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Omnichannel: Retail (R)evolution | Kilian Wagner | TEDxHSG
Today consumers are demanding. They expect merchandise to be available online, but also a trustful and impeccable in-store service. To remain competitive, businesses must therefore act fast and smart. Illustrating his thoughts with inspiring example from some of today’s largest retail players, Kilian Wagner, CEO of a very innovative Swiss start-up, gives us insights on his retail strategy and on how Omni-channelling might just be the quiet revolution we have all been waiting for. Kilian Wagner, rethinks retail by holistically engaging with customers across online and offline worlds and bringing fashion to the optical industry. CEO of VIU, a Swiss eyewear startup shaking up the optical industry with a premium eyewear concept that breaks with norms through vertical integration and omnichannel retail. Seamlessly combining online and offline channels VIU is building holistic customer experiences, while offering premium and sustainable products at revolutionary prices. Founded in Switzerland in 2013 VIU is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, operating 17 own flagshipstores, proprietary online channels and more than 20 partnerstores. Prior to VIU, Kilian worked 5 years as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, leading projects in different industries (Telecoms, Banking, Media, Consumer Goods) with focus on growth strategy and market entry. He holds a M.A. in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen (HSG). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Webinar: Product Content for Omni Channel Retail Walmart 15-01-2015
On 15 January 2015 Walmart VP of Product Management spoke about the retailer's omni-channel retail strategy and the role of product content. The webinar with attended by e-Commerce directors and Brand team of leading FMCG/CPG Brands in Europe and the US. *This is a private video: view upon request.
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Zendesk Omnichannel Demo
Zendesk suite and Omnichannel Demo. Please Enjoy the video :)
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Customer Centricity – OmniChannel Excellence
Eataly.net – The ultimate grocery experience. Bricks and mortar food stores are still where most people buy their food and while 25% of us are being converted to the joys of grocery shopping online, some canny businesses are ensuring the growth of online will keep the real-life store alive and kicking. In this programme MeetTheBoss TV talks to Franco Denari, CEO and Co-Founder of the Eataly online store, Eataly Net. Franco Denari is a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader with proven skills in multinational and cross-­cultural environments. Franco has a successful 10+ year track record in business development, product management and sales / marketing / advertising of information technology companies.
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Multichannel VS Omnichannel Customer Experience | What's The Difference?
Multichannel Versus Omnichannel Customer Experience. What's The Difference? Let me show you some real life examples to demonstrate how this can impact your customer experience.. We look at Warby Parker, RayBan and Area 51 Extreme Air Sports. ABOUT ME: I am a Customer Experience Consultant, Educator and Designer. This YouTube channel is where I share my experiences as a customer so that I am able to help businesses understand how their customers think , search, shop and interact with their brands. Additionally, I film product and website reviews which cover the entire customer experience; researching the product, purchasing and shipping, unboxing, initial impressions and full product reviews one month later. If you are interested in having your products, website or physical location reviewed by me, please visit my site at www.yourcustomersshoes.com to purchase these services. You may also click the link below titled 'Your Customers Shoes Store'. Please subscribe to be notified when I post new content. To learn more about Customer Experience Design, please visit my blog or podcast. Thanks for Watching. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to be notified of new videos. OTHER VIDEOS: What Is It Like To Be Your Customer?: https://youtu.be/9uLDnBHlung Customer Experience Vs Customer Service: https://youtu.be/KNBZxYAKet8 What Is A Customer Experience?: https://youtu.be/TjW4ludbGKY DIY Customer Experience: https://youtu.be/53J4MmbLwVQ HELPFUL LINKS: WEBSITE: https://yourcustomersshoes.com BLOG: https://yourcustomersshoes.com/blog PODCAST: https://yourcustomersshoes.com/mypodcast MY STORE:: https://yourcustomersshoes.com/shop MORE YOUR CUSTOMERS SHOES ONLINE: --------------------------------------------- ♥ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yourcustomersshoes ♥TWITTER: https://twitter.com/yrcustomershoes ♥ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/yourcustomersshoes ♥ LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yourcustomersshoes ♥ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104747124656507172407 To Your Success, Elle Robertson Customer Experience Designer (CXD) Your Customer's Shoes www.yourcustomersshoes.com Engineering Customer Loyalty #yourcustomersshoes #ycs #ycs #yourcustomersshoes #customerexperience
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The Zendesk Omnichannel Approach
When it comes to support, customers expect an open invitation. With Zendesk, you can give it to them. Our omnichannel support offers simple, yet powerful solutions that make it easy for customers to engage with your business—where and when it’s right for them. Let us show you more in this short video. And if you'd like to learn even more, go here: http://zdsk.co/2nhyUHd
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RedPoint Global - Omnichannel Journey demo
RedPoint Global VP of Product Strategy Patrick Tripp outlines the customer journey at Keurig, orchestrated by the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub. Learn more about the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub at https://www.redpointglobal.com/solutions/customer-engagement-hub/ Download our white paper to learn more about omnichannel customer engagement http://www2.redpointglobal.com/ebook-path-to-omnichannel-marketing-ebook-pr Contact us at https://www.redpointglobal.com/about-us/contact-us/
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Omni-channel Brand Experience, Product Experience and Shopping Experience | OMRESO
Stel je voor dat je merkervaring, productbeleving en winkelbeleving kunt realiseren in een uniek multiplatform omnichannel concept. Imagine that you can realize brand experience, product experience and shopping experience in one unique omni-channel concept. Contact: http://www.omreso.com Tags: merkervaring, productbeleving, winkelbeleving, omnichannel, multichannel, cross-channel, fashion, optiek, design en interieur, brand experience, product experience, shopping experience, optics, design and furniture, marketing strategy, omni-channel retailing, interior design
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Sell on Amazon | Selling Products on Amazon | Omni Channel Overview | Complete Guide
Sell on Amazon | Selling Products on Amazon | Omni Channel Overview | Complete Guide Definitions Omni-Channel (meaning, all channels) — is a fully-integrated approach to commerce that provides shoppers a unified experience across online and offline channels (e.g., touchpoints). True omni-channel shopping extends from brick-and-mortar locations to mobile-browsing, ecommerce marketplaces, onsite storefronts, social media, retargeting, and everything in between. Multi-Channel - is promoting and selling anywhere your customers buy. Top Omni-Channels Amazon Walmart Ebay Jet Overstock New Egg Sears 1. Amazon - The model for all other omni-channels. - Pays to get on the first page of Google - Prime program - Free shipping - No hassle returns - Fulfillment by Amazon - Amazon Prime for same day delivery - System to keep products you show interest in in front of you on social media 2. Walmart – Copying Amazon model - Offers in store pick up - Free two day shipping, minimum order amount applies - No memberships - Does not ship sponsored products 3. Ebay - Great for building your brand - Moving towards Amazon template - Can do direct buy or auction - Pays to get on first page of Google 4. Jet - Owned by Walmart - Set up as direct opposition to Amazon 5. Overstock - Sells overstock and new merchandise 6. New Egg - Relatively new - Experiencing faster growth - Global (50+ countries) 7. Sears - Most recent addition to omni-channel list - Modeling Amazon system - Offers Fulfillment by Sears All of these channels have options for you to sign up as a vendor and/or as an affiliate (I suggest you do both) Sign up with most or all of these businesses Check them all out as part of your product research as you might find that you can generate a better ROI than Amazon Keep in mind that not all of these businesses offer to fulfill orders, so you will have to have some products on hand or use a drop shipper to fulfill orders. (I’ll talk about order fulfillment in more detail later) TAKE ACTION!!! See more about online marketing at my Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rainsmarketingcircle/
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commercetools Omnichannel PIM: Next Generation Product Information Management
Presenting the commercetools Omnichannel PIM - a cloud-based, state-of-the-art application that helps retailers manage product data for all their retail channels.
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Omni-channel E-Commerce and Order Management using TIBCO
TIBCO provides off-the-shelf product / process catalog, offer and price runtime, and digital order management. They are applicable for products and services with many commerce and fulfillment rules, such as in Telco, Media, and Financial Services. They are often integrated with TIBCO BPM for case management. In addition, the demo shows how we have easily integrated Amazon Alexa and Chatfuel’s Chatbot for Facebook to support Omni-channel Digital Transformation. Products used in the proof of concept: - TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog - TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management (with Offer and Price Engine module) - TIBCO BPM (with Case Management extension) - Amazon Alexa, Chatbox
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Product Information Management System for Omnichannel Retailing
OmniPIM is a product Information Management System for omni channel retailing which centralizes and harmonizes all marketing and technical information of products. Visit: http://inventrik.com/omnichannel-pim/
Xstore POS enables Omnichannel Retailing - Watch the Demo
Xstore is designed for Omni-Channel Retailing. It is a part of the OmniChannel Product Suite that is enabled to fulfill the customers shopping needs regardless of channel. It helps deliver a superior shopping experience with cross channel and save the sale functionality. Download Ebook https://ter.li/ejpkhu
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Omnichannel Retailing The Digital Store of the Future
Today’s consumers want to seamlessly shop whenever and wherever they are. In order to meet these demands, retailers must bring the physical and digital shopping worlds into one omnichannel experience. Cognizant helps retailers turn these possibilities into new business opportunities. While online shopping has become a defining activity of the 21st century, 95% of all sales are the result of a combination of online, mobile, and in-store interactions. Unifying these provides a more seamless experience for the shopper and more sales opportunities for businesses. For example, mobile alerts inform nearby shoppers of new products and promotions in order to capture their attention while RFID tags and QR codes on product tags help them learn about item details and read reviews. Arming store associates with data about a shopper and product information helps them to provide a more personalized experience to the consumer. Using social interactions as a visual focal point in a store can help positively influence shoppers. Virtual dressing rooms allow shoppers to virtually try on outfits in-store or at home. And data gathered from the dressing room can inform product recommendations and customer insight. Similarly, interactive displays attract shoppers by sending rich media to their mobile devices when they pick up a product
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What is the Omni-Channel?
The Omni-Channel is a term used to describe all the various channels in which your product can sell and the customer experience associated with that sale. Consumers now have many options. Buying today is social, mobile, local. Often called SOMOLO. It's heavily influenced by social. Consumers can shop at a store, on their phone, on their phone while in the store, on a tablet, at a kiosk, through a catalog, even through gaming devices. They are scanning QR codes to learn about products quickly before purchasing. With the on-line shopper growing every year, the Omni-Channel includes traditional and modern forms of purchase. Traditional forms of purchase are generally referred to as in-store purchases. But shopping behavior has evolved. With 83% of consumers making purchases on-line, the Omni-Channel is in full play. Selling price, venue, payment experience, customer services and interaction with the customer are all evolving and are disruptive. The buying process for consumers has changed. The average marketing director believes marketing has changed more in the past 2 years that it has in the past 50. Omni-Channel Basics will give you a great overview.
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Omnichannel Platform for Mall
"Omnichannel Platform for Mall" is a software solution for the Mall Business which implements the Omnichannel approach having multiple channels like web, mobile and online chat for a Shopping Mall. It is oriented to the mall business and realities to improve the shopping experience. Our product contemplates the following dimensions of the Mall Shopping Experience. 1) Online 2) Social 3) Store 4) Parking 5) Management: Mall and Shops. This platform is not just an ecommerce or software for retail. It is an holistic platform which combines all dimensions of the shopping experience in the Shopping Mall and related business. Because we do believe that the key to make a difference is to know the customer, this platform tracks al mayor events on the web and mobile channels to understand the customer profile and provide a better tailored experience. The use the Machine Learning and Chatbox improve the way to make offers, targeted promotions and have an online sale channels without human assistant.
Omnichannel Product Information Management System
OmniPIM is a product Information Management System for omni channel retailing which centralizes and harmonizes all marketing and technical information of products. Visit: http://inventrik.com/omnichannel-pim/
New Liferay Products to Support the Complete Omnichannel Customer Journey
Andrea Diazzi, Liferay Business Development Manager, gives an overview on Liferay new products (Liferay DXP 7.1, Liferay Commerce, Liferay Analytics Cloud, Liferay DXP Cloud).
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Video Product Experince Omnichannel Design
Esta es una muestra comercial diseñada por Omnichannel Design para la feria del automovil 2016 , donde mostramos el proceso de diseño en el cual creamos Video Product Experience una forma impactante de combinar vídeos , fotografías,3D y edición de alto impacto para comunicar un producto o servicio de forma rápida pero con un gran contenido . Mas info www.omnichanneldesign.com.co
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Technologies for Business - Omnichannel Platform for Retail
This video shows the Web E-Commerce which is part of the suite "Omnichannel Platform For Retail" solution for retailers or businesses that want to be online to offer and sell their products. Main functionalities of the web e-commerce are: - Shop news. - Product catalog. - Product detail. - New arrivals. - Hot deals. - Product offers. - Shopping cart. - Wish list. - Contact form the shop. For further information visit or web site "Technologies for Business" at https://techforb.com
NetSuite Omnichannel Experience
Today’s customers expect a consistent, personalized and seamless shopping experience regardless of channel or touch point. Watch how NetSuite delivers a “buy anywhere, get anywhere” experience by transforming your business and enabling you to focus on customers, not channels resulting in business efficiency, customer delight and brand loyalty.
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Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management demo
Here’s how Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management uses innovative ways to consolidate customer data, then uses that information to effectively plan and execute customer communications and interactions across a variety of contact channels, then perfects those interactions over time through closed-loop analysis of the data. Learn more at http://www.infor.com/product-summary/cx/omni-channel-campaign-management/
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Sean Bartlett, Director Digital Experience, Product & Omni Channel Integration, Lowe's
Sean Bartlett, Director Digital Experience, Product & Omni Channel Integration of Lowe's in conversation with Govindraj Ethiraj, PING Network talks about the Innovations to look out for and also his views on whether globally or geographically their is anything common in the consumers.
Omni Channel Analytics CPG
Webinar and Demo. Anexinet Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail practice helps food, beverage, personal care and household products companies uncover new opportunities for growth and reduce operating costs by 18%+. Anexinet Omni-Channel Analytics can help your company better understand your customer by consolidating interaction channels such as contact center voice data, social media, chat, text, email, CRM and sales data. If buyer loyalty is important to your business, let us help you improve your customer experience and raise your NPS (Net Promoter Score) by 15-20%.
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Omni-channel engagement hub demo | Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
Learn about the Omni-channel Engagement Hub for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based service that extends the power of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to enable customers to instantly connect and engage with their customers via newly introduced channels. Visit https://aka.ms/dynamics365/customerservice to learn more and try the Customer Service application today! Pre-released product disclaimer: Some information relates to pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.
Introducing the Omni-channel Product Advisor with Miles Paterson of Prismastar, IRX 14
The latest in customer guidance innovation from Prismastar is the Omni-channel Product Advisor. It works to align product's relationships with visitors giving them the ability to search on a wider ranger of criteria to navigate a journey to find the product they're looking for. It reveals to retailers not just what, where and how but also why they're buying. Currently in operation with Tesco and Shop Direct. To discover more about Prismastar, visit them here: http://internetretailing.net/organisations/vprs/
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Nokia Motive Omni channel Customer Experience Platform
Let’s show you how to take your multi-channel ‘customer support’ to the next level and deliver a seamless and truly integrated Omnichannel communication for a consistent and unified troubleshooting process. Find out more: https://networks.nokia.com/products/motive-service-management-platform
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Euronics: omnichannel - consistent product info on staff tablet, virtual shelf and smartphone #1
www.loadbee.com How to display product information consistently on any device? With loadbee. loadbee is a platform that distributes branded product information to all POS. ONLINE So, brands such as Jura and Miele present their product information in real time, for example on the Euronics onlineshop. »At the moment of the purchase decision, the brands reach the interested customer with their own product communication immediately« If the customer sees this full product information in the retailer´s online shop, he is more likely to buy. A win-win situation for retailers and brands. Current product information online is particularly important, because there is no sales consultant informing the costumers. But the platform goes far beyond online shops: OFFLINE loadbee also syndicates the product information to the brick-and-mortar stores. This means that sales consultants and customers have all the information about the product right at their fingertips - including videos and test seals. Via NFC, QR code or our app, they receive the same content as online on the staff tablet, smartphone or virtual shelf. In this way, the customer journey is consistent for the first time. This increases the shopping experience and relieves the staff at the same time, especially at peak times. www.loadbee.com
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Omni Channel Contact Center Experience With Intellicon - Intelligent Contact Center
Get true unified omni channel contact center experience. A best contact center solution especially for E commerce, Retail and Banking Sector & simplify business & make your life easy with one unified omni channel interface. To know more visit our website www.intellicon.io Intellicon - Intelligent Contact Center Solution. Click This link below to see our intellicon product intro video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7j2-1IFLVQ In today's world we use multiple channels to communicate with each other. Where it gives us freedom to communicate, it also creates a challenge for businesses to be able to connect with their customers on their preferred channels and manage all the communication effectively. Call centers now need to be upgraded into Contact Centers. Intellicon Gives you the solution to establish an Omni Channel Contact Center which means you can connect with your customers via Phone, SMS, Chat, Email,Social media or any other channel of your choice. You may not get a second chance to make your first impression,so what are you waiting for? Get Connected to See a live demo or to know more. Visit our website Intellicon.io or follow us at https://facebook.com/intellicon.io https://instagram.com/intellicon.io https://twitter.com/intellicon_io https://linkedin.com/company/intellicon.io https://contegris.tumblr.com/ https://google.com/+contegris https://www.pinterest.com/contegris/ Intellicon is Product of Contegris - Technology Simplified www.contegris.com
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Tackling the Omni-Channel Data Dilemma
POS, syndicated data, social media, big data, SOMOLO are all issues facing consumer goods companies and retailers today. We explain the omni-channel data issues facing CPG manufacturers and retailers today in this overview of POSmart, TradeSmart and BlueSky.
NetSuite Omnichannel Commerce Solution
Don't be fooled by fake omnichannel (fomni) solutions. Only a true, single, cloud-based commerce platform will provide the seamless experiences customers expect. Learn more at SuiteCommerce.com
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Euronics: omnichannel - consistent product information online and in the brick-and-mortar store #4
www.loadbee.com How to display product information consistently on any device? With loadbee. loadbee is a platform that distributes branded product information to all POS. ONLINE So, brands such as Jura and Miele present their product information in real time, for example on the Euronics onlineshop. »At the moment of the purchase decision, the brands reach the interested customer with their own product communication immediately« If the customer sees this full product information in the retailer´s online shop, he is more likely to buy. A win-win situation for retailers and brands. Current product information online is particularly important, because there is no sales consultant informing the costumers. But the platform goes far beyond online shops: OFFLINE loadbee also syndicates the product information to the brick-and-mortar stores. This means that sales consultants and customers have all the information about the product right at their fingertips - including videos and test seals. Via NFC, QR code or our app, they receive the same content as online on the staff tablet, smartphone or virtual shelf. In this way, the customer journey is consistent for the first time. This increases the shopping experience and relieves the staff at the same time, especially at peak times. www.loadbee.com
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Making omni-channel marketing a reality -  Rusty Warner, Vice President - Product Marketing, SDL
Consumers use all channels simultaneously, so cussessful marketers must ensure their customers experience the brand, not simply a channel within the brand. Marketing becomes more efficient - and ultimately more effective - with offers that are relevant to individual customers, based on purchase partners, social network, website visits, loyalty programs, and other analytics. Speakers: Rusty Warner, Vice President, Product Marketing, SDL Find the latest marketing and ecommerce insight at www.TFMAinsight.com
Understanding Omni-channel Retail - Click & Collect
Omni-channel Retail is when a customer can use more than one sales channel such as brick & mortar stores, e-Commerce/Internet, mobile (m-Commerce), social commerce and more to research, buy, collect and return or exchange products from a retailer, irrespective of the channel of purchase.
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Maximize Sales, Profit and Shopper Loyalty with IBM Omni-Channel Merchandising
Watch these videos to learn how an Intelligent Pricing approach helps you to manage, optimize and execute pricing strategies throughout the product lifecycle and across channels. Discover how you can dynamically react to changes in competitive prices, product demand and market conditions, but yet maintain margins with the most appropriate pricing action. These videos show you how Intelligent Pricing can offer a winning combination, an increase in customer satisfaction and your profitability.
amita ai helps Interior Product retailers go omnichannel
Customers can choose their area and find many Interior product options in the nearby shops. amita.ai is a recommendation system and the users can filter through the available options to find the right products for their home interiors and office.
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Demystifying Walmart's Omnichannel Vision
Last week Walmart hosted a Supplier Growth Forum in Rogers, which promoted the new technological developments for online shopping. Suppliers with any questions were able to join Whytespyder’s CEO, Eric Howerton, and Senior Account Services Director, Joyce Grippi, who hosted a Live Stream Event on February 17. The Live Stream consisted of Eric and Joyce answering supplier questions regarding how Walmart is requesting its suppliers to improve its ecommerce. Eric states Wal-Mart is asking for, “best in class data and content.” Eric explains how the manufacturer has an opportunity to give item-level stories and keywords that are relative to what the shopper is searching for. This moves manufacturers products up organically in search results on Google and Walmart.com. A manufacturer needs to recognize the importance of what Eric calls an 80/20 balance. In other words, having 80% item-level content on a product page and 20% brand messaging. Eric explains that in today’s society, suppliers are faced with a shopper who is connected 24/7, who is empowered, and who is actively searching for product information. He provides further commentary that shoppers are not looking for a product; they are looking for information that provides “a solution for their problem.” What Wal-Mart and each manufacturer must do is follow the customer. Shoppers are online, and in order to compete, the manufacturer must provide the onmichannel experience. Eric describes this as a “content race,” and the ones who are already running it are the ones who are winning.
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Service Cloud: Omni-Channel Setup Flow
Simplify the process of returning or repairing products for customers or mobile workers. Empower customers to initiate returns from a community, and empower agents to create return orders based on customer or mobile worker requests; including details about the products being returned.
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The Power of Next: Evolve to Omnichannel
Watch this short video to learn how NetSuite is helping some of the most innovative retailers in the industry achieve their goals with unified commerce.
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Fynd Store: Omni-channel Retail Made Effortless
Introducing Fynd Store. Bringing all the benefits of online shopping to the store. All the features of the Fynd platform are now available to customers shopping from stores. Browse + Discover products that are available, not just in that store, but every store of that brand. Mix & Match products to create the perfect look. Share with friends to get feedback via Facebook, Messenger, Email, WhatsApp. Buy, even in-store out of stock products, that are the right size. You can download the Fynd Store App from the app stores. For more details, please write to [email protected] Log on to: https://www.gofynd.com to Fynd out more. Download the app: Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.go.fynd iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/fynd-online-fashion-shopping/id1048365461 Follow Fynd on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gofynd Twitter: https://twitter.com/gofynd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gofynd/
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How to Maximize Omni-Channel and Successfully Implement Web & Apps Strategies
Marcelo Zeferino, Mobile Products Manager, Peixe Urbano
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How to Master Omni Channel Fulfillment
To learn more, please visit: https://acctivate.com/features/order-fulfillment-software/omni-channel-fulfillment/ Omni channel fulfillment refers to the blend of traditional and modern sales channels to reach customers and sell products. Many small and mid-market businesses participate in omni channel fulfillment by selling through web stores, EDI, eCommerce platforms, over the counter, and by the phone. With so many channels, strict organization is key to successful omni channel fulfillment operations. To learn more about me, visit: acctivate.com/eric-cartrite This video is meant to help small and mid-market distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers have a better grasp of the steps a business needs to take to master their omni channel fulfillment and in turn, continue to retain and satisfy customers. From shipping integrations to barcoding, order management and a CRM, Acctivate is designed to help small and mid market businesses optimize, grow, and succeed, especially when it comes to omni channel fulfillment.
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Dynamically manage and optimize pricing with IBM Omni-Channel Merchandising
Learn how you can deliver competitive prices across all channels. Your customers have more power today than ever before. They decide what they buy and where and how they buy it. With more products, channels and competitors than ever before, the challenge for retailers to determine competitive prices for all products across all channels only increases. However, dynamically managing and co-ordinating pricing in an omni-channel environment is not as challenging as you think....when you have the right tools. What if you stopped guessing the right prices and started prescribing them? With IBM, you can. Learn more: http://www.ibm.com/commerce/us-en/campaigns/omni-channel-fulfillment/
ebankIT - Omnichannel banking products
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The Power of Next: Evolve to Omnichannel SuiteWorld17 Retail Keynote
Watch the SuiteWorld17 retail keynote featuring Andy Lloyd, VP of Commerce Products, Oracle + NetSuite and guest speakers.
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Retail News - Omni-Channel Retail Workshop
When it comes to retail selling, gone are the days of push marketing strategies. Customers want to access your brand wherever they are, whenever they want. Whether they are researching a product on your website, swiping through a mobile catalogue or making a purchase in your brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, you have to go wherever your customers go - empowering them with the right information, at the right time, in the right place. But how can you make this indispensable transition from push to pull? How can you successfully incorporate Omni-channel efforts in your retail business? Tune in to the 2 days workshop seminar on March 24th - 25th 2016. Organized by Retail News and CSAI, we're sure that we deliver the highest quality and that we send everyone home with an amazing retail experience. http://www.retailnews.asia/workshops
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Home Depot Omnichannel Intro Video
Product sales demo video I created for Home Depot.
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Playtech Academy ICE 2016: A Game in The Life Of Omni-Channel
As part of the Playtech Academy, the industry's only bespoke training resource, James Welham, Multi-Channel Product Manager, Playtech discusses the company's sports betting technology and its unique business intelligence tools.
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