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“How Big Art is Made in a Do-ocracy” | Flaming Lotus Girls | TEDxConstitutionDrive
For our special TEDxConstitutionDrive fifth anniversary event, we wanted to go back into the realms of imagination that we loved growing up - in childhood days where you can make anything, believe everything, and dreams could come true. We had speakers who reminded us what we are capable of -- from metalworkers and artists, to writers who craft fanciful and strangely believable tales, to normal people with extraordinary stories to tell. Flaming Lotus Girls is a volunteer-based group of artists who make large-scale kinetic fire art. Over half of our ~100 members are women, but we welcome all genders to create interactive large-scale fire sculptures that are both visually stunning and engaging, inviting people to become part of the art. We approach our collaborations through a unique design methodology with a hyper-fluid organizational structure. We work together in an egalitarian fashion, accepting input from anyone who participates. All creative decisions are made collaboratively, and our pieces are designed, built, repaired, packed, and installed by a crew of passionate volunteers. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Burning Man 2011: Tympani Lambada | Flaming Lotus Girls
Burning Man 2011: Tympani Lambada | Flaming Lotus Girls HD
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2015 Serpent Mother by Flaming Lotus Girls
Amazing fire art! http://burningman.org/event/brc/2015-art-installations/?yyyy=&aq=mother#SerpentMother
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Pulse - Flaming Lotus Girls' 2016 Fire Fueled Sculpture
Join Flaming Lotus Girls, a female driven art collective, in building an interactive fire sculpture to debut at Burning Man 2016 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flg/pulse-flaming-lotus-girls-2016-burning-man-art
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Robodock 2007 - Flaming Lotus Girls - Serpent mother
http://www.flaminglotus.com/ http://www.robodock.org/
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Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother
The Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother at Burningman
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Black Velveteen
Flaming Lotus Girls
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Robodock 2005 - Flaming Lotus Girls
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Fire Spewing Mechanical Art: Flaming Lotus Girls
Interview with Flaming Lotus Girls; Maker Faire Bay Area 2011
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Maker Profile - Fire Sculpture on MAKE: television
These women are fired up: The Flaming Lotus Girls, a women-centric maker collaborative, creates gargantuan, fierce, flame-breathing sculptures. This popular Bay Area organization boasts diverse membership, welcoming members from all backgrounds. Whether theyre artists, lawyers, mothers or scientists, all Flaming Lotus Girls share two things in common: a desire to get their hands dirty, and a love of all things flammable. And the Flaming Lotus Girls are not alone; countless women welded during WWII, and today a new generation of women welders is picking up the torch. To learn more or to join the Girls, go to http://www.flaminglotus.com
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Angel of the Apocalypse Feathers
Flaming Lotus Girls' Angela Ryan talks about their interactive sculpture at Maker Faire 2015. Read more here: http://makezine.com/2015/05/20/giant-flaming-feathers-awe-maker-faire-crowd/
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Flaming Lotus Girls - 2017 Beakerfest Calgary
Flame spitting snake and Lotus egg . Part of the 2017 Beakerhead , Beakerfest , in Calgary Alberta . Sept 15 - 2017 .
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Fireworks at Tympani Lambada
Flaming Lotus Girls' sculpture Friday night at Burning Man 2011. Epic!
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EDC Vegas 2012 "The Serpent Mother"
Check out this short clip from EDC Vegas 2012 featuring "The Serpent Mother," which was created by the Flaming Lotus Girls. http://www.MyElectricVisions.com
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Flaming lotus girls burning man 2011
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Flaming Lotus Girls- Burning Man 2011
It keeps getting better...watch to the REAL finale!!!
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Flaming Lotus Girls | Serpent Mother | Liquid Fire Shot
Flaming Lotus Girls' Serpent Mother showing what she is protecting in that copper egg she is wrapped around. 5 Jets of liquid fire shoot 40+ft in the air at Burning Man, 2015
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Lotus girls
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Flaming Lotus Girls - Maker Faire 2010
MakerFaire2010 - Flaming Lotus Girls - High Speed - Slow Motion
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Fire Spewing Mechanical Art: Flaming Lotus Girls
The Flaming Lotus Girls create metal machines that are beautiful to look at, but often spit fire as well. As Margaret Long explains, FLG is an all inclusive group of male and female fabricators. Through their collaborative effort, the Three Mutopia Pods made for an inspiring display at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. http://www.flaminglotus.com/ http://makerfaire.com/pub/e/5090
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101.TV - Robodock 2007 - Flaming Lotus Girls
101.TV - Robodock 2007 - Flaming Lotus Girls
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Smoking Gnome at Xylophage by the Flaming Lotus Girls at Bu
The Gnome blows his top! Flaming Lotus Girls Black Rock Desert Nevada August 2013 Xylophage
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Flaming Lotus Girls - Soma Vallejo Installation
Soma is an artistic vision of two neurons communicating, manifested in stainless steel, on a monumental scale
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Serpent mother by the Flaming Lotus Girls in action
This is the Serpent mother. A 50 meter long serpent made by the Flaming Lotus Girls. This show was at robodock festival. The flames can be controlled by the audience and/or by wii-mote by the operator. Quite the spectacle! http://www.flaminglotus.com http://www.robodock.org
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"Pulse" by Flaming Lotus Girls
Created by Flaming Lotus Girls. From their website: The visual centerpiece of Pulse is an anatomically-correct heart, beating fire through its four chambers to emulate the blood flow through the human heart. The outer steel structure is formed by the intricate vasculature and predominant veins and arteries of the heart. Above the heart chambers, the aortic arch shoots spectacular pulses of fire into the night sky. http://flaminglotus.com/art/pulse-description/ Filmed at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017.
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Serpent Mother -Flaming lotus girls
The Flaming Lotus Girls are a San Francisco-based group of of female and male artists collaborating all year round to create exceptional fire art and provide a resource for learning metalworking and other essential shop skills.http://www.flaminglotus.com/
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Soma by Flaming Lotus Girls
Burning Man 2009 fire art installation inspired by neurons.
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Flaming Lotus Girls
Flaming Lotus Girls at Toronto Winterfest 2010.
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07 Fire Arts Festival - "Flaming Lotus Girls"
July 14, 2007 @ The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival The Flaming Lotus Girls talk about the Serpent Mother. To view the entirety of videos as there were meant to be seen, STOP NOW, and go to this website: http://faf.filmzombi.com
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Flaming Lotus Girls Fire Scupltures at Maker fair 2011
Outtake from episode #511: A look at Flame Sculptures that normally appear at Burning Man made bythe Flaming Lotus Girls. REALITY CHECK TV is now a paid affiliate of footaction.com, and we're offering YOU a special discount! Get 10% off any order $50 or more at http://www.footaction.com/SID--6767/PID--AFBTW1FA?cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-Mevio-_-BigTimeWrestling-_-10off50 or get 15% off any order $75 or more at http://www.footaction.com/SID--6767/PID--AFBTW2FA?cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-Mevio-_-BigTimeWrestling-_-15off75 will meet or beat ANY price at time of order!!! All purchases through our portal help support RCTV. Thank you!
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Soma by The Flaming Lotus Girls  -  San Francisco
" Soma by the Flaming Lotus Girls Pier 14 Tidal Plaza San Francisco, Ca, 94105 From July 2014 to August 2015 Soma : Stainless steel. 12V lighting system 28′ H x 40′ W x 25′ W " Details on the artwork : http://flaminglotus.com/ dbbf.fr
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Serpent Mother by Flaming Lotus Girls Burning Man 2006
Pyro at Serpent Mother, one of the best ever fire installations!
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Flaming Lotus Girls @ Robodock 2007
Flaming Lotus Girls' installation at Robodock 2007 in Amsterdam.
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Soma By Flaming Lotus Girls
Soma at Burningman by Flaming Lotus Girls http://www.flaminglotus.com/gallery/nicole-bratt/flg-2011-2012-calendar/784
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The Flaming Lotus Girls' Mutopia
This is a video of the Flaming Lotus Girls' fire art installation, "Mutopia", at Burning Man 2008.
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Burning Man 2009 - Fire hooping beside the Flaming Lotus Girls Art Piece wednesday night
Burning man 2009 - Fire Hula hooping beside the Flaming Lotus Girls Art Piece wednesday night
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Burning Flipside 2011.  Flaming Lotus Girls Gee-Gnome project
Flaming Lotus Girls Gee-Gnome project
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Burning Man 2011 ~ Tympani Limbada by Flaming Lotus Girls ~ music by Space Cowboys
Tympani Lambada by Flaming Lotus Girls San Francisco, CA Tympani Lambada is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance, combining fire, vibration and sound to create an experience rich with visceral sensuality. The bone and membrane of the inner ear's vestibular system is transformed into steel and fire. Flame effects, LEDs and sound effects mirror the function - circular, sensory experience: smell, hear, touch. Contact: info (at) flaminglotus (dot) com
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flaming lotus girls' project - soma
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Fireball nucleus first fire test at Flaming Lotus Girls #1
This is the first fire test of the SOMA sculpture created by the Flaming Lotus Girls at the Box Shop in San Francisco for Burningman 2009
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The Flaming Lotus Girls' Mutopia
This is a video of the Flaming Lotus Girls' fire art installation, "Mutopia", at Burning Man 2008.
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Mutopia (NEW) - by Flaming Lotus Girls - Burning Man 2008
Mutopia by Flaming Lotus Girls as exhibited at Burning Man 2008
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Flaming Lotus Girls in Toronto
Winter City 2010, Angel of the Apocalypse http://www.flaminglotus.com/gallery/nicole-bratt/flg-2011-2012-calendar/784
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Soma : Flaming Lotus Girls?
Maker Faire 2009
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