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1. Roiworld Dress Up
**PLEASE READ** The reason I gave it 8.5/10 is because it is a very good girl game website, but for some of the games working out what to do is hard so its mainly dressup. It comes with a lot of dress ups but that obviously means more waiting time but overall roiworld is a great way to kill some time when your by yourself or even with freinds! --LINKS BELOW-- http://www.roiworld.com/fashion/f_game/dress http://www.roiworld.com/fashion/f_game/our
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A fun website that has over hundreds of dressup & makeover games!
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Fashion outfits  (Roiworld games)
Dress up Games
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Roiworld Juegos en linea para maquillar y vestir.
Con tristeza les comparto lo que descubrí hace unos días. Blog de Hanna Bella: http://hannabellajuly.blogspot.mx/2014/08/dont-you-miss-roiworldcom.html SweetyGame: http://www.sweetygame.com/fashion-dress-up/ Covet Fashion: http://www.covetfashion.com/ Petite te enseña a usar Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeRKHaNNa Mi album Kawaii: https://photos.google.com/u/0/album/AF1QipP-ugGbhpbLZvuzbeIcn5DSrjjX7UGbMqf6h2j5 Descarga Gratis GIMP del sitio Oficial: https://www.gimp.org/downloads/ Descarga IMVU de su pagina oficial: http://es.imvu.com/signup/download/ ❖❖❖❖❖Lk 1st Xortdan❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖ ❖ Mi room publico en IMVU: ❖ http://es.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=28798866 ❖ Mi tienda en IMVU: ❖ http://es.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=44047616&r=acw ❖ Mis Redes Sociales: ❖ https://www.facebook.com/Lk1stXortdan/ ❖ https://es.secure.imvu.com/next/home/ ❖ https://twitter.com/Lk1stXortdan ❖ https://www.instagram.com/lk1stxortdan/ ❖ Mi videos y voz son grabados con: ❖ Celular LG Xcam ❖ Mi capturador de pantalla: ❖ https://obsproject.com/ ❖ Mi editor de Videos: ❖ http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/es/ ❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖ === Music === NoCopyrightSounds is a record label dedicated to releasing FREE music for the sole purpose of providing creators with the finest sounds to enhance the creativity and popularity of their content, safe from any copyright claims or infringement. • NCS Music is free to use for independent Creators and their UGC (User Generated Content) on YouTube & Twitch - please remember to credit the artist, track and NCS and link back to our original upload. • If you're a brand or a commercial organisation interested in using NCS music on Youtube or anywhere else, get in touch at [email protected] Oficial Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds/featured #Lk1stXortdan #JuegosEnLinea #Roiworld
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[roiworld for dress up games] Glamour Belles: Ep  3 Silver purse
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5523384 http://www.roiworld.com/ Plese vote if you like it
Views: 199 Park Yongjae
Roiworld Fashion Show (preview)
This is a short preview of the outfit combinations that I've created on roiworld. If you want to make your own outfits, go to http://roiworld.com/fashion and click on "Dress Up" on the top bar.
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roiworld fashions
hey everyone!! this is my new video of roiworld fashions!! please no mean comments! hope you like it!! xD
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ROI World Dress Up Game - Trailer
http://www.dressupgames77.net/play/395/roiworld-dess-up.html -- Roi world is all about updating you with new trends and fashion, find your liking styles by dressing this cute sally and giving her with cute accessories. There are loads of dresses and accessories that you can select for sally and this can show you a glimpse on how you will look on those outfits.
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[roiworld for dress up games] Sexy Chemise Simple Style
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5548421 http://www.roiworld.com/ I Love the skirt I Know my shading sometimes is not goog But I hope you like Have a nice day and Thanks for vote in my last Challenge xoxo^^ Add me :) -Andrea :) Live the fashion
Views: 1391 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Emo Style Fashion
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5470569 http://www.roiworld.com/ Vote please :)
Views: 233 Park Yongjae
Roiworld-Dressing Up Annie
Link:http://www.roiworld.com/ Game tested:Dressing Up Annie(?) Time Taken:1 minute(approximative time) Stars:7/10 Comments:It's pretty cute game about a girl that wants to party but needs a hyper make up =3!
Views: 30656 pumpkinmallow
[roiworld for dress up games] 70's Rocker    :::RED DRESS:::
I LOVE HAIR SO MUCH AND DRESS TOO IF U LIKE MY CHALLENGE PLZ VOTE ME THANK U http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5374011 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 178 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Funky Trousers bright and sporty
hope you like it http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5353556 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 102 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Glamour Belles: Ep  2 Sparkle Queen
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5514324 http://www.roiworld.com/ Plese vote if you like it
Views: 366 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Tube Top Dresses Cute in Pink
Hi every one I want to thank you all for your votes :) this drawing is about an actual cloth from my wardrobe hope you like it VOTE AND ADD :DDD loveYouAll lt:3 xxox http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5325537 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 95 Park Yongjae
Roiworld com Dress Up Game Cam s Style Next Part
Crazy17 . com To See All Video's
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[roiworld for dress up games] Tropical Fantasy But terfly
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5473166 http://www.roiworld.com/ With brown hair Hope u like it :D
Views: 66 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Modern Princess Pinky Girl
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5414056 http://www.roiworld.com/ i love dress plz vote me if u like my style really thank u fri panyamon
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Roiworld Outfits
Phoebe-September Creations © All clothes, dolls, hair and settings belong to Roiworld © ******************************* Ok, so this is the first vid I have ever made. I really hope you like it! It took AGES! Please comment, rate, and if you really like it, Subscribe, because I assure you, I will be making kajillions more!!! ******************************* Please message me and/or friend request me because I am always up for a chat! Don't forget to leave comments on my page! :) ******************************* Sorry about the poor quality!!! My monitor is really big, and when the video resized everything got squished. :( ******************************* Also, I am sorry if the pics looks similar to the suggestions! I tried really hard not to make them look like that but they did! ******************************* Remember, please be nice because I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up! ******************************* And also, these aren't meant to 'glamourous on the catwalk' outfits. Just nice and casual things, like what you get from Jay Jays or Supre. Except the ones wearing dresses the glitzy-ish dresses. They are meant to be a bit more formal.
Views: 809 PhoebeSeptember
[roiworld for dress up games] Mermaid Fashion Nova 001
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5560640 http://www.roiworld.com/ She is a young Kree medic named Ko-Rel Ko-Rel is a Marvel character from the Nova Comic series I like her character although i read only one volume of it xD Hope everyone like it Vote Vote i will greatly appreciate your clicks just tell me if you want your challenges to be voted back thanks love love gt:3
Views: 242 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Grad Fab Asian in green
Hi darlings ^_^ I loved the combination of colors in the drawing Hope u too xoxo lt:3 http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5337347 http://www.roiworld.com/
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roiworld dressup
Roiworld Fashions
Views: 114 VickieRoiworld
[roiworld for dress up games] Blue Belle  gt:MÜJGAN GÖNÜL lt:
::::BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM:::::: pls vote for me add me thanx http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5296840 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 983 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Summer Pink Monster High
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5498928 http://www.roiworld.com/ ^________^
Views: 283687 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Haute Hanbok haute couture
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5532901 http://www.roiworld.com/ Hi everyone I worked so much for this drawing I hope you like and vote Thanx everyone who voted I will vote back I will read your comments
Views: 1753 Park Yongjae
roiworld friends
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
Views: 38 Oliver Jakimovski
[roiworld for dress up games] Futuristic Girl Prom in Paris
So to some this dress may be familiar but that is because I submitted it before without the background (because when I was almost done the computer froze and deleted all my work) So this is the new and improoved drawing This is a prom dress that I would have worn is I had the sewing skills But this is the place I would go for my dream prom: Paris I wanted the background not to overpower the dress so that's why it is not that detailled especially towards the bottom Anyway enjoy and VOTE if you like Dress Details: The bottom is filled with paillettes cascading up in a fading detail The top of the dress mimics this fading paillettes detail with a sparkle detail all along the top half The back is a low back with with strips covering the revealed space as a cool detail The dress is one shouldered with a pink sash and a front that mimics the back in detail: except the strrips end at a sweetheart shaped neckline The color is coral-peach and the hair is a braided bun entertwined http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5309753 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 578 Park Yongjae
Sassy Skirts.avi
Roiworld Dress up game.
Views: 966 RoiworldRoi
[roiworld for dress up games] Girl in Leather Jacket School
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5562267 http://www.roiworld.com/ This outfit is designed for back-to-school wear The polka-dot high waist mini and stockings add some fun to a classic look The accessories (hat key necklace and belt) are just cute little pieces that I think bring out the outfit Plus red shoes are always fun ^^ I hope you like it I've decided to return and start designing more outfits Vote and comment if you like it :)
Views: 435 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Lady Likes City Princess  Last Drawing  Last Words
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5425516 http://www.roiworld.com/ And with this i leave you guys I decided to go away from here for some time with the joy of who always say me 'beautiful' bad things (yeah because some really need to receive an Oscar) well i annunce you it's all waste of time :) I won't disappear i simply stop drawing but i'll be here :) I'd like to dedicate this to some special friends but you're so many and i don't want to forget someone so i prefer not doing names simply know they are people with whom i always talk on guestbook :) thanx thanx and thanx again :) thanx also for all people who always support me it's really nice from you :) oh i was forgetting: for who know me for at least 1 year will remember my dog Venus (maybe ) yes she is almost 1 year that's not with me i want to say i still luv you even with a new animal at home you'll be always in my heart Ok stop crying and stop talking i leave you with my 'Princess' this surely is not one of my best drawings it's one that sincerely i d
Views: 4179 Park Yongjae
Roi world fashion's #1
thx 4 watching hope you like the outfits tell me if i should do another one and what website
Views: 218 pinkmonkeyx
[roiworld for dress up games] Horoscope Fashion: Scorpio Cute Girl
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5565998 http://www.roiworld.com/ ihope you all like Please vote ^_^
Views: 289 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Modern Princess Sophia
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5552806 http://www.roiworld.com/ This is my new drawing :) I was just bored and this is the result :) Hope you'll like it :) Hugs from Italy :3 Giò
Views: 177 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Roiworld Oscar Report Blue Prom
Please vote for me THANKS ♥ http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5360329 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 300 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Geometry Lessons victorian
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5457319 http://www.roiworld.com/ hope u like it
Views: 1269 Park Yongjae
Girl Fashion Games - Dress Up Games
Girl Fashion Games - Dress Up Games . Girls Have Fun With This Dress Up Game! Dressing Up Dolls From The 60's! This Girly Girl Wants The Latest Trends In Clothes Help Dress The Doll Up. Look For More Girl Fashion Dress Up Games Becoming Available Soon. Subscribe Today For Most Popular Girls Games Of Fashion . Bringing Style Back Barbie Could Use Some Of These Popular Fashion And Makeover Styles From The 60 Era These Wicked Dresses Rock! Play This Fashion Game Below. Any Geek Or Nerd Can Become Chic With Popular Makeover Games That Involve Dress Up Games All Girls Love! Make This Girl Look Like A Famous Celebrity Play This Free Online Dress Up Game Now Here . Girls Fashion Dress Up Games : Dresscode 60's On Mindjolt Sites http://www.mindjolt.com/dresscode-60s.html Subscribe And Look At My Channel For Barbie Dress Up Games To Play Now All Fashion Show And Wedding Games Offer Makeover New Dresses Ideas Make All Games Fun! Play Only The Best Fashion Dress Up Games For Girls Today Let's Get This Girls Fashion Show Started! Girls Fashion Designer Games Do Not Require A Download To Play Dress Up Games. . Dress Up Games Are Available On To Play Online The Free Flash Fashion Websites i Dressup Stardoll Girlsgogames Dress Up Who Roiworld Friv And Star Sue!
Views: 9487 rockbandprincess1
[roiworld for dress up games] Sexy Chemise colorful dress
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5414478 http://www.roiworld.com/ plzz vote thanks
Views: 199 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Bra Top Magnetic Purple
Maybe it wasn't good But i l like it because it was my first time drawing on computer (cuz i can't drawing really) i hope u like it too Please vote for me i'll vote back ASAP Thanks Have a nice day ^_^ ~nadia~ (and i'm not cheating) http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5308290 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 408 Park Yongjae
Roiworld Fashion
Views: 38 MrLolitta15
[roiworld for dress up games] B-Girl Style Grey evening gown
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5468281 http://www.roiworld.com/ This is my first time drawing It's not easy to do drawing with computer it makes me a little nervous but I did as much as I can hehe :-D I hope you like it ^ ^ Plz vote Ask me if u need the vote or vote back I'll do it Thanks v(^ ^)v
Views: 237 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] The Glow Fashion Girl
This is my first one I hope you like it plz vote kisses http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5364197 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 103 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Glamour Belles: Ep  3 Jenny Packham Fall 2010 Long Dress
This is the 'Jenny Packham Fall 2010 Long Dress' dressed by Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) in Gossip Girl I hope u like it I WILL VOTE BACK Thanks and kisses sweetes :) http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5297009 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 2711 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Blushing Bride Pretty in blue
Hi girls ^^ I'm absolutely in love with this dress Hope u too xoxo lt:3 http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5314677 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 250 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] 2011 Bridesmaids Blue
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5570306 http://www.roiworld.com/ An evening gown in the colour of BLUE
Views: 235 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Lolita Look princess 4
http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5457596 http://www.roiworld.com/ plzz vote thanks thanks in voting my gothic
Views: 136 Park Yongjae
[roiworld for dress up games] Open Toe Shoes cat girl
requested by sokime :) hope you like it ~ i vote back for all votes ADDDDDDD MEEEEE http://www.roiworld.com/dress-up-challenge/clg_view_dw.rwp?uniq=5326282 http://www.roiworld.com/
Views: 1248 Park Yongjae
Roiworld Makeovers
Makeovers from Roiworld.com
Views: 178 emilie4evr
Roiworld : Elouai Swag Girl and normal girl
Aucuce Description
Views: 144 Èmillie Wibbo

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