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Girls' Frontline English Version Gameplay Android
Girls' Frontline English Version by Sunborn Games Gameplay first look video for Android / iOS 1080p. 🚩Subscribe me: http://bit.ly/MikeFringe 📲▪▪▪▪▶Download:◀▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ This is beta - test, available untill 11 April 2018 Size: 2.34 GB Official page: http://gf.sunborngame.com/ ▶▶▶ Playlists you may like: 🚩 Action RPG Android / iOS Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2fz2wdR 🚩 Open World MMORPG Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2fDalS 🚩 RPG (Turn-Based) Android / iOS Playlist : ▶http://bit.ly/2fmKACZ 🚩 RPG (Card Battle) Android / iOS Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2eDGRPH 🚩 RPG (Tactical) Android / iOS Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2eM4KI0 🚩 RPG (Real time) Android / iOS Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2fEhePN 🚩 Action games Android / iOS Playlist: ▶http://bit.ly/2fz2vqv 🚩 WitchSpring2 Walkthrough ▶http://bit.ly/2eWnw0o 🚩 Simulation Games Playlist ▶ http://bit.ly/2s5j45S 🚩 Adventure / Quest Playlist ▶http://bit.ly/2rDLpzE 🚩 Fighting Games Playlist ▶http://bit.ly/2rR3jzR 🚩 Music Games Playlist ▶http://bit.ly/2qM2ap0 🚩 Strategy Games Playlist ▶http://bit.ly/2rwqJrq 🚩 PC Gaming playlist ▶http://bit.ly/2rRaWGJ The description of Girls' Frontline The year is 2060. War has plunged the world into chaos and darkness, and the responsibility of restoring order falls onto those of us who have survived. Now is the time to revisit your past. Make use of your gift in tactics and command your T-Dolls in the struggle to unveil the far-reaching conspiracy that permeates the world. For the sake of mankind and our future, join us... ...at GRIFON & KRYUGER Private Military Contractor 【Game Features】 ◎ Strategic mobilization and maneuvers Gain the upper hand in battles through the use of operation strategies on maps that enable free deployment and withdrawal of multiple teams! ◎ Hands-on battles in real time Have the frontline engage enemies and the backline deal damage. Turn the tables by changing your T-Dolls’ formation and position during battle! ◎ 100+ Anthropomorphic firearm characters Over a hundred classic firearms in every era all the way from WWII to modern times await your orders, all designed by famous illustrators! ◎ Character cultivation and skill upgrade Cultivate your T-Dolls by leveling up their skills, dummy-linking and calibrating their equipment to enhance their performance in battle! ◎ An illustrious cast of voice actors Enjoy the magnificent performance brought by A-list Japanese voice actors such as Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano, and Haruka Tomatsu! ◎ Dormitory and Costumes Give your T-Dolls a funky, cozy home by furnishing their dormitory with décor of various styles!
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Girls' Frontline English: There's an uncensor patch out now
The video I was referring to was this one: https://youtu.be/zGSgq_g_H5A GF Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/girlsfrontline/ here's how you do it: New EN uncensor patch. This covers most future assets that will be implemented with two versions such as RFB and Type 79. (Save for some skins and remodel CGs). Note that you might need to reapply the patch if Mica decides to update assets in future patches. Credits to Rarris and Vanilla. To apply just copy the files in the folder to: Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android OR (for emulators) sdcard\Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android https://mega.nz/#!zX4QgCoa!vXXFCHSYCnS9k6VoWvHDII83udQJ1SA9aiA34j433Pw MIRROR: https://mega.nz/#!751D1KyT!1AsPsRsOE9rBVue0BZEDT1WJPnRKHQXfGLS0CYaGmXo If you use NOX and have no brain to speak of, follow this guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/140IG5jnCTCQQOkfqdtv273MdV_R9YNaV2pSJzOXiLR8/edit IMPORTANT: Although Mica has said that they don't ban for decensor patches, this one isn't a method created by them so you're still at odds. Use at your own risk. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. NOTE: NO ROOT REQUIRED, ANDROID ONLY, WORKS IN PHONES AND EMULATORS ALIKE. If Mica blasts your account, use this https://ro635.com/cano/vivaldi_2018-06-03_05-01-43.png Anime tiddies are a right btw stop censoring thanks don't @ me https://hermicide.com/sharex1/2018-06-02_23-04-52.zip patch mirror The GF Discord that has the info: https://discord.gg/5cVT49v
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GWT: Demining operation on former frontline
1. Mine warning signs and red markers beside road traffic, near Qushtapa village on the road between Irbil and Kirkuk 2. Various shots of Mines Advisory Group (MAG) de-miners with faceplates, helmets and tools walking along road by warning signs 3. Various shots of MAG workers at site, placing markers and scanning for mines with metal detector 4. SOUNDBITE (Kurdish) Fekri Aziz, de-mining group leader: "Now the front line has disappeared this area is heavily mined. We think there's are ten-thousand mines just in this particular location. There is a lot of civilian traffic going through, so we have a real emergency to clear this area as soon as possible." 5. Various of deminer searching for mines with metal detector 6. Close shot face of deminer 7. Wide shot man placing red markers on uncovered mines 8. Close shot of excavated anti-armour landmine 9. Man placing warning markers 10. Close shot man holding anti-armour landmine 11. Mid shot of MAG worker with anti-armour landmine STORYLINE Specialists have started work to remove tens of thousands of Iraqi landmines strewn across the north of the country. Kurdish de-mining specialists - trained and hired by the British non-governmental Mines Advisory Group - were at work on Friday near the village of Qushtapa, on the road between Irbil and Kirkuk. It's thought up to 10-thousand anti-armour and anti-personnel landmines lie in the Qushtapa minefield alone, just a few metres (yards) from the flow of civilian traffic on the main road. The site lies on the former frontline between the defending Iraqi troops and Kurdish militia fighters. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/a8be453bbcdccbc20178520caa4c18be Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Ozena vs. SturmTigerGiap ladder game
Exciting game from the coh2.org replays section -- Original cast on www.twitch.tv/sundaynightfights Gameplay starts at 6m30s
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xTonee | Motion Edited by me.
hey guys, im sure all of you have seen this before but i never got round to uploading it to my channel until now. Im currently editing Azhh's Ecstasy 2, which may i say is going to be IMMENSE!:O and then i will be working on Vibrance(which ive had the clips for, for about 3 weeks! hahaa) so yeah stay patient and ill have some good videos soon for you guys! THANKS for being brilliant subs!:D
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FRONT SLIT A LINE KURTI / SALWAR KAMEEZ - MARKING,CUTTING & SEWING Hi Friends! Welcome to AMAZING WOMEN'S WORLD In this video, I would be showing how to mark, cut and sew the FRONT SLIT ALINE KURTI... What exactly ALINE defined as, A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Marking the body measurements on the fabric and how to do mark SLIT in the Front Panel and flared towards from hip to the bottom of the garment. Cutting the pattern on the fabric Sewing with simple and easy tips........... One special thing in this video is i have used fabric buttons.....a button making machine is used.....the detailed video i would showing in the next up coming videos........Stay tuned........this machine helps us to create the exactly matching buttons to the garment...... JOIN the sides, shoulder.and finally buttons.......your dress is ready to wear. Please follow the simple steps and you would sew your own front slit ALINE Kurti....TRY IT. Further any queries / valuable comments do follow me in my social media. Follow me in my social media.....face book https://www.facebook.com/Amazing-Womens-World-192928337545378/ My Blog http://amazingwomensworld.blogspot.in/ THANKS A LOT FOR UR SUPPORT , stopping by my channel and watching the video........ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE
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COMICONversation Season 3 Launch Party! Venom, Spawn, Batman + 2018's outlook
Welcome back to the podcast! Here are our topics for this show 1. Catch up / Re-Intro's 2. Best pickups, best reads of 2017 3. "Sources" say Solo: A Star Wars Story might drop a trailer this week? Will it bomb? 4. Thor's Hammer Destroyed? What will Replace it? Meet Jarnbjorn. 5. Venom Producer has hinted at an "R" Rating 6. Spawn movie is looking less and less "Spawny". Now we learn he wont talk. 7. Lindsay Lohan lobbying to play Batgirl 8. "The Toys That Made Us" Doc on Netflix. What toy would you like an Ep. on? 9. Alterna Comics starting direct from publisher logistics program due to Diamond issues 10. Valiant / Bloodshot News! 11. Reeve's "The Batman" update 12. TJ Miller's "Weasel". Will he be in Deadpool 2? 13. Stan Lee .... sigh .... 14. What are we looking forward to in 2018?
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