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Mind Brand Map COMPLETED
Yaaaaaay!My first map~ We all did a awesome work)) Thank for joinig c: =================================================== Не судите строго :з Do not judge strictly :з =================================================== (Here you can see some stuff like arts and sketchs for animations) Vk: http://vk.com/id213414246 Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112390285984007609561 DevianArt: http://darkrose186.deviantart.com/ Skype: Dark_Rose6947 =================================================== 1.ntt_chan 2.Silver Eyes 3.Gekko Mun 4.Benz C ch 5.Майя Fox 6.Liz 7.AkiraMiyazaki 8.Elina Appleistor 9.Puffuka 10.Restless Sleep 11.Yumi Chu 12.•Ada Wolf• 13.Leader Cookie 14.Liz 15.Ольчег 16.Lianimates 144 17.Me 18.Elina Appleistor 19.BDCE - Miricilie :3 20.Dead Spice 21.Dead Spice 22.Dead Spice 23.•Ada Wolf• 24.просто ПЕЛЬМЕШЕК :D 25.просто ПЕЛЬМЕШЕК :D 26.•CoffeeMilk• 27.Me 28.Ani-chan li-two 29.Ani-chan li-two 30.Green Tea With Cookies 31.Shanya Senpaii 32.Shanya Senpaii 33.Liz 34.Liz 35.•†NaYaKo†• 36.DASHA_CAT _FOX :D 37.Lost Soul =================================================== Песня\Song: MARETU – Mind Brand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rbyIphpwAo
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Brand mind map and personal branding basics for soulful entrepreneurs
I help women in birthing their soul projects into the world and navigating the layers of creating an authentic business that gives them freedom to follow their desires, life their purpose and make money doing what they love. Take the free branding quiz and find out your brand style: http://eoskoch.com/quiz/
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Mind Brand-M.A.P (COMPLETE! done 11/11)
YOU HAVE 1 WEEK FRANÇAIS: Ok je sais que je n'ai pas finit ma première M.A.P mais c'est pas grave ;') Et c'est aussi un 8k special (même si c'est un vent lel) Règles: (lisez bien s'il vous plaît) -Ne tracer pas -utiliser UNIQUEMENT vos Ocs -la seule watermark autoriser est celle de FLIPACLIP (non KineMaster, PowerDirector...) - Quand vous avez choisit votre partie (et que je vous est choisit) vous devez suivre la modèle du vent, le moment noir et blanc, il doit ressembler à ça, et évidemment vous pouvez utilisez n'importe quelle de vos ocs -Mettez la musique si vous voulez il n'y a pas de problèmes -Si vous avez des questions, posez les moi -Vous avez la partie quand vous recevez un ❤ -UTILISER CE FOND: https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/19938d45-c3fc-4656-98a0-ac35b8d39871 ENGLISH: Ok I know I don't finish my first M.A.P  but idc ;') And it's also an 8k special (even if it's vent lel) Rules: (Please read carefully) -Don't trace -use ONLY your Ocs -the only watermark allow is the FLIPACLIP watermark (not KineMaster, PowerDirector ...) - When you have chosen your part (and I chose you) you must follow the pattern of the vent, the black and white moment, it must look like this, and obviously you can use any of your ocs -Put the music if you want there are no problems -If you have questions, ask me -You have the party when you have a ❤ -USE THIS BACKGROUND: https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/19938d45-c3fc-4656-98a0-ac35b8d39871 (Sorry for my bad english) Paseword: HECC Parts: (👌=done) MINE 👌 1-Fano Fixedsys👌 2-Dayamations👌 3-Ruby Sweet👌 4-Sylfaen👌 5-//Kelli👌 6-S1S👌 7-Kawqii👌 8-·Asahii·👌 9 (2)-Starmy👌 10(6)-Draw Wolf👌 11 (4)Soul Wisher👌 Backup: _Mivaky_ Original meme:  https://youtu.be/dysZzdi7vW8 Song:  https://youtu.be/-rbyIphpwAo Idea ;''''v  https://youtu.be/fa4zinACMvo
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Mind brand MAP/18+warning/( OPEN 45/47) read desc
(Rus) Правила: 1.Старайтесь делать под слова. 2.Это должна быть полноценная анимация. В некоторых моментах можно использовать обычное слайд шоу или простое передвигание, но побольше анимации. 3.Следуйте палитре и фону, которые указаны на видео. 4.Формат:1920х1080 5.Никаких водяных знаков. Например, flipaclip, kinemaster powereditor и т.д. 6. Можно брать не более 3 частей. 7.Если взяли часть, то должны сделать ее за 2 недели как максимум. В противном случае, мне придется вас самостоятельно исключить. 8.Если ты прочитал(-ла) все правила, то пиши свои части и "ананасик". (Прошу, не обижаться, если я не прийму кого-то из вас. Мне нужен хороший скилл рисования..Извиняйте :с) -Удачи! (Eng) Rules: 1.Try to do under words. 2.This should be full-fledged animation. In some moments, you can use an ordinary slide show or a simple move, but more animation. 3.Follow the palette and background that are shown on the video. 4. Format: 1920x1080 5. No watermarks. For example, flipaclip, kinemaster powereditor, etc. 6. You can take no more than 3 parts. 7.If they took a part, they should make it in 2 weeks as a maximum. Otherwise, I will have to exclude you on my own. 8. If you read all the rules, then write your parts and "pineapple." (Please do not be offended if I do not take any of you I need a good drawing skill .. Excuse me: c) Since, this is a Russian cover, I can give you a link to the English version.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioS-3wCGu-g -Good Luck! 1.Эмили Стар :з https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_w7c-kIBWo 2.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/ne2yGYUWn2U 3.Elina Appleistor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1OM6dQow0A&feature=youtu.be 4.Elina Appleistor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1OM6dQow0A&feature=youtu.be 5.BIG Pelmeshik animator https://youtu.be/mcKgvBo2F4c 6.BIG Pelmeshik animator https://youtu.be/mcKgvBo2F4c 7.BIG Pelmeshik animator https://youtu.be/mcKgvBo2F4c 8.Эмили Стар :з https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_w7c-kIBWo 9.ferchi https://youtu.be/RRMDd4Yuk9Q 10. NaNa X_O https://youtu.be/4_51ldnAQ_o 11Lazy_LemonCat https://youtu.be/0rX7QfBrJ50 12.Lazy_LemonCat https://youtu.be/0rX7QfBrJ50 13.Lazy_LemonCat https://youtu.be/0rX7QfBrJ50 14.NaNa X_O https://youtu.be/4_51ldnAQ_o 15.LinaKey https://youtu.be/dX9PwRBTtC8 16.Alise_Watson # •https://youtu.be/hXHqyCxUSgE 17.Alise_Watson # •https://youtu.be/hXHqyCxUSgE 18.  19. 20.  21.Guvigi https://youtu.be/_9ooS7kgJzA 22.Mint Sophie https://youtu.be/u3aVtRLxvYc 23.Bavadji ;3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AUN1Uh7cws 24.Mandarinka XD https://youtu.be/1CLATW5rudA 25.Mandarinka XD https://youtu.be/1CLATW5rudA 26.スターひなスター https://youtu.be/ZWx5c-nxDf8 27.スターひなスター https://youtu.be/ZWx5c-nxDf8 28.スターひなスター https://youtu.be/ZWx5c-nxDf8 29.Sasha Polecat https://youtu.be/dCAiAFC-srA 30.Sasha Polecat https://youtu.be/dCAiAFC-srA 31.TryinGX Wolf https://youtu.be/u2_cLYrT8po 32.Mint Sophie https://youtu.be/u3aVtRLxvYc 33.liqueur https://youtu.be/2vEgZ525qec 34.Mint Sophie https://youtu.be/u3aVtRLxvYc 35.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/MM1NJ-KF3S8 36.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/MM1NJ-KF3S8 37.TryinGX Wolf https://youtu.be/mse3LkHarFg 38.TryinGX Wolf https://youtu.be/mse3LkHarFg 39.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/gX8HJZQWAgk 40.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/gX8HJZQWAgk 41.Guvigi https://youtu.be/_9ooS7kgJzA 42.liqueur https://youtu.be/2vEgZ525qec 43.RK 205 https://youtu.be/l5jy8FYQwBM 44.Bell Ray https://youtu.be/MM1NJ-KF3S8 45. 46.-Lofftie-https://youtu.be/3ri3vYaABSY 47.Elina Appleistor https://youtu.be/52SVHRGwjjo
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Hey guys, i privated the map video for this but i decided to finish the map even tho 21/34 parts were done, me and my friend beenbee added animated parts where the parts that weren’t done. Check out her channel, she’s moist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGk3NINpzbVXgMoalh5dRg Also thanks if you joined, this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t join ;) : 1.Madi Geezie 2.- MelloFellovv - 3. Crow Puff 4. Kuetzal 5. Po McTato 6. myatoybear 53 7. Mint_Tea 8. Jishwa JAF 9.WiQuQu sia 10. Mine 11. Kitkat19 12. Beenbee 13. Beenbee 14. Madi Geezie 15. VixiMixi 16. Howienzk 17. Cultivated Rose 18. 2 Kurd 19. Rasumi Wolfe 20. Nikki Animations 21 . Nebraaska ------------------------------------------------ Song: https://youtu.be/ioS-3wCGu-g ---------------------------------------------------- Deviantart: http://ylumnn.deviantart.com/ feel free to join my discord: https: https://discord.gg/vjfeM
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Mind Brand | MAP | Part 1 [Flipaclip] (Description is optional--)
rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee, i hope i didnt make any mistakes-- so yea-- i did this damn thing the whole day -Open mee- Programs- Flipaclip-- only that-- MAP- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj5kLGrMemY (sub to the person that made the map, theyre really great o w o) ssssOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo, i fixed up some things in the story Fano and Micka are NOT the same person anymore (But fano still gets to control micka) Why is she evil now? Because of the feeling of getting replaced by micka and with Gaster making her evil----- it made her insane ----------------------------------- I mightve forgot to put some things and edit this later-- eh hope you like this-- only took me 8 hours------ BLEEHH Fano Fixedsys (c) SHES MINE
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Mind Brand - Big Vent Collab-【COMPLETE】
AAAA I'M SoO HAPPY EEE Oh golly gee Français: AAA je suis super contente du résultat, vous avez tous fait un travail incroyable aaaaa *Fangirl noises* Le plus drôle dans tout ça c'est que quasiment tout ceux qui ont rejoinent m'inspire beaucoup qwq *double fangirl screee* Merci beaucoup uwu Et pour ceux qui n'ont pas pu rejoindre je suis désolée et encore j'ai rajouté 4 parties :') donc si je ne vous hais pas choisi et bien sur 321 personnes je peux pas faire grand chose :'D (ah un point que je me suis fait insulter lele) Bon voilà tout merci d'avoir regardé à bientôt owo *sobs* English: AAA I'm really happy aaaaa, you've all done Amazing and incredible work aaaaa *Fangirl noises* The funny thing about all this is that almost everyone who joined inspire me a lot qwq *double fangirl screee* Thank you so much uwu And for those who couldn't join I'm sorry but  I even added 4 parts more :') so if I don't chose you is bc 321 people :'''''D I can't do much :'D (and I was insulted for That lele) Okay thank you for watching See ya soon owo (Sorry for my bad english eee) Nyes:  https://youtu.be/mj5kLGrMemY Background and edit by me (LOGIC---) All the parts: *screams* MAP PARTS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKy2wMuqB0wOpD3V2I0VDtupmLHiGzwpX Participants: And sub, all are so f underrated reeee (And i'm overea----) 1-Fano Fixedsys  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1kbaTAmnAlrHbxWXFyStw 2-Dayamations  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcY9pJfGybgtFI7NwtFGsRQ 3-Ruby Sweet  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrWi_aZKjhS8ylj_Hohl4Hw 4-Sylfaen0  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNizYoU0ZX31nG8QTYU19Qw 5-//Kelli  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5FpBPAzVILOhe98vAsgcw 6-S1S  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE41lqgrAQke-UNwFFZ3O4g 7-Kawqii  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUvmsShGTLZEn1I4zjvYikA 8-·Asahii·  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BBUKDLetISFbpS9I7Eqcg 9 -Starmy  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa40JTAFi3og0PkfgJ3RxpQ 10-Draw Wolf  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgVxxHTt75tFnBBs-SpDx1Q 11-Soul Wisher  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqEfCrMP28l6mD5AMhHQ1Hw Original meme:  https://youtu.be/dysZzdi7vW8 Song:  https://youtu.be/-rbyIphpwAo Idea ;''''v  https://youtu.be/fa4zinACMvo made with FlipaClip
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Mind brand ( For map Read desc )
Map: https://youtu.be/s-R_7-PFZ6M Enjoy this map pls 🙂🙂
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Mind brand MAP 22 32 34
map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIvFDJ852c&lc=z23kslzg2yahxdevracdp43a4p0qbrgilqtiks2fmwlw03c010c
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Mind Brand (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】マインドブランド
WARNING: Explicit Content & Family Fun ▶▶ Help choose my next song by donating! https://www.patreon.com/JubyPhonic So I’m just gonna assume that the kids aren’t watching so I can relax a bit down here. Because Maretu is fuckin hot and everyone should look up a pic of him just for science. Also his music is obviously great and we all gotta wonder who hurt him as a child because damn son. Almost every other phrase is like a revenge or sex or both. There was lots of messaging Kura and Anthong like “so is this lewd right here??” just in case its wishful thinking on my part. Nope, Maretu is just a wild boy. I love it. I love these songs. Pls enjoy kickin’ the dick. ORIGINAL CREDITS: ✦ Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26364502 ✦ Music/Lyrics: MARETU COVER CREDITS: ✦ Vocals/Mix/Subs/Translyrics: Juby ✦ Translation Ref: FreedomT1Subs & Hazuki no Yume ⓐⓛⓛ ⓜⓨ ⓛⓨⓡⓘⓒⓢ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓕⓡⓔⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓤⓢⓔ ----Contact Me---- ✧ ғᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ https://www.facebook.com/jubyphonicp ✧ ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ @JubyPhonic_P ✧ ᴇᴍᴀɪʟ [email protected] -----Mp3 Links----- ✧ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɪᴛ http://bit.ly/2kD8Kz3 --------LYRICS———— Hold on a second ma’am without a care The clothes you wear don’t give a damn Sleeping up and down the block They got you knocked up by a man Thinking you’re the mother mary Pure but very dumb and can’t Kick the dick from out your mouth But do you even understand? Hold on a moment sir without a heart What kind of shit you tryin’ to sell? Talking up a simple girl Ya picked her cherry very well Promising the sun and moon The story that you always tell Now you’re out the door?! I hope you cherry pick your way to hell “When’s it coming? Can’t recall Oh mirror mirror on the wall” Sex and bitter cynicism Laughing, watch it start to fall Picture perfect pandering Pathetic, made you miserable Though I shouldn’t care I couldn’t wait to finally see them all in hell (I’ll drag them as we crawl) Ah, doing it right, feeling that high, taking what’s mine And I feel just fine You took it all away so now this hero cries in pain Holding you tight, fighting all night, telling me why But I can’t rewrite The memories I made of you and me, won’t go away Covered in cuts from head toe A kinky kind of crazy, not enough Can you feel it too? The kind of pain made out of real love See the needy, greedy me we bleed to feed so easily? Idiocracy she breathes We needs to teach her everything! Don’t ya know, it’s time to go? “So hurry up or fall behind!” Don’t know what they’re talkin’ bout? “Well strap on in, enjoy the ride!” Can’t see what’s ahead at all? “I guess we’re gonna travel blind!” Though I shouldn’t care at all I’m just a drop of water in the sea (And that’s a part of life) Ah, changing my face, bearing that pain, joy that I made And you threw away The heroine alone and weeping all throughout the night Feeling okay, talking all day, repeating that play But they just won't fade The memories we made of you and me, l couldn't fight Poker face but the lies you buried deep were found Run away but there will be blood to go around Try to hide but the scars will open up again “Didn't like but it's gonna hurt you in the end” Take it in stride, meeting your eyes, planning all night Remember those times? Wallowing away in things I know I just can’t change Laughing at jokes, getting so close, didn’t we know That time goes so slow? The memories are fading, I’ll say goodbye to everything ah ah
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Mind Map Platform Untuk Bina Personal Branding - Part 1
FREE Tip Personal Branding: LINK FREE Database Marketing: LINK FREE Status Anda Dalam Bisnes: LINK Ikuti panduan2 FREE di atas dan mula bina bisnes atau jana duit secara online. Ada soalan? Message saya 🤓: https://m.me/wanmuhdali Subscribe untuk dapatkan notifikasi video terbaru (Jangan lupa klik loceng): https://bit.ly/2LsGzgy My Background Story: ↪︎https://wanmuhdali.com/about-3/ Siri Buat Duit Online: ↪︎LINK Penjenamaan: ↪︎LINK Facebook Marketing: ↪︎LINK Pengurusan Bisnes: ↪︎LINK Servis Design: ↪︎LINK Follow saya: Facebook Profile: ↪︎https://facebook.com/wanwma2 Facebook Pages ↪︎https://facebook.com/wanmuhdali Instagram ↪︎https://instagram.com/wanmuhdali Website/Blog ↪︎https://wanmuhdali.com Telegram ↪︎https://telegram.me/wanmuhdali Twitter ↪︎https://twitter.com/wanwma Google + ↪︎https://plus.google.com/u/1/+WanMuhdAli Di channel YouTube ini saya berkongsi ilmu bisnes, persyarikatan, pemasaran dan buat duit secara online. Subscribe & klik icon loceng untuk mendapatkan notifikasi video2 terbaru. **DISCLAIMER** Saya bukan seorang pakar kewangan, pakar bisnes, pakar pemasaran online dan seumpamanya. Apa yang dikongsi dalam YouTube ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman, pembelajaran dan hasil yang saya dapat. Lain orang, lain hasil dan keputusannya. Saya tidak bertanggungjawab atas sebarang kesalahan, kerugian atau kerosakan dari tindakan anda dalam membina bisnes atau buat duit secara online mengikut apa yang saya nyatakan dalam video2 saya. Anda harus faham, pelaburan dalam membina bisnes atau buat duit pastinya ada risiko tertentu yang perlu diserap. Ilmu & tip yang dikongsi di sini bukan jaminan kejayaan, tetapi ia salah satu langkah bijak untuk bermula. Music: Tiada #bisnesonline #buatduit #onlinemarketing
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!! BLOOD/GORE !! Mind Brand OC MAP Part 3 {+ Step by Step}
!! BLOOD/GORE WARNING !! Small child discovers that, yes, people can actually die. this is also a bit of a sequel to my Smooth Criminal part wheeeeeeeeeeeeewww this was a ride :'D I'm pretty happy that i'm taking on more animated MAPs and projects bc it really lets me practice my style and I really think my technique has improved!! :'3 plus I got to try out some new effects in Premiere Pro so that's a plus! I only have one more MAP part left on my list to animate, and then I might take a two-three month break from MAPs to work on a promotional AMV thing for Bloody Lily (which is gonna come out this year eheheheh) and maaaaaaaaaybe an animated short concept?? who knows? Though I do have three-four big MAP concepts I might post :3c Anyway, hope y'all liked this!! MAP Call: https://youtu.be/L1e-3H2Wb60 Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18nrgxLnV9oQWFY8rbIia6pyemHypd6iS/view?usp=sharing --- Songs Used: Mind Brand by MARETU, Possessed By A Disease from the NieR Automata OST --- My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kitsune_Etoile My DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/dragonslayer-etoile My CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/Kitsune_Etoile ---
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Mind Brand Map // Complete!!
Hosted by: Gerhylo ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edited by: Silver Kitten ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Song: Mind Brand: FreedomT1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Parts: 1: MewMewMei 2: Juju Time 3: Heaven Cloudz 4: Julez Sin 5: Rainy Kid 6: Miyya :3 7: Rypher 8: Edures ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tysm for watching!!!
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Personal Branding using Mind Map
In House Training & Workshop 'How to achieve your Goals using Mind Map'. Info Workshop 0815-84293710 www.supergreatmemory.com www.dianlesmana.com
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MAP - Mind Brand -28/68
Это мой первый MAP, так что я ещё не опытный в таких делах :D Крайний срок 23.07 !!! Правила !!! 1.1920 на 1080 2. Следовать палитре (Зрачки так же менять) (1. https://vk.com/doc347902017_464913316?hash=c9f1fd9ea53d52fd25&dl=d3cf7738cbbd21a74f 2.https://vk.com/doc347902017_464913334?hash=421eec8f7dbfc9cdcb&dl=923eef2e761fcc396c 3. https://vk.com/doc347902017_464913364?hash=7da91bfd635f4482ba&dl=8afe2e55ea4c125199 4.https://vk.com/doc347902017_464913386?hash=7ff58d755ee9d12777&dl=ad77f8c1e36d0dc856 5.https://vk.com/doc347902017_464913399?hash=707c37b69064422e9d&dl=0287a6bea4b9e950e6) 3. Поставьте название своего канала в левом нижнем углу 4. Использовать ОС или любых персонажей из любых фандомов 5. Берите частей сколько хотите (но что бы успели к сроку) ЧАСТИ: 1- 2- 3- 4- _DONE_Alise_Watson # 5-Ren Mizumi 6-Ren Mizumi 7-Ren Mizumi 8- 9- 10- _DONE_ DianaKekik 11-_DONE_Fatíma Lúpo 12- 13- 14- _DONE_Alise_Watson # 15- 16- _DONE_Error404 17- 18- 19- 20- 21- 22-尸占旦且DatswieCat 23-_DONE_Sweetheart Bellis 22- 25- _DONE_DianaKekik 26- 27- 28- _DONE_Just Inky 29- _DONE_Just Inky 30- 31-_DONE_В гостях у Роди 32- 33- 34- 35- 36- 37- 38- 39- 40- 41- 42- 43- 44- 45- 46- _DONE_Error404 47- 48- 49-Марджер 50- 51- 52- 53- _DONE_Anastasya Karamelka 54- _DONE_Anastasya Karamelka 55- _DONE_Anastasya Karamelka 56- _DONE_Anastasya Karamelka 57- _DONE_Kanral 58- _DONE_Kanral 59- _DONE_Kanral 60- 61- 62- _DONE_Error404 63- 64- 65-_DONE_DatswieCat :З 66-_DONE_DatswieCat :З 67- _DONE_Star Tubbis 68- _DONE_Star Tubbis
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MAP/10/Mind Brand
Map: https://youtu.be/SXMlN1k_FBM
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Mind Brand OC MAP [BACKUPS OPEN] [32/36 DONE]
I GOT AR BONNIE BACK!!!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE FONT!!!!!!!!! its been over three years since i uploaded the original map call.... earlier this year i decided to stop worrying about the map but i finally realized that. fuck it. might as well try again btw if you already finished your part and dont want it to be in the map, tell me if you want completely out or if youre gonna redo the part. yeehaw. *whips* also yeah sure i had the lyrics on the original map call but i dont think i still got what its actually about........... lmao. anyway. read the lyrics for the part. trust me. please. do that. thanks. it might seem stupid to make a new map call for only 10 open parts but listen my dudes. i want this map FINISHED. its my baby. i made this map back when the song was new. and. yknow. im just. yeehaw. im gonna redo all my old parts too so watch out for that anyway here are the rules and parts: https://sta.sh/0uhs21bhjul song: mind brand by maretu english lyrics: freedomt1 subs ----------------------------- Thanks for watching!/Vielen Dank für sehen! Pledge to me on Patreon!/ Verpfänden mir auf Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Youkah Follow me on/Folgen mir auf: deviantART: http://youkah.deviantart.com Tumblr: http://youkah.tumblr.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/youukah Support me on Ko-fi!/Unsterstützung mir auf Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/Youkah Discord server: https://discord.gg/4dhHNAd
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[Map complete] Mind Brand [meme]
Hi🌚 💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗 💗💗 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Sub to my senpai: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVlbR1n4usIACo3pGTyKVsg 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Original: https://youtu.be/dysZzdi7vW8 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗 🌞Programs🌞 💗 💗 💗Flipaclip💗 💗 💗 💗Kinemaster💗 💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Views: 512 Nastya Draw :3
How To Use Mind Maps For Studying
Get Awesome Grades Cram Sheets (VIP LIST): http://www.girlbudgetlife.com/cramsheets ************************************************ Notes in outline format not doing the trick? In this video I will teach you how to use mind maps for studying and note taking in college. ************************************************ Join Team Self-Love Nation: http://goo.gl/forms/l7TiDZ3Rzp *************************************************** Join my monthly 21 Day Self-Love Fitness Challenge: http://goo.gl/forms/l1osqiVmdX ***************************************************** My Favorite Workout Programs + Supplements: 21 Day Fix: http://bit.ly/1IP9p4q T25: http://bit.ly/1PpvXsu Shakeology: http://bit.ly/1KML66j ************************************************** Follow me on Social Media ***Facebook*** http://facebook.com/pages/Girlbudgetlifecom/516740371683102 ***Instagram*** GirlBudgetLife ******************************************************** Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer/nutritionist. Please consult with your physician before you start any exercise or diet program. All opinions and information provided are based on my own personal research. If not otherwise stated, I am not endorsed by any brand or company.
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Mind brand map
Views: 27 michele da silva
MAP :BRAND MIND (26/26 CLOSE) {Чит. Опис.}
Правила : 1.Делать плавно! 2.НЕ СПОРИТЬ ЧЬЯ ЧАСТЬ! 3.Можете Взять по 2 части 4.Рисовать Свою ОС и Её друзей (Если Вы это не сделаете, то Вы отсутствуете от Своей Части) 5.Можно с значком и без значка Flipaclip 6.Если Вы делаете на компьютере, то монтировать в Вегасе! 7.Не говорить :Пожалуйста! Можно! Плизик! +Не нужно давить на жалость что Вас не берут -_- И 8.Делать с музыкой! А теперь части! Intro :Mine 1 part. Christy Fox 2 part Ayano Tyan 3 part Diana Abe XD 4 Part Mine! 5 part CrazyBlack Play Channel (DONE) 6 part Софыч - Chanel 7 part Karina Kry 8 part БИЛЛ Лэй 9 part Даша PURPLETALE (DONE) 10 part Лимончик Няшка Той чика:з 11 part Emaroly 12 part Alina Cat 13 part Vinneta Draw :3 14 Part Поля Дримурр (DONE) 15 part Ксения Undertale (DONE) 16 part Lira Draw Animation (DONE) 17 part Yumi 228 18 part Alya Rey 19 part FoxKet game 20! Part евангелина до 21 part Yumi 228 22 part Камила и Друзья. :3 23 part Umi Satsui 24 part Umi Satsui 25 part Amelia 1238 26 part Alya Rey Всё Удачи! ~
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Mind Brand Map CLOSE (1/8 done)
Правила: 1. Сью не нужно. 2. Текст не добавлять. Он тут для того чтоб вы перевод знали вот и всё. 3. Когда я только начал делать думал о войне перса и его создателя, но можно брать 2 персов/2 создателей или вообще вас с сенпаем (поющего рисуйте как перса). 4. Фон делать чёрным с белым лайном на нём (на потолке звёздочки на нитках как тут). 5. СРОК 3 НЕДЕЛИ! 6. Максимум 2-3 части можно брать. 7. Для получения части напишите "Нацуки в юбке", номер части. 8. Если у вас есть знакомые желающие сделать часть - напишите им. Всем рад. Part 1 - Cookie Skiffe Part 2 - Cookie Skiffe Part 3 - Sayni Pains Part 4 - Blackberry Chan Part 5 - XEventural FlowerX Part 6 - Kat Part 7 - Hey, Sasha! 《done》 Part 8 - Mine. Жду вас!💙
Views: 237 Oshi
Hiya, I made this in a couple hours. I hope you like it :) The colab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj5kLGrMemY&lc=z22hzfczssibcjwr004t1aokgoo2zjgeocyjifkuysbybk0h00410.1544283344031130
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HEWO! Here's a map finally! Welp... Here are the rules: RULES- 1. DON'T FIGHT OVER A PART 2. ONLY GACHA OR ANIME 3. IF YOU DON'T GET A PART DONT CRY OVER IT 4. BE POLITE ASKING FOR A PART 5. CONSIDER OTHER PEOPLE TAKE 1-2 (other than Wawa because she had the thought of this map/mep) 6. WATERMARKS ARE ALLOWED 7. THIS IS A MAP/MEP YOU CAN EDIT 8. NO SUICIDAL STUFF 9. YAOI AND YURI IS ALLOWED ( Yaoi is Guy love and Yuri is Girls love) 10. HAVE FUN 11. IF YOU CAN'T FINISH THE PART LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY SO I CAN GET WAWA TO DO IT 12. Cut your music VERY CAREFULLY Have a wonderful day/night guys Check out Animelazypotato's channel! Done: ✔ Not done: ✖ 1. 2. 3. Jade star's ✖ 4. Wawa's ✖ 5.Animelazypotato's ✖ 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jade star's✖ 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. HAVE FUN!
Views: 40 Wa Wa
Mind brand map (closed) read desc
So first things first I already finished my part This needs to be done by the 19th of December With The pastel map were are waiting on a new girl who joined recently Ok? Rules: 1 part only Please keep the background white and black ONLY *Edgy ocs XD* We are going for a color scheme of white and black red grey ect If you do not finish on time you will be kicked no second chances and please do not pull out. If you are not chosen do not get salty When you are done comment a link and in your description write #basicmindbrand If you've read the rules write food (WIP:👏 finished:👌) Parts 1:wolfy tail loves sans👌 2: Basically Animaitions 👌 3:Ashley loves sans👌 4:Baked soda👌 5:fox mations👌 6:Charlox(replacement)👌 7:miss little Dino 👌 8:sunny_animaites👌
Mind Brand MAP  - 7 -
https://youtu.be/Dpm6pe1Exhk ------------------------------------- Englishmen ------------------------------------- I started the instagram to go, and we can even chat. :3 https://www.instagram.com/ ------------------------------------- Русские ------------------------------------- я вк https://vk.com/id445549256 группа в вк https://vk.com/chocolate_discovery
Views: 225 Mika lio
Mind brand Silhouette MAP | Part 14
For this MAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFTaWfq1iBI , it's still open, I suggest you go join it! OK so I slept most of the morning, I keep sneezing and I'm currently unable to eat anything so this is fun, I decided to work on this in my dark bedroom with the curtains shut. Some parts I'm VERY happy with, it's got quite smooth stuff in here, so I'm happy, and I hope you like it!! Now this is done, I can focus on my own MAP part.....EXCITED//
Views: 213 Piierogii
Mind Brand (Big Collab/Part 2/FlipaClip)
Map call • https://youtu.be/mj5kLGrMemY Hope this is okay uwu
Views: 3070 Dayamations
Mind Brand map part 7
Views: 23 game supporter
.:Mind Brand Map part 22:.
Hope you like it link to map (it's closed) https://youtu.be/hbQlzG9mC3M I know there's self harm but I don't encourage other people to do it lel I'm edgy
Views: 176 ilyarts uwu
Mind Brand MAP Part 3
Part 3 of Mind Brand MAP hosted by GrayNekoSenpai Link to the map (Not sure if it’s still open or available but it won’t hurt to check!) https://youtu.be/CGCBdKwBZU0 Character: Frisk/Teiran Ummm... not my oc but it’s my au? That’s fine right? This au is called UnderPage, it’s kinda a continuation for the story of my CopyCat meme? Go check my CopyCat meme! Warning! It’s bad cause the body portion and it’s old, from last year but dragged for 6 month. Dat link: https://youtu.be/qCVh0nlCvV0
Views: 166 Eifie Dreemurr
Mind brand map 8
I hope you like it QwQ sorry it's ugly It's for my sister Riia I hope you like it I got up early on purpose My discord : https://discord.gg/68GDHTh My amino : http://aminoapps.com/p/rb2jbf My youtube channel : You are there Map close : https://youtu.be/c84nNlbmcFM
Views: 284 Lilith love sans
Part 6// Mind Brand Map
This is my part for ulymushoo's mind brand map Hope it looks okay ;3 Also I'm gonna try to upload more now
Views: 33 CherīSoda
Mind brand || MAP part 5
Uee hee hee Enjoy this not proud,weird,cringy part Hope you like it MAP: https://youtu.be/cGumC12Vq9s (Closed) With no watermark (just in case uwu): https://youtu.be/yIRWT08qls4 ♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧ My social media Youtube: Here Hangouts: [email protected] Discord: BlueLJ #9908 Server: https://discord.gg/gerXrD9 Amino: http://aminoapps.com/c/BlueLJ (Lol, join please) Instagram: @ninkatiara_nabillatiaradewanti Wattpad (lol yes): Blue Loves Jevil ♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧ Bye my berries
Views: 225 Blue Loves Jevil
Mind brand || Map || parts 35, 36, 44
Ссылка на мап: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIvFDJ852c&t=138s Неизвестно, сколько частей ещё этого мапа я решу сделать :D
Views: 939 Bell Ray
Mind brand // map part 9 (vent)
I. Map (closed) : https://youtu.be/mj5kLGrMemY
Views: 1626 Starmy
Mind Brand // map // part 4
The background does not go well with my animation sorry
Views: 75 Violet Midoriya
Mind brand map read (desc for rules) refs at end
1: fake smile 2: Alberts fan Jake fan 3:emmie da temmie 4: SamSomething_ 5: Waffle Teh Sm0l 6:bubblegum lover 7:don gendonz’s hat 8: Edgyful Baka 9: Sapphire Rose 10: Setomo The toxic fox My part me of course 11: open 12: xXThundiXx 13: lavender animate 14: Jem The animator 15: Kawaii unicorn cutie Animations 16:open 17: Ghdwk lv qhdu 18: ᴄʀɪɴɢᴇʏ sᴛᴜғғ 19:open 20:open 21: adaleen the dragon 22: Stargirl 0002 23: Animation Demon 24: XxDerp CupcakexX 25: Tamaki DDLC Rules: 1: you MUST use the ocs in this video 2.you may take 2 part 3: you may use your ocs if u add the one that's in this map 4: make it edgy (jk if u want) 5:have FUNNN Note: I've been dead for awhile ik but please joinnn
Views: 546 Lavender sheep
Mind brand map part 1
#basicmindbrand I hope you like it
Mind Brand MAP [part 4]
part four for this map! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1e-3H2Wb60&t=37s
Views: 31 Danqermaus
Mind Brand (MAP) leer desc
Reglas: Con sonido oh sin sonido. No recolorear. No critiques a los demás. No te enojes si no pudieras participar. Y aslo. Ing Rules: With sound oh without sound Do not recolor. Do not criticize others. Do not get mad if you can not participate. And aslo. 1:foxy the pirate fox 2:music paint estudio :3 3:valekawaiipolo :3 4:yupi 0424 5:sweety_515 6:perrita leila 7:foxddy the wolf bunny xd 8:isis animation :3 9:satsu furry :v 10:coffee animations love tom :0 11:robert the blue wolf 12: alsofiNEKO
Mind brand meme-map (3/10)DONE, CLOSED !
Intro: me Part 1 : RoyalCrytal🍪https://youtu.be/ALEnowo1LNk Part 2 :Under fnaf🍋 Part 3 :_Mivaky_🍪 https://youtu.be/AxEl8TClVEg Part 4 :X Blackycat X🍋 Part 5 : Korra Foyeytale🍪 https://youtu.be/v2fZ-Oz-j80 Part 6 : Despacistar 🍋 Part 7 : Mikaline Star 🍋 Part 8 :Lilith loves Sans 🍪 https://youtu.be/wp4OY2vszsk Outro : me Not done : 🍋 Done : 🍪 Fr: Règle : - vous pouvez prendre qu'une seule part ! - pas de trace ! - Je choisit les personnes qui fond de bonne animation , en leur mettant un ❤ - pas de gacha studio s'il vous plaît ! Pour votre part : - vous devez faire un résumé de votre OC (triste ou heureux) En: in: Rule: - you can only take a part! - no traced ! - I choose people who make a good animation, putting them ❤ - no gacha studio please ! For your part: - you must make a summary of your OC (sad or happy) The passwort : cookies forever ! :3
Views: 269 riia the skeleton
[Mind Brand]-OC Map (part 14) for: Natureya
map by: Natureya guess i was in a good mood considering i made 2 animations in one day huh it looks okay-ish i guess?? it was so difficult to write in japanese on the ds though ((funfact: i am currently learning japanese right now)swear to god im not a weeb) not much to say Characters: Fuan (Anxiety), Risa (Laughter) (my ocs) SHADOW OUT
Views: 196 sweetdreams
map |MIND BRAND| 7 part
Блин Tea, я какда рисовала то забыла что есть палитра и к сожалению это уже не исправить, поэтому прости :/
Views: 638 FanTica
Mind brand map
https://youtu.be/TOCzoUuwURE The map
Views: 50 salty Luna
Hvordan laver jeg en mindmap
Views: 1345 Dansk SA
Mind brand map part 2
Map https://youtu.be/dls93xg1GL8 Those arms from vid Not my arms XD The end is the best
Views: 52 cupcake •girl•
Mind Brand(Vent Map)CLOSED
1:Mine(done) 2:Dark bloody painter(done) 3:tord neko #MATT'S WORLD(done) 4:Depressive-Chan(done) 5:Mia Gyash Official(done) 6:The Warrior DogWtf 7:melissa marionette loves sans(done) Outro:kira! Reglas: No usar gacha/studio/Verse/Life No recolor Usar colores oscuros Se permite el gore y la sangre Usar el fondo de este vídeo No copiar el vídeo de otro Tienen una semana para terminarlo Debes usar un "VENT" Para este vídeo(dilo en los comentarios)
Views: 184 Shinny The Human
Mind Brand Map part 6
Tha mep: https://youtu.be/Hamf6fU1ZzU
Views: 26 Furry Amination

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