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Hey guys! This video is about relationships in med school. I'm definitely not an expert, but I have some experience so I thought I would share that with you. I hope you enjoy and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! Also don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!! Ends May 20. instagram: erin.hays poshmark: @erinhays13
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SECRETS OF SORORITY LIFE | what happens at rush, date parties, etc.
Hey guys! Today's video is a little different- its all about my experience being in a sorority. I hope you guys enjoy and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! Also, I'm thinking of setting up a STUDY WITH ME LIVESTREAM! So please comment what days/times would work best for you! I'll let you know more details later. instagram: erin.hays
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Porn star Hannah Hays discusses interracial dating
Hannah Hays finally made her Dogfart Network debut! What did she have to say before getting plowed by Mandingo?
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$12 Date Vs. $576 Date // Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast
"That's the definition of romance." Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Spring Garden_Full (1) Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Take It Easy Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Full Of Warmth Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Checkit_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Genesis_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Monkey Funk_30Edit Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Daffodils Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Take You Home_NoVox Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Youtopia (1) Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Arabesque_fullmix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam. + Venida Hays http://www.jetboyhelicopters.com/about/ + Ann Bridges http://www.annbridges.com/ + Tyler Williams https://www.instagram.com/tylerlwilliams29/?hl=en
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MED SCHOOL FAQs | Typical day, MCAT score?, etc
Hey guys! 1. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! 2. This is a video answering some commonly asked questions about medical school. If you have any other questions- please comment below!! instagram: erin.hays
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Hey guys! Today's video is about the dreaded MCAT. In this video I talk about my experience and how I tackled the exam. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! instagram: erin.hays poshmark: @erinhays13
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The history of the fastest WCA 6x6 singles
In celebration of Max Park's first single WR, here's another "history of" video for you weirdo speedcubers MUSIC IS "Last Summer" by Ikson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GyQlZpUimQ Music by: https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson
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Hannah Hays Responds to /pol/ | TPS #116
Joining us live, Hannah Hays responds to /pol/ users who have attempted to help with her life choices, including abstaining from making sex videos. Hannah Hays: https://twitter.com/hannahhaysxxx Patreon is up!: https://www.patreon.com/ThePublicSpace ✔ Donate through Streamlabs: ✔ Donate through Paypal: http://paypal.jfg.world ✔ Donate through BTC: 3JwneSK5AEQ8Y2sjYs3yz2PSpWxQNdpVKv ♦ Facebook: http://fb.jfg.world ♦ Main Website: http://jfg.world ♦ YouTube: http://youtube.jfg.world ♦ Twitter: http://twitter.jfg.world ♦ Gab.ai: https://gab.ai/JFGariepy ♦ Minds: https://www.minds.com/JFGariepy ♦ Discord: http://discord.jfg.world ♦ Reddit: http://reddit.jfg.world ➝ Calendar of upcoming shows: http://calendar.jfg.world ☮ All statements in this video are made for the purpose of understanding the history of a religion and/or with the intent of improving legislation through legislation proposals, and as such this video benefits from all protection afforded to such acts of speech under Canadian law. Parts of this show also contains statements intended as comedy. ☮
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In the Hall:  Do you prefer your date to be taller or shorter?
Hays High Guidon: In the Hall
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Blind Date (US) - She's A Dancer
Melodic Hard Rock from USA (Hays) Song from: She's Got The Fire, Demo 1985 Kenny Claypool - Vocals, Guitar (His Majesty, Fortress) Don Hart - Vocals, Bass Fulton Calvery - Guitar, Keyboards Bob Sander - Drums --------------------------------------------------------- Music video for their 7" single here: https://vimeo.com/65579611
Power Thoughts on LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS | Best Advice, Louise Hay
Listen to this rare recording of the late Louise Hay sharing her power thoughts on self love and empowering advice on romance, love, and relationships. Her main message: Love yourself first so you can more fully love others. Through Louise's healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned to create more of what they want in their lives - more wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits. Dubbed "the closest thing to a living saint" by the Australian media, Louise Hay is also known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. Her first book, Heal Your Body, was published in 1976, long before it was fashionable to discuss the connection between the mind and body. Revised and expanded in 1988, this best-selling book introduced Louise's concepts to people in 33 different countries and has been translated into 25 languages throughout the world. Through Louise's healing techniques and positive philosophy, millions have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives, including more wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits. Her own personal philosophy was forged from her tormented upbringing. Her childhood was unstable and impoverished, and her teen years were marked by abuse. Louise ran away from home and ended up in New York City, where she became a model and married a prosperous businessman. Although it appeared that her life had turned around, it was not until the marriage ended 14 years later that her healing really began. Louise started what would become her life's work in New York City in 1970. She attended meetings at the Church of Religious Science and began training in the ministerial program. She became a popular speaker at the church, and soon found herself counseling clients. This work quickly blossomed into a full-time career. After several years, Louise compiled a reference guide detailing the mental causes of physical ailments, and developed positive thought patterns for reversing illness and creating health. This compilation was the basis for Heal Your Body, also known affectionately as "the little blue book." She began traveling throughout the United States, lecturing and facilitating workshops on loving ourselves and healing our lives. http://www.louisehay.com/about/ http://www.louisehay.com/hay-foundation/ http://www.hayhouse.com/ http://www.hayhouseradio.com/ ===== Also, sample the 21-Day Abundance and Money Attraction Brain Boost for free at https://soulmassage.bandcamp.com/album/21-day-abundance-and-money-attraction-brain-boost And check out "Personal and Spiritual Growth for Fun People: The Secret Guide to Joy and Prosperity" Ebook http://amzn.to/2vkVFzx Audiobook http://amzn.to/2vaGad2 Purchase Louise Hay audio recordings and books on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2xustaD You may also enjoy ... The Passion Principles: 101 Ways to Express Your Creativity and Share It With the World http://bob-baker.com/buzz/new-passion-principles-book/ ===== Also enjoy these YouTube playlists ... Louise Hay Power Thoughts and Affirmations https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCNbem8fOiHriRZkKLEIeojvsKmC3Huxw Affirmations for Creativity, Success and Abundance https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCNbem8fOiHrIgeCbuuWQVZD0SL91bHjb Guided Meditations for Wealth, Abundance and Creativity https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCNbem8fOiHpxMsebKoEm7qHO14T4KJVE Abraham Hicks - Law of Attraction https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCNbem8fOiHrLKo9KE_aVYxFudFe7kmVy ===== Louise Hay on Relationships | Self Love Power Thoughts Power Thoughts on Love and Relationships | Louise Hay Self Love Power Thoughts #LouiseHay #HayHouse #SelfLove #PowerThoughts #101PowerThoughts #selfworth #audiobook #LoveYourself #Love #Relationships Louise Hay empowering women Louise Hay advice for women reflections on your journey audiobook louise hay power thoughts self love louise hay Love and Relationships love yourself louise hay heal yourself youtube power thoughts louise hay 101 power thoughts louise hay audiobook
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Dating Agency / Partnervermittlung "Elite Follow Me " Our public life
Partnervermittlung / Matching Agency "Elite Follow Me" and International Congress of real Estate and Investment in Munich ; 8 Oktober 2018 Many people have no problems meeting and dating, they just find it difficult to meet the “right” person – someone who fits into their world and who is willing and able to share values and interests and is sophisticated and attractive. In a few words, they want the best and are in a privileged position to be able to afford the services of a matchmaker. Most of our clients have been referred by someone who has found their current partner with our participation. Elite Follow Me has helped 100s of eligible single men from all over the world to find beautiful singles to date, love and marry. As one of the first individual offline dating sites in the market, Elite Follow Me is one of the mostly visited and mostly trusted sites available. Not many agencies can offer you an individual style of working with each customer and with the promise of introducing you to stunning international singles who are also willing for love. http://elite-follow-me.com/
A race for mental health - Episode one Directed/ Edited by Alex Hayes Co directed / Filmed - Bailey Dalton so excited to finally show what I've been working on for a long time now, This has been the most emotional journey and I have learnt so much throughout the process. Mental health is a subject that we should all speak about, we can all help each other! get ready for the next episode. dropping this week. Fletcher - https://www.instagram.com/fletcherdavies/?hl=en Alex - https://www.instagram.com/alexhayes/?hl=en Bailey - https://www.instagram.com/bd1?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=90i8l8c2oyhx SPECIAL THANKS TOO - Batyr - https://www.batyr.com.au Quiksilver - https://www.quiksilver.com
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Feminine Energy Secrets to Attract & Keep a High Quality Masculine Man Chasing You - LOA ENERGY!
♡♡ Please Support My Work & Subscribe : https://goo.gl/znM53X You can Get Your Man Back & FIX the Relationship! I have a Proven Program that WORKS. ►► http://www.EverheartCoaching.com/ABCGetHimBack Maybe you prefer a class with me? Don't miss out SUBSCRIBE to my website newsletter: http://www.EverheartCoaching.com Do you remember as a little girl, being told to not cry, or being rewarded for holding back your tears? Those were early ways well-meaning adults wanted you to be more in your Boy Energy instead of your feminine feeling energy. Fast forward years and years later, and you have trouble in relationships with men. Why? It's not because you can't get emotional or even dramatic, it's because your feelings have been stuffed down for YEARS! You can learn your way out of this and I'm going to show you how. ►► FREE download: http://www.EverheartCoaching.com About me: I've studied with Tony Robbins, Louise Hays, Abraham / Esther Hicks and have read all the top books by : Matthew Hussey, John Grey, Steve Harvey and more. I've coached 100's of women and men to recover lost love or attract the one they truly desire. If you are ready to find lasting love or rebuild the love you have, I made this video just for you. Learn how to use the Male-Female Energy Exchange to Attract & Keep your Man, PLUS your best kept SECRET! IF YOU NEED INSTANT HELP THAT COVERS EVERYTHING: --- I have a book filled with more than 500 Scripts, Phrases and Ways to Speak to a Man that PULL HIM CLOSER. You can find it at http://www.EverheartCoaching.com/ebook Much love to you! xoxoxo! Adrienne
2016 Hays Kansas Economic Outlook Conference - SAVE-THE-DATE
For a glimpse into the region’s economic future, business leaders are turning to Wichita State University’s W. Frank Barton School of Business, the Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR), and the Ellis County Coalition for Economic Development, founders of the Hays Area Economic Outlook Conference. The purpose of the conference is to provide insight into current local and national economies, addressing topics of interest to the community, region and state. A combination of state and local experts will be on hand to provide perspectives on issues affecting business, industry, education and government. Friday, November 4, 2016 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Robbins Center at Fort Hays State University 600 Park St. Hays, KS 67601
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How to use "The Secret" to find a "Soulmate"
These Women used "The Secret" to find a Husband that was "The Best Match For Them".
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Subrath Sharma vs Andrew Hays - Worldwide Movie Trivia: Singles League
Today we start the official season of There Will Be Trivia! After the tournaments are done we're returning to league play. In this match "The Raid" Subrath Sharma faces his long time nemesis Andrew "The Dude" Hays. Who wins this rivalry between the 2? Enjoy the match, like, comment, share subscribe please! Join the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WWMGNet/ Come follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWMGNTrivia Twitter handles for everyone: Kees - @DutchMovieGuy Henry - @H__Confidential Our questionwriters: Jeremy Adams, Kees Cornelisse Our editors: Jeff Varju, Abraham Flores & Kees Cornelisse
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2018 #1 Singles Girls Champion Alli Hays-Gillette
Subscribe – http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-WyoPreps Visit Us – http://wyopreps.com/ Like Us – https://www.facebook.com/WyoPreps Follow Us – https://twitter.com/wyopreps
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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today's video is all about my job at the Dr. Oz show! I hope you enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe! FOLLOW ME: instagram: @erin.hays This video is not sponsored. For business inquiries please email [email protected]
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MEDICINE TAG! | specialty?, productivity tips, etc
Hey guys! This video is the medicine tag!! Hopefully it answers some of your questions. If you have any other questions make sure to comment below! I hope you enjoy and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! ALSO, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Ends this weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yngUKPuWWz8&t=4s instagram: erin.hays
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Sean Hayes and Ellen Have a 'Battle of the Gays'
Ellen and "Will & Grace" star Sean Hayes found themselves in a "Battle of the Gays" while arguing about each of their iconic TV shows.
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February is Dating Violence Awareness Month
The Hays-Caldwell Women's Center recognizes February as Dating Violence Awareness Month. We added dating violence to our mission statement in 2014 because 1 in 3 teens is the victim of dating violence. In working to end and prevent dating violence, we're working to end abuse as a whole. Join us! Learn more at www.hcwc.org
Louise Hay - 50 mins of positive affirmations to change your attitude.
Buy the Essential collection from Louise Hay on amazon: http://amzn.to/2lXFlzq Louise Hay reads her positive affirmations. Repeat them, listen them while your doing your stuff, write them. The more you think about them, the more your brain will change gradually and become less stressy. Positive affirmations are a proven method to change the way you think and act. Self-love and self-esteem will come after. Listen it for one month, and if you find it was useful, continue. http://www.doyouwanttobefree.com/louise-hay-positive-affirmations-will-heal-you/ Following these advices and these doctrines our life is changed and improved for this reason we decided to share it with the world. This website is intended for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. Video will be removed if requested by the copyright owner. For any copyright issues please contact us Most of the music in this channel is from: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1OG2uLExCXnTS2I9pWQBEY?si=NoFA33VcTQyTBOGjm-oWpA
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CO State 2015 - Pro Singles Final - Dustin Gatliff vs Robert Hays
For more exciting foos coverage, visit www.insidefoos.com!
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Heart Boner - Ninja Sex Party
Get the album here: https://bit.ly/2BlFdD8 Director/Editor/VFX: Sean Barrett http://www.instagram.com/mrseanbarrett Music credits: Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist. Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA Mixed by Thom Flowers Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC Dan Avidan - Vocals Brian Wecht - Keys & Synths Havve Hogan - Drums Lord Phobos - Guitar Doctor Sung - Synths & Keys Commander Meouch - Bass Jim Roach - Guitars Dallas Kruse - String Arrangement Video credits: Producer: Scott Shifman Director of Photographyr: Gordon Yould Production Designer: Traci Hays 1st AD/PA: Dan Browne 1st AC: Ryan Sax 2nd AC / DIT: Brooks Ludwick Gaffer: Danny Williams Best Boy Electric: Aric Avelino Key Grip: Nick Lundstrom Grip: David Nunez Hair: Becca Weber Makeup: Kat Bardot Set Decorator: Mindy Smith Set Dresser: Nicole Case Leadman: Jesse McElroy PA: David Browne PA: Leah Yould Animation Director: Patrick Stannard Character Designer: Nick Swift Background Artist: Renee Violet Animator: Parker Pierce Assistant Animator: India Swift After FX: Ty Davis Manager: Brent "Iceman" Lilley Cast The Princess: Carolyn Vasko Lyrics When I first looked in your eyes You were more than just a beauty to me All my senses shot straight up I was rock hard emotionally The fact that you and I could plow Is something I haven’t even thought about...starting now I’ve got a heart boner for you I stand before you stiff and true I wanna blast a load of feelings onto you This heart boner’s for you You’ve helped me grow into a man My shallowness is a thing of the past I want to slam you with my empathy And then I’ll rail you with my class You’ve helped me find maturity I’ll be your wiener king, tee hee I’ve got a heart boner tonight Feel my love pants growing tight I wanna plug you with respect all through the night I’ll bust a nut of joy and light Heart Boner Got a heart boner You are the love that I pursue Do you feel the feels I feel for you There’s so much we have yet to do Now jump me like a kangaroo This heart boner’s for you I stand before you thick and true I’ll shoot a wad of gleaming romance just for you This heart boner’s for you
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2014 USAPA Women's Singles 60+ (Hays vs Pierce) Bronze Medal
Hays wins in 3. 11-9,2-11,11-5
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Ready For Marriage After VERY Emotional First Date?! | First Dates Hotel
This couple really connect after talking about their foster care stories. Watch the episode on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/first-dates-hotel
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Affirmations to Attract Love (using Law of Attraction)
Looking for love? 53 Positive Love Affirmations that cycle through repeatedly to instill a new positive mindset when it comes to love, utilizing the Law of Attraction Principles. Wishing you luck! You can find me on: https://www.facebook.com/LinaGraceTV/ https://twitter.com/linagrace8 *DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. Only listen when you can relax safely and completely. Music "Inspiritus" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Royalty free footage by Videoblocks Written and Produced by ©2016 Lina Grace. All rights reserved.
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Interview with Hannah Hays
Interview with Adult Film Model: Hannah Hays
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Walker Hayes - You Broke Up with Me
Get ‘boom.’ featuring “You Broke Up With Me” and more here: http://smarturl.it/walkerhayes Website: http://walkerhayes.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/walkerhayes Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/walkerhayes Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/walkerhayes
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Louise Hay - Meaningful Relationships
Louise L Hay is a well known self help author. Louise Hay has written the books 101 Power Thoughts and You Can Heal Your Life. Louise L Hay Talks about using affirmations and meditation to reinforce self love, how to love yourself. Louise Hay has also created Heal Your Body and I Can Do It. Everything has to do with self esteem affirmations.
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All WCA Rubik's Cube World Records November 2016 Edit (Singles)
NEW DECEMBER EDIT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgvlUpSKClA -- My Cubing Channel: http://bit.ly/2f17tw0 -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER & CREDITS: I do NOT own any of the music or clips! The music was non-copyrighted but please check out the creators below. Credits also go to the WCA (World Cube Association): CLIPS USED (in order): 2x2: 0.49 - Maciej Czapiewski: https://youtu.be/U-rcPAsY5bY 3x3: 4.74 - Mats Valk: https://youtu.be/tLksISrKtO8 4x4: 21.54 - Feliks Zemdegs: https://youtu.be/AWi-81ZYdH0 5x5: 41.27 - Feliks Zemdegs: https://youtu.be/K5iooaB246Y 6x6: 1:32.77 - Kevin Hays: https://youtu.be/HQzucqHQRLg 7x7: 2:20.66 - Feliks Zemdegs: https://youtu.be/5yMTEPlJEj8 Megaminx: 34.40 - Juan Pablo Huanqui: http://youtu.be/sOi7x5pPB-U Pyraminx: 1.32 - Drew Brads: http://youtu.be/JcnQipWL62U Square-1: 6.84 - Tommy Szeliga: http://youtu.be/NAZbO8Z_AlI Skewb: 1.10 - Jonatan Kłosko: http://youtu.be/pxWwEltUgsc Rubik's Clock: 3.73 - Nathaniel Berg: http://youtu.be/jeb3UID1e4E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC USED: Channel: NCS [NoCopyrightSounds]: https://www.youtube.com/nocopyrightsounds 1. DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release] 2. Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart [NCS Release] 3. Ahrix - Nova [NCS Release] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the list of the World Record Holders' Channel Names (in order): 1. Maciej Czapiewski [2x2 World Record] 2. Mats Valk [3x3 World Record] 3. Feliks Zemdegs [One-Handed 3x3 World Record] 4. Jakub Kipa [3x3 With Feet World Record] 5. Charles593 (Kaijun Lin) - [3x3 Blindfolded World Record] 6. Feliks Zemdegs [4x4 World Record] 7. Feliks Zemdegs [5x5 World Record] 8. Kevin Hays [6x6 World Record] 9. Feliks Zemdegs [7x7 World Record] 10. Juan Pablo Huanqui [Megaminx World Record] 11. XTownCuber (Drew Brads) - [Pyraminx World Record] 12. JustSomeRandomDude (Tommy Szeliga) - [Square-1 World Record] 13. Łukasz Burliga (Jonatan Kłosko) - [Skewb World Record] 14. Nathaniel Clocks (Nathaniel Berg) - [Rubik's Clock World Record] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --[|]--: THUMBNAIL: http://bit.ly/1Smsjqn :--[|]--
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Drinking with Charles - Featuring Xander Boyce, Ramon Mejia, and Jeff Hays
"Advent: Red Mage Book 1" by Xander Boyce https://www.amazon.com/Advent-Red-Mage-Book-1-ebook/dp/B07HMLK6JP/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?crid=1HJZFY3D7XGGW&keywords=xander+boyce&qid=1547945009&sprefix=Xander+Bo%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-1-fkmrnull For more Drinking with Charles, subscribe to the Charles Dean YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXlju7bcS-FyiTKYPRzOMg Sign up for our mailing list at www.soundbooththeater.com To request or vote on the next Soundbooth Theater Live: Requests Only! Join our Facebook group, read da rules, and look for the newest poll. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1822629184684006/?multi_permalinks=2058375731109349&notif_id=1525809676632857&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic If you haven't yet, make sure to join the Gamelit Society Facebook group, where you can keep up to date on all the latest Gamelit and LitRPG news and join a growing community of some of the most dedicated readers out there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/LitRPGsociety/?ref=group_header And if that's not enough for you, Paul Bellow runs yet another Facebook group that covers everything LitRPG/Gamelit related, The LitRPG Forum! https://www.facebook.com/groups/litrpgforum/ And if you want to join us on Discord, listen to us narrate and record our audiobooks in real time for tons of spoilers, we have a great community of lovely fans, authors and narrators who will welcome you! https://discord.gg/yGfsynj
I See No Boundaries  with  Eleanor Hays
Interview with Eleanor Hays as part of the "I See No Boundaries" series. Interview conducted by Valerie Haynes. The "I See No Boundaries" series is presented by the Pioneer Women Museum and is "dedicated to the enduring spirit of women who saw no boundaries" and sponsored by the Pioneer Women Museum and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Creator: Pioneer Woman Museum Date: 2003c Coverage: Ponca City (City), in Oklahoma (USA) MARC Geographic Areas: Oklahoma (oku); United States (xxu) Extent (quantity/size): 30min 22sec Media: VHS; Moving Images MPEG-4 1712 kbs 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS Subjects: women in oklahoma Electronic Resources: http://www.okhistory.org/ Contact The Oklahoma Historical Society to purchase non watermarked DVD or High Resolution Digital File http://www.okhistory.org/research/fvfeescc
Inclusion Initiatives – Walter Hays Elementary School – Part 5: Inclusive Play Date
Through a series of initiatives focused on parents and students, Walter Hays Elementary School is creating a more inclusive environment for all students which is making tangible and positive differences for parent involvement and student motivation to succeed. Although each of these videos can be viewed separately, we encourage you to view them in the order provided.
Fantasy - Ryan Hays
New single by Load B Music Recording artist... RYAN HAYS Artist - Ryan Hays - @rhaysmusic Producer - Rudy Valme - @rudyvalmemusic Label - LoadBMusic - @loadbmusic Release date 9/29/15 Lyrics - @rhaysmusic Engineer - @rudyvalmemusic Executive Producer - Rudy Valme www.loadbmusic.com Album Title - Mind Games
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Austin Hays singles to give Bowie a walk-off win
7/7/17: Austin Hays erases an 0-for-5 showing with a game-winning single with two outs in the 11th inning to lift Bowie. Check out http://www.MiLB.com/video for more! MiLB.com is the official site of Minor League Baseball, MiLB leagues and its affiliated clubs, including game information and statistics, prospect news, video, online ticketing and much more. MiLB.com features live full-game video streaming and on-demand highlights, up-to-the-moment scores and statistics, Triple-A All-Star Online Balloting, interactive fan voting contests such as #foodfight, Mascot Mania and Moniker Madness, mobile websites and apps, along with comprehensive editorial coverage of Minor League All-Star Games and playoffs. The MiLB.com network annually attracts millions of baseball fans worldwide. The MiLB.com network is made up of 159 teams in 14 leagues. Fourteen teams constitute the Triple-A International League: Buffalo Bisons, Charlotte Knights, Columbus Clippers, Durham Bulls, Gwinnett Braves, Indianapolis Indians, Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Louisville Bats, Norfolk Tides, Pawtucket Red Sox, Rochester Red Wings, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, Syracuse Chiefs, Toledo Mud Hens. Sixteen teams constitute the Triple-A Pacific Coast League: Albuquerque Isotopes, Colorado Springs Sky Sox, El Paso Chihuahuas, Fresno Grizzlies, Iowa Cubs, Las Vegas 51s, Memphis Redbirds, Nashville Sounds, New Orleans Zephyrs, Oklahoma City RedHawks, Omaha Storm Chasers, Reno Aces, Round Rock Express, Sacramento River Cats, Salt Lake Bees, Tacoma Rainiers. Fourteen teams constitute the Double-A Eastern League: Akron RubberDucks, Altoona Curve, Binghamton Mets, Bowie Baysox, Erie SeaWolves, Harrisburg Senators, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Portland Sea Dogs, Reading Fightin Phils, Richmond Flying Squirrels, Trenton Thunder. Ten teams constitute the Double-A Southern League: Birmingham Barons, Chattanooga Lookouts, Huntsville Stars, Jackson Generals, Jacksonville Suns, Mississippi Braves, Mobile BayBears, Montgomery Biscuits, Pensacola Blue Wahoos, Tennessee Smokies. Eight teams constitute the Double-A Texas League: Arkansas Travelers, Corpus Christi Hooks, Frisco RoughRiders, Midland RockHounds, Northwest Arkansas Naturals, San Antonio Missions, Springfield Cardinals, Tulsa Drillers. The network also includes 30 teams at the Class A Advanced level in the California, Carolina and Flroida State Leagues; 30 teams at the Class A Full Season level in the Midwest and South Atlantic Leagues; 22 teams at the Class A Short-Season level in the New York-Penn and Northwest Leagues; 18 teams at the Rookie level in the Appalachian and Pioneer Leagues. Visit MiLB.com: http://www.milb.com Subscribe to MiLB.TV: http://milb.tv Download the MiLB.com App: http://milb.com/mobile Get Minor League Tickets: http://milb.com/tickets Connect with MiLB: YouTube: http://youtube.com/minorleaguebaseball Facebook: http://facebook.com/minorleagues Twitter: http://twitter.com/milb Instagram: http://instagram.com/minorleagues Google+: http://plus.google.com/+minorleaguebaseball
AMAZING ANGELICA HALE America's Got talent 2017 | All Auditions & Performances | Got Talent Global
Watch girl on fire, Angelica Hale all auditions & performances on America's Got Talent 2017. Watch Angelica's first audition, her semi final audition and final audition & performance with Kelly Clarkson! Watch MORE Best Kids Got Talent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7A9WncZ9WY ▶︎ Subscribe to Got Talent Global: http://www.youtube.com/user/gottalentglobal ▶︎ Watch more Got Talent Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-z5mbZ-yCI&list=PLF-BDTAHX0p5xf2caJw3l9oPmuHI0PJRA ▶︎ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gottalentglobal ▶︎ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gottalentglobal ▶︎ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gottalentglobal Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent
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Melanie Martinez - Pacify Her (Official Video)
Directed and conceived by: Melanie Martinez Cinematography by: Josh McKie Executive Producer: Wes Teshome Producer: Jennifer Goodridge 1st AD: Jesse Hays Set design by Holly Trotta Wardrobe by Melanie Martinez Additional wardrobe by Lisa Madonna Makeup by Melanie Martinez Additional makeup & Airbrush Makeup by Elsie Simone Patterson Hair by William Scott Blair Production Manager: Tyler Zelinsky Edited by: Tony Corella and Melanie Martinez Colorist: Bryant Jansen VFX: Giannenio Salucci, Ethan Chancer, Bryson Michael Production Company: Framed - Alan White, Zachary Green Blue Boy: Lucas Mogerley Get 'Cry Baby' Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MelanieCryBaby Google Play: http://smarturl.it/GP_MelanieCryBaby Amazon: http://smarturl.it/A_MelanieCryBaby Spotify: http://smarturl.it/S_MelanieCryBaby Get Official Melanie Martinez Merch Here: http://smarturl.it/Visit_MMstore Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/littlebodybi... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MelanieLBBH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melaniemartinezmusic/
Views: 100791606 melanie martinez
Robin Hays, interviewed at the premiere of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet #anthemthemovie #NowPlaying
https://www.redcarpetreportv.com RCRs @DianaEspir talks to #anthemthemovie’s director, Robin Hays about her new film at the premiere #WeAskMore Mingle Media TV and our Red Carpet Report team with host, Diana Espir, were at the premiere of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet in Hollywood and talked to the cast of the film. Get the Story from the Red Carpet Report Team, follow us on Twitter and Facebook at: http://twitter.com/TheRedCarpetTV https://www.facebook.com/RedCarpetReport http://www.youtube.com/MingleMediaTVNetwork US Release Date: January 11, 2019 Starring: Cameron Monaghan, Grayson Gabriel, Peyton List Directed By: Robin Hays About Anthem of a Teenage Prophet Anthem tells the story of Luke (Monaghan) a teenager who foresees the death of his new best friend Stan (MacNicoll), the most popular guy in school. When this premonition becomes reality, Luke must deal with the trials and tribulations of being dubbed "The Prophet of Death" and being titled a freak by the entire town. It doesn't help that he's fallen in love with Faith (List) who just happens to be Stan's girl or that he's on the outs with his childhood best friend Fang (Grayson Gabriel) or that the premonitions just keep coming - In a story that expertly navigates that often rocky, at times inspiring road to adulthood, Anthem authentically balances the teenage experience of confusion, anxiety and rage with those exceptional moments of clarity, self discovery and human connection. Hormonal, funny, exhilarating and wise, Anthem slyly explores the need to belong, the isolation of youth and the powerful brew of fear truth and noise that plays inside us all. Find out more here https://www.teenageprophet.com/ Like on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/anthemthemovie/ Follow on IG https://www.instagram.com/anthemthemovie/ Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/AnthemTheMovie For more of Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report coverage, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/minglemediatvnetwork http://www.flickr.com/MingleMediaTVNetwork https://www.twitter.com/minglemediatv Follow our host, Diana on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DianaEspir
ghost·ing /ˈɡōstiNG/ verb to end a relationship with someone your dating by cutting off all communication, without any explanation. Written & Created by: Emily Nicole Hansen Featuring: Tami Soligan & Eric Whitten DP: Josh Hays Sound: Carlos Ledesma
Views: 643 Emily Nicole Hansen
Melanie Martinez - Mrs. Potato Head [Official Video]
Directed and Conceived by: Melanie Martinez Cinematography by: Josh McKie Executive Producer: Wes Teshome Executive Producers, Framed: Alan White, Zachary Green Produced by: Jennifer Goodridge 1st AD: Jesse Hays & Nick Erickson Set design by: Holly Trotta Audio Design by Michael Keenan Wardrobe by: Melanie Martinez Additional wardrobe by: Lisa Madonna Makeup by: Melanie Martinez Special FX & Prosthetic Makeup: Mo Meinhart Additional Makeup by: Elsie Simone Patterson Hair by: William Scott Blair Hair Assistant: Heather Weepler Production Manager: Tyler Zelinsky Production Coordinator: Camille Benton Location Manager: Yorgos Varagoulis Casting by: Copelan Cash Edited by: Tony Corella and Melanie Martinez Colorist: Bryant Jansen Cast: Wife: Nora Hall Rich Husband: Justin Berti Mistress: Brittany Williams Bunny Doctor: Dan Fleming Wig Spokesperson: Lauren Anderson Diet Pills Spokesperson: Elizabeth Ferrara Get 'Cry Baby' Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MelanieCryBaby Google Play: http://smarturl.it/GP_MelanieCryBaby Amazon: http://smarturl.it/A_MelanieCryBaby Spotify: http://smarturl.it/S_MelanieCryBaby Get Official Melanie Martinez Merch Here: http://smarturl.it/Visit_MMstore Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/littlebodybi... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MelanieLBBH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melaniemartinezmusic/
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Orgy for One - Ninja Sex Party
Buy the album here: https://bit.ly/2BlFdD8 Instrumentals by TWRP - check ‘em out here: http://bit.ly/2fv1Ib3 Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach Performed by Ninja Sex Party and TWRP Music credits: Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA. Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound. Performed by Ninja Sex Party, TWRP, Jim Roach, and Kenny Harris. Video credits: Director: Sean Barrett Producer: Scott Shiffman 1st AD/PA: Dan Brown Production Design: Traci Hays DP: Gordon Yould 1st AC: Ryan Sax 1st AC: Brooks Burgoon 2nd AC/DIT: Brooks Ludwick Techno Jib OP: Justin Umphenour Techno Jib Tech: Andrew Azouz Gaffer: Danny Williams Gaffer: Randy Newman Key Grip: Nick Lundstrom Key Grip: Marlow Nunez Hair: Becca Weber Makeup: Kat Bardot PA: David Browne PA: Leah Yould PA: Keaton Shiffman Kristen Vaganos: Jenny Leah Yould: Kate Morgan Matthews: Sally Jim Roach: Sally’s Dad Alara Ceri: Wendy Scott Shiffman: Wendy’s Dad “Manager”: Brent Lilley Lyrics Ninja Brian, I invited a large number of girls over here for an orgy, but the responses thus far haven’t been what I’d hoped for Stacy had a headache Jenny was in jail Brenda had to work late Kate was getting Jenny’s bail Angela got scurvy Ashley caught a cold Sally’s dad exploded That’s what I was told Michelle had to play checkers Ann was baking pies Wendy’s dad exploded too That might’ve been a lie Pam had frisbee lessons Stella had ballet Now I’m by myself But I can have fun anyway, so…. Dim the lights Remove my tights YEAH! Nobody showed but I’m gonna have some fun Let’s get this party started it’s an orgy for one It’s me and my hand and it’s hotter than the sun So break out the tissues it’s an orgy for one I’m workin’ out my issues in an orgy for one Margaret’s cat got nauseous Jane was way too shy Steve was not invited because he was a guy Claire was parasailing Brooke said she was in space But it doesn’t matter Cause I’m rounding second base All through the night My grasp is tight OH I’m beating so hard you’d think I was a drum And I don’t even care it’s an orgy for one I’m here all alone and I’m tuggin on my plums It’s not just masturbation it’s an orgy for one It’s a fuckin’ celebration it’s an orgy for one Orgy for one Orgy for one Sixty nine Without the nine Now pour the wine I’m mine all mine I’m batting a thousand and nailing everyone Thank you everybody at this orgy for one These pillows are stacked to look vaguely like a butt You know I’m goin for it, it’s an orgy for one My junk is getting sore and it’s an orgy for one You know that I’ll be scoring at the orgy for one Orgy for one Orgy for one
Views: 2943093 Ninja Sex Party
Steve Melewski talks with Austin Hays
Austin Hays, Orioles' third-round draft pick in 2016, talks about moving his way through the minors. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles
Views: 888 masn Orioles
The Younger Days by Mike Hays Book Trailer
Scheduled eBook release date is March 2012, print book release date Fall 2012 from MuseItUp Publishing Young Boy Smyth discovers much is hidden beneath his boring life and family when his outlaw hero visits their farm.
Views: 467 Mike Hays
Walker Hayes - 90's Country (Audio)
Listen to “90’s Country” here: http://smarturl.it/90sCountry Connect with Walker: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walkerhayes/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walkerhayes/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/walkerhayes Website: http://walkerhayes.com
Views: 395663 WalkerHayesVEVO

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