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What will happen to the ship if it gets into the Hurricane Storm?
Discover how dangerous can shipping be and what will happen to the ship if it gets into the hurricane storm You will discover the force of the storm in the ocean and find out what difficulties ships and sailors go through to deliver your favorite food or goods to stores Note: The video was created for informational and educational purposes Note for YouTube: license certificate for commercial use of background music Licensor's Author Username: VladimiirZ Item Title: Epic Cinematic Item ID: 22027261 Item Purchase Code: 09bfd5a4-36de-4d1e-bff2-994bf04a677d The link on video - https://youtu.be/jDbD9KouViM more Top 10 videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t9VvQ4CDQKUO1xlTztOPA/videos
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True power of nature Hurricane  Irma UNLEASHED ON SHIPS compilation + FREAKWAVES.
A short video on what you could expect sailing through the most powerfull storm ever recorded. All credit goes to the original video creators. If a creator has an issue please contact us on you tube private messaging. This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright. Hope you like and subscribe thanks for watching... Music: immuration by purple planet music be sure to check them out here http://www.purple-planet.com/
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Ships In Storms Video Compilation [REAL FOOTAGE - HD]
Ships in storms can be so creepy to look at. Just look at those terrifying monster waves from those incredible videos. Those ships in rough seas sure look creepy. I wouldn't want to be in a ship in storm at sea.
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Super Hurricanes and Typhoons
Hey Everyone, You can find our 4K UHD content and more great space and science shows on: https://www.magellantv.com/genres/space Hurricanes, typhoons, tropical cyclones: they are creatures of tropical seas, sweeping up heat laden waters, converting it to wind, rain, and waves. Why do a rare few evolve into colossal monsters, that leave in their wake a trail of destruction, death, and despair? Do we now face a rising tide of Super Hurricanes and Typhoons? One reason is that more and more people are moving to coastlines around the world, drawn by a combination of jobs and lifestyle. In the United States, for example, 39% of the population lives in coastal counties. A Columbia University report takes a global look at this trend by identifying major disaster hot spots: the east coast of North America, Bangladesh, the Philippines, the east coast of China. These hurricane-prone coastlines, with their dense population centers, hold enormous potential for economic loss and loss of life. To make matters worse, the oceans have gotten steadily warmer over the last few decades, adding potency to the hurricane's fuel. Sea levels are expected to rise by as much as a meter by the end of the century, increasing the risks of storm surge. As more people pack the coastlines, man and nature are in the midst of an excrutiating head-on collision. Hurricane Ike slammed into Galveston in 2008. The cost in 2010 dollars: 28 billion. Andrew hit Miami in 1992. 45 billion. Sandy swept into New Jersey in 2012. 60 billion. Katrina in New Orleans: 106 billion. Not to mention the loss of thousands of lives.
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Ship caught in cyclone on Indian Ocean
Container Ship caught in deep Indian Ocean, struggling to move forward. Captain manages to pass through successfully.
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THE MOST EXTREME Storm Footage - Tornado, Hurricane, Hailstorm [VIDEOS]
Extreme tornadoes caught on tape, hurricane videos, hailstorm videos, sandstorm videos form inside the powerful storms in this extreme weather caught on tape compilation. Subscribe for more 👉 https://tinyurl.com/yavj3ph6
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CRUISE SHIPS In BAD WEATHER // Heavy Seas in Storm
People go on cruise ship to have a good holiday but sometimes things can get rough. In this video you will see cruise ships in bad weather and big waves and storm. As you see these monster waves are just playing with these big ship. These are cruise ship in storm.
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The New Year's Cruise carrying over 4,000 passengers was caught in a violent winter storm on the way back from the Bahamas. The ship was constantly rocking for 3 days! Although the ship is capable of handling such a storm, we saw some people sleeping in the hallways because of water leaking into their rooms from the balcony doors (or because some thought the ship was going to capsize.) We even saw a family walking around with their life jackets. SUBSCRIBE 2ND CHANNEL! ➤ https://www.youtube.com/DrMasaki Like us on Facebook! ➤ https://www.facebook.com/RedCurtainEnt Follow our Instagram! ➤ https://www.instagram.com/RedCurtainEnt Red Curtain Entertainment®
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Ships in Storm - Monster Waves of The Sea
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Real Cyclone
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Formation of a Tropical Cyclone
Tropical cyclones, also called hurricanes and typhoons, cause catastrophic damage when they strike land. When a cyclone’s fury unleashes on population centres, death, injury and wholesale destruction follow. This programme explores the life cycle of cyclones – how atmospheric conditions, ocean temperatures and the Earth’s rotation combine to create them, how they are driven by winds and eventually weaken after moving over land. This particular section explores how atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures combine to create tropical cyclones. For more information on ClickView's video library for secondary schools, please visit: http://clickv.ie/w/aATi
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Dangerous Ocean Whirlpool!
Please leave your creative and related responses below
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🌊🚢BIG SHIPS IN VERY BAD WEATHER (Part 2) Ships in Storm, Rough Seas
Once again in this video you'll see big waves hitting the ships in storms on the sea and ocean with occasianal hurricane force winds blowing over the deck bringing sea water with it. It really is amazing to see how the captains are able to control the ship in these incredibly scary situations in rough seas with such big monster waves. What would you do if you were in the middle of an ocean and a hurricane hit your ship?
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Indian ocean dangerous cyclone before monsoon you ever seen
Indian ocean dangerous cyclone before monsoon you ever seen
Indonesia. Feb 27th, 2018.  Cyclone at Sea!!!
Indonesia Feb 27th, 2018. Cyclone at Sea!!!
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How Do Hurricanes Form? Hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth. They form near the equator over warm ocean waters. Actually, the term hurricane is used only for the large storms that form over the Atlantic Ocean or eastern Pacific Ocean. The generic, scientific term for these storms, wherever they occur, is tropical cyclone. Video courtesy: - ABC News - NOVA
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cyclone and twister in Arab sea
Video from Mohamed Helail
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Nightmare in broad Daylight!!! (Caught in a cyclone!)
The LPG/C Antwerpen, a Liquified Gas Carrier is Caught in one of the Bay of Bengal's worst Cyclones.... welcome to a sailor's worst nightmare!! Update: take a look at this link for people who think that the ship behaved quite well in this video!! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o846rEBqbdE&feature=channel_video_title
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5 Shocking Natural Disasters Caught On Video
5 Natural Disasters Caught On Video LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Subscríbe►http://bit.ly/1T4epcQ More Videos ► http://bit.ly/1Tvc4Ss Watch More ViralDak7: Angel Saves Thousands of People! Caught On Camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80EXQSCkx14 Giant Alien Captured in Russia Caught On Camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_D4OHs3adQ Natural Disasters Caught On Video Natural Disasters Caught On Camera Natural Disasters Caught On tape ★ DISCLAIMER ★ I do not own the anime, music, artwork or the lyrics. All rights reserved to their respective owners!!! This video is not meant to infringe any of the copyrights. This is for promote. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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NCL Breakaway in Bomb Cyclone Jan 3-4 2018
NCL Breakway caught in US Bomb Cyclone during the Dec 29 to Jan 4 cruise from New York to the Bahamas. It was a long 3 days of unpleasant vacation time. The captain and NCL could have wait a day before heading back and not risking everyone's safety.
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How cyclones are formed | How it forms
Cyclone! Every year climate will change, with this seasonal change, cyclones are formed, and some of them will make catastrophic. Let see “how cyclones are formed”. As we know, cyclones are formed in ocean but; “how it forms”. When the earth rotating in its equator region, maximum amount of sun light will reflect on sea level; as a result, sea level temperature will raise. Due to earth rotation, wind from different direction hit on ocean surface, this will raise pressure level above sea water and; pressure will decrease below sea level surface, this phenomenon will create swirl on water at sea surface where maximum pressure occurred. This swirl of water is called as “vertex”. On centre of vertex creating a place like pit, this is named as “eye”, and surround the area of pit is named as “eye wall”. The wind that pushes from different direction spin through “eye” and air become warm, then goes up from ocean. The evaporation process occurs while warm air goes up. The swirl of water will move slowly depend on earth rotation and wind direction. When cyclone hit the land, there is no longer fed by energy but; in sea level energy feeds to cyclone continuously. After certain time of survive on land cyclone relieve its energy absolutely. Even though cyclone not fed by energy on land, heavy cyclone will cause much more damage on land. A storm will swirl in clock wise direction at South Pole; and swirl in anti-clock wise direction at North Pole, swirling direction of storm will change depend on earth rotation. When the storm speed is 39 mile per hour, then it is called as “tropical storm”, as well as when storm obtained speed of 74 mile per hour, then it is officially announced as “tropical cyclone”. Mostly, tropical cyclones will form at Atlantic ocean and north Pacific ocean. Cause of cyclones will conclude by following factors. They are; speed of wind swirling and; speed of storm rising up from ocean. Yearly, 86 storms are formed around the globe, in this 47 obtain cyclone speed and, out of 47; 20 cyclones only reach intense level. Most of the cyclones will lose its energy in ocean and, some of the heavy cyclones will reach land. These cyclones will lead to heavy wind and rain. Let see the cyclone formation with small experiment. Take a bucket of hot water and shuffle water with stick, now you can notice that vertex is forming, through this vertex, water will evaporate faster, when this same process happening on ocean, heavy wind from different direction will feed high energy to storm. To identify cyclone or storm formation, geo stationary satellites launched 22000 mile away from earth. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScienceandTechTamil/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScienceandTech3 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scienceandtechtamil/ Support us and contribute on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ScienceandTechTami ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Howcyclonesareformed #Howstormforms #Howtropicalcyclonesareformed
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Water Cyclone. Takes Inside almost Everything. Caught in Camera
First time in Camera Live Cyclone in a river. Somewhere in India.
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Cruise ships caught in hurricane storm with biggest waves and extreme bad weather conditions. Horrible moments at sea captured on CCTV. Videos used qualify under creative commons or fair use. Video credits: HM Coastguard, ABC News, Saltwater Adventures Video is for education purposes only. In case of any issues, disputes or queries - do not hesitate to contact us.
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DRAMATIC VIDEO: Cyclone Ockhi lashes Lakshadweep Islands | Arabian Sea
DRAMATIC VIDEO: Cyclone Ockhi lashes Lakshadweep Islands #CycloneOckhi hits Lakshadweep Islands DRAMATIC VIDEO: Storm lashes Lakshadweep Islands | Arabian Sea DRAMATIC VIDEO: High Tide at Lakshadweep Islands | Arabian Sea
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Storm Hunters - Documentary
Ushant, at the tip of Brittany, is Cape Horn of Europe. The area of ​​storms, crazy currents. The confluence of the ocean, the Atlantic, and a sea, the Channel, in which he comes to choke. It is also the busiest sea route in the world: every day, 150 ships, 750,000 tons of oil circulate off the island. We wanted to understand why, since twenty years since the sinking of the Amoco Cadiz, no major ecological and human catastrophe has occurred again. Because it is not the result of chance. For once, we organized ourselves. For once, a policy was decided and renewed. For once, men of various backgrounds (civilians, military, sailors, land) joined their skills. The pivot of the system is a tug, The Bee Flanders, one of the most powerful in the world, capable of towing a tanker of 550,000 tons in load. If he had been there, if he had been chartered as he is today for a public service mission, the Amoco would never have sullied 200 kilometers of coastline.
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Arabian Sea Today's views | Cyclone in Maharashtra alert |
Arabian Sea Today's views | cyclone in Maharashtra alert | Arabian Sea india, Arabian Sea alert in Maharashtra, cyclone alert in Maharashtra, cyclone alert in Gujarat, cyclone in Tamil nadu,
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Cyclone forming in India
Avoid going to beaches for some days.dangerous cyclones around Will keep giving you updates on this
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🎧 Hurricane Sound On The Beach - Stormy Rough Ocean, Wave Crashing Ambience And Blizzard Sounds
Hurricane sound on the beach - Stormy rough ocean, wave crashing ambience and blizzard sounds for sleep and relaxation. +++++ I have all the licenses & commercial use rights for this video and sound +++++
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Cyclone in the Arabian Sea headed for Oman - 6am GST Oct 8, 2018
A new tropical cyclone has formed in the Arabian Sea, and is likely to develop significantly before it approaches the coast of the Arabian Peninsula later this week. The storm could strike Oman near Salalah, much like its predecessor Mekunu did back in May at a similar intensity. However, there still remains uncertainty about the storm's track and a landfall may be avoided yet.
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NASA Sees Heavy Rain in Arabian Sea Tropical Cyclone
On June 29, GPM showed Tropical Cyclone 02A had a few powerful convective thunderstorms southwest of the center of circulation were dropping rain at the extreme rate of over 209 mm (8.2 inches) per hour. Credit: NASA/JAXA/SSAI, Hal Pierce
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Weather Update: Tropical cyclone Trevor in the Coral Sea near northern Queensland, 18 March 2019
This video provides an update on tropical cyclone Trevor, which is in the Coral Sea and moving towards the Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland. Video current at 11.30 am AEST Monday 18 March 2019. Check http://ow.ly/pMQj30o51gb for the latest cyclone advice and warnings, and follow advice from your local emergency services.
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Sea beach clams micro cyclone
It's awesome to see the clams or micro cyclone at sea beaches
Cyclone Ockhi dangerous sea is coming to land
High tides saw at Kerala coast
Dead body floating mid-sea | Ockhi Cyclone
Warning: This video contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. Local fishermen who went in search of the missing fishermen were able to find only a dead body floating mid sea and a bag full of mobile phones and ID cards. We urge the Central and State government to take necessary action to find the missing fishermen on time and avert such grave incidents. #OckhiCyclone #MissingFishermen #DeadBody #pepcollective #Kanyakumari #Tamilnadu
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Cyclone Idai: Flying over flooded Mozambique - BBC News
As Mozambique counts the cost of Cyclone Idai, the BBC's Africa editor Fergal Keane joined a helicopter flight over some of the worst-affected areas. The pilot pointed towards the east across the expanse of brown water. "We are 15 miles from the sea," he said, "but it feels as if we are right over it." He was right. Below us, farmland that had been home to thousands of people had disappeared. Charities say thousands of people are stranded by catastrophic flooding, clinging to roofs or stuck in trees. About 300 people are confirmed dead in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, but the toll is expected to rise. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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Cyclone Sagar forms in Arabian Sea, first of the season
The cyclone is heading towards Gulf of Aden. Read More: https://www.skymetweather.com/content/national-video/cyclone-sagar-forms-in-arabian-sea-first-of-the-season/ Visit our website: http://www.skymetweather.com/ Follow us on: facebook.com/SkymetWeatherServices/ twitter.com/SkymetWeather/ Music Credit: $aiyapimp
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Voyager in cyclone Valentina
One of largest and fastest passenger cruisers Voyager, in cyclone Valentina, middle Mediterranean Sea, 14.02.2005
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scariest moments at sea bomb cyclone storms
scariest moments at sea
Hurricane Size Comparison 2018
RED SIDE SHOP STORE https://goo.gl/hVMWE9 Tropical cyclone: A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by different names, including hurricane (/ˈhʌrɪkən, -keɪn/), typhoon (/taɪˈfuːn/), tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and simply cyclone.[4] A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and northeastern Pacific Ocean, and a typhoon occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean; while in the south Pacific or Indian Ocean, comparable storms are referred to simply as "tropical cyclones" or "severe cyclonic storms". "Tropical" refers to the geographical origin of these systems, which form almost exclusively over tropical seas. "Cyclone" refers to their winds moving in a circle, whirling round their central clear eye, with their winds blowing counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The opposite direction of circulation is due to the Coriolis effect. Tropical cyclones typically form over large bodies of relatively warm water. The strong rotating winds of a tropical cyclone are a result of the conservation of angular momentum imparted by the Earth's rotation as air flows inwards toward the axis of rotation. As a result, they rarely form within 5° of the equator. Tropical cyclones are almost unknown in the South Atlantic due to a consistently strong wind shear and a weak Intertropical Convergence Zone. Also, the African easterly jet and areas of atmospheric instability which give rise to cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, along with the Asian monsoon and Western Pacific Warm Pool, are features of the Northern Hemisphere and Australia. Atlantic hurricane: An Atlantic hurricane or tropical storm is a tropical cyclone that forms in the Atlantic Ocean, usually in the summer or fall. A hurricane differs from a cyclone or typhoon only on the basis of location.[1] A hurricane is a storm that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and northeastern Pacific Ocean, a typhoon occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, and a cyclone occurs in the south Pacific or Indian Ocean. Tropical cyclones can be categorized by intensity. Tropical storms have one-minute maximum sustained winds of at least 39 mph (34 knots, 17 m/s, 63 km/h), while hurricanes have one-minute maximum sustained winds exceeding 74 mph (64 knots, 33 m/s, 119 km/h). Most North Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes form between June 1 and November 30. The United States National Hurricane Center monitors the basin and issues reports, watches, and warnings about tropical weather systems for the North Atlantic Basin as one of the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers for tropical cyclones, as defined by the World Meteorological Organization. In recent times, tropical disturbances that reach tropical storm intensity are named from a predetermined list. Hurricanes that result in significant damage or casualties may have their names retired from the list at the request of the affected nations in order to prevent confusion should a subsequent storm be given the same name. On average, in the North Atlantic basin (from 1966 to 2009) 11.3 named storms occur each season, with an average of 6.2 becoming hurricanes and 2.3 becoming major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater).[6] The climatological peak of activity is around September 11 each season. INFO : WIKIPEDIA MUSIC: The Halloween Dawn + Wind sound effect Mixed Follow! FB : https://www.facebook.com/redsidefanpage Insta: https://www.instagram.com/redsidefanpage *Keywords: Tornado Size comparison, comparison of tornados, highest tornado, terrible tornado, tornado ef 0 ef 1, tornado caught on tape, tornado forming UNIVERSE COMPARISON, UNIVERSE COMPARISON 3d COMPARISON OF UNIVERSE, SYSTEM SOLAR SIZE COMPARISON, COMPARISON OF SOLAR SYSTEM, GALAXY COMPARISON , COMPARISON OF GALAXIES, GALAXIES COMPARIOSN, STAR SIZE COMPARISON, STAR COMPARISON, STARS COMPARISON, COMPARISON OF STARS SIZE, COMPARISON OF STAR,Space comparison, Comparison of space Black holes Comparison, Black hole comparison, Comparison of black holes, First Photo of black hole, hurricane florence
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Cyclone "Titli": Tourists Barred From Bathing In Sea In Puri
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Titli Cyclone |  rough Arabian Sea conditions | ತಿತ್ಲಿ ಚಂಡ ಮಾರುತ ಪ್ರಭಾವಕ್ಕೆ ಸಮುದ್ರ ಪ್ರಕ್ಷುಬ್ದ
#ArabianSea #TitliCyclone Titli Cyclone | rough Arabian Sea conditions MORE INFO VISIT:- http://themangaloremirror.in
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Satellite imagery of Cyclone Trevor in the Coral Sea (March 2019)
Imagery from the Himawari-8 satellite of Cyclone Trevor as it made landfall on the Cape York Peninsula last week.
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Cyclone "Titli": Tourists Barred From Bathing In Sea In Puri
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Boat in Deep Sea at Kakinada during Helen cyclone
A fishing boat in deep sea near kakinada during recent cyclone. The video was taken by Mr. Madhava Krishna
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Cyclone Titli impact : High tides in sea at Chandipur in Balasore
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Sea foam fun: Cyclone turns Australian beach into bubble bath
A stretch of Queensland's Sunshine Coast has been blanketed in sea foam, swept ashore by the remnants of a tropical cyclone that struck Australia last week. In places, the wall of foam reaches three meters in height and covered entire roads, forcing police to direct traffic in the potentially dangerous situation. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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