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JAN FORSTER´s Live-Show Penguin Magic 2016
... the live show before the lecture... penguinmagic live, P3 Magic Theater, Columbus, Ohio, 3rd of August 2016
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Shimshi Live at Penguin Magic
If you're not making at least $1,500-$3,000 a gig, you're doing it wrong. Let Shimshi teach you how to do it right, at his Penguin Live lecture: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4534.
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Dani DaOrtiz Penguin live Routine magic
The Great Dani DaOrtiz shows us his magic routine in Penguin live and talks about how to be a good magician El Gran Dani DaOrtiz nos muestra su rutina de magia en Penguin live y nos habla de como ser un buen mago
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Hanson Chien Live Lecture [Penguin Magic]
Incredible, visual magic, and valuable advice on making your moves more natural. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/8611 "Hanson is very creative. He is one of the best rubber band creators and he has made major advancement to this type of magic. " - Joe Rindfleisch "Hanson is one of the greatest minds in magic, he not only fools me consistently but offers a gift of true astonishment." - Nicholas Lawrence "Hanson Chien is talented, intelligent and devious." – Yif "Hanson is the new Asian genius from Taiwan. With fresh new ideas, Hanson presents modern magic in his own stylish way." – Lukas "I think Hanson is one of the most creative magicians. He showed a lot of his new creations to me and most of them fooled me badly." – Ponta the Smith **What will he teach? YA Escape - A rubber band is wrapped around the middle finger twice, and then escapes from the finger immediately. Lucky Star - Instantly a star shape is created with a rubber band single-handedly, and that rubber band becomes a real star shape band consequently. Ultimate Jump - A rubber band is wrapped around the first and second fingers and impossibly jumps to the third and fourth fingers while spectators hold onto the tips of the fingers. Touch - A rubber band jumps from your hand to the spectator's hand in the blink of an eye. Frozen Band - A rubber band is held with the thumb and index finger, and even without the thumb it keeps the round shape as if it’s frozen in mid-air. Freeze! - Let go a rubber band and suddenly it’s frozen in mid-air. CCR (Color Changing Rubber bands) - A very visual and practical color changing for rubber bands. This method also applies to exchange of bands with different sizes or shapes. Hanson’s Linking bands - Two rubber bands are linked with some rubs, and one band visually melts through the other while one of the bands is wrapped around the spectator’s wrist. Breaking Point - A rubber band is accidentally broken. Magician ties a knot at the ends, and makes it restored to its initial state. Don’t Throw Garbage - A plastic bottle is crashed and then returns to its original stat. Solid 2 Solid - The purest cap in bottle effect. Take the cap off a bottle, and the cap is hit on the bottom of the bottle. Instantly the cap is inside the bottle. Straight forward and highly visual. The bottle can even be handed to the audience right after the effect. **Who is he? Hanson Chien is a full-time performer, creator, and consultant of TV shows, movies and other famous magicians. At 19, Hanson released his first magic DVD “Touch”, and has been causing a storm in the magic society. Many of his creations have already been performed on TV, and Hiro Sakai (a.k.a. famous Dr. Leon from Japan) also commented the rubber band magic “Touch” would become one of the classics, like Crazy Man’s Handcuffs. He is also the first Taiwanese magician whose product got released by some top magic companies. Therefore, he is considered one of the pioneer creators in Taiwan’s magic society. Hanson worked as a consultant for celebrity magician YIF in China. In 2015 he was also featured in YIF’s “Art of Magic” Season 2, and that single episode has more the 10 million views! That video showed his unique way of rubber band magic and stunned every viewers, especially “Band Jumping 4 times (BJ4)” and “Freeze!”. These tricks are so popular that many people shot their own versions and shared them on the internet.
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The Elementary Penguins - Magic
Music video by The Elementary Penguins performing Magic. (C) 2014 V2 Records; http://bit.ly/V2YOU On CD or VINYL: http://bit.ly/ELEMBOL Order on iTunes: http://bit.ly/tepitunes Follow on Spotify: http://bit.ly/tepspot Directed by: Maurits Huijgen http://vevo.ly/Hhrkqi
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Mathieu Bich's Penguin Magic Online Lecture Trailer
Live on November 24th at PenguinMagic.com
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Cody Fisher LIVE ACT
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Paul Gordon - Penguin Magic Live Lecture Promo Video
Paul Gordon @ Penguin Live. See http://www.paulgordon.net for downloads and special offer.
Chad Long Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10256
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Penguin Live Lecture DVD Lennart Green - www.PropDog.co.uk
For more information, please visit - www.PropDog.co.uk/Lennart-Green-Live Lennart Green is one of the most innovative card magicians the world has ever seen. This lecture will showcase his unique and surprising approach to card magic.
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Joshua Jay LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)
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Live at the Magic Castle by Chris Randall - DVD at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S12554 Live at the Magic Castle by Chris Randall - DVD - This is Chris Randall's acclaimed live lecture at The Magic Castle in the Parlor of Prestidigitation. This DVD also shows bonus performances in the Close up Gallery and Palace of Mystery. In this lecture Chris tips some of his most prized creations such as: Desert Rose Over 10 effects...
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Michael Ammar Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10738
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Robert Ramirez Act Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10740
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G Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/9500
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Mark James PENGUIN LIVE Trailer
Trailer for Mark James Penguin Live Lecture. Recorded live in February 2016.
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Penguin Magic - Daley Show - Explanation
Този трик може да се прави и на улицата на минувачите и у вас, но повярвайте - ИЗУМЯВА ХОРАТА !
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Tony Clark Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/9498
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Highlights from The January 2016 Atlanta Penguin Magic Expo
This is the highlights from the 2016 Atlanta penguin live expo.
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Terry Ward Act Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10739
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The Howard Hamburg Sessions by Howard Hamburg - DVD at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S13672 The Howard Hamburg Sessions by Howard Hamburg - DVD - For the first time ever, you'll get to see legendary, underground card magician Howard Hamburg perform and teach some of his personal routines! Over 60 Years of Magic Experience Personal Friend of Dai Vernon for over 20 Years 8 Complete Routines described in detailRoutines ...
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Prism Deck by Joshua Jay and Card-Shark - Trick at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S15362 Prism Deck by Joshua Jay and Card-Shark - Trick - You receive the PRISM deck (designed by Andi Gladwin); a pack of cards in which every card has different artwork, and a DVD featuring Joshua Jay's PRISM routine.You can perform a complete act with this deck...culminating in the color-change finale. The EXQUISITE artwork and careful detail on...
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Live in China by Franz Harary - DVD at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S14201 Live in China by Franz Harary - DVD - For the very first time, this remarkably candid documentary takes you backstage and behind the scenes to detail the "real work" of being a mega-illusionist. Join Franz and his Mega-Magic team as they summon all their passion and dedication to triumph over impossible obstacles that threaten to shutdo...
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"David Blaine" on Penguin Live David Blaine played by Puck Comedy Magic Impersonation
Views: 324 James Jerome
Jeff McBride Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6727
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Penguin Magic - Out of This World
Penguin Magic - Out of This World
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Laura London LIVE ACT
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Penguin Magic Review - Episode 1
Learn magic tricks at http://PenguinMagic.com Here it is. The first-ever episode of Penguin Magic's new review show. Every trick shown here is available at http://PenguinMagic.com Interested in one of the tricks we reviewed? We've got you covered! Sugar Rush: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/2515 Envylope: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/3666 Self Bending Paperclip: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/3529 Monarch Playing Cards: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/2579
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R. Paul Wilson Act Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10611 The Breadcrumbs: R Paul's handling of the Renee Levand's classic effect, using a borrowed cup and quarters. Card Under Tablecloth: A borrowed credit card vanishes from the spectators hand and reappears under the table cloth in the center of the table. No deck of cards required. This is R Paul's handing of Max Schulien's devastating card effect that you will LOVE performing. One Cup Routine: R Paul's impromtu chop cup style routine. Complete with final fruit production and glass through table finale. Along the way you will also learn how to modify this act to add in the effects you already perform. Dan Harlan and R Paul Wilson also talk about how to structure this act with a bill in fruit ending.
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penguin magic Nemesis
card magic
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Dan Harlan Penguin Live Online Lecture 3
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10263
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Adrian Vega Penguin Live Online Lecture
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Diamond Jim Tyler Penguin Magic Lecture Teaser
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Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan - DVD at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S13143 Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan - DVD - "Every single time I have a chance to perform stand-up magic I present "REDONKULOUS!". Audiences have responded to "REDONKULOUS!" as THE strongest piece of magic that I've ever performed. It is the show stopping effect that everyone talks about after my show. I'm truly excited to share...
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Paul Gordon - Full Card Magic Show at Penguin Live Lecture
To learn all these routines, see http://www.paulgordon.net for the full four-hour lecture. Dan Harlan said that the audience response from my performance behind the bar was the best they'd ever had at Penguin. All the magic is from Paul Gordon's best-selling Gold Dust Trilogy and Quidnunc books. In total, 450 tricks and 1000 pages. Paul Gordon, Gold Dust, Quidnunc, Magician, Entertainer, Author, Publisher, Creator, Article 52, Card Magic, Card Tricks, Magic Books, Magic DVD, Magic Lecturer, Magic Teacher, Magic, Tuition, Card Magic, Magic Convention, Magic Clubs, Magic, Societies, Free Magic, Magic Downloads, Magic ebooks and Pdfs, Conjuring, Conjurer, Sleights, Sleight of Hand, The Ultimate Transposition, The Magic Circle, Learn Magic, Magic Tutorials, Magic Explained, Trickery, Cardistry, Cardshark, Gambling, Card Cheating, Card Cheats, Card Mucking, Entertainment, Performers,
Penguin Magic Live Expo at the Doubletree off Mopac in Austin Texas on Saturday 9 January 2016. Hosted by Magic Magazine, SAM, IBM and Penguin Magic. The participating dealers were Penguin Magic, Mark Mason, Paul Richards, Chris Smith, Losander and H&R Books. Most of the dealers gave Magic Lectures.
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penguin magic synergy
card magic
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Dee Christopher LIVE - Columbus, OH
A few people have asked to see some footage from a live show; I was in Columbus a couple months ago and so we shot a show there! Here's a snippet of the first 10 mins! Footage kindly supplied by P3 (www.PenguinMagic.com)
Views: 1550 DeeChristopher
Michael Ammar's LIVE LECTURE
Get Michael Ammar's live lecture here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4807. He taught a GENERATION of magicians how to perform, and now he's coming to Penguin Live to teach YOU.
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Scott Alexander Act Penguin Live Online Lecture
Visit : http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10610
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Daniel Garcia - Penguin Live Lecture www.PropDog.co.uk
For more information, please visit - www.propdog.co.uk/Daniel-Garcia-Live-Lecture Daniel is without a doubt one of the premier magicians of our day. You do not want to miss this man in action and up-close.” - Eddie Tobey Daniel Garcia is one of the funniest and most genuine creators in magic. This lecture is filled with incredible effects that are strong and practical. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with one of magic’s greatest thinkers!
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Full Bloom  by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James - Book at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S15665 Full Bloom (2 Book Set) by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James - Book - Full Bloom By Gaetan Bloom A 2 volume set that takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. These books have been years in the making and will have its world wide release at 7pm on August 11, 2013 at MAGIC Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guaranteed to be a modern class...
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Hide & Seek by James Brown and RSVP Magic - DVD at Penguin Magic
http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=S15178 Hide & Seek by James Brown and RSVP Magic - DVD - Welcome to James Brown's 'Hide & Seek', a superb collection of routines using James' version of an old page page idea. Playing Cards, Credit Cards, Books and Phones are all used in a series of superb magic effects that will blow your audience's minds.Best of all NO GIMMICK OR DEVICE IS U...
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Marc Paul LIVE ACT
Views: 255 Penguin Magic
Eric Jones LIVE ACT
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