae. It is the only extant species in the genus ""Eretmochelys"". The species has a worldwide distribution, with Atlantic and Indo-Pacific subspecies—"E. i. imbricata" and "E. i. bissa", respectively. The hawksbill's appearance is similar to that of other marine turtles. In general it has a flattened body shape, a protective carapace, and flipper-like arms, adapted for swimming in the open ocean. "E. imbricata" is easily distinguished from other sea turtles by its sharp, curving beak with prominent tomium, and the saw-like appearance of its shell margins. Hawksbill shells slightly change colors, depending on water temperature. While this turtle lives part of its life in the open ocean, it spends more time in shallow lagoons and coral reefs. Human fishing practices threaten "E. imbricata" populations with extinction. The World Conservation Union classifies the hawksbill as critically endangered. Hawksbill shells were the primary source of tortoiseshell material used for decorative purposes. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species outlaws the capture and trade of hawksbill sea turtles and products derived from them. "E. imbricata" has the typical appearance of a marine turtle. Like the other members of its family, it has a depressed body form and flipper-like limbs adapted for swimming. Adult hawksbill sea turtles have been known to grow up to 1 m in length, weighing around 80 kg on average. The heaviest hawksbill ever captured was measured to be 127 kg. The turtle's shell, or carapace, has an amber background patterned with an irregular combination of light and dark streaks, with predominantly black and mottled-brown colors radiating to the sides. Wiz Science™ is "the" learning channel for children and all ages. SUBSCRIBE TODAY Disclaimer: This video is for your information only. The author or publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented in this video. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Background Music: "The Place Inside" by Silent Partner (royalty-free) from YouTube Audio Library. This video uses material/images from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawksbill+sea+turtle, which is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ . To reuse/adapt the content in your own work, you must comply with the license terms.
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Favorite meal of critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle
Hawksbill sea turtles are critically endangered. They can still be found in the waters of Belize and Mexico. They are becoming a rare sight for divers as their numbers have plummeted. This one is very relaxed as he cruises the reefs around Ambergrise Caye, Belize, looking for a meal. The Hawksbill turtle is a carnivore and his favorite food is coral. He scrapes off the tiny creatures with his hooked beak. These beautiful creatures usually swim away from people but this one allows a lucky diver to move right up and film him eating. A slow and respectful approach is crucial with any marine animal. Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v333d4-the-favorite-meal-of-the-endangered-hawksbill-sea-turtle.html. For licensing, please email [email protected]
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hawksbill sea turtles
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery | WCS Belize
http://www.wcs.org A new generation of threatened hawksbill sea turtles is thriving in the protected waters of Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize, evidence that efforts to protect these and other marine species in one of the world’s great barrier reef systems are working, according to WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and the Belize Fisheries Department. In a recently published study in the journal Endangered Species Research, scientists have reported that the coral reefs surrounding the atoll are home to more than 1,000 juvenile hawksbill sea turtles– good news for a species. The authors of the study titled “In-water assessments of sea turtles at Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize” are: Samantha Strindberg, Virginia R. Burns Perez and Janet Gibson of WCS; Robin A. Coleman of WCS and Sawfish Consulting Ltd.; Cathi L. Campbell of WCS and the University of Florida, and Isaias Majil of the Belize Fisheries Department. “The findings of our research show that juvenile hawksbill turtles are thriving at Glover’s Reef– extremely good news for this endangered species,” said Virginia Burns Perez, WCS Technical Coordinator in Belize. “Strongholds for the species such as this one should become a model for other foraging and nesting areas that are important for the hawksbill turtle.”
Hawksbill Turtles on The Brink of Extinction | WWF-Australia
Hawksbill turtles are one of the most beautiful and important species in the ocean. Their shell, known as tortoiseshell, is made up of an unique pattern of amber, yellow and brown colours. Sadly, holidaymakers are unwittingly and unknowingly helping to push the hawksbill turtle to the brink of extinction by innocently purchasing exotic souvenirs while overseas. WWF-Australia is proud to be partnering with Royal Caribbean Cruises to help raise awareness on the issue. Find out more: https://wwfau.org/2PqPFjk – MORE FROM WWF-AUSTRALIA SOCIAL: Facebook... ►https://www.facebook.com/wwfaustralia/ Instagram.. ► https://www.instagram.com/wwf_australia/ Twitter........ ► https://twitter.com/WWF_Australia/ WEBSITE: https://www.wwf.org.au/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wwfaustralia – ABOUT WWF-AUSTRALIA: WWF has a long and proud history. We've been a leading voice for nature for more than half a century,. As the seventh largest member of the WWF Network, WWF-Australia has a challenging brief. We're striving to conserve biodiversity in Australia and throughout the Oceania region. It's a big task and not one we can tackle alone. But together we can.
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Help Save Hawksbill Sea Turtles
http://www.tooraretowear.org/ Hawksbill sea turtles are beautiful animals who are critical to the health of coral reefs. However, turtleshell made from their is sold at markets across Latin America, which is a major threat to these critically endangered animals.
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle
the Hawksbill Sea turtle. a short video showing the hawksbill sea turtle. this video is used as addition to the blog entry on divesnippy.weebly.com
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Meet BB, The Cold Stun Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Meet one of our new sea turtle patients, BB. BB is a juvenile Hawksbill that washed in with the cold weather. This is a very rare occurrence as we do not typically see Hawksbill sea turtles on our local beaches. BB came to us with a very large build up of barnacles on it's shell that needed to be removed. Donate today and join us in our quest to give these turtles a fighting chance: http://bit.ly/OperationColdStun Watch Rescue-Clearwater, Clearwater Marine Aquarium's web TV series, A real life follow up to the Dolphin Tale films: http://www.seewinter.com/rescue-clear... Subscribe to Rescue-Clearwater emails: http://bit.ly/1PI327h Donate to Clearwater Marine Aquarium: http://bit.ly/1KBk5XN Visit us at Clearwater Marine Aquarium: http://bit.ly/1EKyytp Become a Sea Guardian: http://bit.ly/SeaGuardians https://www.facebook.com/SeeWinter https://www.instagram.com/cmaquarium/ https://twitter.com/CMAquarium https://www.pinterest.com/cmaquarium/
Hawksbill turtles
Conservationists on Milman Island in Far North Queensland have placed satellite trackers on two hawksbill turtles in a race to save the mysterious species which faces a population crash. Globally, it’s estimated millions of hawksbills were killed for their beautiful shells prior to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) ban on the tortoiseshell trade. The species is the most poorly studied of all marine turtles and is listed as ‘critically endangered’ internationally and ‘vulnerable to extinction’ in Australia. Full story: http://www.wwf.org.au/?15740/90-of-Qlds-hawksbill-turtles-could-be-gone-in-four-years
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Hawksbill sea turtle eating
This hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) let us follow it around for a while, as it went about its business munching on reef invertebrates. Spotted around Arthur's in Anilao Mabini, Batangas. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black.
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle vs Jellyfish
17.09.2015 North Male' Atoll
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Born to Be Wild: Doc Nielsen examines Coaco, a hawksbill sea turtle
Aired: (February 3, 2019): Doc Nielsen visits a rescue center in Davao City to check the condition of Coaco, a hawksbill sea turtle with an unhealthy diet. Watch ‘Born to be Wild’ every Sunday, hosted by Doctor Nielsen Donato and Doctor Ferds Recio. Subscribe to us! http://www.youtube.com/user/GMAPublicAffairs?sub_confirmation=1 Find your favorite GMA Public Affairs and GMA News TV shows online! http://www.gmanews.tv/publicaffairs http://www.gmanews.tv/newstv
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Interesting Facts about Hawksbill Turtles
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Tagging Hawksbill Sea Turtles in the Arnavon Islands
Join Conservancy scientists in the Arnavon islands, where they’re tagging hawksbill sea turtles with satellite trackers to discover where and when these turtles migrate in between nesting. Like many other sea turtle species, hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) are critically endangered. Worldwide populations have declined about 80 percent in the past three turtle generations due to the illegal turtle shell trade, egg collection, harvesting for meat, and habitat loss from beach development and climate change. More at: http://blog.nature.org/science/2016/05/31/unraveling-the-mystery-of-hawksbill-turtle-migration/ Video © The Nature Conservancy (Justine E. Hausheer)
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Endangered turtles released in Dubai after being rehabilitated.
110 hawksbill turtles were released at Villa beach Dubai on World Sea Turtle Day after being rehabilitated. See more at: http://gulfnews.com/gntv
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Sea turtles - Hawksbill hatchlings
During the nesting season (from April to January), Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) staff and volunteers patrol the beaches most used by sea turtles, recording signs of nesting and hatching, as well as monitoring the safety status of nests.
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation in the Arnavon Islands
After a 40-year history punctuated by arson, conflict, and poaching, conservation efforts in the Arnavon Islands are yielding a glimmer of hope for hawksbill sea turtles. Now, Conservancy scientists are working with local communities to make these critical islands the first site to be registered under the Solomon Islands’ 2010 Protected Areas Act. More at: http://blog.nature.org/science/2016/05/31/headhunters-poaching-arson-community-conservation-in-the-arnavon-islands/ Video © The Nature Conservancy (Justine E. Hausheer)
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The Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle
All filmed material was recorded by myself in the Seychelles. My personal project for tenth grade! By Grischa Petram Free from Lighthouse Family Requiem for a Dream Mozart
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How To Identify & Avoid Sea Turtle Shell Souvenirs
Many countries in Central America and Southeast Asia illegally sell souvenirs made from the shell of the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle. As a traveler, it's up to you to be able to recognize and avoid souvenirs made from endangered turtle shell, not only because it is illegal to buy and bring home, but because you can help save the hawksbill from extinction. This video was produced by Hal Brindley at Travel For Wildlife. For more information about how to identify sea turtle shell, visit http://www.travelforwildlife.com/identify-sea-turtle-shell-souvenirs
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An endangered hawksbill turtle laying eggs
A member of the public noticed the turtle on East Coast Beach and told NParks officers about it, on Aug 23, 2017. ST VIDEO: AUDREY TAN
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Baby Hawksbill Turtles Head Home
The work we do on North Island in the Seychelles covers a range of conservation-orientated projects spanning both terrestrial and marine aspects, but a large focus is the monitoring the endangered Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata). We are working to restore and secure the reef system and beaches for continued breeding of endangered turtle species. Find out more: http://bit.ly/2ffTnql * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SUPPORT REAL CONSERVATION North Island was recognized for its conservation work by being awarded as the National Geographic World Legacy Awards winner for Conserving the Natural World 2017. Wildlife ACT provides an opportunity to spend time in the Seychelles assisting the environmental team with restoring this piece of paradise to its former glory. Conservation activities include turtle nest marking, egg relocation, turtle tagging, indigenous tree planting, tropical fish identification, Aldabra Giant Tortoise monitoring and more. Find out more: https://wildlifeact.com/volunteer/seychelles/conserving-paradise/
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Sea Turtles
All seven Sea Turtles, where they live, where they nest and what they eat. 7 types of sea turtles There are seven species of sea turtles and all of them are listed under the Endangered Species Act. subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSMHKvP57RNS5LACatSOwZg For more facts about Sea Turtles : http://www.defenders.org/sea-turtles/basic-facts 1. Leatherback 0:12 2. Green Turtle 0:53 3. Loggerhead 1:31 4. Hawksbill 2:18 5. Kemp's Ridley 3:07 6. Olive Ridley 3:38 7. Flatback 4:14
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Endangered species - hawksbill sea turtle
We encountered a hawksbill sea turtle at balinghai in boracay! This was a great dive!
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Hawaiian Baby Hawksbill Turtles Race to the Sea
Rare and newly hatched endangered Hawaiian baby hawksbill turtles skedaddle down the beach to the ocean.
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Hawksbill Turtle laying eggs. Nesting Turtle.
After Laying eggs, STCB continued tagging and attaching a transmitter on turtle named "Piffy", on the small island of Klein Bonaire. Filmed, edited, music score by: Javier M.A. Boezem.
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Hawksbill sea turtles 9-11-17
"Little O" dives down and confronts "Barnacle Billie" and then leaves Billie to scratch her carapace.
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Endangered Ocean: Sea Turtles
Did you know that sea turtles have been living on planet Earth since the time of the dinosaurs? Around 110 million years. There are seven different species of sea turtles, six of which - green, hawksbill, Kemp's ridley, leatherback, loggerhead, and the olive ridley - can be found throughout the ocean in both warm and cool waters. The seventh species, the flatback, lives only in Australia. A healthy ocean depends on sea turtles. And sea turtles need our help. Get the story in 2:45 minutes. Original video source: http://oceantoday.noaa.gov/endoceanseaturtles/
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Funny and cute hawksbill turtles- kids love them!
turtles are funny by nature, especially the amazing hawksbill turtles of Rangiroa, which are not shy at all. They are so curious that they even try to bite the lens of the camera and want to have a deep look into the divers eyes. When thy find a delicious black sponge growing in between the coral rubble, they don't let it go, even when the surge is pushing them around.
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Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Let's shell-ebrate this beautiful turtle!
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Sea Turtle eating sponge
Hawksbill Sea Turtle eating a sponge with an entourage of two Queen Angelfish.
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♥♥ Relaxing 3 Hour Video of Giant Sea Turtles!
Project this onto your TV using Google Chromecast which is the newest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop: http://www.google.com/chromecast Why 3 hours? Tranquil nature soundscapes are excellent for relaxing, meditation, insomnia, studying, tinnitus sufferers, or just play the background scenery on your big screen TV when you are not watching shows. The genre is called "slow television" or "slow TV". Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MoneySavingVideos To see my entire playlist click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI3kQhLH6NvDGxgc0RBzZG3P2OOUVTWqT Coral reef fish with hawksbill and green sea turtles. Adult green turtles grow to 5 ft long and average weight of mature individuals is 150--420 lb. Adult hawksbill sea turtles have been known to grow up to 3 ft in length, weighing around 180 lb on average. The relaxing music is from "Sunday Morning Peace" used with permission from Jonn Serrie available at http://www.amazon.com/Sunday-Morning-Peace-Jonn-Serrie/dp/B005HUY8N8
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Hawksbill sea turtle ENDANGERED
Hawksbill sea turtles
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