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Production Manager
This video demonstrates the day to day life of a production manager. In this video Kieran shows us the tasks that he has to do on a daily basis for G's marketing. A production manager is the person who plans, coordinates and controls the industrial process. The primary role of a production manager is to ensure that products are produced efficiently and to a high standard. In the video Kieran shows how he inspects the production process at several different stages from the fields in which the produce is grown to the packaging line where the produce is weighed and made ready for dispatch to supermarkets. Quality is something which is stressed throughout the entire video and Kieran is constantly on the lookout for any issues such as internal growth issues with the celery crop which the company produces. Kieran gives some advice at the end of the video to get involved in the industry from a young age and then to finish school. If you would like to be a production manager one day then a good option is to study a business and management course. East Durham College offers several courses in business including diplomas in first line management or an NVQ in management. If you would like more information on courses which could lead to a career in production management or any other aspect of business please visit our site. http://www.eastdurham.ac.uk
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Hot Job # 42 - Industrial Production Manager
Average Salary: $79,830 Education and Training: Bachelor's Degree Major Industry: Manufacturing More information at www.HoosierHot50.com
Product Manager - 10 Essential Skills to Master (In 2018)
Product Management is a fast-growing and niche area to develop a career in. Naturally, there are some essential skills that can get you to be the very best of the lot. While the need for Product Managers is increasing by the day - in startups, tech companies and other large companies alike - the supply in India is currently only limited to a few thousands and compares poorly to countries such as the US. As per the Google and Accel Partners SAAS Report, there are roughly 36,000 Product Managers in India and the number is expected to increase to about 68,000 Product Managers by 2020. So, the need is apparent. But what does one have to do to get there? How to become a Product Manager? A common misconception is that Product Managers need to only master certain hard skills such as business understanding, tech and data. However, this would only mean the job is half done. To be a successful Product Manager you must have some soft skills too. These include communication, negotiation and leading without authority among many others. But don't worry about backgrounds, as Product Managers have been known to have diverse work and educational experience prior to making the transition into Product Management. Ravijot Chugh, Co-Founder and Product Head at UpGrad, explains in this 3rd part of the Careers-In-Shorts Series what these key skills are and how one can ace them to get on the road to being a great Product Manager. Grab a cool Infographic on: The Soft Skills of a Product Manager: https://blog.upgrad.com/the-soft-skills-of-a-product-manager/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Skills_Blog_Soft_Skills The Hard Skills of a Product Manager: https://blog.upgrad.com/the-hard-skills-of-a-product-manager/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Skills_Blog_Hard_Skills Wish to become a Product Manager and build great products? Check our Product Management program crafted by experts and here to help you make that transition: https://upgrad.com/product-management/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Skills UpGrad takes pride in constantly churning out content that is contemporary, written by subject matter experts and delves into the world of Data Science, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Product Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software Development on regular basis. Stay on top of your industry by interacting with us on our social channels: Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/upgrad_edu Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpGradGlobal Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/upgrad_edu Follow us on LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/company/
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Production Management With Examples in Hindi
Production management is the process of transforming the inputes (raw materials, semi product) into outputes (Finished products). According to Edward Buffa ' a system by which goods and services are created.'
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Production Management  Software Explainer Video
For more software explainer videos: www.bodeanimation.com/portfolio.html, World’s first NFC based production management tool. Connects your products and processes with your people over– your phone. Track your order over all departments and know the exact status every second.
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Production Manager Presentation
Job Description and Job Outlook of a Production Manager
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MRPEasy Manufacturing Software - Managing Production Process
Visit our webpage: https://www.mrpeasy.com/ Cloud-based easy-to-use affordable MRP software - manufacturing ERP. Managing the production process, i.e., how to add, dynamically re-schedule and carry out a manufacturing order. More information: http://www.mrpeasy.com/faq/manufacturing
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Who is a Product Manager and What do they do? [Career Insights]
The role of a product manager is crucial but also one of the least understood ones. What does a product manager really do? Is he more of a data analyst? Or someone who deals with the tech aspects of product, leading the team of engineers? Or does the product manager largely concern himself/herself with user experience, design or the overall business strategy? Mind-boggling isn't it? No wonder the role is difficult to understand for most. In this video, Ravijot Chugh, Co-Founder and Product Head at UpGrad, explains in detail the various responsibilities a Product Manager has, and that you need to execute to the best of your ability to be a good PM. If you want to bag one among the thousands of highly coveted openings for Product Managers between now and 2020 (only to grow exponentially even after), you need to start upgrading your existing skills and mastering these key skills. Product Managers are often referred to as mini-CEOs of the product. This is why, at tech companies, startups and large MNCs that are now diversifying, alike, the role of Product Managers is lucrative and one of the most important in the organization. Read more about a Product Manager's role: https://blog.upgrad.com/wtf-is-a-product-manager/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Roles_Blog_Link Watch now to know more details. Wish to transition to the role of a Product Manager and build great products? Enroll in our Product Management Certification Program: https://upgrad.com/product-management/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Roles UpGrad takes pride in constantly churning out content that is contemporary, written by subject matter experts and delves into the world of Data Science, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Product Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software Development on regular basis. Stay on top of your industry by interacting with us on our social channels: Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/upgrad_edu Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpGradGlobal Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/upgrad_edu Follow us on LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/company/
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Career Advice on becoming a Manufacturing Manager by Owen H (Full Version)
Visit http://icould.com/videos/owen-h/ for more careers info. Owen H is Manufacturing Manager at Johnson Matthey, where they produce catalysts and filters for cars. He is a scientist who has spent his career in research and manufacturing at Johnson Matthey. This has included a spell of five years working in their plant in Brussels. "I loved working overseas. It was a challenge, but it was a great time to do it because I was quite young... I was fortunate that my girlfriend at the time, who's now my wife, was able to come directly from University as well, and we both went into it quite naive." Now they have a young family and being able to provide for them is very important to him. Highlights at http://icould.com/videos/owen-h/?length=short
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How to become a Product Manager (Interview Tips)
Product Management is a niche area but with an ever-increasing demand for talent. However, it is also not an easy role to assume. That explains why the Product Management interview is a tough one to crack. But don't worry - we bring to you all the required information, tactics and strategies that will help you ace the PM interview. Get started now to get ahead: https://upgrad.com/product-management/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Organic_Social&utm_campaign=YouTube_Video&utm_term=YouTube_Video_PM&utm_content=YouTube_Video_PM_Product_Management_Interview UpGrad takes pride in constantly churning out content that is contemporary, written by subject matter experts and delves into the world of Data Science, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Product Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software Development on regular basis. Stay on top of your industry by interacting with us on our social channels: Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/upgrad_edu Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UpGradGlobal Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/upgrad_edu Follow us on LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/company/ueducation
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Production Management Role In-Depth Course Overview
I‑CAR launched a new Production Management role. This new role features Industry-defined training that helps to quickly assess and solve complex problems facing shop production — without sacrificing complete, safe and quality repairs. This role was developed to fill a need as requested by the industry. I-CAR's solution was to design the training that targets the needs of the production manager by using industry subject matter experts with over 200 years of production management experience to aid in the course design.
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Production Manager at BMW Group
“We all work with each other and for each other. That's where we get this BMW spirit that pervades the whole organisation – and that's what makes BMW a truly unique employer.” Torsten Heinemann, Production Manager, BMW Group. Interested in a career with the BMW Group? See all our current production job listings at: http://bmw.jobs/DW7YraAx
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A Day in the Life - Industrial Production Manager
A typical day in the life of a Industrial Production Manager. Courtesy of CareerOneStop Learn how to get there at www.MYCAREERRX.com College Educates. We Create Careers.
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Apparel production management: introduction to production processes
Project Name: Development of e-Content for fashion design and technology Project Investigator: Prof. Russel Timothy Module Name: Apparel production management: introduction to production processes
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Interview of production manager
A LSBU group coursework of People and Organisation module
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SDScribe Inventory and Production Manager Overview
Download a 30 day Free Trial at http://www.sdscribe.com/ We are also very pleased to present SDScribe™ Inventory / Production Manager which is a new and powerful add-on license for SDScribe™ giving manufacturers tools to help with inventory and production management, including generating purchase orders, creating batch instructions and even inventorying raw materials and finished goods. This is all in the very same soft –so no need to install another product.
Industrial Production Manager Career Video
This career video provides day in the life information about the following jobs and occupations. JOB TITLE: Industrial Production Managers OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Plan, direct, or coordinate the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications. RELATED JOB TITLES: Area Plant Manager, General Production Manager, Manufacturing Coordinator, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager, Plant Senior Manager, Product Line Manager, Production Control Manager, Production Manager, Sub Plant Manager ALSO SEE: Quality Control Systems Managers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaykvW_oKc4&list=PL5AAyLKIyw_pqWbNohPgz-M5ObNFob-_A&index=39&t=0s Geothermal Production Managers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDelMW6TNnw&index=26&t=0s&list=PL5AAyLKIyw_oGBbpb_QEDA6GQKzsBeFGI Biomass Power Plant Managers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcOVIuaWjOU&index=7&t=0s&list=PL5AAyLKIyw_oGBbpb_QEDA6GQKzsBeFGI ONET: 11-3051.00 Learn more about this and other occupations, jobs, and careers at: www.CareerOneStop.org
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Top 9 production manager interview questions with answers
Interview questions and answers ebook: http://interviewquestionsebooks.com/103-interview-questions-and-answers/ Other useful interview materials: - Free ebook 75 common interview questions and answers: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/p/free-ebook-75-interview-questions-and.html - Top 10 interview secrets to win every job interview: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-10-secrets-to-win-every-job.html - 13 types of interview questions and how to face them: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/p/13-types-of-interview-questions.html - Top 12 common mistakes in job interviews: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-12-common-mistakes-in-job-interviews.html - Top 3 interview thank you letter samples: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-3-interview-thank-you-letter-samples.html - Practice types of job interview such as screening interview, phone interview, second interview, situational interview, behavioral interview (competency based), technical interview, group interview...
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Delivering Quality Products w/ Manny, Manufacturing Manager | Pres-On
As a Manufacturing Manager, Manny oversees various teams within Pres-On. Custom specification production is one of Manny’s responsibilities. Whether a request comes in for specific sizing, shapes, multi-layers, laminations, small or large quantity order, it is Manny’s and his team’s responsibility to get the orders processed and delivered to the customer. Manny relies heavily on his team’s expertise and it is his goal to keep them safe at work. Learn more and view products at https://www.preson.com!
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Production Manager 50 Rolling Lighting Case - Think Tank Photo
As our largest case to date, this professional strength, high-capacity rolling case is designed for lighting gear. The Production Manager 50 is the most efficient way to safely transport a large amount of equipment. Professionals will appreciate the robust design of this large roller with room for C-stands, multiple flash heads, power packs, monoblocks, softboxes, and light-stands. KEY FEATURES: - Custom, shock-absorbing wheels are wide-set to minimize tipping - Reinforced handles on four sides for easy loading and unloading from your vehicle by two people - Fully customizable interior includes dividers to protect small and large lighting equipment including C-stands and large modifiers For more information, please visit: https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/manager-series/products/production-manager-50
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THE GAP | Why Product Management Is Important At The GAP
Product management is an important function at The Gap and across the fashion industry. Listen to a Gap product manager talk about how her role interacts with the design and merchandising teams. Want more exclusive career advice from industry experts? Head on over to www.brandedu.com Looking for an online program to build your fashion knowledge? Check out the ONLY online fashion certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials taught by Parsons elite faculty, Teen Vogue editors, and industry experts. http://www.teenvogue.parsons.edu Let’s Stay Social! Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrandxEdxU/ Follow Us On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/brand-ed-u
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Production Manager - Responsibilities, Challenges, opportunities, Salary etc
Learn what are the Roles, Responsibilities, Skill required for a successful Production manager. Explained in Hindi. ……………………………………………………………………………………… Contact at [email protected] or visit www.qualityhubindia.com for Online Training & Certifications on following topics: 1. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB) 2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) 3. Awareness training on ISO9001:2015 & IAFT 16949:2016 4. Internal Auditor Certification (ISO9001 & IATF16949) 5. Certification program on ‘MSA & SPC’ and ‘APQP & PPAP’ 6. Core Tools (APQP,PPAP,MSA,SPC,FMEA) – Case studies of all Tools 7. Certification program on ‘Advanced Statistics’ 8. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) , Its Pillars & support tools 9. Total Quality Management (TQM) & World Class Manufacturing(WCM) System 10. Problem solving Tools (7QC tool, New 7 M tools etc.) & Root Cause Analysis 11. Problem Solving Methods (8D, PDCA & A3) 12. Awareness Training on EHS (ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018) 13. Lean Manufacturing & Toyota Production System (TPS) 14. “5S Expert” Certification 15. “KAIZEN Expert” Certification 16. Quality Circle Concept of problem solving with case studies Learn in your leisure time and get certified. (Competitive charges) Buy courses directly from https://courses.qualityhubindia.com/s/store …………………………………………………………………………………… Watch other videos from ‘Quality HUB India’- Link of video Gallery https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDEcmELwWVr_77GpqldKmg/videos ………………………………………………………………………………… Link to buy books 1. Mistake-Proofing Simplified: An Indian Perspective: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/8174890165/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=3638&creative=24630&creativeASIN=8174890165&linkCode=as2&tag=qhi-21 2. Management Thoughts on Quality for Every Manager: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B0075MCLTO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=3638&creative=24630&creativeASIN=B0075MCLTO&linkCode=as2&tag=qhi-21 ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……… • Subscribe and click on Bell Icon for getting notification. • Like, comment & Share link of the video with your colleague and friends • Watch and subscribe to our 2nd channel ’Quality HUB International’ – Videos on Quality in English https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9XEdkSrqRKdZrnwiYhCicQ • Watch and subscribe to our 3rd channel ’Gyan Jyoti India’ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2mG2zbtTd0RZqSTW5v9hNg ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……… For In-House Program, Online Certification and other business inquiry Contact us at: [email protected]
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Career Advice on becoming a Production Manager by Clare G (Full Version)
Visit http://icould.com/videos/clare-g/ for more careers info. Clare is a freelance production manager currently working at New Moon television organising shoots, programme budgets, production schedules, "everything that basically makes the program come together". Clare describes school as "not her strong point" but one of her teachers recognised her talent for broadcasting and this led her to a degree in journalism at university.Highlights at http://icould.com/videos/clare-g/?length=short
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Production Supervisor | CAREERwise Education
Production supervisors help the environment when they oversee the production of a green product. Meet Douglas Bruner, a production supervisor at GeoSystems, LLC., makers of geothermal heat pumps. For more information: http://www.iseek.org/industry/green/careers/greenDetail?id=0&soc=511011&onet=51-1011.00
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Career Advice on becoming a Production Manager by James S (Full Version)
Visit http://icould.com/videos/james-s-2/ for more careers info. James S is a Production Manager in a herb growing company."I do a lot of product tasting. Tasting of new varieties. Tasting of new sources of raw materials... I was so sort of passionate about plants and the scientific side behind plants as well that I thought that was far more my sort of idea of a wonderful job".Highlights at http://icould.com/videos/james-s-2/?length=short
Industrial Engineering & Production Management Realistic Interview, or Viva Voce
Ignore text-bookish interview videos, where you are just a ring-side observer. Instead, engage yourself in realistic professional interviews at www.InterviewMax.com. These are the type of interviews you must face, and pass – if you want to ensure a successful career in line with your hard-earned qualifications. In InterviewMax professional interviews, you are a participant and involve yourselves. You feel the heat of the interview, and experience the consequences!!! This interview has been extracted from the ‘Production Engineering Interview Simulator and Trainer’ that has 49 topics of production Engineering and over 5000 questions in video format. The Interview Simulator & Trainer helps every Production Engineering Professional to respond meaningfully on the spot – in job interviews, viva examinations, technical presentations, client interactions etc. Want to know how it can transform your life? Visit www.InterviewMax.com. Attend your next interview or viva examination with an undue advantage! This simulator gives you the realistic professional interview experience – any number of times, until you reach the level of interaction that is required by your dream job. It is customisable! You can choose the specific topics for each of your interview/viva examinations from: Advanced Production Technology, CAD/CAM and CIM, Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, SPMs, Industrial Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics, Mould & Die Design, Plant Engineering, Manufacturing – Machining, Manufacturing – Joining, Manufacturing – Casting & Forming, Manufacturing: Moulding, Internal Combustion Engines, Industrial Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Design of Machine Elements, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Metallurgy & Heat Treatment, Metrology & Measurements, Industrial Tribology, Strength of Materials, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Machines, Energy Audit & Management, Mechanical Vibrations, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, PLC & SCADA Applications, Electrical Engineering for production engineers. Operations Research, Production Management, Reliability Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Habits of Mind, Critical Thinking, 21st Century Skills, Product Design Methodology, Energy Conservation, Engineering Economics, Engineering Ethics, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Safety, Responsibility & Rights, Industrial Relations, Office/Factory Management, Engineering Marketing, Behavioural Science, Finance for Engineers, Quality Assurance, World Class Manufacturing. (Each of the above topics contains 80 to 110 questions.)
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Lecture - 1 Project and Production Management - An Overview
Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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The Art of Product Management with Sachin Rekhi (ENG’05 W’05)
Product managers drive the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product. While one can often quickly comprehend the basic responsibilities of the role, mastering each of these dimensions is truly an art form that one is constantly honing. In this presentation I'll share my lessons learned over the last decade as a product manager in Silicon Valley on the art behind each of these dimensions of product management. Sachin Rekhi is a serial entrepreneur and product leader who has spent the last decade developing innovative products in Silicon Valley. Sachin most recently founded Connected, a professional contact manager that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2011 and re-launched as LinkedIn Contacts. He went on become head of product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's flagship offering for sales professionals. Prior to Connected, Sachin founded Anywhere.FM, a web music player that allowed users to upload, play, and discover music online, which was acquired by imeem in 2008. Sachin started his career at Microsoft as a product lead on Visual Studio, Microsoft's developer tools platform. Sachin recently left LinkedIn and has been advising early-stage startups on product strategy, design, and growth.
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New Position - Production Manager - Newport
Apply online: https://bit.ly/2ksi0Uq Exciting opportunity for a production manager to join a successful manufacturing business. The company has locations in over 100 countries and manufacture products for a diverse range of industries including medical, aerospace, defence, telecommunications, and power generation. Recently the organisation have succeeded in winning a lot of new business and improving manufacturing capabilities through lean and continuous improvement (CI) initiatives. Reporting to the manufacturing manager, you will have overall responsibility for all activities within the manufacturing unit while introducing continuous improvement / lean activities to improve product quality, scrap rates, and product margins. As the production manager, your duties will include: Leading, developing and coaching the team. Monitoring and setting of key performance indicators. Maintaining a safe working environment for all colleagues and visitors. Ensuring that production is running on schedule according to the production plan. Deputising for the manufacturing manager. Overseeing the departmental budget. To be successful in your application for the production manager, you will have the following skills and experience: Proven production management experience in the manufacturing sector. Good health and safety knowledge with experience of carrying out risk assessments and documenting safe working procedures. Ideally, hold an IOSH or NEBOSH qualification. In return, the production manager will receive a salary of £42,000 - £44,000 (depending on skills and experience), 33 days holidays (including bank holidays), a pension (up to 5% matched), life cover (four times salary) and access to a cycle to work scheme.
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Industrial Production Manager Job Description
Industrial Production Manager job description. Learn about Industrial Production Manager jobs, responsibilities, salaries and more. Find more at http://careerthoughts.com/category/job-descriptions
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Mitch Wearne - Edlyn Foods Production Manager
Mitch Wearne is the production manager at Edlyn Foods and is responsible for the manufacturing of Edlyn's products.
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Role: Production manager
Lantek solution for Production Managers
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Four Principles Lean Management - Get Lean in 90 Seconds
Learn about Lean Management Principles and how they can help your company eliminate waste and create value for your customers. Four Principles - The Lean Management Experts http://www.fourprinciples.com [email protected]
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Laurent - Production Training manager for Agricultural Product Line: "We function as one"
Testimonial of Laurent, Production training manager for Agricultural Product Line. He enhances security and quality. He is proud of training young people who are still working with him. Laurent contributes to help to feed the planet.
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Manufacturing - Production Manager
BILL RITCHIE with Management Recruiters of Indianapolis-North has a job opening for a Manufacturing Manager or Production Manager. 317-582-0202 Ext 1226 [email protected] www.mrindianapolis.com “As a Lean Transformation - Lean Manufacturing Recruiter at Management Recruiters-Indianapolis-North I have helped place many operations and deployment candidates into critical Lean Transformation - Lean Manufacturing jobs.”
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Production Manager Role - Food Industry - East Midlands - Ref:FTL11829
Salary: £40,000 - £45,000 Summary With expansion plans in full flow, we want a Production Manager to be responsible for a Central Unit in the East Midlands for a great restaurant chain as the business moves onto the next exciting chapter of its growth. Job Description If you have experience of managing a central kitchen, producing a high volume of foodservice products for distribution to sites across a number of regions this role could be just what you want. The position requires a creative and well organised Chef/Production Manager to assist in the opening of a brand new facility for this very popular restaurant chain. With further growth this year, the time has come to centralise core product production. For this Production Manager there is a focus on sauces, soups garnish and protein based menu items will be made within this unit and then through management of supply chain, sent to each of the restaurant sites on a daily basis. You must have a solid background within a similar business and Central Production Unit. Managing staff in producing to tight deadlines and strict quality standards. Responsible for the daily operations, you will have strong communication skills along with excellent HACCP, COSHH, Food Hygiene and Health and Safety in order to instil to the wider team. Multi-site production management is advantageous, but most importantly a working knowledge of product ingredients, recipes, formulations, manufacturing and sound food legislation is required. There are 14 restaurants nationwide with a further 3 to open this year. Currently all menu items are created on site to menu specifications. In order to meet the high demands the new Unit will be producing 25-30 product lines with a team of 10-12 staff. The business currently has T/O in excess of £17m each year, and with this new Central Production Unit in place, this figure will rise dramatically. Within this role you will also be responsible for the safe delivery of all food to their destinations, ensuring items leave the unit on time and to the standards required. You will conduct production trials as part of New Product Development and operate a continuous improvement policy that goes beyond reactive practices. As this company takes the next steps in its advancement, this role offers you the chance to be at the forefront of its success. As career moves go, this is up there with the best if you have already achieved personal goals but have the ambition to be part of a new strategy within an already highly successful brand. This business has an excellent progression plan for the right candidate, and if you have a desire to manage a team within a high volume production unit please get in touch without delay. To assist you searching for a role by location, we have added a generic postcode into the advert that designates the centre of the county in which this job is found. Ref FTL11829 By Frank Lomas Follow Frank on Twitter @frankFMCL OR call him on +44 (0)1625 560778
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Concert Production Manager Challenges
No day in the life of a concert production manager is the same. Sure, the run of show might be the same, and the catering might be dreadfully familiar, but anything and everything is possible when you're on the road with a band. This seasoned crew of show production experts will share some of their most challenging experiences and how they overcame them. Speaker Panel Leon Hopkins - Road Staff Manager, Clair Global; 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Charity Lomax - Production Coordinator; 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee Jim Pettinato - Production Manager, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Moderator: Charley Webb - Course Director, Recording Arts
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Free Inventory Management in Excel for Manufacturing Businesses - Inventory Spreadsheet
This free inventory tracker template is designed for small businesses which manufacture or assemble products from raw materials. Download the free template from https://indzara.com/2016/08/free-manufacturing-inventory-tracker/ You can use this to automatically calculate the current raw material stock as well as determining how many units of each product you can make using the raw materials available. We can input simple Bill of Materials (BOM) where we define how we can manufacture a products from its raw materials. There are five sheets in the Excel template: 1) Home 2) Products 3) Raw Materials 4) BOM and 5) Orders Overview of steps 1. Enter Products in Products sheet 2. Enter Raw Materials in Raw Materials sheet 3. Enter Bill of Materials in BOM shet 4. Enter orders in Orders sheet after checking availability 5. View Current raw material stock in Raw Materials sheet Simple and Effective Excel Templates: http://indzara.com/ Free Excel Templates: http://indzara.com/free-excel-templates/ Premium Excel Templates: http://indzara.com/shop/ Small Business Management Templates: http://indzara.com/small-business-excel-templates/ Project Management Templates: http://indzara.com/project-management-excel-templates/ HR Templates: http://indzara.com/hr-excel-templates/ Free Excel Course: http://indzara.com/useful-excel-for-beginners/ Social: Subscribe to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/theindzara?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theindzara YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/theindzara LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/indzara Twitter: https://www.youtube.com/user/theindzara
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One Minute Job Descriptions - Production Manager Theresa Bentz
One Minute Job Descriptions - Production Manager Theresa Bentz Discover what goes on behind the scenes to make your favorite films come to life! Production Manager Theresa Bentz shares her role in making sure things run smoothly in the production of SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE. Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SonyPicturesAnimation Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/SonyAnimation Follow us on Instagram! https://instagram.com/sonyanimation Follow us on Tumblr! http://sonyanimation.tumblr.com/ Subscribe to us on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/SonyAnimation http://www.sonypicturesanimation.com/
Manufacturing Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template v2 - Product Overview
Manufacturing Inventory and Sales Manager - Excel Template v2 - Product Overview Product Page: http://indzara.com/product/manufacturing-inventory-sales-manager-excel-template/ About this Manufacturing Inventory and Sales Manager Excel Template This Excel template helps in managing inventory at a manufacturing/assembly business. If you buy raw materials and convert them to products by assembling or manufacturing, then you can use this template to manage inventory of products and raw materials. You can also create orders and print invoices. You can save time by the automatic calculation of current inventory levels of products and raw materials. You can also see purchase and sales trends instantly in this Excel template. Requirements: Windows: Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013 Relevant Links: Inventory Management Excel Templates: http://indzara.com/inventory-management-excel-templates/ Free Excel Templates: http://indzara.com/free-excel-templates/ More Excel Templates: http://www.indzara.com
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Process Improvement: Six Sigma & Kaizen Methodologies
Improve your project processes with these top two methodologies: Six Sigma & Kaizen Try our award-winning PM software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProcessImprovementSixSigmaKaizenMethodologies Claim your free 30-day trial of PM Software here: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProcessImprovementSixSigmaKaizenMethodologies Project managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of the processes on their projects. That's why, in this brief but compelling video, ProjectManager.com Director Devin Deen shares the key points from the Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies. See the video,and learn why the Six Sigma methodology and the Kaizen "change for the better" culture are the two most widely used process improvement methodologies for project management, in the world today. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/projectmanagervideos Want to see another great video on project management methodologies? Check out Critical Chain Project Management vs. Critical Path. See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpc_FdAt75A
Introduction to Production Management Video Series
This series is all about sitting down and talking to various leaders across the product and technology space. This is just a peak of who and what is to come, we hope you enjoy!
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How To Interview Product Managers | Interview with Jeana Alayaay
Last week, we dug into the various product manager personas, and how to go about sourcing candidates. If you missed the episode, you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/QVcsOh0Yfbs. This week, we’re going to talk about another critical step when it comes to hiring product managers: interviewing. Unlike interviewing engineers and designers, where you can test their ability to code and design and their responses provide tangible results, it’s harder to formulate questions related to one’s skill and abilities as a product manager that will produce concrete responses. Let’s face it—product management is more nuanced because it often requires people to have experience analyzing data and making decisions related to the goals of the business, in addition to some technical skills. Exposing the spectrum and depth of these capabilities can make interviewing product managers a challenge. For example, it maybe easy to evaluate if someone can organize a backlog of user stories, but harder to evaluate whether they are really capable of creating and prioritizing a product roadmap that balances out various business goals and milestones to an acceptable level of quality and depth for your team. Plus a product team usually has one product manager who interfaces with many engineers and designers, so hiring the first product manager who is going to gel with all those people puts them under a lot of scrutiny. To handle all these challenges, many companies end up crafting their interview process to resemble a standardized test that candidates end up studying for, rather than demonstrating key skills that they will be using to support the team and product. It’s no wonder some of the best candidates fall through, and companies feel stuck with a product manager who underperforms. This episode is a must watch if you’re a hiring manager who is concerned about losing a talented product manager, or you’re a product manager who is trying to assess a company’s interviewing process. In this episode, we’ll share some best practices around interviewing and coming up with objective criteria to use when screening candidates. Jeana Alayaay, Director of Internal Products and Services at Pivotal, is back to help us out. As you watch today’s episode, you’ll learn the following: - Why there is such a thing as being a bad interviewer - How to prepare the people who will be interviewing candidates - How to expose skill sets during the interview - How to regroup after the interview - Why candidates that don’t meet a checklist are sometimes still hired - How to set expectations with candidates when your company is going through a period of change - How expectations and the role are different when you are the first product manager on a team -- Build is produced as a partnership between Femgineer ((http://femgineer.com/) and Pivotal Tracker (http://www.pivotaltracker.com/). San Francisco video production by StartMotionMEDIA (http://www.startmotionmedia.com/design/).
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