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"I killed a man."
This video was recorded and released by http://becauseisaidiwould.com on September 3rd, 2013. Seven days after the release of this video, Matthew Cordle was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. The mandatory prison sentence for this crime in the state of Ohio is between 2 and 8 years. On October 23rd, Matthew was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison with no chance of early release and a lifetime driver's license suspension. This video contains a typo, the video was recorded on August 27th and released on September 3rd. He wanted to wait to notify the victim's family. Matthew Cordle has two pages that are updated by his sister with his thoughts from prison... http://cordlespeaks.wordpress.com/ http://www.facebook.com/saveyourvictim More promise stories from because I said I would: http://www.facebook.com/becauseisaidiwould http://www.twitter.com/bcisaidiwould http://www.instagram.com/becauseisaidiwould http://www.becauseisaidiwould.tumblr.com Copyright Because I said I would 2013
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Rihanna - Man Down
Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI now: Download on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/downloadANTI Stream on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/streamANTIdlx Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dlxANTI Download on Google Play: http://smarturl.it/ANTIdlxgp Download on Amazon: http://geni.us/amzANTI Music video by Rihanna performing Man Down. © 2011 Island Def Jam
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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)
Subscribe to the official Queen channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from A Night At The Opera, 1975. Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Bohemian Rhapsody' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'. Please favourite/like and subscribe! Lyrics below: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me Mama, just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead Mama, life had just begun But now I've gone and thrown it all away Mama, ooo Didn't mean to make you cry If I'm not back again this time tomorrow Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters Too late, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine Body's aching all the time Goodbye everybody - I've got to go Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth Mama, ooo - (anyway the wind blows) I don't want to die I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all I see a little silhouetto of a man Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo Figaro - magnifico But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me He's just a poor boy from a poor family Spare him his life from this monstrosity Easy come easy go - will you let me go Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go Will not let you go - let me go (never) Never let you go - let me go Never let me go - ooo No, no, no, no, no, no, no - Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me for me for me So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye So you think you can love me and leave me to die Oh baby - can't do this to me baby Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here Ooh yeah, ooh yeah Nothing really matters Anyone can see Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me Anyway the wind blows... Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Iraqi soldiers brutally questioned and 'killed' in Isis video
Warning: some viewers may find this video distressing Terror group Isis releases a video purporting to show a group of unarmed Iraqi soldiers being questioned before one of them is killed by their captors. Iraqi men, some in military uniform, have been brutally questioned, and one seemingly murdered, by apparent al-Qaeda insurgents during their campaign to capture of several large cities in the Gulf country. These two clips show a group at least five men, some in military fatigues, seated on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. The insurgents question them about their ethnicity, at one point placing the barrel of a rifle in one of the prisoner's throats. In the second video, one of the prisoners is dead with a gunshot wound to the head, while the suspected insurgent waves an identity card in front of a camera, naming the prisoner he killed and proclaiming off camera "God is great. I killed a Shia". The videos were posted on several social media websites by individuals supporting the insurgency in Iraq. The imagery is likely to fuel sensitivity over alleged brutality by the Sunni Islamist insurgents who last week seized control of Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul and have swept south towards Baghdad. The onslaught by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) threatens to dismember Iraq and unleash all-out sectarian warfare across a crescent of the Middle East. Get the latest headlines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ Subscribe to The Telegraph http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=telegraphtv Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/telegraph.co.uk Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/telegraph Follow us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/102891355072777008500/ Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are websites of The Daily Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.
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"I killed a man." - One year later...
On September 3rd, 2013, "because I said I would" released a confession video from a drunk driver named Matthew Cordle. Prior to any charges being pressed against Matthew, his message against drinking and driving would go viral around the world. After one year of incarceration, this video was filmed inside of prison. Watch the original video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmpK_EshSL4 Matthew received an approximately 50% longer sentence than the average conviction for the same crime in the same state with the same criminal history (none). Although some in the media have said his sentence was unlawfully high, Matthew promised himself that he would not appeal. His mission was to convince others not to make the careless and destructive decision to drink and drive. His sister updates the "Save Your Victim" Facebook page with Matt's thoughts from prison: http://www.facebook.com/saveyourvictim. Learn more about this nonprofit at http://www.saveyourvictim.com. Because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. See more promise videos at http://www.youtube.com/becauseisaidiwould or request promise cards at http://becauseisaidiwould.com/requestcards.
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NOFX - The Man I Killed (unofficial video)
Made back in... I think 2007, I was about 18. Inspired by Brian Archer's coverart for the album Wolves in Wolves' Clothing. The .fla file was lost in a PC crash, so no HD version I'm afraid, this Newgrounds bootleg will have to do!
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Star Wars - Anakin Scene -  I killed them.  I killed them all.
I killed them. I killed them all scene from Star Wars Attack of the Clones Episode 2. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THE VIDEO!
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White tiger killed a man -  Full Original Video by GOTVNEWS
Another shocking video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3fyikiupuY A #WhiteTiger attacked and killed a 20-year-old man who apparently slipped and fell into its enclosure at the #Delhi #zoo on Tuesday. Subscribe me - http://uk.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=OHOOTTV Witnesses claim the man, identified as #Maksood, slipped and fell 18 feet into a dry moat in the tiger enclosure. Moments later, the fully-grown tiger could be seen mauling him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY1OPmkKxoQ It is not clear how Maksood fell, some say he was sitting on the enclosure, others say the barricade was too low and he fell in. An image taken by witnesses shows him cowering before the giant animal, his hands folded. #ManEaterWhiteTiger #DelhiZoo Authorities eventually frightened the tiger into a small cage inside the enclosure. The body remained at the spot two hours after the attack. A witness said he raced to the tiger enclosure after hearing screams, to see the man locked in the tiger's jaws, "writhing badly in pain". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY1OPmkKxoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7neMOvKLVzQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waksQaas854 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qALaj2tawVw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKSHBEWmyQg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdwLMNl8t0o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gj3JmaBthU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbA-MjpI_yE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uQ8dMEx270 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuA5loZh5Zw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKnMLjGjo2o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8U7RmetHS0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06teLRc_rsk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K21O99kE1RE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSMNaMHxSJ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsylTobS19g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP53H4Gi6W8
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I Killed That Man (1941) MYSTERY
Stars: Ricardo Cortez, Joan Woodbury, Pat Gleason Director: Phil Rosen On the eve of his execution, a condemned man decides to tell the authorities who hired him to commit the murder but is killed by a poison dart before he can divulge the name!
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Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen FULL HD
"Bohemian Rhapsody" is a song by the British rock band Queen. It was written by Freddie Mercury for the band's 1975 album A Night at the Opera. The song has no chorus, instead consisting of three main parts: a ballad segment ending with a guitar solo, an operatic passage, and a heavy rock section. When it was released as a single, "Bohemian Rhapsody" became a huge commercial success, staying at the top of the UK Singles Chart for nine weeks and selling more than a million copies by the end of January 1976.[1] It reached number one again in 1991 for five weeks following Mercury's death, eventually becoming the UK's third best selling single of all time.[2] It topped the charts in several other markets as well, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and The Netherlands. In the United States the song originally peaked at number nine in 1976; however, it returned to the chart at number two in 1992 following its appearance in the film Wayne's World revived its American popularity. The single was accompanied by a promotional video, considered ground-breaking.[3] Although critical reaction was initially mixed, particularly in the United States, "Bohemian Rhapsody" remains one of Queen's most popular songs. Rolling Stone ranked it as the number 163 on their list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time".
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Shocking CCTV shows man killed by single punch
Subscribe to ITN News: http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h A four-and-a-half year jail sentence handed to a man who killed a pedestrian with a single punch in an unprovoked attack could be referred to the Court of Appeal, the Attorney's General Office has said. Andrew Young, 40, died after being struck by Lewis Gill, 20, in Bournemouth, Dorset, on November 6 last year, in a vicious assault caught on CCTV. Gill later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced at Salisbury Crown Court to four-and-a-half years in prison - a sentence reportedly branded as an "absolute joke" by Mr Young's family. The Attorney General's Office has confirmed it is considering whether to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal for being unduly lenient after receiving complaints. Only one complaint is required to trigger the process. Report by Lindsay Brown. Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1aENuyJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1fta2Qp Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd More stories from ITN: Nando's steal giant mango in ridiculous publicity stunt: http://bit.ly/Mt1jEC Mystery virus hits children with polio-like symptoms in California: http://bit.ly/1mEt51J Is this Ukrainian President Yanukovich escaping by helicopter? http://bit.ly/MSVzow Fight breaks out between Ukrainian politicians: http://bit.ly/1p0P2Xq Funny bank robbery fail: Suspect drops thousands of dollars: http://bit.ly/1mhiTIS Gross! Woman discovers maggot living in her ear: http://bit.ly/1cDvtiT Polish foreign minister to Ukraine protester: "You'll all be dead" http://bit.ly/1btIlts Ukraine: Sniper and riot police filmed opening fire at protesters: http://bit.ly/OeVIn4 Shocking moment Pussy Riot are violently attacked by police: http://bit.ly/Oe1plf Dramatic rescue: Firefighter grabs woman jumping off building: http://bit.ly/N6FF9T Hijacking footage of Ethiopian Airline flight: http://bit.ly/1fe5Upw Is this the world's weirdest hotel?: http://bit.ly/1eME92D Why marijuana employees are in demand in the US: http://bit.ly/1bYacwA See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/1cKAmGl See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/18ZACCf
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I Killed 36 People
Cartel hitman Jose Martinez tells us how he grew up to become one of the most prolific killers in U.S. history. Read the full BuzzFeed News investigation: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicagarrison/martinez-hitman-cartel-black-hand-mano-negra-contract-killer
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I killed fitty men.
I killed fitty men. Edit: awesome picture for awesome video: http://i626.photobucket.com/albums/tt343/crvylooo2/1250195250892.jpg
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Robert Pollard | I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You
From Robert Pollard's new solo LP "Honey Locust Honky Tonk" Released July 2013 via Guided By Voices Inc and Fire Records in the UK. Support Uncle Bob; order it directly from http://rockathonrecords.com/robert_pollard.html. This is an unofficial fan-made video.
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I killed a guy with a trident
Brick I've been meaning to talk to you about that... _________________________________________________ I do not own this material, it is here for entertainment purposes only. I do not make any profit from this video, nor will I ever make any profit from it. The company that distributed this movie is: DreamWorks Pictures The studio that produced this movie is: Apatow Productions Thank you for understanding. If this infringes any right at all, let me know and I will willingly remove the video. I would not like to have any infringements on my account.
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I Killed Ninja In A 1v1! (Fortnite Battle Royale CarlRed Vs Ninja)
Like me killing Ninja? I bet you would think this video is even better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur4dUA6LVfA&t=8s My Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/carlred Ninja https://www.twitch.tv/ninja https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjasHyper https://twitter.com/Ninja Follow My Twitter - https://twitter.com/RedCarl_ Add My Snapchat - curltom My Apparel! http://electronicgamersleague.com/collections/carl6 Follow My Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/red_caarl/ If you have any business inquires email me here [email protected] *I do not take any ownership of music displayed in this video. Ownership belongs to the respected owner(s). Used under fair use policy.* Music used for entertainment purposes only.
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The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 9 - The Guilty Men (2003)
The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by Nigel Turner that originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination. The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995. Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003. The ninth segment, titled "The Guilty Men", directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson. Within days, Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, more of his surviving associates, ex-President Jimmy Carter, and the lone, living Warren Commission commissioner and ex-President Gerald R. Ford immediately complained to the History Channel. They subsequently threatened legal action against Arts & Entertainment Company, owner of the History Channel. "The Guilty Men" segment was completely withdrawn by the History Channel. Also during the series, French prisoner Christian David named Lucien Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. This claim is one of the most strongly investigated theories presented on the show.
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I killed all the men and started a lesbian cult in the sims
*:・゚✧Open Me✧・゚:* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✽FAQ's✽ ♡How Old Are You?♡ I am 18 years old ♡Can You Upload Your Mods Folder?♡ Sadly, the creators do not allow it. But! I try to link the cc in every video, and I do cc showcases whenever I get new custom content! ♡Where Can I Download Your Sims?♡ On the gallery! My origin ID is LegitPastelSims ♡Your videos trigger me, what do i do??♡ DON'T WATCH :) ♡CAN YOU STOP CUSSING?♡ No ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER https://twitter.com/sims_pastel TUMBLR legitpastelsims.tumblr.com ORIGIN (Download My Sims) LegitPastelSims SNAPCHAT Pastel_Gaming MERCH https://t.co/XL2QQSGXGR
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The Man Who Killed 99 People ᴴᴰ - Muhammed Hoblos
The Man Who Killed 99 People - Islamic Reminder - Like, Share, Subscribe Video Credits: One Islam Productions: www.1islam.net SplitMoon Productions: http://www.youtube.com/SplitmoonProductions
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ANCHORMAN Brick Killed A Guy
hahahahahahahahahaha i dont own this. But this OWNS
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Men Who Killed Rappers (Lil Snupe, Big L, L’A Capone)
Want to make easy money just by placing any add in the rear window of your vehicle, check out Referral Cars: https://go.referralcars.com/start?affiliate_id=1083423 Follow Me On Instagram: @TheReal_DMLD https://www.instagram.com/thereal_dmld/? Intro Song: Boumso - Mise à Jour https://youtu.be/EfAiOEKDBGY Beats Used In Order: Beat 1: https://youtu.be/NzTG2Xvg6Vg Beat 2: https://youtu.be/RwhGvQkJZ9E Read Description Song: Stunna2Fly - NVH Soulja https://youtu.be/hcvYWYlm6jU Outro Song: CashPaid Elway - AAA https://youtu.be/rXSbB6N8s_8 Song List In Order: Capo - Chiraq https://youtu.be/LImpIaMn8kk Chinx - Dope House https://youtu.be/Z5Fm3ElReE4 Bankroll Fresh - Fuck Is You Sayin https://youtu.be/fXAUv8AYw7E Showkey - Kway https://youtu.be/snhr_h7YUYw Lil Snupe - Melo https://youtu.be/bJZYdWIlHJI Lil Mell - Hit The Block https://youtu.be/kitPCuFjKw0 Dex Osama - Ready Or Not https://youtu.be/0gwSE8iR0kU Natix Dreams - I Might https://youtu.be/-ZDRphJPBm0 Doe B - Trap Muzik https://youtu.be/5ar3d2g4l8o Jugg Money - Teach You How 2 Jugg https://youtu.be/V1EVJ-Gu7ek Dolla - Make A Toast https://youtu.be/KhUfsRhW-T4 Fathead - Droppin Dimes https://youtu.be/FH-DmhulDak Big L - Put It On https://youtu.be/WWMjRMJ0dTI Keondre Ricks - Forgive Me https://youtu.be/4iRg13JXS2c L'A Capone - Play For Keeps https://youtu.be/WkfaYTa87GA Lor Scoota - No Turning Back https://youtu.be/LcFo456NDp0 Billion Dollar BD - Power https://youtu.be/EI5pKI5RuIU Stro Corleone - Intro https://youtu.be/CWrKsSvkDk0 Phanelli - Half A Mil https://youtu.be/uMZ5WAuMHRo Proof - Kurt Kobain https://youtu.be/1_aen2TSXj4 Depz - Reality https://youtu.be/d4w61yG7euU Kid Cali - Hussain Bolt https://youtu.be/SFSgbMx9EiU
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CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: "I Killed Bob Marley"
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I Killed SLENDER MAN in GTA 5 - HINDI/URDU. Toh bhai logo please mujhe subscribe karna maat bhuliye ga. • Subscribe Today - http://bit.ly/2PlN0nc Follow Me: • Instagram - http://bit.ly/2w30qwi • Facebook - http://bit.ly/i3jr3r • Twitter - http://bit.ly/2OTbIKx Into/ Outro Music: • Title - Sweet Rascal • Artist - Jamie Berry Background Music: • Title - Alien Song • Album - YouTube Audio Library
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Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen [Subtitulos Español][Traducido]
Bohemian Rhapsody es un tema emblemático de la banda de rock Queen, compuesto por su difunto vocalista y pianista Freddie Mercury. Es una de las canciones mas emblematicas del rock, considerada por muchos la mejor de todos los tiempos. La versión original se encuentra en los álbumes: A Night at the Opera (1975), Greatest Hits (1981) y Classic Queen (1992). A pesar de que inicialmente no fue bien acogido por la crítica, hoy se considera un tema innovador por su original estructura. Se mantuvo 9 semanas como número uno en el Reino Unido, y volvió a popularizarse tras la muerte de su autor y su inclusión en la película Wayne's World (1992) El tema se puede dividir en 3 partes: una balada, una sección operística y una de hard rock. La parte de ópera posee 180 sobregrabaciones de los miembros de la banda, exceptuando a John Deacon. Bohemian Rhapsody fue elegida en vísperas del milenio a través de una encuesta realizada en el Reino Unido por la discográfica HMV como la mejor canción del siglo XX. Historia La canción fue grabada en un período de tres semanas por el grupo y el productor Roy Thomas Baker. La cual comenzó en el estudio 1 de los estudios Rockfield cerca de Monmouth el 24 de agosto de 1975, después de tres semanas de ensayos en Herefordshire. Durante la realización de la grabación, se usaron otros cuatro estudios - Roundhouse, SARM (este), Scorpion y Wessex. De acuerdo con algunos miembros de la banda, Mercury había trabajado toda la canción en su mente y dirigió al grupo durante la misma. Brian May, Mercury y Roger Taylor, cantaron sus partes vocales en un promedio de 11horas y media al día sin parar, dando como resultado 180 mezclas. Ya que los estudios de la época solamente ofrecían grabaciones en cintas analogas de 24 pistas, fue necesario que May, Mercury y Taylor grabaran la mezcla de voces muchas veces "rebotándolas" hacia otras sub-mezclas, y también debieron usar las pistas de la guitarra. Al final, se utilizaron cintas de octava generación. Las cintas habían pasado tantas veces por los cabezales de grabación que las cintas normalmente opacas comenzaban a verse transparentes, ya que la capa de óxido se empezó a desgastar. Las diferentes secciones de la cinta que contenía las submezclas deseadas tuvieron que ser cortada con navajas y reensamblada en la secuencia correcta usando cinta adhesiva, un proceso conocido como empalme. Letra y Estructura Desde que "Bohemian Rhapsody" fue lanzada al público, ha habido especulaciones sobre el significado que esconde la letra de la canción. Una común pero errada interpretación, es que la canción trata de una persona con SIDA, habiendo sido escrita más de una década antes de que Freddie Mercury portara el VIH, e incluso 7 años antes de que éste fuera considerado un virus. Algunos creen que la letra trata de un suicidio o una representación de los momentos previos a una ejecución, considerando "El extranjero" de Albert Camus como una probable inspiración. Algunos creen que la letra fue escrita sólo para encajar con la música, sin tener ningún sentido. Mercury fue muy evasivo cuando se le preguntaba por el significado de la canción. Distintamente a los demás miembros de la banda, quienes constantemente hablaban sobre la inspiración presente en sus canciones, a Mercury no le gustaba analizar su propio trabajo, y prefería que el público tuviera sus propias interpretaciones. Lo que sí se sabe es que la canción tiene una conexión muy personal con Mercury, lo cual fue afirmado por los otros miembros de la banda. Tras el lanzamiento del sencillo, Mercury declaró: "Es una de esas canciones que tiene ese sentimiento de fantasía". Yo creo que la gente debería sólo escucharla, pensar en ella, y luego descifrar qué es lo que les está diciendo..."Bohemian Rhapsody" simplemente salió de la nada. Investigué un poco, a pesar de que fuera una ópera medio humorística." Sin embargo, cuando la banda lanzó un cassette con sus mejores éxitos en Irán, incluyeron una explicación de la letra en idioma farsi. Queen explica que "Bohemian Rhapsody" es sobre un hombre joven que ha matado accidentalmente a alguien y, como Fausto, vendió su alma al diablo. En la noche antes de su ejecución llama a Dios en arábigo, "Bismillah", y con la ayuda de ángeles recupera su alma. "esta canción es la mejor de todos los tiempos segun varias revistas y encuestas que lo confirman" La canción está compuesta por seis diferentes secciones: introducción, balada, solo de guitarra, ópera, hard rock y final. Este formato, repleto de cambios abruptos de estilo, tono y ritmo, fue inusual para la música rock de la época. Weird Al Yankovic realizó una muy buena versión con su estilo humorístico y también Bruce Dickinson grabó una versión junto a Monserrat Caballe.
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Gmod I KILLED THE PURPLE GUY! (Garry's Mod Sandbox Fun)
Who do you want me to kill next? Leave a comment below! Support My Channel By Subscribing! ► [http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTCTN] ----------------------------- •Twitter [http://twitter.com/TCTNGaming] •Instagram [http://instagram.com/tonytctn] •Livestream [http://www.twitch.tv/TCTNminecraft] •Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/TCTNGaming] Elevator talk : [https://www.youtube.com/user/BrickLlew] [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YI1HIN7LZ9w602fh8d7Eg] ----------------------------- The Purple Guy - [http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=385271221] ----------------------------- Background music: [http://incompetech.com/] Outro music: [http://www.youtube.com/user/MonstercatMedia] Song Pegboard Nerds - FrainBreeze - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BQz5uUMTqs] ----------------------------- Copyright • TCTNGaming 2015
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I KILLED NINJA AND HE THOUGHT I WAS STREAM SNIPING! - Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights #19
I still can't believe I killed Ninja... GG NINJA! if you couldn't tell already, I wasn't stream sniping and I have never stream snipped before, just a coincidence that I got into his game! This video ISN'T meant to hate on ninja or anything, I just was casually playing fortnite with a friend of mine when he lagged out and I just decided to clear out Tilted Towers since his game had to load back up and I ended up running into Ninja. Ninja killed me once before in fortnite so I guess the score is tied now! if YOU want to see more videos like this one, make sure you let me know in the comment section down below! Drop a like and don't forget to subscribe! Previous Upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXCndJe3JsM Ninja: https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjasHyper https://twitter.com/Ninja https://www.twitch.tv/Ninja Fans Discord: https://discord.gg/aRXbjhY Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more content! ♥ Follow me on twitch to watch me LIVE https://www.twitch.tv/xchangas ♥ Follow me on Twitter to see updates https://twitter.com/Changa ♥ Add me on Snapchat to keep up with what I'm doing https://www.snapchat.com/add/changaschimi Let me know what you thought about this video in the comment section below! If you have any ideas for uploads or how I could improve my videos leave them in the comment section below!
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The First Time I Killed Someone
Really not much else to say. It's Afghanistan ►Send Mail Here- LunkersTV P.O. Box 151452 Arlington, Texas 76015 ► Patreon → http://bit.ly/PatreontoFISH ► Buy LunkersTV Gear Here → http://bit.ly/LunkersTVgear ► Buy LunkersTV Stickers Here → http://bit.ly/LunkersTVStickers - - - - My Go To Senko Colors- - - - ► Click Here To See → http://amzn.to/266QJqY ► Click Here To See → http://amzn.to/23frlh0 ► Click Here To See → http://amzn.to/24V8Ai1 ► Wacky Rig Tool For Senkos → http://amzn.to/266RWOU - - - - My Camera Gear - - - - ► My Editing Software → http://amzn.to/29ODjaZ ► My Vlog Camera → http://amzn.to/24KtxMD ► Lens For Vlog Camera → http://amzn.to/1YmiU2T ► Mic For Vlogging → http://amzn.to/25SgJty ► Wind Screen For Mic → http://amzn.to/1sBfg92 ► Memory Card For Camera → http://amzn.to/1UjHTRn ► Tripod For Vlogging Camera→ http://amzn.to/1sBfq0e ► The GoPro I Use For Filming On Boat → http://amzn.to/21hax7O ► Micro SD For GoPro → http://amzn.to/1UjI7I8 ► The GoPro Batteries I Use → http://amzn.to/1tlj6TU ► Mic Adapter For Go Pro → http://amzn.to/21hcMb9 ► GoPro Mic Setup For Chest Cam → http://amzn.to/1WKRaW0 ►The Tripod I Use On The Boat → http://amzn.to/1U8qYUW ► Bank Fishing Tripod → http://amzn.to/25Shbb3 ► The Case I Use To Store My GoPro → http://amzn.to/21hb2i5 - - - - Make sure to Subscribe and Hit that THUMBS UP!! - - - ► Unboxings → http://bit.ly/unboxingss ► Bass Fishing → http://bit.ly/1LCfHsv ► VLOGS → http://bit.ly/VideoLogs ► Underwater Action → http://bit.ly/UnderwaterVideos ► Fishing Tips and Techniques → http://bit.ly/FishingTipss - - - - FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA BELOW!! - - - - ► PERISCOPE → LunkersTV ► SNAPCHAT → LunkersTV ► INSTAGRAM → http://bit.ly/InstagramLunkers ► TWITTER → http://bit.ly/LunkersTVtwitter ► FACEBOOK → http://bit.ly/FacebookLunkers ► Basshers Apparel → http://bit.ly/basshers
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The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 8 - The Love Affair (2003)
The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by Nigel Turner that originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination. The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995. Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003. The ninth segment, titled "The Guilty Men", directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson. Within days, Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, more of his surviving associates, ex-President Jimmy Carter, and the lone, living Warren Commission commissioner and ex-President Gerald R. Ford immediately complained to the History Channel. They subsequently threatened legal action against Arts & Entertainment Company, owner of the History Channel. "The Guilty Men" segment was completely withdrawn by the History Channel. Also during the series, French prisoner Christian David named Lucien Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. This claim is one of the most strongly investigated theories presented on the show.
Views: 132944 otingocni06
Joe Horn 911 Call While He Killed 2 Intruders, Very Shocking, I Love This Guy
The Joe Horn shooting controversy refers to the events of November 14, 2007, in Pasadena, Texas, United States, when local resident Joe Horn shot and killed two men burgling his neighbor's home. Publicized recordings of Horn's exchange with emergency dispatch indicate that he was asked repeatedly not to interfere with the burglary because the police would soon be on hand. The shootings have resulted in debate regarding self-defense, Castle Doctrine laws, and Texas laws relating to use of deadly force to prevent or stop property crimes. The illegal alien status of the burglars has been highlighted because of the U.S. border controversy. On June 30, 2008, Joe Horn was cleared by a grand jury in the Pasadena shootings.
Views: 4287439 MTparanormal
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 2 The Forces of Darkness
This is a 9 part study into the events surrounding the murder of America's last legitimate President.
Views: 673630 Dogeffa
Le Syndicat Electronique - The Men Who Killed The Beat
(12", Ltd) Invasion Planète Recordings 2001 Real Name: Alexandre Gand Profile: French precursor musician and performer, at work since 1997, founder of the European Third Wave [ manifesto and basis of the current" Retro-garde "of the obscure minimal electronics 'come back' ] . He is also the founder of the independent label Invasion Planéte records.
Views: 99970 RevolvermannRoland
Robert O'Neill - The Man Who Killed Bin Laden
Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for daily interactive motivation. https://www.instagram.com/edmylett/ https://twitter.com/EdMylett https://www.facebook.com/EdMylettFanPage/ Visit https://www.edmylett.com for tools to #MaxOut your life! --- Robert O’Neill is one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time and the author of The New York Times best-selling memoir, "The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama bin Laden" and "My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior". O'Neill fired the headshots that killed Osama Bin Laden during the raid on his Abbottabad compound on May 2, 2011. Having trained more than 800 special operations and tactical operators, O’Neill brings this unique expertise to organizations and translates his elite SEAL team training into high-impact, actionable insights on leadership, decision-making, operating in uncertain environments, and how to become the ‘best of the best.’ He is currently a contributor at Fox News. Since leaving active duty, O’Neill is a co-founder of Your Grateful Nation, which provides individualized transition support for Special Operations heroes and their families. They provide executive-level mentoring, transition services, and family stabilization support.
Views: 815230 #MaxOut with Ed Mylett
The Man Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer
Christopher Scarver is a convicted killer from America who gained notoriety after beating infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and another inmate to death. Music - "Comfortable Mystery 4" and "Gathering Darkness" by Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com info - http://nypost.com/2015/04/28/meet-the-prisoner-who-murdered-killer-cannibal-jeffrey-dahmer/ https://414scarversolutions.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/new-york-posts-false-reporting/ https://414scarversolutions.wordpress.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Scarver https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Anderson
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The Man That Killed A Bigfoot! (The Full True Encounter!)
Follow Us On, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/strangebuttruestories/# Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Strangebuttruestories And our website: https://strangebuttruestories.org/ These are a collection of 100% TRUE paranormal Stories. Here at "Strange But True Stories", we vow to bring you 100% True cases of: Paranormal Stories, Bigfoot stories, Time Glitches & the Mandela Effect, and so much more! You can submit your TRUE story to us at: [email protected]
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 3 The Cover-Up
This is a 9 part study into the events surrounding the murder of America's last legitimate President.
Views: 394403 Dogeffa
The Men Who Killed Kennedy Complete Episode 1 (Better Quality Video)
The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a 9-part video documentary series about the John F. Kennedy assassination by Nigel Turner[1] that began with two 50 minutes segments originally aired on 25 October 1988 in the United Kingdom, titled simply Part One and Part Two. The programmes were produced by Central Television for the ITV network, and were immediately followed by a studio discussion on the issues titled The Story Continues, chaired by broadcaster Peter Sissons. The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments. In 1989, the series was nominated for a Flaherty Documentary Award.[2] The series was re-edited with additional material into three 50 minute programmes in 1991, which were again shown by ITV. A sixth episode appeared in 1995. The series typically aired in November every year, but also from time to time during the year as repeats. But in November, 2003, when three additional segments ("The Final Chapter") were added by the History Channel, the consequences were so immense that the entire series is no longer aired, though the History Channel still sells DVD copies of the first six documentaries. Of course, the Corporate control got it's way and the History channel no longer airs the series after apologizing to LBJ widow, even after one of the conspirators, E HOWARD HUNT, named him at the top of the list on his death bed confession. This is a better quality video. This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, democracy, scientific, social justice, whistleblower protection issues, corporate accountability, government ethics, employee rights, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/... If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
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I KILLED SOMEONE WITH A SMOOTHIE!! | TOCA Kitchen 2 ► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 ► PREORDER MY NEW BOOK HERE :: http://smarturl.it/DanTDM ► Follow Me on Twitter :: http://www.twitter.com/dantdm ► Previous Video :: https://youtu.be/FEpNvzIUGCo Today, we're playing TOCA Kitchen 2, where we can cook ANYTHING we like with the weirdest ingredients.. ► Check out Toca Kitchen 2 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tocaboca.tocakitchen2&hl=en_GB ► Powered by Chillblast :: http://www.chillblast.com Enjoy & remember to like, favourite and subscribe to support me! -- Find Me! -- Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dantdm Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheDiamondMinecart Instagram: DanTDM -- Credits -- All titles and images created by TheDiamondMinecart Intro/Outro Music by: MDK Song Title: Press Start http://www.facebook.com/MDKOfficial http://www.youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT Buy the song here: http://www.mdkofficial.bandcamp.com/ Free Download: http://www.morgandavidking.com/free-downloads
Views: 19056679 DanTDM
Shreveport Woman Killed On Facebook Live For Exposing Guy She Had Been Seeing.
follow me on Twitter follow me on G+ follow me on Patreon Link to website: http://www.dailyjournal.net/2018/04/12/la-officer-shot/
Views: 2609135 Know The Ledge Show
CIA Death Bed Confession "I Killed Bob Marley"
Silver Shield Merchandise https://teespring.com/stores/silver-shield Silver Shield MiniMintage https://www.goldenstatemint.com/Silver-shield-collection/ JOIN MY EMAIL LIST (before I get banned) https://www.mcssl.com/WebForms/WebForm.aspx?wid=756241a9-27b7-4106-b0cb-c685a5a68afc Silver Shield Group MicroMintage https://silvershieldxchange.com/2016/07/28/join-silver-shield-group/ DONATE! https://www.paypal.me/SilverShieldXchange Silver Shield Guide http://www.silvershieldguide.com/ FREE 46 HOUR Sons of Liberty Academy http://sonsoflibertyacademy.com TWITTER @SilverShield76 INSTAGRAM @SilverShieldXchange
Views: 30074 TruthNeverTold
Deadpool 2 How it Killed The X-Men Timeline
Timeline source: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/x-men/262623/explaining-the-x-men-movie-timelines Twitch!!! http://www.twitch.tv/eligiblemonster Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/comicstorian Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/randbeeee VLOG Channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/TectonicSpark Start Your Collection Today! http://amzn.to/2DUT1oc DC Comics and Marvel Comics Fun at Comicstorian! Twitter - @comicstorian Instagram - @comicstorian http://www.facebook.com/eligiblemonster Do You Like Video Games? The Gaming Channel! http://www.youtube.com/eligiblemonster Do you Want Manga? Manga's Read Dramatically! http://www.youtube.com/c/mangastorian Attack On Titan! From Mangastorian! http://bit.ly/2vrfPVk How About Benny FAILING At Video Games! http://bit.ly/2uhdFHL All Music Provided by Epidemic Sound Thank you for your support!
Views: 407094 Comicstorian
Detroit's Most Wanted: Man killed over sunglasses
Police are searching for whoever killed a man over his sunglasses. ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading source for breaking news, weather warnings, award-winning investigative reports, sports and entertainment. WXYZ 7 Action News is Detroit's breaking news and weather leader. Channel 7 - on-air, online at WXYZ.com and always Taking Action for You. For more download the WXYZ mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-wxyz Android: http://bit.ly/wxyzplay
Wild elephants on rampage in Mysore city, one killed
Two elephants who were separated from their herd entered the city this morning.
Views: 3951697 NDTV
Sheriff Judd provides update on Uber driver who shot, killed man | News Conference
Sheriff Grady Judd provided more details and released the dashcam video from the Uber driver's vehicle who shot and killed a man in unincorporated Polk County.
Views: 386770 ABC Action News
This Guy Was Playing Amazingly Until He Met Ninja In Game (Got Killed in a Funny Way)
► ✉️ Submit your Clip - Get featured: http://bit.ly/SamuraiClips ► Thanks for who was a part of this video: Credits: The guys vs Ninja: aimlesseffort: https://www.reddit.com/user/aimlesseffort Special Clip before intro: VinceTheAsian: https://www.reddit.com/user/VinceTheAsian SharkoaTTackzz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjl3DbRzhjn0E7flr9rmBhQ Lt. R0b0: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU2ED2-C7mCoc3aqFq50MVA Gazza Grizzy YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQuj9uHIIydSgKKsonLBBA WarriorWolf7676 MBM5: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtW-tCvMytb05XUkFM4STw CrayMaan: https://www.twitch.tv/craymaan darthmookus: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4lqRPDuBpRvvChNbxQgySw Ttv_Pachanisu: https://www.twitch.tv/pachanisu TheRealTiiQz: https://www.twitch.tv/therealtiiqz BATTLE_FIELD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MRdGtse9IeuI7Oksho7LA Completeoz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7rGcKZ9ob26xTTqSiShS4g JoemYo: https://www.twitch.tv/joemyo Root Nixlz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd7Fpq-1kjLm706emAo5iLQ LarappaPlay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjy10t89JOTW3IlnCMyC2-A Stedicookin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YTM1dLdOcgNoPnM2-QSSw Ninja: https://www.twitch.tv/ninja Daequan: https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_daequan Myth: https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_myth Dellor: https://www.twitch.tv/dellor Tfue: https://www.twitch.tv/tfue Cizzorz: https://www.twitch.tv/cizzorz KriszhAdvice: https://www.twitch.tv/kriszhadvice Have a great day and be positive, don't make little things take you down or make you sad, life is short. FACTS! MUSIC: Thanks to Vlog No Copyright Music. Disclosure NOWË *IMPORTANT*: I use clips of streamers or people who sent me their clips, for the channel and to promote them for sure, if that was unaccepted for you and you want to remove a music or a clip, please contact me at: [email protected] I'll be responsive ASAP! - Guys, I can't be thankful! it's not enough for such a great support. Your lovely comments, and more, WE'RE GETTING BIGGER WITH YOU !! - For you, you loved the content, for us It means way harder work. Much appreciation, SAMURAI Clips. Pro Fortnite Streamers: ninja, tsm_myth, grimmmz, summit1g, cdnthe3rd, highdistortion, dakotaz, drlupo, kingrichard, tsm_hamlinz, lirik, tsm_daequan, Avxry, Typical Gamer, AlmightySneaky, Bewitching, AlexRamiGaming, Fortnite, Vikkstar123, Upshall, noahj456, adrive, carnifexed, darkness429, oficialheitorgames, izakooo, lolitofdez, iijeriichoii, squeezielive, jasonr, kinggothalion, hutch, wishyouluckk, Zedryn, real_aragon, chicalive, thebouncyfatkid, grandpanippers, alanzoka, hysteria, xaryulol, opsct, enviosity, sarahdope, sypherpk, scoksc2, cheefin_tv, jemalki, skyrroztv, stormen, m3p0, starke2k, duendepablo, barcode_ow, lestream, cheatbanned, gamesager, theonemanny, b3arodactyl, hedrymas, timthetatman, psicadelix, jaketherazvy, theghostlydragon, spacelyon, cloakzy, sandyravage, cizzorz, terroriser, leopard, wadu, havokgaming_tv, kenjutsu228, parallaxg, deviil_d, valkyrae, avajaijai, mooncloud3, mastirias, aimbotcalvin, teosgame, requiemslaps, jonjonuzumaki, valstirk, jeremyworst, swaggerleetv, joewatermelon, iclickbuttons, yzeco, weirdjack, gernaderjake, imdavegaming, realjameskii, tsm_camills, shroud, chefstrobel, tfue, pokimane, myth, tfue reacts, myth reacts, myth vs, nick eh 30, Tags: This Guy Was Playing Amazingly Until He Met Ninja In Game (Got Killed in a Funny Way)
Views: 467542 SAMURAI Clips
Man Said to Have His Baby In Case He Is Killed (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
Season 4, Episode 28 - Sissom/Sissom v. Riley/Taylor: Judge Lake is on fire when two out of control grandmothers face off in court over the paternity of an eight-month-old baby. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/PaternityCourtYT Follow Paternity Court on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaternityCourt/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaternityCourt Instagram: @PaternityCourtTV Follow MGM Television on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MGMTelevision Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGMTelevision Instagram: @MGM_Television Man Said to Have His Baby In Case He Is Killed (Full Episode) | Paternity Court https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UBT-EAaQkw #PaternityCourt #LaurenLake
Views: 438192 Paternity Court
I was sent into a room with NO information... ENJOY! :O ● Watch me POOP MY PANTS - https://youtu.be/L9ZzxqMZOkw BIG THANKS to the guys at "HITMAN" and YouTube Google to making this happen. It was an AWESOME experience! :) ► NEW Ali-A Merch! • Store - http://AliAShop.com ► Follow me! • Facebook - http://facebook.com/AliAarmy • Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/OMGitsAliA • Instagram - http://instagram.com/AliA • #AliAapp (iOS) - http://bit.ly/1b1ZpCu • #AliAapp (Android) - http://bit.ly/1bUezO3 ► The equipment I use! • Cheapest games - https://www.g2a.com/r/AliA • The headset I use - http://bit.ly/1dXHELh • How I record my gameplay - http://e.lga.to/a • Improve your aim (10% off) - http://bit.ly/1hvTpE4 • My controller - Use "ALIA" for discount: http://bit.ly/ALIASCUF Music (Listen/Download here): https://youtube.com/MonstercatMedia Subscribe for more videos! - Ali-A --- Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.
Views: 3639013 Ali-A
How the Culture War KILLED the Male Rock Guitar God - SPF
Time for Sh*t Post Friday! Here's PART 2 on Channel 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgA_cnwyLQ0&t=40s Please excuse the 360p quality. YouTube decided to just skip processing this one up to the uploaded 1080p quality for some reason. ------------------------------------------------ 0:03 ♠GET 25% OFF Forever Pick 6-Pack! https://wood-top-tone-company.reverbsites.com/ 0:37 What has happened to the male guitar god? 3:03 NPR says "Instrument Makers are Learning a New Lesson" that women play guitar too. 6:21 Fender CEO Andy Mooney says women make up 50% of all first time guitar purchases, scoffs at "long-haired guitar gods" 8:21 Tish Ciravolo of Daisy Rock guitars suggests men are discriminatory against female guitar players 11:40 She Shreds Magazine founder, Fabi Reyna, decries Guitar World Magazine's female models, gets them removed 14:36 It's a tough time to be a young man 15:39 Evidence of a culture war in music...Def Leppard and the Rock Hall of Fame 20:55 Brian Wampler of Wampler pedals sends out SJW screed to 13,000 Wampler Facebook page subscribers All in all it's just another brick in the wall. ------------------------------------------------------- *WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL:* ♠Stand in the Middle of the Street Naked Screaming "LONG LIVE THE GUITOLOGIST"! OR ♠Send an unwanted piece of gear or send a small tip via Paypal: [email protected] Thanks for your support! ♠STUFF I USE -5A Variac: http://amzn.to/2FNWthU -Fluke 87: http://amzn.to/2DwHjvr -Yotec 936 Soldering Station: http://bit.ly/2JqB1Vw -Sealody SSA51 soldering station: http://amzn.to/2DJTS7P -Black and Decker Heat Gun: http://amzn.to/2DWpDhr -Geekcreit® LCR-T4 Mega328 Transistor Tester http://bit.ly/2J9uLSA -HT02 Handheld Infrared Thermal Camera http://bit.ly/2LXfLoD -Solderless Breadboard: http://bit.ly/2stkVAq -Breadboard Jumper Wires: http://bit.ly/2JowaEh -Geekcreit® XR2206 Function Signal Generator DIY Kit http://bit.ly/2LYBvkb -Contact Cleaner: http://amzn.to/2FVitro -Deoxit Fader Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2LPwtsE ♠RECORDING -JVC Everio Camcorder http://amzn.to/2HF172t -Andonstar USB Microscope: https://bit.ly/2q8QIWz -Articulated Boom Arm with Cam Mount: https://amzn.to/2Hlo2AX -Shure Beta 87A https://amzn.to/2rNPnoW -EV 635A Omnidirectional Dynamic Mic https://amzn.to/2pR8HQT ♠BOOKS -RCA TUBE MANUAL http://amzn.to/2GOBVqS -DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF TUBE AMPLIFIERS: http://amzn.to/2HSNMne -Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass: http://amzn.to/2DK5tmt ♠2006 FENDER AMERICAN STD TELECASTER PICKUPS -TV Jones Magnatron Neck: https://amzn.to/2q1zQjD -Seymour Duncan Vintage Stacked Bridge: https://amzn.to/2GyZjrK
Views: 14356 The Guitologist
Splinter Cell "I Killed The Bad Guy" - Pandora Tomorrow
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Killing Sadono at beginning
Views: 7693 RoksGames

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