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Pallas-The Last Angel
Pallas-Album the dreams of men
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Pallas - The Bringer of Dreams
Album: The Dreams Of Men @ 2005 Genre: neo-Prog , UK - Line-up / Musicians: - Alan Reed / lead vocals - Niall Mathewson / guitars (electric, acoustic steel & nylon, Thai 3-string), Roland VG8, co-producer - Ronnie Brown / keyboards (Korg Triton, Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif, JV 1080) - Graeme Murray / stereo bass & fretless bass, Moog bass pedals, electronics & Fx, backing vocals, co-producer - Colin Fraser / drums With: - Paul Anderson / fiddle (1,3) - Karen Raitt / vocals (5) - Lisa Paterson / vocals (5) - Pandy Arthur / vocals (9) -- / Find ''Pallas'' http://www.pallasofficial.com/
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Pallas - Winter Angel -
Christmas video 2004, featuring what became The Last Angel on the 2005 Album The Dreams of Men
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from the album "the dreams of men"(2005)
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Pallas - Rehearsing the Angel Voice
Niall and Graeme from Pallas in the studio with Pandy Atrhur rehearsing the the operatic ending for "The Last Angel", the Final track on the "Dreams of Men" Album
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Band: Pallas. Song: Celebration. Album: The Cross & the Crucible. Alan Reed (Vocals, occasional guitar). Graeme Murray (Bass, bass pedals, !2-string, vocals. Niall Mathewson (Guitars). Ronnie Brown (Keyboards, vocals). Colin Fraser (Drums, percussion, vocals). Pallas first rose to prominence as part of the progressive rock revival of the early 1980s, alongside contemporaries Marillion. After releasing their first, self-financed, live album, Arrive Alive, Pallas signed to EMI's Harvest Records. Their first studio album, The Sentinel, was an ambitious concept piece which used the myths of Atlantis as a parable of the then still-extant cold war. Shortly after release, however, the band parted company with singer Euan Lowson. He was quickly replaced by Alan Reed, from Glasgow band Abel Ganz. This line-up recorded The Knightmoves EP (1985), and The Wedge LP (1986) before falling out with EMI and going their own way. A third studio album Voices in the Dark was underway, but the band essentially went into hibernation at the end of the 80s. Re-releases of the EMI material in the early 90s provided renewed impetus and after various putative attempts the band resurfaced with 1998's Beat the Drum album, this time with Colin Fraser replacing original drummer, Derek Forman. Signing to specialist progressive rock label Inside Out, the band gained a new lease of life playing across Europe and further afield. 2001's The Cross and The Crucible was a distillation of all the band had learned so far, and is regarded as perhaps the band's most cohesive work. A live DVD/CD The Blinding Darkness followed in 2003. The band's fifth studio album, The Dreams of Men, surfaced in 2005; a harder-edged development on the maturing sound of 'The Cross...'. Another concert DVD, Moment to Moment, this time featuring many tracks from early in the band's career, appeared in 2008. A steady schedule of archive releases has appeared in parallel with the band's main releases. The River Sessions 1 and 2 covered two different eras of the bands live performances, and the DVD Live from London - taken from a 1985 concert for TV - caught them just before recording 'The Wedge'. A new studio album is due in 2009
The ultimate "Neo/Prog" Collection
After "Canterbury scene" we decided to upload our 2nd tribute, dedicated to the ''neo/prog'' genre. We need you to know that while making a tribute generally we ve decided not to put the "best ones" exactly. Otherwise in this tribute for example we'd put bands such as Marillion, IQ, and that's it... All we wanna do is upload a playlist that gives the listener a spherical point of view to the genre..So, here is our list for ''NEO-PROG' genre.. -- Band/Artist: Marillion Album: Misplaced Childhood Released: 1985 Track: Childhoods end? 00:00:00 Band/Artist: IQ Album: The Road Of Bones Released: 2014 Track: Ocean 00:04:32 Band/Artist: Arena Album: Contagion Released:2003 Track: Riding the Tide 00:10:00 Band/Artist: Sylvan Album: Posthumous Silence Released: 2006 Track: The Colours Changed 00:14:19 Band/Artist: Anubis Album: A Tower Of Silence Released: 2011 Track: And I Wait for my World To End 00:20:13 Band/Artist: Galahad Album: Empires Never Last Released: 2007 Track: Memories of an African Twin 00:25:18 Band/Artist: Magenta Album: Seven Released: 2004 Track: Anger 00:29:13 Band/Artist: Airbag Album: All Rights Removed Released: 2011 Track: The Bridge 00:33:55 Band/Artist: Comedy Of Errors Album: Fanfare & Fantasy Released: 2013 Track: In a Lifetime 00:39:52 Band/Artist: Collage Album: Moonshine Released: 1994 Track: War Is Over 00:44:22 Band/Artist: Pendragon Album: The Masquerade Overture Released: 1996 Track: Paintbox 00:49:20 Band/Artist: The Psychedelic Ensemble Album: The Tale Of The Golden King Released: 2013 Track: Save Yourself 00:57:40 Band/Artist: I and Thou Album: Speak Released: 2012 Track: Hide and Seek 01:03:29 Band/Artist: Abraxas Album: ...Cykl Obraca Się, Narodziny, Dzieciństwo Pełne Duszy, Uśmiechów Niewinnych I Zdrady... Released: 1996 Track: Infermo 01:19:33 Band/Artist: Silhouette Album: Across The Rubicon Released: 2012 Track: Grendel memories 01:24:27 Band/Artist: Fish Album: A Feast Of Consequences Released: 2013 Track: Blind to the Beautiful 01:29:42 Band/Artist: Pallas Album: The Dreams Of Men Released: 2005 Track: Messiah 01:34:44 Band/Artist: Darwin's Radio Album: Template For A Generation Released: 2009 Track: Breathe It In 01:39:26 Band/Artist: Quidam Album: Quidam Released: 1996 Track: Głęboka Rzeka 01:50:21 Band/Artist: Mystery Album: The World Is A Game Released: 2012 Track: Superstar 01:58:07 -- @copyrights to the owners
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Pallas - 8 Invincible
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Max Raabe-Oops i did it again
max raabe perfoming britnay spears oops i did it again...enjoy him ;) and subscribe
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Neoprogresive Rock Compilation
Tracklist: 1. Pendragon - As Good As Gold 2. Arena - Medusa 3. Shadowland - Ring of Roses 4. Galahad - Dreaming from the Inside 5. IQ - Promises 6. Pallas - Throwing Stones At The Wind 7. Dream Theater - Another Day 8. Jadis - Tomorrows Always Arrives 9. Men of Lake - The Ballad of the Lake 10. Eloy - Rainbow 11. Marillion - Incubus 12. Casino - Crap Games 13. Kino - Leave A Light On 14. Clive Nolan - Listen To The Doctor
Breathe the Sound - Roses
http://www.facebook.com/breathethesound http://www.twitter.com/breathesound http://www.vi.be/breathethesound Lyrics: Am I the only one who's older who's sober As I'm left alone, like water in the desert Am I the misfit, Am I the outsider Am I the only one who doesn't feel free My love you never give me more than Roses, you never give me more than Am I the furniture, the edge of the horizon Fill up my darkest tunes, with harmony and melody Am I the fire without desire Am I the only one who doesn't feel free My love you never give me more than Roses, You never give me more than. I want to get wasted, wasted..
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Old Magic Pallas - Stargazer [music video]
Stargazer Album: Pull My Daisy (mm14) 1995 Participação de Osmar Buono, Chris Munin, Marco Vianna, Fernando Britto, Marcelo Shida e Antonio Junior.
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SNOWDONIA "Bleak december"
Made using uMusic! from Mellow Records PALLAS MMP 358
The Pallas "REUNION" Party !!!.wmv
The "REUNION" Party !!! YESSSSSS . . . Pallas is TERUG !!! Met . . . Op Zaterdag 11 December '10 vanaf 22h00 Een SPETTERENDE " Reunion" Party !!! 2 Levels ! DJ's: REBEL, PHILL, JERRY & GLENN Don't miss this Party !!! Dancing Pallas, Gentseweg 375, Haasdonk (Beveren) http://www.dancingpallas.be http://www.facebook.com/pallas.haasdonk BELANGRIJK - IMPORTANT - BELANGRIJK - IMPORTANT - BELANGRIJK ! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Alle klanten die zich aanwezig gemeld hebben op de gastenlijst van dit event via Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pallas.haasdonk) en aanwezig zijn op 11 december vóór 01h00 krijgen GRATIS een V.I.P. Card (= 1 jaar gratis inkom) van BBC Next Generation !!! Want . . . ? Begin volgend jaar . . . ? "GRAND OPENING" @ BBC Next Generation ! Grote Baan 108, Sint Niklaas BIGGER, BETTER & MORE SPECTACULAR than EVER !!!!!!!!! Please send this to all your Friends & SPREAD THE WORD !!!
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Caravan Palace - Wonderland
Click to listen to our new single "Miracle": https://bit.ly/2DxPnOX Listen to the full album on youtube : http://bit.ly/2eBJftd Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/CaravanPalace http://www.caravanpalace.com/ https://twitter.com/caravanpalace https://www.instagram.com/caravanpalace/ VIDEO CREDITS: Production : Cumulus (agence-cumulus.com) Executive Producer : Double Ninja (doubleninja.com) Direction / Art Direction : Kevin Phung (kevinphung.fr) Assistant Direction : Jocelyn Charles, Matthieu Garcia, Fabien Corre Background Design : Fabien Corre Main Animation : Marie Vieillevie, Hugo Bravo, Jocelyn Charles, Kajika Aki Additional Animation : Leila Courtillon, Alessandro Vergonnier, Mailis Colombie, Kevin Phung Compositing : Matthieu Garcia
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O_R_k at Cultuurpodium de Boerderij /Pallas' Dutch Invasion Radio 2/17/16
After interviewing bassist Colin Edwin, and Vocalist/ Keys player LEF for my radio show Pallas' Dutch Invasion, O_R_k played a great set including most tracks from their debut album 'Inflamed Rides'. O_R_k is: PAT MASTELOTTO on drums (King Crimson, Stick Men, Komara, O_R_k) COLIN EDWIN on bass (Porcupine Tree, O_R_k), CARMELO PIPITONE (Marta Sui Tubi, O_R_k), LEF on vocals, keys (Obake, Berserk!, O_R_k) ENJOY!
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Athena vs pallas amv
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Pandas
Me critical analysis of Pandas. Source video links below. Oi check out me shop: http://www.teespring.com/stores/ozzymanreviews Twitter and Insta: @OzzyManReviews Music via Audio Network. Track title "Love Summer" Source links: Panda Vs Snowman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIAO4Htzn8M Panda gets stuck in ditch & needs rescuing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PibJBchekU Panda chilling on tree breaks branch and falls https://youtu.be/sjBWnj8kKVs?t=27s Panda attacks dude steals his jacket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tofIAnExhQ4 Pandas not letting zookeeper clean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CmeDu7K7f4 Pandas sliding down slide https://youtu.be/sGF6bOi1NfA?t=51s Panda cubs take off keeper’s boot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pgZFI3Nj9Q
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Caravan Palace - Rock It For Me
Listen to the full album on youtube : http://bit.ly/2egy3l4 Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2gvdiok Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/CaravanPalace http://www.caravanpalace.com/ https://twitter.com/caravanpalace https://www.instagram.com/caravanpalace/ VIDEO CREDITS: Original Concept Art : Ugo Gattoni Direction / Art Direction : Guillaume Cassuto, Ugo Gattoni, Jeremy Pires Editing : Guillaume Cassuto, Jeremy Pires Storyboard : Guillaume Cassuto, Jeremy Pires Layout : Ugo Gattoni Production Coordinator : Guillaume Cassuto Design / Background Design : Ugo Gattoni Additional character Design : Jonathan Djob Nkondo 2D Animation : Jeremy Pires Additional 2D animation : Raphael Chabassol, Vic Chhun, William Laborie FX Animation : Matt Timms CG Supervision : Guillaume Cassuto Rigging : Francois Pons CG Animation : Lucas Vigroux Additional CG Animation :Yann Benedi Lighting/Rendering : Guillaume Cassuto Compositing : Guillaume Cassuto - Elliott Kajdan Additional Compositing : Philippe Valette
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Caravan Palace - Dramophone
Subscribe to our channel for more Caravan Palace music: http://bit.ly/2gvdiok Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/CaravanPalace http://www.caravanpalace.com/ https://twitter.com/caravanpalace https://www.instagram.com/caravanpalace/ VIDEO CREDITS: (P) & © 2012 Le Café De La Danse / Wagram Label / Wagram Music Directed By Frédéric de Ponchara
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Mongoose vs Lions
Here's me commentary on mongoose vs lions. Source video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/zzCD4ik6JAA cheers! Here's me Patreon by the way: http://www.patreon.com/ozzyman Here's me Twitter: https://twitter.com/OzzyManReviews Here me Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozzymanreviews/ And check out me teesping shirts: http://www.teespring.com/stores/ozzymanreviews Intended as a cheeky work of Fair Dealing - parody, satire, review, commentary. Music via Audio Network
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THE MIGHTY HANDFUL - Rehearsing 'Four Hoarse Men'
At their country retreat, the Mighties rehearse for a live recording of 'Four Hoarse Men'. This video features 'Four Hoarse Men' and 'Drowning In The Light', taken from 'Still Sitting In Danny's Car 4: Slow Reveal', available for physical purchase soon, but available for streaming and digital purchase NOW! - Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Still-Sitting-Dannys-Car-Reveal-x/dp/B06W2FLGNH/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1486809494&sr=8-6&keywords=the+mighty+handful+still+sitting+in+danny%27s+car - iTunes Store / Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/still-sitting-in-dannys-car/id1204924761 - Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/77XGMVAAZFOD5FgefROFvA - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Mighty_Handful_Still_Sitting_in_Danny_s_Car_4?id=Bod45rt77axroa4lbc47psquobm - Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/15325175 'Still Sitting In Danny's Car 1: Once Upon A Lifetime', 'Still Sitting In Danny's Car 2: The Beacon', and 'Still Sitting In Danny's Car 3: Rubicon' are all available for purchase now! Check us out on the stores and streaming services above, or go to http://themerchdesk.com/merchdesk/index.php?route=product/category&path=204
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Trying out wedding dresses with my bridesmaids! Thank you Grand Hotel for having us, and thank you MILAGRO store in Stockholm for lending me your beautiful dresses. Check this post for pictures from that day http://kenzas.se/2016/08/29/wedding-dresses/ And check the wedding category on my blog for more wedding posts! This video is shot with Canon Legria Mini X (the wide angle selfie camera that gives you huge nostrils haha), Canon G7x and Canon 5d Mark III. Blog: http://kenzas.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kenzas/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/kenzazouitenofficial Snapchat & Twitter: zouitenk Music: Bruno Mars - Marry you
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Pallas - Cut and Run
Official Website: http://www.thestoreformusic.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestoreformusic Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StoreForMusic Also visit our sister companies: http://www.peacock-records.com & http://www.hatchfarmstudios.co.uk/ About Us: The Store for Music was created in the early days of the Internet, to mimic a High street record shop similar to the original ‘Megastore’ model. You would enter The Store, visit the different departments, and see a range of Audio and Visual products that were available in all genres from Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz to Classical or dive into the ‘Bargain Basement’ for miscellaneous legacy titles deals. Fast forward 15 years, and your online experience couldn’t be simpler to buy CDs, DVDs & Vinyl titles from some of the greatest artists. Whether you buy from our site, iTunes, other digital outlets, or even your local High Street shop we are constantly adding to our catalogue to bring you great quality product and great prices. Friends of The Store For Music: https://www.youtube.com/BlindSideRI https://www.youtube.com/RobWheelerDrums https://www.youtube.com/ArboreaCymbals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-wHFXBxasS5UW4kkaTh6yg
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Cheeky Animals
Me commentary on a few cheeky animals.
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Ghost Dancers played by the great Aberdeen rock Band Pallas with Paul Anderson on Fiddle Images of Scotland, Waterloo , Thin Red Line, and America.in the 1800's
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Gold Rings on You
Provided to YouTube by Cargo Gold Rings on You · Tyla J. Pallas Best of the Nineties 1994-2014 and Naughties ℗ King Outlaw Released on: 2015-01-26 Artist: Tyla J. Pallas Auto-generated by YouTube.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Full Concert - Live at SWF Ohne Filter 1999
SWR Studio in Baden, Germany - June 16, 1999 1. Martha's Madman 0:01 2. Don't Kill It Carol 13:34 3. Father Of Day, Father Of Night 20:10 4. Demolition Man 32:25 5. Blinded By The Light 43:39 6. Davy's On The Road Again 51:05 Manfred Mann - keyboards and vocals Mick Rogers - guitar and vocals Noel McCalla - vocals, keytar, percussion Steve Kinch - bass John Trotter - drums
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The Importance of Paying Attention to Your Dreams ~ Bambi Corso
http://dreamcatcherreality.com/attention-dreams/ http://www.allthingshealing.com/Intuition-Symbols/The-Importance-of-Paying-Attention-to-Your-Dreams/6519#.WAihyYVOKUm http://www.bambicorso.com/ http://www.facebook.com/bambicorsosfanpage http://www.twitter.com/bambicorso http://www.youtube.com/bambicorso http://www.linkedin.com/in/bambicorso The Importance of Paying Attention to Your Dreams ~ Bambi Corso by Bambi Corso Bambi Corso, International Life Purpose Specialist, is the founder of BambiCorso.com, Living with Purpose… On Purpose, a company dedicated to deepening people’s sense of purpose and calling by teaching them to connect with, cultivate and live their lives’ passions. Please visit her website at www.BambiCorso.com. You can also follow Bambi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked In.
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The Denpa Men 2 ost the "Denpa house"
Didn't find this tune anywhere in youtube so I put it here. Enjoy!
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It Bites - Full Concert - Live in Cumbria 2010
British band emergend in the 80's with huge Prog accent. Formed with Francis Dunnery, but now reformed with a new lead singer and guitarist John Mitchell (Kino, Arena, Frost*) "It Happened One Night" 01. Ghosts 02. Oh My God 03. Playground 04. The Wind That Shakes The Barley 05. The Tall Ships 06. Great Disasters 07. Old Man And The Angel 08. Midnight 09. Bullet In The Barrel 10. Kiss Like Judas 11. Once Around The World 12. This Is England 13. All In Red (Bonus Track from Soundcheck) John Mitchell (lead vocals, guitar) John Beck (keyboards, backing vocals) Bob Dalton (drums, backing vocals) Lee Pomeroy (bass guitar, backing vocals)
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Upon the Bust of Pallas
New song on the 7 string guitar, tuned to drop A
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The Hobbits - Treats
from down to middle earth
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If Dracula had a cat, this would be it.
If Dracula had a cat, this would be it., if dracula had a cat, this would be it.
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Trains in the garden - New boards phase 1B
Phase 1B sees the new boards extended to their finished length of eighten feet - any more and they won't fit in the garden... BR standard 4 and KGV stretch their legs on the new extended run. Music edited from "The Dreams of Men" by Pallas - splendid album, go and buy it...
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As The Super Masculine Guys Men Wake Up, Your Roles Change ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown
https://www.awakeningtoremembering.com/daily-writings/as-the-super-masculine-guysmen-wake-up-your-roles-change http://www.lovehaswon.org/ascension-spirituality/as-the-super-masculine-guys/men-wake-up-your-roles-change As The Super Masculine Guys-Men Wake-Up, Your Roles Change ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown October 19, 2016 By Lisa Brown, 10/19/2016 Lisa Transcendence Brown NEW Earth Guardian, Author, Speaker, Embodied Soul, WayShower www.AwakeningToRemembering.com
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Psyclopean - Pantherinae Saturnus (The Cats Of Saturn) Lovecraft, dark ambient, mythos, psychedelic
ALTRUSIAN GRACE MEDIA Presents: Psyclopean is the cinematic dark ambient/atmospheric music project fronted by Matt Schmitz (Sleestak, Altrusian Grace Media) and produces instrumental interpretations of the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft and his peers. "Pantherinae Saturnus (The Cats Of Saturn)" is a recent privately commissioned Psyclopean piece, inspired by Lovecraft's Dream Cycle saga, and a psychedlic and cosmic interpretation of the etheric cats that inhabit the mists of Saturn as well as the dark side of the Moon. OFFICIAL PSYCLOPEAN MERCH: https://www.teepublic.com/user/altrusiangrace/albums/21337-psyclopean Download the audio track here: https://altrusiangrace.bandcamp.com/track/pantherinae-saturnus-the-cats-of-saturn PLEASE HELP ME GROW THIS CHANNEL BY SUBSCRIBING, COMMENTING, AND GIVING ME A BIG THUMBS UP! These simple actions go a long way in supporting AGM and is truly appreciated! Follow and support AGM on these websites: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~~Places to download and support Altrusian Grace Media~~ Website ► https://altrusiangrace.com Bandcamp ► https://altrusiangrace.bandcamp.com Twitter ► https://twitter.com/AltrusianGrace YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/c/AltrusianGraceMedia Redbubble Store ►https://www.redbubble.com/people/altrusiangrace/collections/576210-altrusian-grace ~~My Other Channels~~ UFO Retro ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp0A7VAs6asCS8bWPzaIzEQ Sleestak ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZeK3i8H4vgqgbvQhoitXg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To kindly donate to my channel: www.paypal.me/altrusiangrace For inquiries regarding voice-over work please contact altrusiangracemedia ((at)) gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Altrusian Grace Media presents guided meditations, ambient soundscapes and music, ASMR, and spoken word videos to help you deprogram from the matrix of everyday Reality. Achieve peace, well-being, learn to center yourself and shut off your internal dialogue. Free your mind, Free your soul. Synchronicity is all around. Awaken to a new existence as we bring you unique content. Relax, Sleep, Study, or Meditate to our original creations for the Spirit and Mind. From soft spoken vision quests to the sounds of peaceful summer nights to experiments in ambient music - we have the audio medicine for you! Please comment below with your experience, suggestions, or positive vibes! Related terms: dark ambient, atmospheric, Psyclopean, cinematic, soundscape, space, meditation, hypnosis, guided meditation, lucid dreaming, consciousness, sleep, relaxation, spoken word, subconscious, synchronicity, mindfulness, ambient, astral projection, dreams, oobe, out of body, matrix, deprogram, magick, gnosis, awakening, spirit, soul, yoga, peaceful, mind, universe, and more.
EXHORDER The Tragic Period
Tell me in the comments what you think about the sound! Here's a tale in history About a period of tragedy A man who thought of horrid things But really sought what happiness brings Terror instilled within the souls Of men and women, young and old Come and listen to me, my friend He'll make your morale descend One Boston day, it's sad to say A newborn child was granted miserable life Abandoned by his father and Left alone by death of father's wife Foster child Tobacco exporter gave him a chance History defiled Twisted by literature, dark and opium enhanced Irregularity So far ahead of his time A spark of a breed Regarding all of his literature creed Infamy of tales and poetry Connecting his themes to his wildest dreams The maelstrom grew but no one knew He descended far beyond its spinning walls Into the pit, the black abyss His house was collapsing as he searched for El Dorado Perched upon Pallas was life, hard and callous The shadows of burden lifted nevermore The vulture eye of death concealed By wooden planks below the floor The quest for solace evolved into sorrow Lingering obsessions Intoxication, stimulation, creation Hindering addictions Apparently the message in a bottle was lost For I could see no conclusion But all of us remaining in the shrouded past Must remember to further ourselves by obtrusion Inebriated grin leads the mighty pen Across the paper as his fears come alive Satiric whim ignites the brim Of insanity as Pluto arrives Swaying cognac barriers And the beating of his hideous heart Increasing ever so constantly Conjuring the ne'er forgotten lore 'Tis only this and nothing more Nevermore Lightning bolts Tearing through his house and soul Mental gibes Darkness hailed in what he's told Eternally infatuated with despair Fortunado leads the way to fermented pleasures But as the cup of drink is met The hour tolls and the Red Death guest reveals In a kingdom by the sea Is where they left beloved thee The time has come to join, my dear In your kingdom by the sea Hear the toll of the iron bells! Check my channel for more subscribe and smash the bell to be informed when I upload another video! See the playlist to play full albums! Enjoy! \m/
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The Bridge From an Ordinary to an Extraordinary Life | James Dallas | TEDxCentennialParkWomen
In this talk, the speaker talks about the three essential actions you can take to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. James Dallas is an accomplished senior executive who was born in a segregated hospital in Atlanta, raised by a single mother, attended six different elementary and four different high schools and went on to lead growth initiatives at Georgia-Pacific and Medtronic and is on the boards of several others. The majority of Mr. Dallas’ career has been focused on bridging the gap between strategy and execution, using IT for competitive advantage, and leadership development. He has been named one of the most powerful black men in corporate America several times in his career by Black Enterprise and Savoy magazines. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Iron Maiden - The Evil That Man Do Lyrics (HD)
I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!!! From 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' (1988) Bruce Dickinson -- Vocals Dave Murray -- Guitar Adrian Smith -- Guitar, Backing Vocals Steve Harris -- Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals Nicko McBrain -- Drums
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About the human in the robot | An Jacobs | TEDxGhent
Autonomy of robots increases constantly, but there is still a lot of "Wizard of Oz" in today's solutions. Our speaker An Jacobs proposes for the public to get engaged in a societal conversation on what kind of robots do we want in the future? This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Aron McFaul - From Love (Official)
Taken from the Pallas Garden EP http://bit.ly/pallasgarden Video directed by Ossian Melin Recorded and mixed by Aron in Gothenburg https://ossianmelin.se https://soundcloud.com/westcoastrecor... https://soundcloud.com/aronmcfaul
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She works with wo-men: Liesbeth Dillen at TEDxWomenFlanders 2013
TEDWomen 2013 will channel the bootstrap of Silicon Valley to celebrate inventions in all its forms. Not just technology, but also solutions to poverty, approaches to peacemaking, expressions of art and, at times, our own lives. TEDxFlanders took part by sharing the live stream and introducing its first big TEDxWomenFlanders event on December 5, at Het Huis Happaert, right in the heart of Antwerp. Around the theme "Sharing inspiring stories" our speakers guided us through the way we communicate, what our jobs can bring us to, the force that lives inside of us all and how we can bring hope to others. Special attendees and acts inspired and surprised us this special evening! TEDxWomenFlanders' SPEAKERS 1- Ben Caudron. A sociologist passionate by people and technology and how they shape our world. 2- Leen Steyaert. Author of 'Brighten the Menopause'. 3- Liesbeth Dillen. ex- IKEA Director and founder of "sheworkswithwomen" 4- Ana Yturriaga Saldhana. Head of Sector Stakeholders Management and in-house Consultants in the Learning & Development Unit. European Commission. 5- Stephen Weller. Director of Communications. IFRA. International Fragrance Association. 6- Sabine Clappaerts from daretodreamproject.org. A South-African project inspiring girls to live their dreams. TEDxWomenFlanders' READERS Fleur van Groningen * Diane Broeckhoven * Geert Briers * MEET & GREET with Liliane Vertessen and her exhibition @ het Huis Happaert NOT TOO ARTY BOOKSHOP Good cause: Pink Ribbon Location Het Huis Happaert, Happaertstraat 25, Antwerp 2000. Thanks for joining this special evening and share with us the TED spirit! The TEDxWomenFlanders organising team: Ellen Wezenbeek, Ann Lemmens, Hélène Van Herck & Carolina Tafalla Thanks to Sara Smeekens & Dimitri Belfiore as additional photographers and Mario De Munck as film maker next to Digital Vitamin & Niko Caigne. And all the volunteers What a crew! Our Sponsors: Het Huis Happaert, Vedette, Liefmans, GingerLove, Lombardia, Steve McCook, Tao, Hugo
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Aphrodite's Love - A Meditation for Men
I am Aphrodite. Let me be your Goddess. Lay down beside me and let me take care of you. Accept my divine love and allow it to heal you.
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