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Project to Product: Practical Realities at a Large Scale Enterprise - Nationwide & Tasktop
Carmen DeArdo was the DevOps Technology Director at Nationwide Insurance where he was part of the leadership team implementing DevOps practices and technologies across the 20+ IT areas at Nationwide. He is considered a DevOps Industry Leader, speaking at conferences and writing regularly on these topics at DevOps.com. He is also regularly interviewed by Analysts (e.g. Forrester) and technical publications such as TechBeacon for research and articles. He has presented at previous DOES US conferences. Nicole Bryan is the Vice President of Product at Tasktop Technologies. She has more than 20 years of experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization/infographics and human factors considerations to the forefront of Agile and DevOps. She is passionate about increasing representation of women in technology and improving how software is created and delivered – making the experience enjoyable, fun, and even delightful. DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018 events.itrevolution.com/eur IT Revolution itrevolution.com
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Project to Product: Practical Realities at Large Scale Enterprises
DOES18 Las Vegas — Moving to a product-based value stream for large enterprises is daunting. Nationwide is experimenting with user experience based value streams as part of moving to a product approach. Hear what has worked, what hasn't, and practical considerations for designing large scale product value streams. Project to Product - Practical Realities at Large Scale Enterprises Nicole Bryan, Vice President of Product Management, Tasktop Kevin Fisher, Associate Vice President of Program and Application Services, Nationwide Nicole Bryan is the Vice President of Product Management at Tasktop Technologies. She has more than 20 years of experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization/infographics and human factors considerations to the forefront of DevOps and Agile. Most recently, she served as director of product management at Borland Software/Micro Focus, where she was responsible for creating a new Agile development management tool. Prior to Borland, she worked for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Regulatory Division, where she managed some of the first Agile project teams at the NYSE. Bryan is passionate about improving how software is created and delivered – making the experience enjoyable, fun and yes, even delightful. Kevin Fisher is Associate Vice President of Program and Application Services at Nationwide and oversees Lean IT. He leads a talented group of Lean and Agile coaches who guide Nationwide business segment and central IT teams through Lean, Agile, and DevOps transformations. Their mission is to drive industry leading productivity and operational excellence throughout Nationwide IT. Kevin is a ScrumAlliance Certified ScrumMaster, and Certified Product Owner and he has trained hundreds of Nationwide Associates on the transition to Agile methods. Kevin is a frequent public speaker on the topic of Agile transformations, Lean IT, and DevOps. Prior to joining Nationwide, Kevin’s experience includes Internet Product Management and technology consulting for insurance, financial services, and high tech companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500. Kevin is a graduate of The Ohio State University. DOES18 Las Vegas DOES 2018 US DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 https://events.itrevolution.com/us/
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Rand McNally Road Atlas | Product Review | Large Scale vs Motor Carrier version
Rand McNally Road Atlas Spiral Bound – Large Scale and Motor Carrier Versions. Note the 2018 versions have just been released! PRODUCT LINKS: 2018 Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas (USA, Spiral Bound) http://amzn.to/2rBy1cF 2018 Rand McNally Deluxe Motor Carriers' Road Atlas (Spiral Bound) http://amzn.to/2rBlxld PRODUCT DESCRIPTION We actually have both versions of the Rand McNally Road Atlas and each have their pros and cons, so watch the video to determine which one is going to be best for your needs. While we see the benefits of the motor carrier's version (which is about $50) we actually prefer the Large Scale version at under $20, as we like the larger maps and the ability to see more detail of the smaller towns we may want to visit on our travels. The Motor Carrier version is designed for truckers but it also useful for large RVs and makes it easy to see and highlight your route on the big roads. 1. Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas The large pages in this spiral-bound Large Scale edition make it easy to see the detail of towns and roads. Contains maps of every U.S. state that are 35% larger than the standard atlas version plus over 350 detailed city inset and national park maps and a comprehensive, unabridged index. Road construction and conditions contact information for every state conveniently located above the maps. Contains mileage chart showing distances between 77 North American cities and national parks with driving times map. Tough spiral binding allows the book to lay open easily which is a great feature for travel planning. Other Features Best of the Road® - Rand McNally's Editor features favorite road trips from their Best of the Road® collection which follows scenic routes along stretches of coastline, both east and west, to forests, mountains and prairies; and through small towns and big cities. For road trippers heading out on weekends, vacations or longer trips. Tourism websites and phone numbers for every U.S. state and Canadian province included on map pages Dimensions: 10.375" x 15.375" ——————————————————————————————————————— 2. Rand McNally Road Atlas Motor Carrier Edition (Laminated Pages) The laminated and spiral bound Motor Carriers' Road Atlas is for heavy-duty users. This is the #1 selling trucker's road atlas in North America, and also suitable for large RVs. With laminated pages and spiral binding, the Deluxe Motor Carriers' Road Atlas can stand up to all of the wear-and-tear from the road. Other Features • Durable, laminated pages stand up to stains and liquids, and won't show signs of normal wear-and-tear • Tough spiral binding allows the book to lay open easily • Detailed coverage of state and national designated routes • Updated restricted routes, low clearance, and weigh station locations • 22-page mileage directory including more than 40,000 truck-route-specific, city-to-city mileage • Road construction and conditions hotlines • Updated coverage of hazardous materials regulations • Easy-to-use chart of state and provincial permit agency phone numbers and websites Dimensions: 11.25 x 15.375 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for tuning in to Road Gear Reviews! Gear Up For Your Adventures. Follow Road Gear Reviews: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/roadgearreviews Instagram https://www.instagram.com/road.gear.reviews Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/roadgearreviews Twitter https://twitter.com/roadgearreviews RVillage https://www.rvillage.com/group/2465 We are a group of full time RV travelers with over 15 combined years of experience. We all have different travel styles and setups, from a vintage travel trailer, fifth wheels, and a Class A motorcoach with a tow vehicle. Our wide range of experiences and backgrounds allows us to bring you a diverse range of travel product reviews and trials from our lives on the road. Let us know what products you'd like to learn more about in the comments below! Subscribe for weekly uploads about travel gear for RVing, camping, road trips, and more! Who We Are: RV Love - Marc & Julie https://www.youtube.com/user/RVLoveTV Drivin' and Vibin' - Kyle & Olivia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClkhrrakVty75SWLJIbcxDA The Freedom Theory - Josh & Kali https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgnoXLACG-UeD1mlTJXw8g Mortons On The Move - Tom & Kali https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCirNI5XV3xZZApeIe0a5-6Q
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Investing in the Future – Large-scale production facilities for sintered products
To facilitate the expansion of production capacities, SEMIKRON built a state-of-the-art production and office building with a gross usable surface area of some 12,000m². The 73,000m3 of enclosed space equates to the volume of approximately 125 terraced houses. The clean rooms built during the building project at the Nuremberg site guarantee the automated large-scale automated production of sintered products and meet the high requirements associated with the production environment. The technical installations are rather impressive: for example, the filters installed in the clean room ceiling filter and recirculate approximately 200,000m3 of air per hour (the equivalent of 10 million balloons). The air-treatment systems heat, cool, humidify and dehumidify 140,000m3 of air every hour, the same amount that a single person breathes in 40 years.
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Does size matter? CI/CD in a large scale infrastructure
swampUP 2016 - JFrog User Conference - Loreli Cadapan and Rohit Kumar Oracle. Metrics driven complex orchestrations: To orchestrate asynchronous processing on multiple systems (Jenkins, Artifactory, distributed test environments) into an overall continuous delivery pipelines, we developed a Clojure-based Domain Specific Language (DSL) that provides high-level macros for expressing and graphing complex and highly configurable CI/CD workflows for Oracle product teams. Along with sample use cases of product continuous delivery pipelines, we will cover statistics related to the usage of this event-based orchestration server. Docker registries at scale: At Oracle, numerous product teams utilize docker as part of their cloud continuous development. Each product team is able to use their own internal docker registry based on Artifactory’s docker support, enabling teams to manage their projects in a distinct registry, exercise better access control to their docker images, and share images across the organization.
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"The Makings of a Modern Application Architecture" - Sam Ramji Keynote
Watch more from the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference: http://goo.gl/lXpXnG It wasn’t too long ago that artisans, bathed in the glow of molten metal, forged parts that would go on to make up bigger, more powerful machines. Today, we call those artisans developers. Instead of metal, they use bits and bytes in the cloud to forge a modern application architecture. It’s an architecture that supports public, private and hybrid application deployment. One that enables users and developers to move their applications wherever they need to go. And it’s built on a growing, vibrant ecosystem. In this talk, I’ll give you a look at the technologies driving this new level of efficiency for application developers (tech like containers, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and social coding tools like GitHub). And I’ll explain why many prominent members of the Fortune 500 are building their futures on this modern application architecture. About Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry Foundation): Sam Ramji is CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He has over 20 years of industry experience in enterprise software, product development, and open source strategy. He previously served as Vice President of Strategy of Apigee, one of the 5 fastest-growing software companies in the Deloitte Fast 500, and is a member of their Board of Advisors. He joined Apigee from Microsoft, where he was responsible for driving Microsoft’s worldwide open source strategy. He drove many of Microsoft’s contributions to open source and its shift to embrace open source technologies like PHP. He was a leader in BEA’s move into EAI/ESB as a founding member of the AquaLogic product team. Mr. Ramji has built large-scale enterprise and Web-scale applications, leading the Ofoto engineering team through its acquisition by Kodak. His other experience includes leading engineering teams to build large-scale applications on open source software, as well as hands-on development of client, client-server and distributed applications on Unix, Windows and Macintosh at prior companies. He is a Member of the Institute for Generative Leadership. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California at San Diego. His work has been covered in Wired and many other industry publications. For more information, visit: http://oreil.ly/1Cyt9nt Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, which makes it challenging to teach because so much context is required for every subject. It's also a fast-moving discipline, where entire suites of best practices become obsolete overnight. The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference is a new event designed to provide the necessary professional training that software architects and aspiring software architects need to succeed. A unique event, it covers the full scope of a software architect's job, from IT to leadership and business skills. It also provides a forum for networking and hearing what other professionals have learned in real-world experiences. Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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Building a Large-scale SolarWinds Installation
Learn more: http://slrwnds.com/LargeScale SolarWinds IT management products are designed to scale to IT infrastructure of all sizes, from SMBs with less than 50 devices, to large enterprise deployments with over 100K devices. Join SolarWinds customer Cardinal Health and SolarWinds Product Management as they discuss some of the considerations for deploying SolarWinds in a large, distributed environment. Connect with SolarWinds: thwack Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds Google+: https://plus.google.com/+solarwinds/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds
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Mayesh Design Star: Large Scale Altar Piece
#MayeshDesignStar #floraldesign #wholesaleflowers In this episode of Mayesh Design Star, Christy Hulsey shows us how to make a grand, large scale altar piece in her signature free form style using the Majesty vase from Accent Decor. The design highlights seasonal luxe rose varieties from Rosaprima. The bonus is that the design is done in such a way to make transport easy! Featured product: Foraged branches, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, wisteria, poke berries, passion vine, king protea, peach amaryllis, Ohara garden rose, Quicksand rose, Juliet garden rose (David Austin), Putumayo carnation, white ranunculus, Cafe Au Lait dahlia, white mini tulips, luminaria and pampas grass. Materials used: Oasis netting, water tubes and the Majesty vase from Accent Decor. Videographer: Justin Peay Productions Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography Roses: Rosaprima Floral Supplies:  Accent Decor, Oasis Floral Products, Design Master Hair & Makeup: Hustle & Blow Dry Bar
OnDemand provides electricity, natural gas and environmental products to large scale, energy intensive, commercial and industrial consumers. We negotiate single or multi-commodity managed products on our customers behalf with one of our vetted supply partners. Our product offerings form a complete suite of services that include energy supply, hedging strategies and risk management products along with options for demand response and budget forecasting. We work as partners with all of our customers to establish the best product combination to meet their business objectives.
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Large scale commercial performances lease transparent LED display, product display glass window LED
Large-scale commercial performances lease transparent LED display, product display glass window LED transparent display application,SMD RGB Transparent Led Glass Curtain Wall Screen,Kính Led trong suốt, Màn hình dẫn màn,שקוף Led זכוכית, מסך הוביל מסך,Átlátszó led üveg, függöny led képernyő,Թափանցիկ Led Ապակի,Vetro led trasparente, schermo a led per tende,पारदर्शी एलईडी ग्लास, पर्दा एलईडी स्क्रीन,กระจกโปร่งใส, ฉากกั้นห้อง,Transparentna stekla z ledom, zaslon zavese,স্বচ্ছ নেতৃত্বাধীন গ্লাস, পর্দা নেতৃত্বে পর্দা,Транспарентен стакло, завеса на екранот, Arise Technology Co., Ltd. One-stop LED display manufacturere http://www.ariseled.com https://www.facebook.com/ARISELEDFACTORY http://i.youku.com/ariseled http://i.56.com/ariseled Skype: ariseled; Email: [email protected]; Mobile/WhatsApp/WeChat/Viber/: 008613620209526
Bosch CFC 2012 horizontal cartoning machine for large scale formats
The CFC 2012 stands for quick format changes, as well as safe and reliable product handling. A wide range of in-feed systems enables the cartoner to process many different products, such as bags with or without side gusseting, or stand-up bags with gable top. For more information visit: http://www.boschpackaging.com/en/pa/products/industries/pd/product-detail/cfc-2012-27392.php?ind=1675&mt=14035&tg=17539
Manufacturing Drugs at Large Scale
Discover how Biogen Idec's industry-recognized expertise in manufacturing biologic therapies blends a combination of innovation and collaboration to ensure quality and reliable drugs.
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Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) - Dawson
Introduction to the LeSS Frameworks. LeSS can help you optimize your organization for adaptability and customer value. It mostly requires removing things, rather than adding things.
Large Scale Agile at PayPal
Large Scale Agile at PayPal Learn how Linda Cook helped PayPal to deliver on time, on budget and with a high level of quality a product being developed by over 500 people in multiple locations around the globe. Learn the tips and tricks of running such a large project, like aligning 300 people in a room for sprint planning and review. www.piramidelean.com.br
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25-2500g Large-scale of quantitative machines, automatic powder , Medicine ,food filling machine
we sold woldwide , my Email: [email protected] , and my phone number: 15015851348, you can contact me by whatsApp. Buying link: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/20-1000g-Large-scale-of-quantitative-machines-automatic-powder-filling-machine-Medicine-filling-machine-food-filling/1113791_32293551087.html?spm=2114.12010615.0.0.0yKv9g Products using export wooden packaging to protect the product will not be damaged. This product has been excellent engineers carefully study design, the use of microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality, The main features of this machine; modified version of the filling machine, can repackage fine powder, the powder can be achieved will not stick to the weighing bucket Uses: Suitable for fine powder, flour, milk powder, walls powder, chemical powder, edible powder, coffee powder, the powder, coarse, granular, Iron Goddess of Mercy, herbs, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, wolfberry, rice, MSG, salt , spices, beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, etc.. (The machine can only be filling dried and good mobility products. can not be filling moist and big viscosity, greasy and poor mobility of products) Method of operation: You can follow the prompts of the panel, after boot press "discharge" button, then press the "Return to zero" button, then add the product to be dispensed, and then "minus or plus" button to set the weight (maximum weighing as 2500g, Depending on the product), press the "start" button to start packing. Features: 1: microcomputer control self-energy, so that more precise and accurate dispensing, fast, fully automated dispensing process. 2: The contact material parts all stainless steel, no contaminated material. 3: double shock structure, the machine is running smoothly, low noise. 4: small size, light weight. 5: minimal power, energy conservation. 6: oblique throwing feeding, do not squeeze the material damage, especially for fragile materials packaging. 7: Show Package weight and number of packages. 8: Adjustable packing speed. 9: Set weighing excessive alarm. 10: stainless steel, never rust. The main technical parameters: Aliquot speed :10-25 times / min 600 bags / hour (depending on materials and different aliquots weight) Scope: general particulate material Dimensions: 38 × 66 × 132cm Power supply: 220V -50HZ/110V-60HZ Power: 200W Aliquot Weight :25-2500g (range of different specifications can be customized) Aliquot Accuracy :1-5g (depending on material) Weight: 56 KG
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Our products are used on a large scale in construction sites
We can see our products everywhere on the construction site, and our products are very popular
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7 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing | Business Ideas for Product Makers
If you’re interested in how to take advantage of small scale manufacturing with your business making stuff, hope you find these tips and ideas useful! Topics and timestamps below Thanks Inventables for making this video possible. Check out the X-Carve: https://goo.gl/dBvSAL How to Sell Handmade Products video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHGXNY7TWKg Fusion 360 CAM for CNC Beginners video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqnvzxuXFTQ Patreon & Aftershow https://www.patreon.com/evanandkatelyn Merch https://shopevanandkatelyn.com/ Instagram http://instagram.com/evanandkatelyn @evanandkatelyn Twitch live streams https://www.twitch.tv/evanandkatelyn TOPICS AND TIMESTAMPS ■ 1:01 New Startup Opportunities Talking about the new middle ground path between big businesses and small business that allows you to scale up your manufacturing with less risk ■ 2:16 How We Started Our own story, what products we first tried, how we started building our robot army ■ 3:29 Small Scale Manufacturing How small scale manufacturing is getting more accessible and better ■ 5:32 Example Walk Through Walk through the steps of one of our products that we designed with small scale manufacturing in mind ■ 6:58 Product Design Tips and ideas to keep in mind when designing products so that they can be made via micro-manufacturing ■ 10:07 Competitive Advantage Tips for your small business products to stand out against big business products ■ 11:04 Outsourcing Tips for when you’ve outgrown your home shop and you need to scale bigger TOOLS / MATERIALS (affiliate) ■ X-Carve: https://goo.gl/dBvSAL ■ Carvey https://goo.gl/Vh5mSt ■ 3d Printer (Taz6) https://goo.gl/oPZBwm ■ Lulzbot Mini https://goo.gl/kWgZRN ■ Peopoly Moai https://goo.gl/kKuTqz FILMING GEAR (affiliate) ■ Fujifilm X-T10 http://amzn.to/2pblgac (main camera) ■ 35mm F 1.4 lens http://amzn.to/2whwP0N (makes things look fancy) ■ Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V http://amzn.to/2DJTHJF (slow-mo camera) ■ Main tripod http://amzn.to/2whGqED ■ Pan head for tripod http://amzn.to/2fhX3wh ■ Lighting kit http://amzn.to/2vs5sDB ■ Wireless lav mics http://amzn.to/2BCqtKQ STAY UP TO DATE ■ Instagram http://instagram.com/evanandkatelyn @evanandkatelyn ■ Twitter https://twitter.com/EvanAndKatelyn ■ Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/evanandkatelyn/ ■ Blog http://evanandkatelyn.com ■ Etsy http://etsy.com/shop/evanandkatelyn MUSIC FN by David Cutter Music 3 Times by David Cutter Music Sunshine Rag licensed via Audioblocks Hot Coffee licensed via Audioblocks Dancing Bears Circus TV Theme licensed via Audioblocks JDI Friday Night licensed via Audioblocks Relas a While licensed via Audioblocks THANK YOU TO OUR TOP PATREON SUPPORTERS!! ■ Katelyn’s Mom ■ Brandon’s Bees https://goo.gl/XP93pp ■ Bruce A. Ulrich https://goo.gl/wqixxp ■ Kit Low ■ Infinite Craftsman https://goo.gl/hsj5S6 ■ Zach and Jazz https://goo.gl/bmqvxi ■ Corey Ward ■ Figments Made https://goo.gl/CbBRX1 ■ Vincent Ferrari https://goo.gl/myFzcE ■ Scooter’s Workbench https://goo.gl/sP7b9W ■ Corso Systems ■ Brett Hollifield ■ Matt Knopp ■ George Partin ■ Level52 Studios https://goo.gl/dmdrSq ■ David Ingram ■ Brooke Boen ■ Matt Baker ■ Jason Kaczmarsky ■ Cameron Dorsey ■ David Granz ■ Elliot Iddon ■ Maxine Denis ■ Francisco Peebles ■ OmSweetOhm https://goo.gl/5Ue3ka ■ Southern Style DIY https://goo.gl/r5PL2c ■ James Allen ■ Kyle C ■ Legacy Creations https://goo.gl/LZVeMV ■ Joe Verstegen https://goo.gl/nyix5C
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Large scale manufacturing of industrial hemp derived products and the secret to producing 10,000 KGs
Pulak Sharma and Dr. Priyanka Sharma of Kazmira-LLC gave the audience an inside look at what it takes to operate the world's largest CBD manufacturing facility. This presentation was given at the Hemp Summit inside NoCo 2018 in Loveland, Colorado. Video credit: Hemp Summit and Green Flower Note: FDA has not evaluated these products for safety and efficacy.
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Why Agile Fails in Large Enterprises - Large Scale Agile Transformation
Many large-scale agile transformations are struggling. Some have failed. Others can’t figure out why scaled agile isn't working after multiple attempts. It’s easy to blame the people, the process, and the culture. And it’s especially easy to blame management. However, the underlying problem is that most large organizations weren’t built to be agile. You need a way to safely and pragmatically refactor your company into an organization that can adopt agile and sustain the transformation. Mike Cottmeyer introduces a framework for understanding the type of company in which you work, its delivery constraints, and likely challenges you’ll face in your large-scale agile transformation. Mike shares a strategy for establishing an end-state vision and operational model to guide your transformation. Finally, he defines an approach for incrementally introducing change, measuring outcomes, and sustaining those changes. Follow along with the slides from the talk: https://www.leadingagile.com/resource/why-agile-is-failing-in-large-enterprises-and-what-you-can-do-about-it/ For more information about the LeadingAgile Transformation Approach check out https://www.leadingagile.com Table of Contents A brief historical perspective: 3:33 Culture vs Practices vs Structure: 6:51 What is Structure?: 12:30 LeadingAgile Theory of Transformation: 33:18 Mapping your Transformation Journey: 35:46 Incremental and Iterative Improvement: 58:39 Developing your Roadmap: 1:11:37 Structure: 1:11:45 Governance: 1:12:29 Metrics: 1:12:42 Defining Incremental Transformation: 1:13:51 Iterative and Incremental Change: 1:16:18 Summary: 1:19:21
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Cat® 390F Excavator | Large Scale Production | Product Overview
http://bit.ly/1cvgBFA - If large-scale production with small-scale fuel consumption are what you want, the Cat® 390F Excavator is what you need.
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Well organized Milk competition at large scale ,
A well organised milk competition at large scale in Pakistan. video courtesy Mr Usman Cheema. indigenous dairy breeds of cattle Pure Organic Dairy Cow products (Affiliate) https://goo.gl/wxGUdi https://goo.gl/uIeBUJ Awesome Maximum Technology Farming Agriculture want your product featured on the channel? EMAIL US: [email protected] At Animalcare you can find Technology, Extreme Gadgets, Extreme Machines, Inventions, Innovations, New Gadgets, New Tech and many more related to Animal care and agriculture Copyright: In this channel, we only show our visitors latest trends and innovations. We are not selling these products/technologies. Official websites/links of every product/technology is mentioned in video description so that visitors can contact officials directly. If you find any of your copyrighted material in this channel, please leave us a message with the link of the video and product/technology name. Please subscribe channel and share our videos. We looking for the Next Future Ideas and help them here in our channel. Please let us know if you like the content on our Channel and please subscribe
Large Scale Model Trains
REYNAULDS.COM is excited to share our video coverage of the 2017 International Nürnberg toy fair. This year instead of posting a long video featuring many manufacturers we decided to create individual brand-specific videos. This video features an interview with KM1'S owner Andreas Krug showcasing all the 2017 new items. To view the entire KM1 product assortment click on the link below. http://www.reynaulds.com/km1.aspx Don't forget we offer tours to the toy fair. If you want to travel with us next February to visit this amazing exhibition please contact us at [email protected] ALSO WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!!
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Lessons for Large Scale Lean and Agile Product Development - Atlassian Summit 2012
Dave Thomas of Bedarra Research Labs There is lots of positive experience introducing Agile into small independent teams, but less experience scaling Agile to large scale product development organizations. In this talk we look at key management principles essential to enabling and empowering a lean and agile large scale product development software organization. We discuss examples of how successful managers employ these ideas to realize systemic continuous improvement yielding more flexible, transparent and productive organizations.
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Large Scale Product Development with Large Scale Scrum by Kamlesh Ravlani
Organizations are frequently embarking on large scale product development initiatives involving hundreds, sometimes thousands of team members. Scale brings in additional complexity, non-linear behavior and risk making top-down and plan driven approaches ineffective and useless. In this session Kamlesh Ravlani will discuss a case study of developing a product with multiple teams spread in two sites implementing Large-Scale Scrum (Less) elements. Large-Scale Scrum is Scrum applied to many teams working on one product. LeSS is well balanced between empirical process control and defined elements to work with 2 to 8 teams. LeSS enables scaling the value delivery by descaling the organizational structure and optimizing the whole system. We'll discuss, how did the teams organize their work and accelerate value delivery? How did leaders contribute value? Which experiments worked and which ones didn't? PS: Interested participants are encouraged to visit https://less.works/less/framework/index.html and familiarize themselves with the LeSS Framework before the session. We will not cover the LeSS Introduction in this session, rather we'll directly jump in to the case study. Conference: http://2016.agileindia.org Slide and Other details: https://confengine.com/agile-india-2016/proposal/1733
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Diablo Technologies Memory1 Large Scale Spark Deployments
Riccardo Badalone, Chief Product Officer, discusses how to leverage Diablo Technologies Memory1 solution for large scale Spark clustering analytics deployments. Recorded at Tech Field Day 10 on February 3, 2016. For more information, please visit http://Diablo-Technologies.com/ or http://TechFieldDay.com/event/tfd10/.
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How Nielsen Utilized Databricks for Large Scale Research and Development - Matt VanLandeghem
"Large-scale testing of new data products or enhancements to existing products in a research and development environment can be a technical challenge for data scientists. In some cases, tools available to data scientists lack production-level capacity, whereas other tools do not provide the algorithms needed to run the methodology. At Nielsen, the Databricks platform provided a solution to both of these challenges. This breakout session will cover a specific Nielsen business case where two methodology enhancements were developed and tested at large-scale using the Databricks platform. Development and large-scale testing of these enhancements would not have been possible using standard database tools. Session hashtag: #EUent4"
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Autodesk PowerMill drives large scale sculpture machining at California Arts
California Art Products use Autodesk PowerMill to machine large, free-form shapes for the film and entertainment industry as well as serving buildings and architecture. Using PowerMill, their engineering teams are able to rapidly create safe and reliable NC code to drive their large CNC machines. Investing in PowerMill is central to allowing them to meet the demanding delivery times for their customers. "We'd never run lights-out before. Once you run PowerMill's simulation and collision checking, we have complete confidence that we can run the machine over night" - Phil Mulligan, CNC Programmer Visit our Website: http://www.powermill.com Visit our Product Knowledge Network: http://www.autodesk.com/powermill-support Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutodeskPowerMill Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adskPowerMill
Lab Scale and Large Scale Mixing: Air Products
http://www.mt.com/reaction-engineering?GLO_YT_Autochem_OTH_Youtube_Autochem - Reinaldo (Ray) Machado of Air Products discusses why mixing is needed to perform effective scale-up and the strategy used to perform effective scale-up. For more information or to see the full presentation, visit www.mt.com/ac-webinars
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Lessons Learned from a Large-Scale Java Web Application
Building a large-scale, multidevice product in the cloud that changes the way students learn in high schools turns out to be not entirely trivial. This session’s speakers have been building PulseOn for the last two years. They have faced many technical challenges and have tried many different technologies. Some ideas turned out to be extremely helpful, and some others that looked promising turned out to be bad practices. In this session, they discuss what they have learned about building modular, scalable web applications and go into different areas of the technology stack, from storage and (NoSQL) databases to a modular RESTful back end and a multidevice HTML5-based front end. They also discuss the cloud and topics such as autoscaling and failover. Authors: Paul Bakker Paul is a software architect for Luminis Technologies. His current focus is on building modular enterprise applications and the cloud. He believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Today he is working on educational software focussed on personalised learning for high school students in the Netherlands. He is also responsible for pushing technology forward. Luminis strongly believes in open source and all the technology development they are doing happens in the open source community. Paul is an active contributor on projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE, JBoss Forge and BndTools. He has a background as trainer on Java related technology and is a regular speaker on conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx and JFokus. View more trainings by Paul Bakker at https://www.parleys.com/author/paul-bakker-4 Jago de Vreede No bio available View more trainings by Jago de Vreede at https://www.parleys.com/author/jago-de-vreede Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
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Product Design Suite Test Drive -- Large Scale Digital Mockup (Inventor / Navisworks)
http://autodesk.com/suites/product-design-suite In this exercise, the entire front loader becomes just a small component in a much larger facility model. The facility is a front loader manufacturing and shipping plant. Models of this size are often created by combining digital designs from various CAD sources. Displaying a model of this size and complexity is often beyond the capability CAD design tools. Autodesk Navisworks within Product Design Suite is the solution for extremely large digital mockups, similar to the front loader facility.
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5 Keys to (Successful) Large Scale Scrum | Construx
What are some common pitfalls of implementing large scale scrum with SAFe, DAD, LeSS, Nexus, etc? Jenny Stuart, Vice President of Consulting at Construx software, gives you five keys for successful large scale scrum. Be sure to get our white-paper, Succeeding With Scrum at Scale: http://bit.ly/1plO9gu 1. Establish individual co-located teams. Dev team, product owner and scrum master should be in a single location. Try to minimize the communication issues both inter-team and intra-team by locating each scrum team (as much as possible) in a single geography. The structure becomes more rational and focus becomes on coordination between the teams not between and within the teams. 2. Create a product-level definition of done. What does it take to bring the overall product to a releasable state every sprint? Having the definition of done on a team level is not enough. 3. Address system architecture implications. Will an architecture simply emerge, no matter the size of the team? 150, 500 or 1000 people? That way lies disaster. You don’t need big design up front, but mind the architecture to prevent large scale issues. 4. Converge frequently. You want to be building a near releasable product and integrate the work of all scrum teams as often as possible, even at the story level. At a minimum the work of all the teams needs to be coming together inside of the sprint after you’ve completed the work. Convergence within the sprint is the most desirable. 5. Create product-level feedback loops. How do we know that we are actually building a near releasable quality product? We need to bring in place opportunities to look across all the work of the teams and do product reviews or demos. These should ideally happen the day after the sprint concludes. Scaling scrum is complex, minimizing these issues can make scaling much easier. Success does not come overnight, but reducing complexity and following these tips are one step to success. For more information on scaling scrum visit: http://www.construx.com
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Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) - Shana
Introduction to the LeSS Framework for scaling and organizational descaling
Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Coaching in India
Challenged by Large-Scale? Complexity? Risks with your Product Development? Considering to apply LeSS Framework? Talk to us today. LeSS is a lightweight framework for Product development to help simplify complexity and Achieve More with LeSS. LeSS is Scrum applied to many teams working together on one product. LeSS is a light-weight framework and maintains many of the practices and ideas of one-team Scrum. LeSS offers Rules, Guides and Experiments and LeSS Principles at its core. When it comes to large-scale product development, one size fits all doesn't work. Hence, LeSS offers two variations of the framework. LeSS Framework for up to 8 teams and LeSS Huge Framework for more than 8 teams. LeSS Huge offers some additional guidance to deal with larger-scale. Website: http://agileforgrowth.com/clb-certified-less-basics/ LinkedIn Practitioners group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7044180 Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Coaching and LeSS Training in Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, India.
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A Bayesian Sampling Method for Product Feature Extraction from Large Scale Textual Data
The authors of this work propose an algorithm that determines optimal search keyword combinations for querying online product data sources in order to minimize identification errors during the product feature extraction process. Data-driven product design methodologies based on acquiring and mining online product-feature-related data are faced with two fundamental challenges: 1) determining optimal search keywords that result in relevant product related data being returned and 2) determining how many search keywords are sufficient to minimize identification errors during the product feature extraction process. These challenges exist because online data, which is primarily textual in nature, may violate several statistical assumptions relating to the independence and identical distribution of samples relating to a query. Existing design methodologies have predetermined search terms that are used to acquire textual data online, which makes the resulting data acquired, a function of the quality of the search term(s) themselves. Furthermore, the lack of independence and identical distribution of text data from online sources, impacts the quality of the acquired data. For example, a designer may search for a product feature using the term “screen”, which may return relevant results such as “the screen size is just perfect”, but may also contain irrelevant noise such as “researchers should really screen for this type of error”. A text mining algorithm is introduced to determine the optimal terms without labeled training data that would maximize the veracity of the data acquired to make a valid conclusion. A case study involving real-world smartphones is used to validate the proposed methodology.
HUSTEF 2017 - Szilard Szell, Shift Left in large scale testing organization, a practical approach
Proactive Shift Left is an approach we defined in Nokia Networks with the goal to improve testing efficiency. Testing in Telecommunication Networks is highly structured and defined, following predefined rules and organizational structures. This also embeds some silo thinking and losing the thorough view of all testing activities. Proactive Shift Left helps to redefine the Product Test Strategy, giving directions and rules on how to cover Functional and Non-functional characteristics of a product by the given testing levels, static and dynamic, with the aim of left shifting testing. The addition for “usual” Shift Left approaches is, that the goal is not only to introduce, for example, Reviews and Static Code Analysis, but to do this for each high-level requirements, breaking down all testing tasks, and to analyse how to move them left. One example can be Performance Testing: we introduce a Checklist for Specification Reviews focusing in Product Performance issues, measuring memory leaks and response times on Component Testing in CI, focusing on all Overload control and another functional aspect during Functional Testing, as well as defining Full Traffic Profiles for System Level Performance Acceptance Testing. During the presentation, additional examples will be shared based on 1 day workshops that I ran in Nokia sites, covering several countries and continents. Key takeaways: Needed mindset change for left shifting your testing effort: Certifying Product vs. Giving Feedback Techniques to break down current testing tasks and shift them left Examples on how to cover Product Quality characteristics in each, early test phases The presenter expects attendees to understand static and dynamic testing techniques, the testing levels and general knowledge on standardized Product Quality characteristics. This idea can be generalized for testing any product where high quality and reliability in needed.
Large Scale Composting with a Feathery Twist
Part one of my meeting with one of the world's Composting Greats, Karl Hammer from Vermont Compost (http://vermontcompost.com). Using a variety of permaculture techniques, Karl has created a large scale composting business that truly gives back to Nature. The end result? A product line that is second to none in the North Eastern United States. If you're interested in composting, soil health, or growing incredible food, please come out and join our Tribe at CompostJunkie.com - http://www.compostjunkie.com/interviews.html
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Large Scale Defaults Will Explode with China's Financial Products Facing High Risks
Follow us on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chinaforbiddennews Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the biggest state-run business bank, issued a huge amount of financial products on behalf shadow banks. However, those financial products issued by ICBC came very close to default. Due to the counterparties' bankruptcy, investors were told that they might not be able to receive their money upon maturity date. Nonetheless, ICBC and local governments claimed that they weren't going to be responsible for the risks. Even if options were made to the investors to address the problems, the investors can only get their principal back but lose the coupon payment. Financial professionals predicted that a large scale of default events is going to take place regarding the redemption of shadow banks' trust funding products and other financial products. In recent years, the volume of financial trust products reached 10,000 billion Chinese Yuan. Nonetheless, risks of default for this type of financial product takes place occasionally. Especially, the default risks have caused panics among investors this year. As reported, China Credit Trust Co., a shadow bank, has sold 3 billion Chinese Yuan of financial trust products to 700 high-end customers with 10% interest, through ICBC since 2010. The loan was made to the heavily indebted mining company, "Shanxi Zhenfu Energy Group". After the Bank's Associate Chairman of the Board got arrested for illegal money gathering, the mining company also collapsed in 2012. "China Credit Trust Co." warned its investors that their investment might not be paid off by January 31, the maturity date. It didn't even mention anything about when the investors can get their money back. On January 23, Jiang Jianqing, President of ICBC claimed that if any default takes place, ICBC is not going to compensate for it. Jian Jianqing also said: "Financial default events are teaching investors a good lesson so that they will better evaluate the risks associated with their investment." Ren Zhongdao, financial analyst in China:"When banks are selling their products, they reinforce how financially strong the counterparties are. There is no way that investors can get counterparties' financial reports and investigate the corresponding financial strength themselves. First of all, investors lack relevant professional knowledge; second they might not be interested. Based on their trust in a national bank, they listened to the ICBC's propaganda and bought their products. When the bank was selling the products, they could talk people's head off. But when defaults take place, the bank just has the investors assume the risks. The bank is actually adding fuel to the fire." After being brushed off with all kinds of excuses, the investors protested indignantly. The investors said to media that China Credit Trust Co. and ICBC dug a pit and covered the pit with some grass, and they tempted investors to jump into it. From the investors' point of view, their money was not used in the operation of any companies. It's sheer fraud. Their money has been employed to fill up a huge financial hole. Ren Zhongdao: "The bank must have done an evaluation of financial strength and risk of default on the counterparties. If the counterparties were already heavily indebted, they definitely knew it. This type of counterparties' information can be easily obtained. Nevertheless, China Credit Trust Co. and ICBC still issued such a huge amount of mining industry trust fund. It's not difficult to deduce that China Credit Trust Co. and ICBC did all of these for their own benefit. They totally transferred the risks to their investors." Under intense attention, China Credit Trust Co. came up with a problem-solving plan. They offered the investors two options: one option is that investors sign a paper to only get their principal back but not the last coupon payment, about 7% of principal. Another one is that the investors could get both principal and coupons, but the risk is that they might even lose the principal. China Credit Trust Co. declared that an unidentified investor invested a sum of money and it relieved the default risk that might take place. However, financial analysts state that this type of risk relief methodology can send a wrong signal to the market. That is, high-risk investment and trust funding products can survive safe and sound. Investors would be encouraged to invest more money in high-risk products. Eventually, the whole financial system will be destroyed. Ren Zhongdao: "Shadow banks' business focuses on two areas: trust funding products and financial products. There are more than 20,000 billion Chinese Yuan in both business areas. The relationship among different financial products is complicatedly entangled. 《神韵》2014世界巡演新亮点 http://www.ShenYunPerformingArts.org/
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Greenplum Summit  @PostgresConf - Teaser 2: Large Scale Analytics
- Learn about: Building a Postgres Fabric for Large-Scale Analytical Computation - Presented By: Ivan Novick, Product Manager, Greenplum Database - For More Information visit http://greenplumsummit.io/
Views: 185 Greenplum Database
Unreasonable Elevator Pitch | re:3D: The World's Most Affordable Large-Scale 3D-Printer,
Samantha Snabes and re:3D want to unlock global innovation and give anyone, anywhere the ability to activate their own solutions on-demand. The company's flagship product, Gigabot, is the world's most affordable large-scale 3D-printer. Eventually, re:3D is hoping to deploy technology allowing Gigabot to print using post-consumer waste like plastic bottles and bags. https://unreasonableimpact.com/ https://shop.re3d.org/
Views: 97 Unreasonable
A Large scale Dairy Farm
LIKE VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL Large scale (peri-)urban dairy farming is mainly important in South Asia. Animals (frequently buffaloes) fresh in milk or just before calving are purchased from the rural areas and transported to the cities where they are kept under zero-grazing conditions. All feed is purchased and at the end of the lactation the animals are generally slaughtered. Unit size varies from around 10 to over 100 lactating animals, also milk colonies with thousands of animals occur. An attractive market within the large urban population for a perishable product like milk is one of the reasons that an urban production system has developed: it considerably shortens the distance between the milking animal and the consumer, thereby reducing the risk of spoilage and marketing cost. The availability of cheap by-products from the food processing industry is another for the existence of this system. The system is increasing in importance in and around cities in many developing countries. The large volumes of waste can cause soil, water and air pollution. Most effects are caused by emissions from manure in the form of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and various heavy metals. Emissions from manure in the stables, during storage, after application on soils or when manure is simply disposed of. Losses depend on the system of housing and manure management. Sometimes there is a ready market for the solid manure from near-by vegetable growers. Urine and wastewater is disposed of through the public sewage system or it simply seeps into the ground water or is discharged on the surface water. The livestock in the city areas are also a hygienic and sanitary hazard. The livestock causes a bad smell which is a nuisance especially in residential areas. In this form large-scale dairy production the best dairy animals (buffaloes and cattle) are purchased from the rural areas, milked as long as possible in the city and subsequently slaughtered. This is a permanent drain on the genetic quality of the livestock in the rural areas and these genetic resources are gradually being eroded resulting in a serious loss of animal genetic resources. The following matrix indicates the most common Industrial risks associated with urban/ peri-urban dairy farming.
Creating large scale environments with Forest Pack
Get Forest Pack Pro now! https://novedge.com/products/10454 What it's About Forest Pack Pro is the most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max in the archviz industry, providing a complete solution for the creation of vast surfaces of trees, grass and plants. Forest Pack uses advanced algorithms and native shaders for the main render engines, to create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons, with limited computer resources Forest Pack has limitless applications besides its namesake. In this presentation, iToo will use real case studies to go beyond their tools` obvious uses, demonstrating tips and techniques to illustrate boundless versatility for VFX, VR, real-time and architectural visualisation. The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session. Who is Presenting the Webinar Paul Roberts joined iToo Software in 2013 as training manager. He is an experienced 3d environment artist and educator who has been working with 3ds Max for over 15 years as a 3D designer and lecturer for the games, product design, and visualization industries. iToo Software, founded in 1999 in Spain, is a 3D software development company, creators of the Forest Pack and RailClone plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max. Who Should Attend 3DS Max users in VFX and Architectural industries who need to populate scenes with huge amounts of geometry. Webinar Video
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Code review at large scale (Mikalai Alimenkou, Ukraine)
When you work in a small collocated team many engineering practices and approaches are relatively easy to use and adapt. In large project with many teams working on the same product this task is not so simple. I want to share experience report in implementing Code Review practice in big product development team (more than 150 people, 10+ feature teams). In this talk we will review what approaches works in such setup and what don’t work, what tools and additional practices are needed to support Code Review and make it more effective, what difficulties and blockers will you probably see in the real life cases, what useful metrics could be produced by this practice.
Views: 884 XP Days Ukraine
Automating Large Scale Cloud Migrations to GCP with Velostrata (Cloud Next '18)
Large scale migration of hundreds or thousands of applications can be a daunting, risky and painfully slow project. It can also lead to serious impact on productivity, especially when it comes to migrating production workloads, and might result in an overly sized and hence high post-migration costs. In this session we will present the Velostrata technology and solution offering, recently acquired by Google Cloud. Velostrata enables enterprises to accelerate and simplify migration of thousands of complex workloads in a fast, predictable and reliable way, while lowering the migration risks and rightsizing the post migration deployment. We will cover the Velostrata agentless real-time streaming technology in depth, and describe the product envelope and the migration methodology that makes mass-migration a predictable, safe and cost-effective project. Finally, we will walk through a real case-study of a large-scale migration project and review migration performance statistics collected by the Velostrata Telemetry service. Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Infrastructure & Operations sessions here → http://bit.ly/2uEykpQ Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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Snom D120 basic IP phone for large-scale use
With the introduction of the D120, the specialist in IP telephony and premium brand Snom Technology, adds the new D1XX product line to its growing portfolio of products after the three launches announced as early as January 2018. After the success of the high-end executive phone SIP D785 range, Snom concentrates its attention on the large-scale economic segment in search of a reliable general device, with high features and basic telephony functionalities. "This phone is the first in the D1XX line, a series designed to perform a specific job efficiently and reliably," explains Snom CEO Gernot Sagl. "Large-scale installations that require phones in the general range may now opt for the D120 model, with an extremely competitive price, but, as you can expect from Snom, with unique design features in this segment. In 2017, we built a solid foundation to guide Snom to the next level, and now, in 2018, it is possible to verify the rapid expansion of our product portfolio with high-quality economic news. We will continue to dedicate our resources to ensure our customers high quality products and optimal services that exceed their expectations, but with an amazingly low price. " The D120 is a phone without luxuries, it does not have a wide screen nor quantities of function keys or great features; its design seeks only stability and ease of use. However, the Snom D120 offers a backlit display, unique in its price segment. The D120 is compatible with acoustic prosthesis (HAC) and is equipped with a firmware specially adapted for its class. It has very low power consumption requirements, can be used through PoE (Power over Ethernet) and is compatible with Snom's redirect services. Thanks to its unbeatable price (MSRP EUR 73.00), it is a leader in its range.
Views: 191 Aban Tech
2013 Large Scale R.C. Bash with Outerwears
Nick Schero from Outerwears at the 2013 Large Scale RC Bash giving us the breakdown on Outerwears product line as it relates to R.C.
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